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Lyme Disease Vaccine For Dogs Tractor Supply


How Is Lyme Disease Treated

How to Vaccinate Your Dog at Home (DrsFosterSmith)

Because the Lyme spirochete is a bacterium, it can be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotic of choice is doxycycline, followed by amoxicillin, then azithromycin. Treatment lasts for 4 weeks. Occasionally, the initial infection will recur, or the pet will become re-infected by being bitten by another infected tick.

Does Your Dog Need A Lyme Vaccine

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There are two kinds of dog vaccinescore vaccinations and noncore.

Core vaccinations, like rabies and distemper, are required to keep your dog protected from some serious and potentially lethal diseases.

Noncore, or lifestyle vaccines, may be recommended by a veterinarian based on your dogs individual lifestyle or health status.

One of these so-called noncore vaccinations is the Lyme vaccine for dogs.

Does My Dog Need The Bordetella Vaccine

Vaccination is the best way to protect your dog from illnesses associated with canine infectious tracheobronchitis, particularly if your dog frequents kennels, groomers, dog parks, dog sporting events or training classes. While some veterinarians recommend the Bordetella vaccine only for dogs who spend time in those environments, many others recommend the vaccine for all dogs, regardless of their risk. Thats because Bordetella is so easily transmitted and because its vaccine is well tolerated in most dogs. Most dogs are safe candidates for the Bordetella shot, other than dogs who are immunocompromised.

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The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Despite our best efforts, pets get sick or hurt themselves. It happens. Taking your dog or cat to a veterinarian for regular inoculations doesnt simply prevent awful illness. Vaccinating your pet means you avoid the high cost of treating these diseases. You also prevent the spread of the disease between animals. Most importantly, you provide your favorite four-legged friend with the preventative treatments necessary for a long, happy life.With younger pets, its important to complete the series of vaccinations administered during the puppys or kittens first visit to the veterinarian or at the rescue or shelter where you adopted them. Completing the full regimen prevents these vulnerable little ones from contracting diseases that their bodies cannot fight off because their immune systems havent fully developed yet.

When you bring home a dog or cat, you want to spend as much time with your new pet as possible. That means many years of cuddling, playing and bonding. As a pet owner, theres numerous steps you can take to ensure your dog or cat lives a long, healthy life. That includes getting the required cat and dog vaccinations in California.Do you need to bring your pet up to date on their rabies vaccinations? Not sure if your pet has ever received some of the core vaccines? Contact Sunnyside Pet Hospital now to make an appointment for your dog or cat.

Your Veterinarian Will Decide If The Lyme Vaccine Is Right For Your Dog

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Your veterinarian is your best resource for deciding if your dog is a good candidate for the Lyme vaccination for dogs. So, before you sign your pup up for this yearly shot, talk with your vet about your pets lifestyle and risk level for Lyme disease.

Pets whove been treated for Lyme disease in dogs should probably get the vaccine, but not if the disease caused kidney damage, says Dr. Brevitz. The vet will check the dogs urine to see if there are excessive amounts of protein before giving the vaccine.

If there are abnormal amounts that are thought to be caused by Lyme disease, your pup should skip the vaccine to theoretically prevent more kidney damage from occurring.

Most dogs wont have side effects with this shot, and if they do, they are mild ones, like feeling tired or sore at the site of the injection, says Dr. Mengel. But, if your dog has a history of severe reactions, bring it up with your vet.

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What Is Kennel Cough

Several viruses and bacteria can cause kennel cough, often at the same time. The group of organisms that causes kennel cough affects the upper respiratory tract of dogs and is characterized by inflammation of the trachea and bronchi.

Canine infectious tracheobronchitis is the scientific and more accurate term for kennel cough. The term tracheobronchitis describes the location of the infection in the windpipe, aka the trachea and bronchial tubes.

Signs of kennel cough are:

  • Persistent honking cough
  • Reduced appetite

Like a cold in humans, it is very contagious and spreads from dog to dog. It is found in places where dogs come in contact with one another. All it takes is one infected dog to sneeze, bark or cough, and the surrounding air and environment will be flooded with thousands of infectious kennel cough bugs.

The most common places your dog might contract this upper respiratory infection include:

  • boarding facilities
  • training facilities

Because the infection spreads when dogs are in close contact with one another, it is often seen soon after dogs have been in kennelshence the name kennel cough.

While kennel cough is not a fatal disease, tracheobronchitis is very uncomfortable for dogs .

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic Locations In Madera Ca:

As pet owners, were responsible for protecting our animals from deadly diseases. Thankfully, vaccinations allow us to minimize the occurrence of illnesses with high morbidity rates in the dogs and cats we call our family. As laws vary from state to state, it can be hard to know the specific required cat and dog vaccinations in California if youve just moved here or are a new pet owner.

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Is There A Vaccine That Will Protect My Dog From Lyme Disease

A safe and generally effective vaccine is available for protecting dogs against Lyme disease. This vaccine is initially given twice, at two- to four-week intervals.

