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Dr Jay Davidson Lyme Disease

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Dr Jay Davidson On The Most Effective Treatment Protocols For Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease, Brain Disease and Infections – Kenneth Stoller and Dr. Jay Davidson

By Jay Campbell

Each year, more and more Americans are diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and the numbers are expected to keep going up. What is the connection between our highly toxic environments and the condition? Why does treatment have to go beyond just killing the parasites? What are the other factors leading to the rise of Lyme Disease in our population? Why are our internal drainage pathways so vital in treating the disease? On this episode, Im joined by prominent functional medicine physician, clinician, bestselling author and speaker, Dr. Jay Davidson. He shares on his mission to help cure Lyme disease, and what we can do to eliminate pathogens and detox our bodies.

Diet, emotional trauma, chronic infections, parasites, mould and toxicity are holding people back, and optimization is the only solution.-Dr. Jay Davidson

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  • How our life experiences are a projection of our inner state
  • The difference between drainage and detoxing
  • The best foods and treatments to keep our bowels functional

The Detox Lyme And Health Podcast With Dr Jay Davidson Drainage Parasites Lyme Co

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  • The Detox, Lyme and Health podcast was created for those struggling with chronic health conditions who are looking for both the upstream source of their symptoms and natural, sometimes unconventional, ways to regain vibrant health. Dr. Jay Davidson focuses on tackling health issues at the root cause, with specific emphasis on drainage, parasites, Lyme, co-infections, mold, heavy metals toxins, latent infections, pathogens, and more.

    Dr Jay Davidson Dc Pscd Co

    • Recognized as a leading foundational medicine expert
    • Known as âThe Lyme Guyâ for his expertise in natural protocols for Lyme disease and other related chronic illnesses
    • Featured on hundreds of docuseries and summits, along with hosting eight of his own that attracted over 360,000 participants
    • Two-time #1 international best-selling author

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    Toxins In The Water Supply

    Ari: I want to mention something and then ask a question. For people listening, you know, Jay has mentioned a couple times, lead in the water. People would, I think be shocked to learn that there are actually recognized unsafe levels of lead. Which is, we have way more science on that. Its been around way longer than radioactive elements. We know this is extremely toxic, for example, it affects development of fetuses in the womb and numerous health problems are associated with lead poisoning or just chronic intake of small amounts of lead, thats at unsafe levels. And yet, a large portion of populated areas have unsafe levels of lead in the water.

    Plus, aside from whats standardized in sort of the city filtration areas, theres also an issue of lead piping, old lead plumbing in peoples homes, thats leaching lead into the water, from the time it goes from the city filtration areas and sanitation areas, to peoples homes. Its actually acquiring more lead. And so I think many people think, Ah the city is taking care of it. Theyre monitoring it. They know whats safe and unsafe. Theyre sanitizing the water of all these unsafe chemicals. And I think people would be shocked to learn that there is already an issue of unsafe amounts of many known harmful substances. And I think radioactive elements are just adding to that list.

    You just eat high alkaline. And Im like, You dont even look healthy though. Like, I dont really want to follow what youre doing.

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    Oh, the holidays. A lovely, heartfelt and beautiful time of year . Gathering with family and friends can be very comforting during the holidays, but it can also be very emotionally triggering! When you have been chronically ill for so many years, there is a level of burn out within the family and community. What’s… Read More

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    How Radioactive Elements Wreck Your Energy With Dr Jay Davidson

    Content By

    In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Jay Davidson, the founder of drjaydavidson.com, a popular speaker and two-time number one international-bestselling author. And hes been the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summits, The Parasite Summit, The Viral and Retroviral Summit, and the Mitochondrial Summit. We will talk about how radioactive elements might be robbing your energy.

    In this podcast, Dr. Davidson and I will discuss:

    • Checking for radioactive elements in your environment
    • How radioactive elements affect your health and energy levels
    • How non-ionizing radium gets into your body and damages your mitochondria
    • The top 4 tips to detox radioactive elements
    • Do iodine supplements have a place in balancing our bodies?

