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Foods To Avoid With Lyme Disease

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The Autoimmune Protocol Diet

Lyme Disease: 4 Things To AVOID

Chronic Lyme disease may trigger autoimmunity in some people. Individuals with Lyme disease and autoimmune disease may benefit from the autoimmune protocol , a nutritional approach intended to alleviate autoimmunity by removing foods that frequently trigger an immune response. AIP is an extension of the Paleo diet. In addition to eliminating grains, legumes, industrial seed oils, and refined sugar, it eliminates foods that can trigger intestinal inflammation and food intolerance, including coffee, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds, nightshade vegetables, and alcohol. You can learn more about AIP in 5 Steps to Personalizing Your Autoimmune Paleo Protocol.

Does Lyme Disease Have A Cure

  • Lyme Disease does not have a cure. It can go into remission or hiding where your immune system is working well enough to keep it under control. However if you have a traumatic experience the symptoms may re-appear.

This post discussed the Top 10 Best Foods to Eat if you have Lyme Disease. Rachel Khannas recipe book contains 100 recipes which contain each of these foods. Most of these recipes contain the whole, real, unprocessed foods needed to fight Lyme. We also presented 4 foods to avoid if you have Lyme Disease which include sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol. You must avoid these foods if you want to have a chance at recovering from Lyme. Although Lyme Disease does not have a cure, it can be kicked into submission by your immune system. Treat your immune system right by consuming and avoiding the right foods and you will be rewarded with fewer symptoms and a better quality life with Lyme Disease! Living well with Lyme Disease, it can be done, I promise! There is hope people!

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What To Eat When Battling Chronic Lyme Disease

Whats good for one person can be bad for another

What we will do is suggest wholesome foods as a starting point for a diet that you can adjust depending on your bodys specific needs and how you react to them.Remember, with any diet, nutrition and calories are the point of eating in the first place. You need nutrition for your mechanics to work correctly and calories to provide energy to those mechanics. Since people with chronic Lyme have bodies with a greater workload, eating nutrient-dense and calorie-dense foods help meet the bodys greater demand.

Just a thought:

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Common Symptoms Caused By Inflammation

Lets do a quick activity together. Take a moment to close your eyes and scan your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Often our symptoms are shouting out at us causing heightened awareness of pain or discomfort. Make a note of these loud symptoms that are chronic. Now, once again scan from the tips of your toes to the top of your head to identify the more subtle symptoms. We often become so use to these quieter symptoms that they form our new norm, and we forget what it feels like to be symptom free.

The louder the symptom, often the more urgent a change towards healing and anti-inflammatory eating is necessary. The problem is that our society has learned to lean heavily on medications such as ibuprofen to silence pain, or tums-like medications to make our stomachs stop talking to us. These are just a couple examples of how we often disconnect from our body eliminate the symptoms temporarily without healing the root of the issue inflammation.

The most common, non-diagnostic symptoms people experience from chronic inflammation are: low energy, poor sleep, inability to lose excess weight, digestive disorders, depression or anxiety, and aches and pains throughout body. While your symptoms may look different than others around you, check out the short list below to see if you experience any of these diagnosed conditions with an underlying root of inflammation..

· Acne

And the list just goes on and on.

The Role And Impact Of Diet In Managing Lyme Disease

The Top 10 Best Foods For Lyme Disease

For many Lyme sufferers, antibiotic treatment alone is not enough to cure all symptoms, and many are thought to suffer from food insensitivities or autoimmune issues which are either triggered by, or affected by the infection.

But with a ton of information to sift through on the internet and sometimes conflicting information and experiences to be found in online forums, what diet is best? And how much difference can it really make to your recovery?

As part of our Lyme Awareness Month content, in this blog we are shining some light on this method of managing Lyme, and have posed questions to some of the leading nutritional clinics and consultants in the UK on how diet can play its part in fighting Lyme or managing the symptoms.

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How Do You Beat Lyme Disease Naturally

In order to beat Lyme Disease naturally eat the Top 10 foods for Lyme and avoid the Top 4 Worst Foods for Lyme. In addition you will need to seek a LLMD so he/she can evaluate your Lyme Disease to see which regimen is most appropriate for your recovery. See my blog post on finding a LLMD here.

A proper diet is a huge factor in recovery time from Lyme Disease.

How A Lyme Inflammation Diet Proves To Be Beneficial

by Lyme Mexico | Sep 8, 2021 | News |

Inflammation is a hot topic in medicine today. Researchers are finding that it can negatively impact every part of the body and lead to many diseases and health conditions, including Lyme disease. Too often, people talk about inflammation like it is a tangible thing, like it is something you can see, feel, or smell. This is not accurate, however. Inflammation is a process that protects your body from bacterial infections and viruses.

Yes, inflammation can is a good thing when fulfilling its purpose.

