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Dr Mercola Lyme Disease Treatment

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What Should I Do During These Times

Dr. Mercola guidance on Lyme Disease & his new book, “KetoFast”

Flares sometimes flares are inevitable. The key is to try to identify the underlying factors and avoid those as much as possible. Rapid changes in elevation, temperature, hydration, nutrition, hormones, stress levels, sleep patterns can all cause flares. Lyme patients frequently experience monthly flares due to the replication cycle of the bugs, and for women these usually sync up with the menstrual cycle. Sometimes helping to balance hormones premenstrually can help take the edge off.

Herxheimer reactions these can be the most challenging to navigate, but in broad terms here are some recommendations

If a Herx reaction is really unmanageable , then the offending agent can be stopped entirely for a few days, then restarted at ¼ of the previous dose, building up more slowly to the prescribed dose to give the body more time to adjust.

If the Herx reaction is somewhat manageable the dose can be reduced by ½ for a few days to a week, again, to give the body time to calm down. Build up the dose more gradually when it is reintroduced.

If the Herx reaction is mild to moderate then one can soldier on, knowing that the pathogens are being killed and good things are happening!

No matter the severity of a Herx reaction, the key is to increase detoxification strategies.

Extra doses of smilax, glutathione and detox support formula

Epsom salt baths every day

Coffee enemas every day when Herx is really bad, then 3-4 times a week thereafter

Infrared sauna, if available

What Can I Do To Protect My Child

Many of these vaccines are unnecessary in the developed world. Varicella is now commonly administered despite the mild severity of the disease. A new hypothesis is that all of these childhood diseases act as a primer for the immune system and that vaccinating for them is detrimental to the development of the immune system.

Measles is not a serious illness. Mumps has few common complications. Diphtheria is practically unheard of.

Polio has been deemed eradicated in the U.S. by the vaccine. I respectfully disagree. Polio is only transmitted via a fecal-oral route.

This literally means that the best way to prevent infection is by washing our hands after we use the bathroom and before we eat. Polio is still endemic in third-world countries that lack sophisticated plumbing and sewage systems despite widespread vaccination programs. If it were truly vaccines that wiped out polio, this would not be the case.

The common misconception among parents is that their children must receive these vaccines in order to attend public schools. This is also misleading at best. Several states, including Maine, allow for parents to opt-out of injecting their children.

Maines law states that as long as The parent states in writing a sincere religious belief that is contrary to the immunization requirement or an opposition to the immunization for philosophical reasons, then they do not have to vaccinate.

Glutathione Plays A Crucial Role In Severe Covid Illness

Studies published in ACS Infectious Disease8 and Antioxidants9 proposed that glutathione plays a crucial role in the body’s fight against the severe inflammatory response triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The research group in the ACS Infectious Disease study called it the most likely cause of serious manifestations and deaths in COVID-19 patients.

In that study,10 they theorized the higher infection rate in older individuals and those with comorbidities suggest these groups are sensitive to environmental factors. Certain medical conditions have been identified that increase the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. These include chronic lung disease, Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, obesity and smoking.11

Specifically, the researchers12 homed in on an impaired redox homeostasis and concurrent oxidative stress in individuals of advanced age and with comorbidities. Redox homeostasis is a process that helps ensure a proper cellular response to stimuli.

When this is dysregulated, oxidative stress can lead to cell death and contribute to disease development.13 Glutathione plays a crucial role in the inflammatory response, which the researchers theorize is a feasible means in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. They wrote:14

The hypothesis that glutathione deficiency is the most plausible explanation for serious manifestation and death in COVID-19 patients was proposed on the basis of an exhaustive literature analysis and observations.

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The Controversy Over Treatment For Chronic Lyme

While most doctors now acknowledge that Lyme disease is real, controversy still remains over whether or not Lyme can persist and become chronic and if so, whether extended, long-term treatment with antibiotics is effective.17 Doctors who belong to the Infectious Disease Society of America do not believe in chronic Lyme and typically will not treat a Lyme patient beyond four weeks.

Doctors belonging to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society18 , on the other hand, do believe Lyme can persist and are willing to treat you beyond the four- week period. Insurance companies typically will not pay for extended use of antibiotics though, as they follow the guidelines of the IDSA.

Personally, I find it baffling that physicians would deny the possibility of ongoing infection when these organisms are known to operate by stealth, and are capable of evading detection and most standard treatment protocols. I can tell you first hand, from my experience with my girlfriend Erin who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2013 after suffering from a range of hard-to-pin-down symptoms for 14 years, chronic Lyme does exist.

The good news is that no matter how long youve had it, there is hope for a full recovery. A new Lyme research center attached to the rheumatology division at Hopkins Bayview Medical Center has also been created, specifically to investigate chronic Lyme. As reported by BDN Maine News:19

Dr Horowitzs Comment On How The Supplements Work To Treat And Potentially Prevent Covid

Protocol for treating Lyme Disease and Mold Illness that ...

