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East Lyme Father Charged With Assaulting His 4

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WARNING: This story contains graphic content that some might find disturbing.Discretion is advised.

EAST LYME, Conn. An East Lyme father charged with physically assaulting his 4-week-old twin daughters faced a judge Tuesday.

East Lyme police arrested Torin Ruleman, 19, on Monday about a month after he and his girlfriend brought their daughters to Gales Ferry Pediatrics in Old Saybrook on Oct. 13 for their 1-month check-ups. According to court documents obtained by News 8, the couple told staff they heard a clicking noise in the rib area of both victims.

The girls were taken to the emergency room at Yale New Haven Hospital after x-rays showed rib fractures. Authorities said the pediatrician contacted the East Lyme Police Department the same day to report suspected abuse.

Torin Ruleman

The observations of the pediatrician, first and foremost, in this case, are really what led to where we are today, East Lyme police Chief Michael Finkelstein said.

Court documents revealed Ruleman told police he got the idea to toss his babies into the air by watching a YouTube Shorts video and thought it was adorable. He said he started routinely tossing both babies into the air when they were approximately 1 week old to get them to stop crying.

Ruleman told investigators that one baby rolled off the bed onto a roll of paper towels, but according to court documents, a Yale New Haven pediatrician said the twins suffered their injuries due to repeated acts of physical abuse.

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    Jack LeBeau

    The district is always in need of substitutes.

    Substitutes can apply onlineHERE or complete a paper substitute application packet . Paper applications must be returned in person to the Central Office, 49 Lyme Street in Old Lyme .

    or call Central Office at 860-434-7238 to request an application packet be mailed to you.

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    According to the latest Sittercity data, babysitters in the US typically charge $17.50 an hour. But your hourly rate can vary significantly depending on the cost of living in your area, the duties and responsibilities in the job description, and your states minimum wage laws. Theres no perfect calculator to determine your rate, but its important to factor in everything you have to offer a family.

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