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Ozone Therapy For Chronic Lyme Disease

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Small Change Say Bye To Scented Plug

Lyme Disease & Intravenous Ozone Therapy with Dr. Howard Robins

The second way to quickly improve the health of your home piggy backs on the first one. Say bye to those scented plug-ins, synthetically scented candles, and pretty much anything but diffusing essential oils in your home. There are candles that are made of soy or bees wax and scented with essential oils that can be a safer choice.

Anthony William from Medical Medium states, these vaporized toxins then burden the lungs, building up a waxy, oily, chemical residue in your lung sacs and this may potentially reduce oxygen capacity. I noticed I can not tolerate candles or smells anymore. After battling with chronic Lyme disease for a handful of years, I noticed I intuitively stopped using them. Even the natural candles as mentioned above. They give me and instant headache and I feel nauseous immediately.

After the last two years we have experienced in our world it seems very important to take care of our lungs. Kick these to the curb in the trashcan.

What Is Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can mean different things. Some quacks become convinced ozone gas is magic. They will tell people to breathe it in or even administer it vaginally or rectally. Some will dissolve tiny amounts in oil or water and drink it.

The most dangerous type of ozone therapy involves removing blood from a patient, exposing it to ozone, and then re-injecting it. This is called autohemotherapy and involves risks but no known benefit, especially for Lyme disease. Sometimes they also expose the blood to ultraviolet light.

Practitioners That Stand The Test Of Time

As a Lyme patient you come across doctors and practitioners that stand out. They are exceptional at what they do and you finally make progress. There are two for me personally that stand out.

Jennifer Orsua NP-C, runs the clinic I get the Ozone with UBI treatments. When I met her a few years back I really liked her not only as a person, but she knew what she was doing. It is truly harder to find than you think. Her clinic is Mountain View Functional Medicine in Post Falls, Idaho. I was able to grab a quote from her during my last visit in regards to ozone IV therapy.

It is my favorite therapy to use on anything from acute and chronic illness to joint pain.

Jen Orsua, NP-C

Dr. Jennifer Grushon will forever be my favorite doctor. If you know anything about me personally, it is that I dont lightly recommend. These people are extraordinary at what they do!!! To be candid and 100% transparent I really am not a fan of the clinic as a whole that she works at. I met her at the Sophia Health Institute and followed her to this clinic. I recently had to see another doctor there due to the fact my doctor is temporarily out, and it was an awful experience. It just made Dr. Grushon stand out that much more. My back up will always be Sophia Health Institute, they truly specialize in Lyme disease.

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Question 3 To Ask Your Lyme Doctor

3. Do they refer to Lyme disease as Lymes?

If your interviewing a doctor and they refer to Lyme disease as Lymes. Exit the building or end the call. I dont know why this bothers me so much. Maybe because if they cant pronounce what they are trying to treat then it leads me to believe they may struggle with treating my disease, not to mention its unprofessional.

Lowering Of Microbial Burden

Fight Chronic Lyme Disease and Co

Antibiotics may be recommended for this arm of treatment. If a patient has failed or not responded to antibiotic therapy for chronic lyme in the past, in my experience they still may respond if the other three arms of treatment are added in. Herbal options, and especially ozone therapy, are excellent first choices if not an acute case.

When using these options, risks such as allergy and upper gut irritation with the herbs is a discussion. With antibiotics, the risk of resistance, lower GI issues including serious cases of diarrhea, allergy, are concerns to be discussed. Because of such risks, and the fact that my own experiences been that herbal options are often just as effective although somewhat slower to have clear changes, herbal options are often considered first.

The herbal options that I prefer include much of the newer research that has been published on especially japanese knotweed, cryptolepsis, as well as various essential oils. The classic formulas such as cats claw, Buhner herbs are useful. I do find favorable results with the formulas from Beyond balance as well.

Occasionally though, in my experience, even though the chronic lyme patient is getting full detoxification support, Herxheimer like reactions still occur. In these cases there are many in the office treatments that can help to calm the inflammation based on the individual assessment.

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Senses And Ozone Therapy

All your senses can be used to administer ozone therapy.

Orally, you can drink ozone charged drinking water. And if you dont want to drink it, you can inject it. Ear insufflation involves about five minutes of putting droplets of O3 into each ear. Through your nose, your doctor can penetrate the sinuses and inject ozone into your nasal passages.

If you are having pain in your joints, your doctor can inject ozone into your vertebrae or joints to combat inflammation, allowing you to feel relief.

My Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Hormone Support:MacaHarmony 1 capsule twice per day
  • Bartonella: :Serrapeptase Take 1 capsule twice per day, on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after a mealYu Xing Cao Start with 1 single drop 2 times per day, in water. Work up to 30 drops 2 times per day, as tolerated. Add 1-2 drops every 3 days or so. If flare, herx occurs, back down and wait longer before adding more drops.
  • Cell Danger Response/Retroviral Support: To help calm nervous system and overall inflammation, enhance immunefunction: SU-MATRIX Dissolve 1 tablet under tongue once per day Best at least 15 minutes from anything else, okay around water & other homeopathics
  • Peptide for Leaky Gut:
  • Active B12 with L-MTHF -1 lozenge dissolved in mouth, each morningMag malate Continue up to 600mg 2 times per dayB6 Take 50-100mg at night 5-HTP 100mg at bedtime, or SAMe at bedtime LDN

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Small Changes Make Big Impacts

All of these are very small changes that you can make to improve the health of your home. Not just your home, but the people living inside of it. My expertise comes from my own personal research and experience. As a part of my undergraduate degree from Bastyr University we learned many aspects of health.

If you like the simplicity and great topic of this post sign up for my newsletter so that you wont miss a post. I strive to make sure I am offering useable and effective advice on many health topics. There are also lots of posts from the kitchen. Leave a comment below on what your favorite tip is to maintaining a healthy home.

***Disclaimer: Please note this is my educated opinion based on scientific data presented above. This is not meant to replace medical advice from your health care practitioner.

A.R.T. stands for Autonomic Response Testing. A.R.T. offers individualized treatment plan for you. Treating Lyme disease has been amongst the most difficult diseases to treat because of its complex nature. This article isnt so much about the complexity of Lyme disease, more so, how to heal from it.

Furthermore, A.R.T. offers a fairly quick and accurate method of finding the underlying causative factors of an illness. It is a comprehensive diagnostic system used to correct problems of the autonomic nervous system. My personal doctor uses this technique and finds in invaluable. Find her quote in this article, 5 Questions to Ask Your Lyme Disease Doctor | Lyme Revival.

Schedule An Ozone Therapy Session Today

Treat HIV, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis C, Herpes with Ozone | Ozone Therapy For Infected Disease

This method6 can be performed by using an ozone apparatus that can perform multiple passes. The administration of the treatment will require a venous line that will be linked from the patient to a glass bottle and another that will be linked from the glass bottle to the ozone apparatus or machine.

The ozone machine will generate a negative pressure that will allow the blood to be extracted from the patient into the bottle. The procedure is simple ozone is infused into the extracted blood, which is then injectected back into the patients body intravenously. The administered ozone will be responsible for creating oxidative reactions in the patients blood, prompting the immune system to release substances like nuclear factor activated T-cells , which help fight bacterial infections and other diseases2.

The glass bottle must have 200 milliliters of blood for a 70-gamma concentrated ozone to be released to it from the ozone machine. After mixing the blood with the ozone, it can be injected back into the patient.

This is a way of modulating the immune system to prompt the body that something is wrong and to act on it. The entire process counts as one cycle and is known as a single pass. Multiple passes6 can be given during a single treatment and can last for half an hour to two.

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How Does Ozone Therapy Work

When used intravenously, ozone creates a controlled and moderate oxidative reaction in the blood. In response to the oxidation, the immune system releases secondary products that have a beneficial physiological effect.

Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor is activated in response to ozone and produces antioxidant enzymes. Nrf2 suppresses the inflammation pathway signaled by nuclear transcriptional factor-kappa B .

Nrf2 also induces antioxidant response elements on DNA. The antioxidants enzymes that are activated include catalase, superoxide dismutase , glutathione, glutathione-reductase, glutathione-peroxidase, glutathione-S-transferase, heat shock protein 70 , and phase II enzymes. Heat shock response protects cells from inflammation, cancer, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases.

An Exciting Therapy For Chronic Lyme Disease: Ten

Lyme disease is on the rise at an alarming rate. Many of our patients come to us after seeing over a dozen medical practitioners and have not noticed significant improvement with therapies such as antibiotics and even herbal treatments. One of the treatments you may not have heard of is called Ten-pass ozone. Ten-pass ozone a very intensive type of ozone therapy that goes deeper into the body. It is more effective at eliminating Lyme disease pathogens than the standard intravenous ozone. If you have been working with a Lyme literate doctor, they may likely already be doing ozone therapy but not in this advanced fashion.

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What Is Lyme Disease

One of the diseases ozone therapy can address is Lyme disease. It is a widespread disease common in the United States, Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Lyme disease is a vector-borne and multisystem disease triggered by infection from spirochete 8. It may infect humans through infected tick bites.

Time is essential during Lyme disease care and ozone therapy. Symptoms related to the disease should not be neglected to avoid more serious complications4 like chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, and even death.

Patients prefer Ozone therapy for lyme disease because it is accessible, affordable, and does not have any aggressive effects on the patients health.