Although anecdotal, I have heard from patients who were on NAC and glutathione when they were exposed to COVID-19, that they did not get sick or test positive for the virus, when others around them did. This can potentially be explained by the antiviral effects of NAC and glutathione, which have been published in the peer-reviewed medical literature, years before COVID was on the scene.

Supplements like NAC, alpha lipoic acid and glutathione also have anti-inflammatory effects. The way the viral machinery turns on is with oxidative stress, driving inflammation, and these supplements lower inflammation, by blocking a switch inside the nucleus called NF Kappa B. I have used this approach for over two decades, lowering cytokines and inflammation in Lyme disease patients.

Some of the same cytokines seen in COVID-19 are exactly the same cytokines seen in Lyme patients, especially during Herxheimer reactions, which is how I knew to use this approach, which has been effective. I also used to treat Babesia patients with shortness of breath with IV glutathione and would see similar results, i.e., improvement of shortness of breath.

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One Recent Study Concluded:

One mechanism by which aluminum may induce neurotoxicity is by selective alteration of the transport systems of the blood-brain barrier. Essentially, the authors showed that certain cellular waste products were blocked from leaving the brain to enter the bloodstream for excretion in the kidneys. This led to neuron cell death.

The mechanism that I believe is the most likely is as follows.

How Is Lyme Disease Diagnosed

Blood tests are the most common method to detect Lyme disease. However, it may take a few weeks after infection for detection to be possible.

The tests are looking to confirm the presence of antibodies to the Lyme-causing bacteria. Antibodies are created by the immune system to combat pathogens, but the body needs a certain amount of time to make them.

The CDC recommends a two-step process when attempting to diagnose Lyme disease. The first test is an enzyme immunosorbent assay which checks for any and all antibodies. If results are positive, the second test an immunoblot test will check for two specific antibodies that the body produces due to the presence of the Lyme bacteria.

If both tests are positive, the presence of Lyme disease is a practical certainty. But again, problems persist. Proper results of these testing methods rely on the proper functioning of the bodys white blood cells. So, there is still a chance that tests can be negative and Lyme disease present.

There is some good news, though. A brand-new testing method has been developed that can detect Lyme DNA, rather than the antibodies the body produces to combat the Lyme bacteria. This should allow for detection weeks sooner. And since time is the most critical factor in treating Lyme disease, this early detection is a very positive development.

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Dr Mercola On Lyme Disease

Visit the Mercola Video Library12Under Our Skin,3

As the film follows patients fighting for their lives and livelihoods, it brings into focus a haunting picture of a health care system that is all too willing to put profits ahead of patients. The featured version is the newly released Director’s Cut, which includes 15 minutes of restored footage, re-edited scenes, and character updates.

Frontiers in Zoology7

Lyme disease, just as syphilis was, is also known as “the great imitator,”8 as it mimics many other disorders, including multiple sclerosis , arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ALS, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease.


There’s great variation in the presentation of the disease as well, depending on where you contracted it, and whether or not you have any other coexisting infections. The only distinctive hallmark unique to Lyme disease is the “bull’s eye” rash, but this is absent in nearly half of those infected. Fewer than half of Lyme patients recall a tick bite. In some studies, this number is as low as 15 percent.

Borrelia burgdorferi. Borrelia burgdorferiBorrelia burgdorferiB. burgdorferi’s BorreliaEvaluation of all external factorsRemediation and mitigation of external factorsAddressing emotional issuesAddressing other lifestyle factors

Ways To Prevent And/or Treat Covid Per Horowitz And Others

Lyme Disease Natural Remedies and Treatment Dr.Berg

by Mary Beth Pfeiffer,

Becoming infected with COVID-19 even after exposure to it is not inevitable.

The virus is a bear, yes. But, if masks and distancing fail, it may be vanquished using safe, over-the-counter supplements for which there are supporting studies. The substances, used everyday by thousands, may even heal.

The evidence for this is still speculative since no clinical trials have been done. We need those studies now. But there is a wealth of medical literature to suggest that we can take some control over our fate with a simple visit to a health food store.

Im writing this article lest it read like an ad for Vitamins-R-Us for 10 selfish reasons: My two grown children, their spouses and five children, and their dad my husband. Ten people I love. Among the group are students, a teacher and a school administrator.

I fear school reopening. I want to protect my family.

So I contacted Dr. Richard Horowitz, a renowned Lyme disease physician who in April published the first study of two COVID patients treated with three natural supplements they were also given the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic. At 9 and 11 days into treatment, with both patients seeing gradual but incomplete improvement, a corner turned.

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Chronic Lyme Left Me Virtually Bed

They can help you locate a Lyme Literate Doctor. My Doctor was driven out of business because Insurance Companies would not pay.The award winning documentary film is invaluable in understanding and explaining the silent epidemic disease… Also, It’s an absolute necessity to take care of your health and stay healthy!!Once you are healthy stay that way! Although Dr. Mercola is not a Lyme Disease Doctor he can help you maintain you health.Having HONEST Medical advise is a MUST. The Best Source for Wellness advise is Dr. Mercola. He is a Traditional Practicing MD DO who incorporates Alternative Methods of maintaining your Health and Wellness. Please visit his website and become a member! Good Luck and God Bless You!!Sincerely,

Nutritional Supplements That May Be Useful In The Treatment Of Lyme Disease

The following table lists a number of traditional supplements found to be useful in the treatment of Lyme disease by those embracing natural methods.