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    About Katie Wells

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    New Testing Approach For Lyme Disease: Ultrasound And Pcr Urine Testing

    June 7, 2017 By Trudy Scott

    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardts interview with Dr Jay Davidson, host The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 is one of the most interesting and encouraging Lyme disease interviews Ive heard for a long time! He covers the Latest on Lyme Testing and Treatments. The reason its so encouraging is that chronic Lyme disease is notoriously difficult to test for.

    Dr. Klinghardt starts by sharing why Lyme disease goes undiagnosed in many instances:

    Lyme is highly compartmentalized. That means it sets up sanctuaries in different body compartments, and chronic Lyme is not living in the blood. Lyme may be in the blood in acute Lyme but not in chronic Lyme.

    In chronic Lyme it may be in the right hippocampus but not in the entire brain, maybe in the brain stem but not the liver. It may be in your disk of L4-L5 but not in other disks and so on and so forth.

    It lives in biofilm. We know that. It lives in the cell, but it doesnt stray.

    He goes on to share that the common immune system-based Lyme disease tests that use blood testing are misleading because with chronic Lyme

    the blood or the white blood cells are not in contact with the actual microbes and you do not get the immune activationSo many cases go undiagnosed.

    Dr. Klinghardt shares a wonderful technique that he and one of the worlds most renowned ultrasound radiologists, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, have developed for both testing and to improve treatment:

    Be sure to also listen to:

    What Are Radioactive Elements

    Scott Forsgren – Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3 Interview

    Ari: Thank you, brother. I really appreciate the kind words and the feeling is very mutual. So Im super excited to get into this. This is a super cool topic. So, take us through this. What is this all about? What are radioactive elements?

    Dr. Davidson: Yeah, so this has been brand new in the last, probably year and a half to two years of researching. And you said, its novel, havent heard, you know, many people speak or anybody speak on it and I havent either. So this has just been kind of going down the rabbit hole and going on to PubMed, and going on the internet and researching and really trying to put the pieces together.

    But it all stemmed from my wife, which a lot of my journey has with her. She gave birth to my daughter when she was 30 years old and basically crashed. Lyme disease flared back up. We had heavy metal toxicity issues, which we knew about years before but couldnt really figure out how to do it. And pretty much everything bubbled to the surface, her body shut down, stopped breastfeeding a couple months. You know, a two month old at home and my wife nearly dying that shifted my path. And ever since then I feel like shes been that guide that just keeps you know, like, What direction do we need to go?

    Ari: Whats it called?

    Ari: Thats in the mountains, right?

    Ari: And that happened to be in the center of the radium belt.

    Ari: Im looking at the map right here. And I mean, almost the whole East

    Dr. Davidson: Basically, where people dont live.

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    Parasites And Its Effects

    Dr. Jay Davidson believes that parasites are such an epidemic. It is because there is not much effort to teach people about parasites. That is why he advises his patients to do a long parasite-type cleanse to empty out the stuff thats in us. Then remember to do a cleanse once every six months for maintenance.

    Dr. Jay Davidson further explains that bugs love trauma. And when theres trauma, the immune system gets suppressed. Hence, theres a chance that bugs can flourish.

    Health conditions like pelvic pain, ovarian pain, bladder pain, pain during intercourse and labor pain are just some of the examples where bugs can be prevalent. This is because the immune system diminishes in those areas of surgery. Apparently, bugs go there because it is an easier environment to take over.

    Anything you are doing to kill parasites, youre going to do two thingskill the parasites and release heavy metals, said Dr. Jay Davidson.So it is also important to have some binders. It is so simple to do but effective.

    Are You Looking For Natural Ways To Enhance Your Wellness

    Microbe Formulas brings wellness to the general population through holistic solutions for gut, immune, and whole body health.

    Try their flagship product, Mimosa Pudica Seed, or their products formulated with BioActive Carbon â a proprietary technology that can help improve absorption and delivery of ingredients.

