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Best Lyme Disease Doctors In Ct

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Lyme Disease And Tick

Dr. Cindy Price – Lyme Disease – Fox CT

About Lyme

Chronic Lyme disease patients may face a long and hard road to recovery.

If Lyme disease is diagnosed early, it can be treated effectively with a course of antibiotics.

However, it is a complex condition that is highly difficult to diagnose if it is overlooked.

Not all tests for Lyme are reliable, which leaves patients and physicians sometimes relying on the telltale signs: discovery of a tick on the skin, a bulls eye rash, or a joint pain. Research indicates that only 50%-60% of patients recall a tick bite the rash is reported in only 35% to 60% of patients and joint swelling typically occurs in only 20% to 30% of patients. Based of these statistics, a significant number of people who contract Lyme disease are sometimes misdiagnosed during the early stages, leading to a progression of the disease.

If left under-treated, Lyme disease becomes chronic and even more challenging to diagnose and treat. It can persist for years and can affect any system of the body causing severe fatigue, arthritis in joints, neurological, psychiatric and cognitive problems, chronic headaches, muscle ache, and vision or hearing problems.

Lyme disease is often referred to as the great imitator because it mimics other conditions resulting in some patients undergoing unnecessary treatments.

Our Treatment Protocol

We achieve superior results by addressing all disease factors with our comprehensive Lyme disease protocol.

What makes our herbal formula unique?

A Testimonial

Recover From Chronic Lyme Disease At Lifeworks

Dr. Minkoff and the experienced team at LifeWorks Wellness Center have helped hundreds of Lyme Disease patients recover from Lyme and can help you too.

Watch the patient videos below and read some of the Lyme disease testimonials further down the page. Youll see a familiar pattern of patients who were suffering due to lack of proper Lyme diagnosis and/or treatment and then came here and their lives were transformed

Infectious Disease Specialist & Internist Located In Hoboken Nj

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies suggest that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States is around 300,000. If youre bitten and experience unexplained joint pain and fatigue, schedule an evaluation at Advanced Infectious Disease Medical in Hoboken, New Jersey. Avisheh Forouzesh, MD, specializes in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. Her office is well-equipped to remove ticks, test for Lyme disease, and treat existing infections. Learn more about treatment options for Lyme disease by calling the Hoboken office or using the online booking feature.

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Two Camps Two Approaches

Freitas saw a long string of mainstream physicians for a diagnosis rheumatologists, an infectious-disease specialist, family medicine doctors and emergency room physicians.Then, in the spring of 2020, she began seeing out-of-network doctors in and outside of Wisconsin, and many of them didnt take insurance.

A survey of more than 2,400 U.S. patients found that 50% of the respondents reported seeing at least seven physicians before a Lyme diagnosis, and more than half continued to suffer symptoms for at least six months after the recommended short course of antibiotics.

In January 2021, Freitas borrowed $4,000 from her mother-in-law and flew to Washington, D.C., to receive intravenous antibiotic therapy. The treatments failed to help in fact she dropped 30 pounds in a matter of weeks. I thought I was gonna die because I couldnt eat, Freitas said.

She continued to search for doctors.

On May 19, Oppenheimer and Freitas drove from their house in a quiet neighborhood in Middleton to northern Wisconsin.

They were on their way to a virtual visit with Dr. Samuel Shor. The Virginia-based internist works for the Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence in Woodruff, Wisconsin. Shor, who also is a clinical associate professor at George Washington University, sees patients in Wisconsin via telemedicine, charging $490 for an initial consultation.

It is disappointing to me that people resort to name-calling from either side,

How Is Lyme Disease Diagnosed

Lyme Disease Doctors In Ct

Lyme disease often escapes diagnosis due to the nonspecific symptoms and because testing often comes back as a false negative. The current two-step testing practices bring inaccurate results in more than 50% of cases. This is due to a lack of actual testing for the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Many health care providers have inadequate training and mistakenly tell their patients that they dont have Lyme disease and that their symptoms are all in their head.

Pamela Cipriano, DNP, APRN, has completed intensive training with Lyme disease experts and is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society .

Members of her family were affected by chronic Lyme disease, which spurred her to become educated in Lyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases, including those caused by the bacteria Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, and Tularemia.

To diagnose Lyme disease, you undergo a thorough review of your symptoms, physical exam, and blood tests. Because Pamela has extensive training, she is skilled at looking for Lyme disease signs that other practitioners would miss.

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Diagnosis & Treatment Of Lyme Disease

We give our patients a blood test known as the Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test. It shows whether any antibodies have formed in the blood in response. The Western blot test is given to confirm the diagnosis and other possible issues. Since Lyme disease testing is not always completely accurate in the initial stages, you need to write your symptoms down and bring them to your doctor.

In most instances, Lyme diseases can be treated effectively with antibiotics. Early recognition and treatment of this disease by our medical doctors in our Waterbury, CT clinic is important to lower the risk of serious complications. The length of time the tick is attached is important to determine the risk of associated issues. In all cases, its best to get treatment as soon as possible.

