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Dr Amiram Katz Lyme Disease

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What Is The Best Treatment For Pans

Lyme Disease and Complete Heart Block: How Lyme Disease Can Affect The Heart

It is important that these kids be treated with antibiotics,11 although careful titration is necessary because Herxheimer reactions can be severe.

Dr. Amiram Katz, a neurologist in Connecticut, has found that low-dose penicillin injections have been very effective.12 I have had the same experience. Katz recommends long-acting penicillin injections , 600,000 units once weekly if the patient weighs less than 100 lbs, and 1.2 million units once weekly if more than 100 lbs. If there is no significant improvement after 10 doses, then there is no reason to continue.

Intravenous gammaglobulin has helped many kids with PANS.13 IVIG is composed of human antibodies and has the paradoxical function of stimulating the immune system while decreasing inflammation. It is administered intravenously or subcutaneously, often every three weeks. However, it is quite expensive and insurance coverage is difficult to procureexcept for residents of Illinois.

Other interventions are often helpful. Many kids with PANS have mast cell activation syndrome , which contributes to inflammation.14 In these cases, interventions such as antihistamines can be helpful. Cromolyn, which inhibits the release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators from mast cells, is particularly beneficial.

Alice Levitt Has Lyme Disease Which Crippled Her Ability To Live A Normal Life

Antibiotics worked for a while to treat the infection.

After a time, though, her symptoms returned, so her doctor referred her to Dr. Amiram Katz of Orange.

Katz, an assistant clinical professor in neurology at the Yale School of Medicine, uses an experimental and controversial treatment called intravenous immunoglobulin, a protein taken from blood, which is injected into the patient over several months time.

Levitt, a former resident of Greenwich who now lives in Essex, Vt., agreed to try the treatment.

“He is a pioneer for me,” she said. “I used to get seizures every day, sometimes more than one. I took IVIG two days a month for six months. I havent had a seizure since the first two-day treatment.”

The general consensus of the medical community is that Lyme disease, when caught early, can be treated with antibiotics over a few weeks.

After that, opinions diverge.

The bacteria is spread by deer ticks and was first named in 1977 after arthritis-like cases turned up in children in the costal town of Lyme.

Some in the medical community believe cases that dont respond to antibiotics have been undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, sometimes for years.

Many experts also believe that so-called “chronic” Lyme disease is not Lyme at all, but one or more co-infections that are capable of being delivered by tick bites.

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Woman Fighting Lyme Disease Raises Awareness About Misdiagnosis Treatment

For a long time, Allison Nevitt had no idea what was wrong with her and neither, she said, did her doctors.

I thought I must be doing something wrong, or that I was crazy, said Nevitt, after a string of doctor visits over several years failed to properly identify a medical reason for the chronic fatigue, memory loss and severe joint pain she began to experience in 2005.

Nevitt said she now knows what she has Lyme disease, an illness she believes she contracted in 2001. At that time, she experienced what she thought was a nasty flu that kept her off her feet for six weeks, but not the red bulls-eye mark that most people associate with an infected tick bite.

Nevitt thinks that she was bitten while walking her dogs in the nearby Arnold Arboretum. And thats an important lesson she hopes to share with others.

This is not a rural country disease I got this in Boston, the Roslindale resident said.

Several of Nevitts friends have organized a night of education about Lyme disease this Sunday, starting with a screening of the Lyme disease documentary Under Our Skin at 3 p.m. It will be followed by a reception at Northeastern University, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the disease from educators, patients and doctors.

Our main goal is to have people see the movie and have an opportunity to ask questions, said Lynn Reznick, a friend of Nevitt’s for 20 years.

I have a couple of hours a day where I can fake it then I crash, she said.

Problem Foods Can Trigger Inflammation

Pin on Spoonies Unite

Food sensitivities can also contribute to inflammation,15 so parents should consider specialized testing or an elimination/challenge diet. Be particularly suspicious of food cravingsthe foods people crave are often the worst offenders.16

In my practice, sugar, yeast, gluten, and dairy products are the most common culprits. Mold can trigger inflammation as well. Even though I live in Colorado, a low-humidity state, I am amazed at how many of my patients suffer from mold issues.

Other interventions are occasionally beneficial. Anti-inflammatory agents, whether ibuprofen or natural products such as curcumin, may help. Some people find that low-dose naltrexone decreases symptoms. Family counseling and support groups are also a good idea. Occasionally, antidepressantsparticularly sertralinecan lessen symptoms.

These kids are suffering a great deal. If we do careful detective work and treat the sources of their inflammation as well as the inflammation itself, we can help them get their lives back.

Other modalities that sometimes prove helpful include biofeedback and plasmapheresis, a procedure in which blood is removed and antibodies are filtered out before the blood is replaced.12

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Elevation Of Antineuronal Antibodies In Pans

Elevation of these antibodies, along with activation of a specific enzyme is the laboratory hallmark of PANS.7

In the 1990s, Dr. Madeleine Cunningham and colleagues performed groundbreaking research to demonstrate the association of these lab abnormalities in kids with this disorder.8

It turns out that antibodies that target some microbes attack neuronal tissue and activate CaMKII, which disrupts dopamine transmission.9 The result is brain on fireneuroinflammation that triggers a host of neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Children with PANS display a wide array of mood and behavior issues, especially anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and irritability/oppositional/anger issues, which can reach epic proportions like Brads. Interestingly, many outbursts are followed by remorse.

Children with PANS often fall behind developmentally and academically. Other common symptoms include involuntary movements, tics, and eating disorders. While the case definition of PANS limits the diagnosis to symptoms that have a sudden onset,10 most of my patients symptoms have come on gradually.

In my medical practice , I see many children and teens. I have been surprised by how many suffer from PANS. While they all have Lyme disease, it appears that Bartonella and Mycoplasma may be the worst offenders in triggering PANS.

Dr Katz To Speak On Lyme Disease

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Dr Katz To Speak On Lyme Disease

WILTON ââ Dr Amiram Katz, assistant clinical professor of neurology at Yale University, will speak on Lyme disease at a special meeting of the Wilton Lyme Disease Support Group on Wednesday, April 9.

Dr Katz, who has cared for hundreds of Lyme disease patients over the last several years, will discuss neurological Lyme disease in both children and adults. Symptoms of the illness, with a special emphasis on neurological issues such as memory loss and depression, will be addressed. Dr Katz will also describe a variety of tests that may aid in diagnosis, as well as treatment options.

Dr Katz is in charge of several departments at Norwalk Hospital, including the Epilepsy Center, the Telemedicine Center, and Diving Medicine. He is also the associate director of the Sleep Disorders Center. He is the recipient of numerous awards in his many areas of expertise and has also organized a number of conferences and educational events, including a national symposium on Lyme disease.

In February 1999, Dr Katz testified at a hearing held by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal regarding health insurance coverage of Lyme disease. His testimony was instrumental in securing legislation that improved treatment choice rights for Lyme patients and their physicians.

The Wilton Lyme Disease Support Group has been serving Fairfield County and beyond for nearly five years.

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Reported Cases Of Lyme Disease United States 2019

1 dot placed randomly within county of residence for each confirmed case

Each dot represents one case of Lyme disease and is placed randomly in the patients county of residence. The presence of a dot in a state does not necessarily mean that Lyme disease was acquired in that state. People travel between states, and the place of residence is sometimes different from the place where the patient became infected. Many high incidence states have modified surveillance practices. Contact your state health department for more information.

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