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    Parasites And Lyme Disease

    Parasites live in different areas of our body. Even the healthiest person is prone to getting parasites. In fact, Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity are correlated to parasites. Much as we cant completely get rid of parasites, my guest, Dr. Jay Davidson will teach us how to do a parasite cleanse and why it is essential to do so.

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    Dr Jay Davidson Lyme Disease Parasites & Mimosa Pudica Seed

    This week were excited to have Dr Jay Davidson on the show. Dr Jay Davidson focuses on functional, natural medicine. He is a husband and a father. He is also a popular speaker and a two-time #1 international best-selling author. Dr Jay was the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #1, #2 & #3. He was also the host of the Parasite Summit and a co-host of The Detox Project, which had over 50,000 participants.

    In this episode, Dr Jay takes us deep into his findings as a physician and his understanding of parasites. Parasites playing a large role on the bodys toxicity levels. Through helping many people with Lyme disease Dr Jay has also uncovered basic protocols with a timed approach. These findings can help your healthiest person through to those suffering from chronic sickness. Dr. Jay explains how powerful Mimosa Pudica seed is for detoxing the body from parasites. He further explains how even himself as a healthy human who monitored his food and beverage intake was blown away with the number of parasites his body was riddled with.

    Dr Jay explains a few simple symptoms to look for to help potentially diagnose from home when it comes to thyroid dysfunction and chronic fatigue along with a heap of other helpful insights.

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    Causes Of Lyme Disease

    Medical literature lists the cause of Lyme disease is commonly from infected black-legged ticks. The same ticks can also transmit diseases to animals.

    According to Dr. Jay Davidson, because the ticks are so small, the bites are hardly noticeable. The insects saliva has an anesthetic-like substance. That is why one would initially not feel the bite.

    Madison Area Lyme Support Group

    Chronic Lyme Disease Summit – Scott Forsgren & Dr. Jay Davidson


    Article Summary


    It is difficult to think that there might be parasites crawling around inside you. The concept is nerve-wracking, and just plain disgusting. Experts believe that more than 50% of people in the Western world will suffer from a parasitic infection in their lifetime. It is easy to understand why this is the case when the human body is crawling with bacteria. The digestive tract holds more than three pounds of bacteria alone.

    Although some bacteria can be good for your body, improving nutrient absorption and digestion, other bacteria can be devastating. When the bacteria in your system gets out of balance it creates a perfect place for parasites to thrive.

    Parasites can enter your body in many ways and eating lot of fructose and glucose feeds the parasites helping them multiply. Pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics, can also deplete the digestion system of bacteria and encourage parasitic growth.

    For people with chronic Lyme, the problem is that they may not know they have a parasitic infection. This can mean that you are attempting to rid the body of disease while the parasites inside you are still acting as a host for Lyme disease itself. Researchers believe that parasites could play a part in every common illness. If you want to get rid of a chronic disease, you need to start by killing parasites.

    The Symptoms of Parasites: What to Watch For

    before meals)

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    The Founders’ Personal Journeys

    I went through a course of about four years treating Lyme Disease and Babesia, but I couldn’t overcome my chronic fatigue and other issues. It wasn’t until I learned I had parasites and discovered the effects of the BioActive Carbon products that I was able to change my life.

    Dr. Todd Watts, DC, DPSc

    As I have watched my wife struggle with Hashimoto’s disease and other health issues, it is in these challenges where new understanding of the protocols and new understanding of the body came to be. An understanding that helped me realize if she could get well, who else is out there like my wife that is struggling? That is what led me to the journey of Microbe Formulas that I am on today.

    Dr. Jay Davidson, DC, DPSc

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    Anyone who has suffered from Lyme Disease or chronic illness can tell you that it often feels as if we are disconnected from life. Its as if we are looking through a window and watching it all go by from behind the glass. We can see life but we arent connected to it. Conversely, when… Read More

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