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Stages And Diagnosis Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has three main stages and they all have different symptoms. First of all, theres the early, localized stage. At this stage, the person will manifest flu-like symptoms such as headaches, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, a sore throat, and a bulls eye rash. The second stage is the early, disseminated stage where the person will also experience flu-like symptoms. Other symptoms that manifest at this stage include numbness, pain or weakness in the arms and legs. Also, the person may experience heart palpitations, chest pain, facial paralysis, and changes in vision. Finally, theres the late, disseminated stage which may occur weeks, months, or even years after the person gets bitten by a tick. During this stage, the person will experience more severe symptoms such as severe headaches and fatigue, arthritis, mental confusion, vertigo, and sleep disturbances.

Doctors diagnose Lyme disease based on the symptoms as well as the history of the tick exposure. If used properly, there are two-step blood tests which can be very helpful in the diagnosis. However, the tests accuracy would depend on when you acquired the infection. If you get the test in the first couple of weeks after getting infected, the test may come out negative. This is because the antibodies need a couple of weeks for them to develop. Therefore, such tests arent advisable for people who havent manifested the symptoms of Lyme disease yet.

Natural Forms Of Treatment For Lyme Disease

How to avoid Lyme Disease

Aside from taking antibiotics, there are also natural ways to treat Lyme disease. These remedies are easy to do and can be very effective when followed correctly. Consider these natural forms of treatment:

  • Eat healthy foods to improve the functions of the immune system. One of the best ways to overcome Lyme disease, especially the chronic kind, is to give the immune system a boost. This will help lower the inflammation and control the root cause of the diseases symptoms. Once a person is able to control the inflammatory responses that the disease is triggering, only then will his body be able to overcome the disease.

Basically, people with Lyme disease or any other type of inflammatory condition should try to eliminate fruits, sugar, and grains from their diet while also consuming a lot of anti-inflammatory foods. These include bone broth, seeds, nuts, vegetables, coconut, raw cultured dairy, and organic meat.

There are some types of foods which can naturally give the immune system a boost. Foods which are rich in antioxidants are very beneficial to the immune system. Such foods include leafy greens and other vegetables with bright colors. These kinds of vegetables can help reduce inflammation as well as free-radical damages. They can also lower the risk for nutrient deficiencies and help protect the body from the complications of Lyme disease.

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Many Lyme Patients Do Well Avoiding Gluten And Dairy

In my clinical experience, most Lyme patients are better off avoiding gluten and dairy, along with the other inflammatory foods mentioned above. Gluten may exacerbate inflammation in people with Lyme disease by increasing intestinal permeability and inciting an inflammatory response. Gluten and dairy proteins share some structural similarities, which may explain why some gluten-sensitive Lyme patients also react to dairy products.

Rachel Khanna Think Eat Cook Sustainably

Rachel writes In recent years, people have come to realize that food is a critical component of health. The foods we choose can promote health and wellness or, conversely, cause or worsen disease. This is especially the case with Lyme disease, an inflammatory condition that is a response to a bite from a tick that infects its host with Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. In supermarkets, we have choices between a wide selection of foods. The aisles in the supermarket are broken down into whole, real foods and processed, or refined, foods.

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Tips For What To Eat When You Have Lyme Disease

Many patients write to me asking about what is commonly known as The Lyme Diet. Since Ive mentioned in previous posts that I stick to a low-sugar, gluten-free diet, people want to know why I do that, and what else they should eliminate.

The Lyme Diet can be defined in a few different ways. Most doctors would agree that it involves no sugar or gluten. This is because those foods can weaken the immune system, cause yeast overgrowth , and cause inflammation. Many doctors also suggest eliminating dairy, since it can be inflammatory. In her book The Lyme Diet, Nicola McFadzean , ND lists these foods as the biggest problems for Lyme patients. She also stresses food allergy testing, dietary supplements, sticking with organic foods, and creating an individualized approach for each patient.

In their book Coping with Lyme Disease: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Diagnosis and Treatment, Denise Lang and Kenneth Liegner, MD recommend a low-fat menu an abundance of fresh or frozen vegetables avoidance of caffeine avoidance of yeast-contaminating products adequate vitamin supplements and avoidance of chocolate, aged cheese, and broccoli for headache-prone patients. They also list nutritional supplements that they find helpful for Lyme patients.

Lang, Denise and Liegner, Kenneth, MD. Coping with Lyme Disease: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Diagnosis and Treatment . New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1997 .

What Support Is Available For Those Living With Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Diet

Anyone who suffers from Lyme disease must be able to know that theres hope. Fortunately, theres support available for people who have to live with this condition. Its a fact that Lyme disease can be a very isolating condition. A lot of people diagnosed with this disease are usually in the late or chronic stages. Also, many of those people are severely affected because of poor health. At its worst, people might lose their homes, their jobs, and a lot of their relationships. The best thing to do is surround oneself with those who can provide the support needed.

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Foods That May Be Tolerated In Small Amounts

  • Low Sugar Fruits: Green apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.
  • Starchy Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes, yams, squash
  • Gluten-free Grains: Brown or white rice, oats, buckwheat, quinoa
  • If these foods make you feel worse, try not to eat them. Its important to track your symptoms which is why I always advise my clients to use a food journal.