Lyme Disease In An African American Child With Downs Syndrome

Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron discusses the case of a 3-year-old African American child with Downs syndrome, developmental delays and disseminated Lyme disease. By Dr. Daniel Cameron “A case of disseminated Lyme disease in a child with skin of color” was published by Bax and colleagues in the journal Pediatric Dermatology.¹ The child, who had trisomy 21 (Downs

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At Bock Integrative We Dont Just Treat Symptoms

Evidence-based Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment Plans

With over three decades of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical disorders, Dr. Bock has a wealth of knowledge from which to draw when determining cause and effect of chronic illnesses. He recognizes that the combination of factors that can contribute to any chronic medical condition differs for each person and uses integrative/functional medicine to diagnose and treat these often-frustrating illnesses in children, teens and adults. Rather than only trying to manage your symptoms, he takes a comprehensive whole person approach to evaluate everything you are exposed to, and their effects. Dr. Bock then incorporates validated lab results and decades of diagnostic experience to develop an evidence-based diagnosis on which to base a highly personalized treatment regimen.

Successfully Treating Lyme For Over 10 Years As A Lyme Disease Specialist In The Northeastern United States

Doctors Sound the Alarm on Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Illnesses

Dr. Hinchey’s emersion into this complex epidemic has been a specialization that developed years ago starting with treating a young girl in medical school herbally for Lyme Disease to her own personal struggle with chronic Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella, which eventually led to the co-founding of Lymecore Botanicals, a company that specializes in natural Lyme Disease Protocal Support products, with Dr. Frank Aieta.

Being the head of research and development at Lymecore Botanicals , Dr. Hinchey actively procures herbs from organic farms that sustainably grow wild crafted herbs in the US whenever possible and 100% of the tinctures are manufactured in Connecticut.

Her unique knowledge of the herbs qualities and attributes allows her to custom formulate tinctures to achieve granular control over herbal combinations and their medicinal properties. Dr. Hinchey’s A.S.A.B. tincture formula is the latest of Lymecore’s custom herbal tinctures

Dr. Hinchey’s private practice at Tao Vitality treats patients for chronic Lyme Disease primarily in the Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine areas but with the availability of telemedicine, patients as far as California.

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Other Pathogens To Blame

Shor and his co-authors, including Maloney, propose that the lingering symptoms are caused by several pathogens from the Borrelia burgdorferi family or other tick-borne pathogens.

Nardelli said theres a variety of symptoms and severity in Lyme disease patients, and those symptoms can be caused by the inflammatory responses against the microbes.

Inflammation is a huge part of the immune response. Its one of the frontline defenses we have, and it has this negative connotation, but it is intended for good, he said. Your immune response trying to kill the bug and in doing so, can cause damage, essentially.

Some theories suggest that variants of the Lyme bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Others argue that chronic Lyme is caused by a powerful immune reaction or it may even trigger an autoimmune disease. The central neural networks may be altered, having a significant impact on symptoms or a combination of these factors.

Nardelli is investigating how the immune system is affected by the Lyme bacterium, research that could contribute to treatments for people with prolonged reactions after the infection. He said science can be a slow process of acquiring new knowledge, and its tough for patients who are suffering with no clear answers.

That can lead them to seek out untrustworthy practitioners or fall for costly treatments that dont work. You go out and find doctors that diagnose everything as Lyme disease, Nardelli said.

When To Call A Doctor

  • A tick is attached to your body and you can’t remove the entire tick.
  • You have a circular red rash that expands over the course of several days, especially if you know you were recently exposed to ticks. You may also have flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, stiff neck, fever, chills, or body aches.
  • You feel very tired or have joint pain , irregular heartbeats, severe headache, or neck pain.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding and you think you may have been exposed to ticks.

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The Earlier In The Course Of Tick Borne Disease That The Treatment Is Started The Better For The Patient And The Worse For The Microbes

Early detection, however, can be difficult. Lyme IS the most prevalent tick borne disease in the states and it is increasing in incidence year to year. Yet the Center for Disease Control estimates only 10% of the cases of Lyme disease are reported annually. This is because only 50% to 68% of patients have a clear bulls-eye rash. Only 26% ever see the tick that gives them Lyme disease. Most people do not know that a flu in the late spring, summer or early fall can be a sign of Lyme disease. Most doctors do not know that Lyme exists anywhere but the northeast part of the United States. So early treatment is a challenge. I try during tick season in Northern California to have short appointments to check out a tick bite or erythema migrans rash, in order to effect early treatment.

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The Infection That Launched A Thousand Protests

Best Lyme Disease Doctors In Ct

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and transmitted by Ixodes species ticks. The infection is non-fatal, non-communicable from person-to-person, is responsive to antibiotics, and is limited in range both geographically and seasonally. The most common clinical manifestation is a characteristic skin lesion that occurs at the site of the tick bite. Within weeks, some untreated patients might develop nervous system abnormalities or cardiac symptoms within months, arthritis can develop, most commonly affecting the knee. In addition to these objective clinical manifestations, some patients have several subjective complaints that are usually most prominent early in the infection. These symptoms include fatigue, arthralgia, myalgia, headache, stiff neck, and impaired concentration symptoms that are common in many infectious and non-infectious disorders.