Probiotics to improve immunity and restore microflora during and after antibiotics Curcumin is helpful at reducing neurological toxins and brain swelling
Astaxanthin to neutralize toxins, improve vision, and relieve joint pain, common in Lyme Whey protein concentrate may help with nutrition, often poor in Lyme patients who dont feel well enough to eat properly
Grapefruit seed extract may treat the cyst form of Borrelia Krill oil to reduce inflammation
Cilantro as a natural chelator for heavy metals Serrapeptase helps to break biofilms
Resveratrol may treat Bartonella, a co-infection and also helps detoxification GABA and melatonin to help with insomnia
Artemisinin and Andrographis, two herbs that may treat Babesia, a common co-infection CoQ10 to support cardiac health and reduce muscle pain and brain fog
Quercetin reduces histamine Transfer factors can help boost immune function

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How Does This Relate To Autism

In order to understand how a vaccine can cause autism or autism-like symptoms, you must first understand what an adjuvant is, and why and how it is used. Adjuvants are defined as pharmaceutical agents that modify the effects of other agents while having few or no direct effects themselves. Similar, in theory, to adding a catalyst to a chemical reaction.

In the case of vaccines, adjuvants cause a chronic, unrelenting spike in the immune response to the material injected. Simply put, this allows a smaller amount of actual vaccine material to be used in order to achieve the desired effect. In a perfect world, these adjuvants would truly have no other effects, but this is not the case.

The most common adjuvant in use today is aluminum. In vaccines, it is referred to as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate, aluminum phosphate, etc. Aluminum has long been known to be a toxin, especially when injected.

Despite its toxic properties, aluminum is widespread in our environment. It is regarded as the third most abundant element on earth. We even use it in thin sheets to cook with.

As an example, with intravenously infused aluminum 40% is retained in adults and up to 75% is retained in neonates. The other 99.7% of ingested aluminum is generally eliminated in feces. If a significant load exceeds the bodys excretory capacity, the excess is deposited in various tissues, including bone, brain, liver, heart, spleen, and muscle.

Strategies To Support Your Glutathione Levels

Ticks Be Gone! Lyme Disease FYI

As he discusses in the video, Seheult believes there is more to the damage by COVID-19 than oxidative stress.52 He points out that the clots in patients with confirmed COVID-19 are rich with platelets, indicating another mechanism involving disulfide bonds. He goes on to explain:53

And, as we’ve already talked about N-acetylcysteine and reduced glutathione will break these disulfide bonds and cause them to lyse and potentially relieve the obstruction and the hypoxemia with COVID-19. Again, this is all a hypothesis, but it looks as though it’s fitting together.

Foods that have a positive impact on glutathione production include cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, green tea, curcumin, rosemary and milk thistle.54 Getting quality sleep may also help.55

Different types of exercise can influence your levels as well. In one study,56 researchers enrolled 80 healthy but sedentary volunteers to measure the type of exercise that may have the greatest effect. They found that aerobic training in combination with circuit weight training showed the greatest benefit.

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What Is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease refers to illnesses transferred by biting or blood-sucking insects. The bacterium responsible for Lyme infection is Borrelia burgdorferi,9 a cousin to the spirochete bacterium that causes syphilis.

Many still attribute transmission of Lyme disease exclusively to ticks .10

But according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt one the leading authorities on Lyme disease the bacteria can also be spread by other biting or blood-sucking insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and mites.

Common side effects of tick bites include an itchy bulls eye rash, pain, fever, and inflammation.

However, you dont have to get the hallmark bulls eye as this rash occurs only in about half of those infected, so absence of such a rash does not exclude the possibility of a tick bite. Symptoms of Lyme disease typically start out with:

  • Unrelenting fatigue
  • Headaches / migraines
  • Achy muscles and/or joints

If left untreated, the disease may progress to muscle spasms, loss of motor coordination, and even intermittent paralysis, meningitis, or heart problems. For a more complete list of symptoms, refer to the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance.11 has also created a printable Symptom Checklist.12

The B. burgdorferi spirocheteis shaped like a corkscrew, which allows it to burrow into and hide in a variety of your bodys tissues. It can also live intracellularly , which allows it to evade antibiotics.

Doctor Reveals The Hidden Causes Of Anxiety Depression Ocd & More In Children

As a leader in integrative medicine, Dr. Kenneth Bock has accumulated over 35 years of experience diagnosing the root cause of chronic illnesses and restoring balance to the immune systems of his patients.

He founded Bock Integrative Medicine in response to the increasing need for board-certified medical providers who take a unique whole body approach to diagnose and treat chronic illness.

Dr. Bock focuses on the treatment of autism and co-occurring conditions, PANS/PANDAS, ITABI, tick-borne illnesses, and adult conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and heart disease.

Watch the full video version of this conversation below.

In this episode, we discuss:

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