Reason 1 To Try Coffee Enemas

Ozone therapy is an ideal alternative to treating Lyme ...

Coffee enemas decrease toxicity! They do this by assisting the liver in eliminating toxins from your body. I explain in more depth in my previous article COFFEE ENEMAS & TREATMENTING LYME DISEASE | Lyme Revival. The liver is a complex organ and has many functions. I really like how this article breaks down the process in which the liver removes toxins from the body.

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What About The Pituitary Gland

As mentioned, the pituitary gland which regulates all of our hormones in a similar fashion to the thermostat in our house regulating the temperature, can be damaged so that it doesnt sense and regulate accurately. I believe, as do many practitioners, that this derangement may be the root cause of many of the symptoms of chronic Lyme.

I will recommend that any patient I am treating for chronic Lyme have a full hormone blood panel done. Very commonly I find significant hormone deficiencies.

I am in a unique position, being a Hormone specialist as well as an Ozone specialist, to be able to offer my patients both optimal hormone balancing at the same time as treating the chronic inflammatory Lyme disorder with Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy.

In many cases, when I have combined the benefits of optimal hormone levels with ozone therapy, my patients dramatically improve clinically or are completely cured.

If you need more information or specific help, please call the office now to schedule your next appointment.

And If you havent already done so, request a copy of my new Booklet, THE REDDI PLAN, A Five Step Plan for Optimal Aging.

I can help.

Where My Passion Began

Ever since I moved to Seattle from small town Missouri to study holistic nutrition I have been passionate on helping people make changes to their diet. I refer to the word diet as what you eat, not a restriction in what you eat in any way. I remember being in a whole foods cooking class and a classmate was making fun of Velveeta cheese. All the while I had Velveeta cheese at home in my refrigerator. It was a major culture shock for me at the time and that comment stuck with me. I thought that isnt a great way to help people by making fun of what they are eating, instead I vowed to help people make practical changes in their diet so they end up where they would like to be.It really cant happen over night!

Helping people means meeting them where they are and helping replace what they are eating with better options, not recreating their entire diet overnight. This can be very difficult and make the transition not long standing. Instead as your holistic nutrition coach I would come along side of you and help make real and attainable changes in your daily eating.

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Read the transcript of the video interview below.

note: The transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Paul Ross: Dr. Robbins, I thought we’d begin with you giving us a brief overview of how you got interested in using ozone therapy for Lyme, and do you also consider it a treatment for other tick-borne disease?

Dr. Robbins:I’ve treated several thousand Lyme patients successfully, to the point where I believe we’ve put it in remission because we have to be able to prove it’s gone. And I think we need a much better, more reliable test to prove that true.

Paul Ross:So, when a patient comes to see you, do you know from the outset or after an initial discussion and/or exam which type of ozone you’re going to use?

Dr. Robbins:Everybody gets the simplest method first because the most important thing about the therapy is all these people are suffering. They find ozone as a last resort when other things have failed. So, I have to be very careful that they don’t get hurt, and while in all my years and 380,000+ treatments that we’ve done intravenously, I have only had two patients that I had to stop treating because they had what I would call an allergic or hypersensitive response to ozone.

Paul Ross: So, you’ve treated an extraordinary number of patients. If you had to guess, what percentage of those are Lyme and/or tick-borne disease?

Paul Ross:So, I think the lesson to take away is that ozone is extremely effective for all tick-borne diseases.

Dr Bill Rawls Treatment Guide

OZONE THERAPY: Finally, the Answer to Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Dr. Howard Robins

Want to see more Lyme disease treatment ratings? See What Dr. Rawls has to say about popular treatments and therapies in his Lyme Disease Treatment Guide.

Dr. Rawls is a physician who overcame Lyme disease through natural herbal therapy. You can learn more about Lyme disease in Dr. Rawls new best selling book, Unlocking Lyme. You can also learn about Dr. Rawls personal journey in overcoming Lyme disease and fibromyalgia in his popular blog post, My Chronic Lyme Journey.

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Reason 3 To Try Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are an easy, alternative treatment you can do in the privacy of your own home. Additionally, they are very inexpensive. I guess that is more than one reason. Alternative treatments can get very pricey depending on what you are choosing. Even hopping in your local infrared sauna can cost $30-40 per visit. Detoxifying ionic foot baths are great as well, but cost between $40-65 per use. Even a colonic per treatment is roughly $125-$150, depending on where you live.

A coffee enema at home with the using this kit cost less than $2.75 per treatment. In addition, this treatment will cost you less per enema the longer you have your kit. Everything is cleanable and re-useable, with the exception of buying more coffee. The silicone tip and enema tube will last at least two years if you clean thoroughly after each use. Honestly I dont see why you would ever have to replace your stainless steel bucket or strainer.

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