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Our Daughter Got Her Life Back

Our lives were thrown into disarray when our daughter began having chronic, unpredictable symptoms that got worse over time. None of the doctors we saw were able to give us a specific diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Kenneth Bock and his team of medical detectives were the answer to our prayers. Dr. Bock took the time to listen to the story of our daughters illness and put together a complete medical and environmental assessment. He diagnosed her condition and developed a personalized treatment plan that restored our lives to normalcy. We highly recommend Bock Integrative Medicine for expert diagnosis and treatment of chronic medical conditions!~ Lynn and John Alampi, New Canaan, CT

What Treatment Options Are Available For Lyme Disease

In many cases, you can recover from Lyme disease if treatment occurs in a timely manner. If diagnosed with early Lyme disease, Dr. Forouzesh can prescribe oral antibiotics to fight the infection, which usually leads to a complete recovery.

If Lyme disease is already affecting your nervous system or joints, Dr. Forouzesh will determine if intravenous antibiotics are needed to treat the infection.

If possible exposure to Lyme disease is suspected, Dr. Forouzesh can evaluate you and provide information and advice on what treatment will be needed, as well as how to avoid future exposure to Lyme disease and tick bites.

Find out more about Lyme disease testing and prevention by calling the Hoboken office directly or booking an appointment online.

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First Line Therapy Certified

Dr. Hinchey obtained her certification for First-Line Therapy by Metagenics and has been using Therapeutic Lifestyle Change as the main focus of her practice. Teaching patients how to make simple but crucial lifestyle choices on a daily basis has been the most challenging but effective medicine thus far.

Lyme Controversial From The Start

Lyme disease debate: experts divided on whether it exists in Australia | 7NEWS Spotlight

In autumn 1975, Polly Murray, an artist and mother of four in Lyme, reported to the state health department that she and her children were suffering from mysterious maladies, including stiff and swollen knees and rashes. And neighboring children were having similar hard-to-explain symptoms.

Physicians diagnosed the children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Another mother from the area, Judith Mensch, also contacted the state health department. Finally, the cluster aroused the attention of the Connecticut public health authorities. Yale Universitys Dr. Allen Steere, who was still a rheumatologist-in-training, began searching for a cause.

The following year, Steere told the Journal of the American Medical Association, that he strongly suspected the illness came from some type of infection.

In the early 1980s, Willy Burgdorfer, a medical entomologist at Rocky Mountain Laboratories, identified the bacterium that caused the mysterious affliction. It was named Borrelia burgdorferi after him.

Robert A. Aronowitz, a medical historian at the University of Pennsylvania, said the divide between mainstream medicine and Lyme patient advocates started early with Patty Murray herself. He noted that Murray created local Lyme support groups starting in the 1980s that began to position themselves in opposition to the leading Lyme disease physicians and scientists and their view of the disease.

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Who Is At Risk For Complications Of Lyme Disease

People who do not know they have been infected. So its important to check for deer ticks after outdoor activitiesespecially in the northeast or midwest parts of the country.

Ticks sometimes bite in such inconspicuous places as the hairline or back. Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics at any stage of illness to eradicate the bacterial infection. However, some people might still be at risk for lingering neurological complications if the bacteria has traveled to the tissue of the central nervous system.

Internal Medicine & Functional Medicine Specialist Located In Thomaston Ct

Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose and treat. Pamela Cipriano, DNP, APRN, of The Practice of Health and Wellness in Thomaston, Connecticut, is well aware of this diseases complications caused by a simple tick bite and how to correctly identify a long-term infection and to manage the debilitating symptoms. If you think that you have Lyme disease or have symptoms like fatigue, joint problems, and weakness that cant be diagnosed, contact The Practice of Health and Wellness for an appointment. Call or use the online tool to schedule.

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A Brief History Of Lyme Disease In Connecticut

The history of Lyme disease in Connecticut began in 1975 when a cluster of children and adults residing in the Lyme, Connecticut area experienced uncommon arthritic symptoms . By 1977, the first 51 cases of Lyme arthritis were described, and the Ixodes scapularis tick was linked to the transmission of the disease. During 1982, Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, was discovered and the first brochure addressing Lyme disease was developed by the Arthritis Foundation. Serology testing became widely available in Connecticut during 1984. In 1987, Lyme disease became a reportable disease. All physicians were required to report any and all cases of the disease. By 1988, the news of Lyme disease spread and national media attention began. The first federal funding for Lyme disease surveillance, education, and research became available in 1991. The first Lyme disease vaccine became available in 1997. To help determine the efficacy of the vaccine, Lyme disease was made laboratory reportable in 1998. However, the manufacturer withdrew the vaccine from the market in 2001. In 2002, the vaccine efficacy study ended, and Lyme disease was removed from the list of laboratory reportable findings however, it remained a physician reportable disease.

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