“Annual revaccination is necessary to maintain immunity.”

Annual revaccination is necessary to maintain immunity. Vaccination against Lyme disease will be determined by your pet’s lifestyle and individual risk assessment. Be sure to discuss any questions you may have regarding the type and frequency of vaccination with your veterinarian.

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Dogs That Stay Mostly Indoors Can Get Ticks And Lyme Disease

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Dont brush off flea and tick prevention just because your dog sticks around the house, either. Many of us have diagnosed clinical infection of Lyme disease in dogs that only go outside to potty and spend the rest of the time indoors. Ticks can hitch a ride into the house on humans and other pets, says Dr. Mengel.

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What Does The Lyme Vaccine Do

The Lyme vaccine helps to prevent Lyme disease in dogs, a bacterial infection thats transmitted by blacklegged ticks that tend to live in woods and tall grasses in many parts of the country.

I tell owners the Lyme vaccine is belt-plus-suspenders for dogs with heavy exposure to deer ticks. The belt is a spot-on product that kills deer ticks, and the Lyme vaccine is the suspenders, says Dr. Betsy Brevitz, DVM, a vet in Fanwood, New Jersey and author of The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook.

Why Would Your Vet Use Combination Shots

Profit and convenience are the big selling points. Vets in large corporate practices, even those who dont like combo shots, may be under orders to use them. And I suspect some vets dont realize how dangerous these weapons of over-vaccination can be.

Pharmaceutical reps are frequent visitors to veterinary clinics. They promote the combo shots many benefits for the vets while minimizing the potential risks for pets. Adverse reaction reporting is voluntary and rare. The 2016 World Small Animal Veterinary Association Vaccine Guidelines report in the section on Adverse Events:

there is gross under-reporting of vaccine-associated adverse events, because of the passive nature of reporting schemes, which impedes knowledge of the ongoing safety of these products.

So, unless a vet is an avid veterinary journal reader, she may be stuck in the mindset of believing shots are safe and that if shots are good, more shots are better.

Proponents say that the combo saves Spot multiple needle pricks, and saves you and your vet time and money. True but only if vaccinating against multiple diseases were really necessary and only if expensive adverse reactions didnt occur.

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Your Guide To Pet Vaccines

While you may know that your dog or cat is due for some shots from time to time, do you really know what you are getting? Why are pet vaccines so important? Whats the difference between coming in to see us at New Haven Veterinary Hospital or just running into the Tractor Supply and doing it yourself? Are there risks? What about side effects?

Vaccinations are an important part of proactive pet ownership. Understanding pet vaccines a little better can help you to better protect your furry family member, and who doesnt want that?

How Much Do Puppy Vaccines Cost At Tractor Supply

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You can buy some puppy vaccines at Tractor Supply and administer them yourself at home.

However, some shots like the anti-rabies vaccine must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

These are the dog vaccines you can buy at Tractor Supply online, with their typical prices:

  • Durvet Canine Spectra 5 $11.99
  • Durvet Canine Spectra 10 Dog Vaccine $15.99
  • Durvet Canine Spectra 6 Dog Vaccine $13.99
  • Durvet Canine Spectra 9 Dog Vaccine with Syringe $14.99
  • Spectra Canine 10 + Lyme Dog Vaccine $22.99
  • Durvet Kenne-Jec 2 Kennel Cough Dog Vaccine $9.99
  • Durvet Spectra Canine KC Dog Vaccine, 3 Doses with Dropper $12.99

Most of the vaccines are available in stores and online. Keep in mind that some may need to be kept refrigerated.

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Why Should You Avoid Combination Shots

Immunity given by some vaccine components can last for years, even a lifetime, but other components may give immunity for less than a year, yet theyre packaged together. This is the pharmaceutical equivalent of packaging beef jerky and ice cream together.

To keep immunity strong with short-duration vaccines, the long-duration vaccines have to be given again and again needlessly. This exposes your dog repeatedly, for no good reason, to adverse reactions that may include skin diseases, autoimmune disease, allergies, and even death.

Vets who still, for monetary reasons or ignorance, vaccinate annually, find this practice quite convenient. Other vets have switched to vaccinating every three years which is still a misunderstanding of current guidelines recommending vaccinating no more often than every three years.

Some combo components are made from viruses, some are from bacteria, all delivered at once with a dangerous punch.

Most Dogs Dont Get Lyme Disease Symptoms Even When They Have Lyme Disease

In 2006, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania infected beagles with Lyme disease. None of the adult dogs showed any signs of Lyme disease even though they had Lyme disease.

The only dogs in the group that showed any signs of Lyme disease were the puppies and after four days of on and off symptoms, every puppy showed no signs of Lyme disease.

This is likely because puppies have immature immune systems. So while Lyme is common, the disease isnt.

But what about dogs who already test positive for Lyme?