    Grab this 21 Day meal plan with low carb, moderate protein, and high fat recipes:

    Lets talk about your health challenges apply to work with me HERE.

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    Disclaimer: This information is to be used for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat, or diagnose disease.

    How To Prevent Post

    While you may not be able to prevent post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, you can take precautions to prevent coming into direct contact with infected ticks. The following practices can reduce your likelihood of getting Lyme disease and developing persistent symptoms.

    If a tick bites you, contact your doctor. You should be observed for 30 days for signs of Lyme disease. You should also learn the signs of early Lyme disease and seek prompt treatment if you think youre infected. Early antibiotic intervention may reduce your risk of developing chronic symptoms.

    The signs of early Lyme disease can occur from 3 to 30 days after a bite from an infected tick. Look for:

    • a red, expanding bulls-eye rash at the site of the tick bite

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    Whats The One Piece Of Advice Or The One Key Diet Change Would You Suggest To Lyme Disease Sufferers

    Judy Rocher says: Removing all gluten and sugar from the diet and try to eat organic foods as far as possible.

    London Clinic of Nutrition say: A suitable diet that is nutrient rich and filled with colour can go a long way to support a sick person, however our soils are often over farmed and nutrient depleted and very often our fresh vegetables and fruit sit on supermarket shelves for long periods of time which lowers their nutrient content. Supplements can provide nutrients at higher, therapeutic doses which many people need to aid recovery.

    Gilian Crowther says: Shifting to a fresh, naturally sourced, from scratch diet using organic ingredients as much as possible with a high proportion of vegetables with lots of bioflavonoids/phytochemicals will naturally lower your sugar/fast-acting carbs, and provide many of the benefits that have been described above.

    Are Children At Risk For Lyme Disease

    Lyme Disease – 4 Things To AVOID!

    Even children are at risk for Lyme disease especially those between the ages of 5-13 years old. These kids are prone to tick bites because they spend a lot of time playing outdoors. Although ticks generally prefer bushy or densely-wooded areas which have tall grass, a lot of children and adults may get bitten by ticks while playing or performing other kinds of outdoor activities such as gardening. If a child has been playing in an area which is known to have deer or black-legged ticks, its important to check the child from head to toe after spending time outdoors. If a tick is found, the parent can perform any of the methods for tick removal then wash the bite site using water and soap. Even if parents are able to remove the tick right away, they should still monitor their child for any symptoms of the disease.

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    What Is Lyme Disease

    A bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi causes Lyme disease. It gets transmitted to people who get bitten by an infected deer or black-legged tick. Symptoms may manifest anywhere from a couple of days to a month after the person gets bitten. Also, the symptoms are wide-ranging and they depend on the persons stage of infection. There are also some cases where the symptoms only manifest a few months after being bitten.

    According to the CDC, a persons chances of getting Lyme disease depends on the type of tick, the body part where the person got bitten, and how long the tick was attached to the person. In order to transmit the disease, a black-legged tick must be attached to the person for about 36-48 hours. So if the person is able to remove the tick within that time period, the chances of getting infected arent very high.

    Unfortunately, because the ticks are really small, a persons eyesight must be really good if he wants to spot the tick in time. Again, the CDC recommends that anyone who has been working in their garden, through the woods or in areas with tall grass should check his or her skin afterward. Its best to do this in the bath or in the shower so one can see all the parts of his body as well as his clothes which may also carry the ticks.

    Lyme Disease: How To Avoid It

    After a long year of confinement, its time for walks, outdoor sports and outings with friends. Its also prime season for ticks, which can be infected with infectious agents such as Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which causes Lyme disease. Here are some simple precautions you can take to keep ticks at bay.

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    Praise We Have Recieved

    I suffered with Lyme for 5 years and was under the care of a Lyme Specialist when I came across this book. It was the one thing that relieved most of my symptoms. It is an investment in yourself that you truly deserve if you have been suffering from fatigue, phantom pains, etc.

    I was amazed at how many good dishes they were able to create even with the limitations of the earlier phases of the diet.

    Finally, a cookbook I can give to my clients with food sensitivities without hesitation!


    Coupled with gorgeous photographs, the recipes should appeal to anyone seeking wholesome food. No sense of deprivation here. And no need for the cook to be preparing two different menus for people with a different health status.


    If I could give this 6 stars, I would. I want to sing this books praises Lost 20 pounds. Feel even better please give this a try. Its been better than any of the medications Ive been on.


    BEST recipe book I have EVER bought. Both my husband and I have Lyme disease and it has been such a challenge to cook for this, until this cookbook! My husband says I have never made better food and it makes having to restrict what we eat a pleasure rather than a pain.


    A healthy, delicious way to eat for just about anyone. After following the diet for a week, my joint pain has decreased by 75%. Meanwhile, I have lost 8 pounds without cutting back on calories and feeling hungry. The recipes are easy to follow and the results are phenomenal.


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