Meryl Littman was the lead researcher and explains 95% of exposed dogs dont get sick, but they become Lyme antibody-positive on tests, which may scare people into thinking they need to be treated.

In fact, 70% 90% of dogs in some areas of New England test positive for Lyme. About 40% of dogs in Pennsylvania test positive.

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Did Your Vet Inform You Fully About This Shot Before Giving It

If your dog was given a combo shot, and your vet didnt explain exactly what was in it, why your dog needed it, why your dog may not have needed certain components, and what adverse reactions they may cause you should change vets . You should also report that vet to your state veterinary board for using products not backed by science and not informing you properly.

This is the only way things will change.

Veterinarians have a legal obligation to obtain your informed consent before vaccinating by fully disclosing benefits and risks of the suggested shot and alternatives. Of course, had they told you the truth about these shots, youd probably wouldnt have consented.

Blacklegged Tick Life Cycle

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Blacklegged ticks, commonly called deer ticks, have a two-year life cycle. Eggs are oviposited in the spring, and larvae emerge approximately one month later. Larvae feed once in the summer, usually on birds and small mammals, at which stage they are most likely to become infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

Larvae then over-winter, and in the following spring molt into nymphs, which then feed in late spring or early summer.

In the fall, nymphs molt into adults, which usually feed on larger mammals , on whose bodies they mate. Females die after laying their eggs, whereby the two-year cycle begins again.

Infected nymphs feeding on mice or larger mammals such as deer, dogs, or humans and adult ticks, whose higher rate of infectivity may be due to their longevity and repeated exposure to infected mammals and birds, are considered the most likely source of infection for dogs and humans. An infected tick usually must be attached for at least 48 hours before transmission of disease-causing bacteria can occur.489

(Adapted from Greene CE, Straubinger RK, Levy SA. Borreliosis. In: Greene CE, ed. Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat 4th ed. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier 2012: 450-452.4

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The Lyme Vaccine Contains Dangerous Ingredients

Kidney disease isnt the only risk that comes with the Lyme vaccine.

Vaccines carry harmful chemicals and heavy metals like:

You see, vaccines carry live or inactivated viruses. But the amount is so small that the immune system wont recognize. These chemicals are added to create an exaggerated immune response to the virus.

And there are two problems with this

1. This type of chaos in the immune system can carry some serious issues. It can cause hypersensitivity disorders. Hypersensitivity is chronic inflammation, which can result in allergies, cancer and organ failure.

2. Aluminum and thimerosal can travel to the brain and cause inflammation there. If youve ever had a reactive or fearful dog, you might not have considered his vaccines as a cause.

Still dont believe me?

There was a human Lyme vaccine called LYMErix back in the 90s. 3 years after it went on the market, Smith Kline Beecham withdrew LYMErix amidst a class action suit. The class action suit came from a sea of allegations of adverse effects including:

Most of the patients developed an incurable form of autoimmune arthritis. And that was worse than the arthritis caused by Lyme.

So if the Lyme vaccine isnt safe for humans, why would you give it to your dog?

Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects

It is mandatory for the patient’s immune system to function properly in order to respond appropriately to a vaccine challenge. If the patient has a disease, the immune system will be so occupied fighting the disease that it will respond poorly to the vaccine.

Dogs with a history of a mild, acute post-vaccination reaction are commonly treated with medications prior to vaccination.

Like with all vaccinations, the Bordetella shot may lead to temporary risks and side effects that all dog owners should be aware of. The first Bordetella side effect often noticed is a low-grade fever shortly after vaccines . This is a completely normal vaccine reaction and considered a common side effect of the vaccination. You may see your dog experience a change in behavior, such as lack of energy and loss of appetite.

While kennel cough often is a mild disease, the cough may be chronic, lasting for several weeks in some cases. The Bordetella vaccine is a very safe vaccine and widely recommended to protect pups at risk for this widely contagious illness.

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How Do I Remove A Tick From My Dog

Check your pet immediately after it has been in a tick-infected area. The deer tick is a small tick and only about pinhead size in juvenile stage, but is a little more obvious in the adult phase and after feeding. If you find a tick moving on your pet, the tick has not fed. Remove the tick promptly and place it in rubbing alcohol or crush it between two solid surfaces. If you find a tick attached to your pet, grasp the tick with fine tweezers or your finger nails near the dog’s skin and firmly pull it straight out. There are also tools available called Tick Twister® or Tick Key® which can be useful. However, take care to use them cautiously as twisting or jerking the tick may cause the mouth parts to break off and remain in the skin. See your veterinarian if you are unsure or unable to remove the tick from your dog.

Make sure you protect your fingers from exposure by using a tissue or a disposable glove.You may need another person to help restrain your dog. Removing the tick quickly is important since the disease does not appear to be transmitted until the tick has fed for approximately 12 hours. If you crush the tick, do not get the tick’s contents, including blood, on your skin.

Note: The bacterium that causes Lyme disease can pass through a wound or cut in your skin.