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Dr Nader Soliman Lyme Disease

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Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

HALo Detox

The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects. Typically several sessions between 20-40 minutes are necessary to obtain the full benefits of the treatment.

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Only a decade ago, small populations of lone star ticks were found in the northeastern and central-eastern United States, but as the white-tailed-deer population exploded, so did the prevalence of the lone star tick. Its found pretty much where its favorite meal, the white-tailed deer, is foundin woods and tall grasses. But it also comes into our homes by catching rides on our shoes and our pets.

Because AGS still has no medical diagnostic code and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesnt track it, no scientifically backed numbers exist to tell us how many people have it. One lab in the US tests for presence of the alpha-gal IgE antibodies, and in 2018 it reported a total of 580,000 cases. But an online map of self-reported cases, created by those with AGS, shows them to be not just in rural environments, where there are typically more woods, but also in urban and suburban areas, including DC, Reston, Falls Church, and Greenbelt. According to a Health and Human Services advisory-subcommittee report on AGS, Virginia is a national hot spot.

Theres no cure for AGS. People who contract it have to stop consuming red meatbeef, lamb, pork, game. Antihistamines can help with reactions. Some patients are so hypersensitive that if they eat off a grill that once cooked meat, or even inhale barbecue fumes, they might be scrambling for their EpiPen or Benadryl.

This has proven challenging for some patients, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Saat/soliman’s Aricular Allergy Treatment

Healing Naturally

Reduce or eliminate allergies

Do you suffer from allergies ? Are you looking for a natural treatment which has proven to be highly effective with over 10 years of research and published clinical studies? Why not try this powerful acupuncture treatment and witness the amazing results! Caroline is trained and certified in Solimans Auricular Allergy Treatment by Dr. Nader Soliman, an Anesthesiologist and Medical Acupuncturist who is a pioneer in auricular acupuncture. Dr. Soliman has completed years of clinical study on thousands of allergy sufferers and through his refined method of SAAT, individuals experience elimination or severe reduction in their allergy symptoms through a purely novel treatment. Most people with mild or moderate allergic reactions benefit tremendously from this technique. Call today to find out more!

I felt soothed, energized, and hopeful in your presence. You felt like such a kind and knowledgeable practitioner – and, of course, YOU ARE. I have had great results from your treatment!!!! It really feels like a miracle. I cant tell you, Caroline, how exciting this is for me. I dont know how you did it, but I am MUCH MUCH better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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A Personal Note From Cecily

I am honored to assist you on your journey to reclaim your fertility. My goal is to work together with you to help prepare your body for conception and pregnancy whether it is through natural medicine or a combination of natural and assisted fertility treatments.

In my practice I treat each patient as an individual whose health needs are different from the needs of others. My goal is to form a personalized, respectful and healing partnership with each patient. I strive for each patient to become empowered with knowledge and confidence and to take part in their healing process and journey to parenthood. I am looking forward to assisting you on your path to health and wellness.

Cecily with some of the recent acu-babies at Fertile Ground

What You Should Know About Chronic Reactivated Epstein

February 18, 2019 by Tricia

When I realized that had once again been exposed to mold it totally explained why I have not been feeling my best. I knew something was off about the classroom I had been sitting in every week. I felt woozy, my head felt full and I even experienced some anxiety. Each time I went to this building my symptoms got worse and I began to get new symptoms.

My initial symptoms were pronounced fatigue, muscle aches, and headaches. I dont like slowing down to take naps but I was crawling in bed almost daily and sleeping for two or three hours. A few weeks of exhaustion led me to go to my doctor who diagnosed me with chronic reactivated Epstein-Barr virus along with a few other viruses. As I began to research this I decided to share my findings with you and share what Im learning.

DISCLAIMER: Before I go on you need to know that Im not a doctor and I dont pretend to be online, only at home. Everything I share here is for informational purposes only based on research that Ive done for myself. Do your own research and always consult your physician before taking any supplements or changing anything that you may be presently doing.

Also this post contains affiliate links and I am always so appreciative when you use them because it helps me keep this blog online. It doesnt cost you anything extra but makes a tremendous difference for me, so thanks! You can read more about my disclosures here.

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How To Diagnose Ebv

Most doctors can test for EBV through a blood test. Tests look for the presence of antibodies to the virus and can distinguish between a new infection or one that has been reactivated. Some alternative physicians can test for EBV using energetic testing.

I read about a Comprehensive Viral Panel from Dr. Jockers which looks like a really beneficial panel of tests used to look for multiple viral infections. Its not necessary to order these from this website because this is something your doctor can do but you can get an overview of the types of tests that you should consider having done. Read more about that here: Comprehensive Viral Panel Test.

Elevated viral antibodies is a sign of an active infection. IgM testing would be a more recent infection and IgG would indicate an infection in the past.

Polyvagal Therapy & Acupuncture

HALo Auditory Intervention

The Polyvagal Theory proposed by Dr. Stephen Porges specifies two functionally distinct branches of the vagus nerve. The more primitive branch elicits immobilization behaviors, whereas the more evolved branch is linked to social communication and self-soothing behaviors. The vagus nerve is implicated in many chronic illnesses including Rhuematoid Arthritis, Diabetes, IBS and Chron’s because it is called the wandering nerve and it innervates almost every important organ system in the body.

This is a unique combination of acupuncture therapy and polyvagal treatment designed to directly and postively impact the vagus nerve to reduce fight or flight, allow you to enter into rest and repair mode and reduce inflammation.

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The Lone Star Tick Is The Bully Of The Tick World Its Population Is Booming

It was on Tom Muirs daily commute from Virginia to his federal-government job in DC that he knew something was very wrong.

On those drives, he started to notice that my eyes would swell, my lips would swell. I had facial flushing, and my heart rate would go through the roof.

For two years, Muirwho often works outdoors on his farm in Fauquier Countywas having increasingly bad allergic reactions to something, but he couldnt figure out what. He went to allergy clinics but tested negative for common food allergies. It wasnt until a wasp sting landed him in the emergency room that he started putting the pieces together.

He told the doctors that his reactions seemed to occur any day after he ate red meat, which was often. I used to eat bacon for breakfast, a steak for lunch, and a hamburger for dinner, he says.

It turned out Muir had alpha-gal syndrome, named for a sugar molecule, alpha-gal, or galactose-alpha-1, 3-galactose. Its sometimes called the meat allergy because those with AGS can no longer eat red meat without getting sick.

AGS is most often transmitted to humans by the lone star tick, a creepy, crawly thing thats sometimes no bigger than a poppy seed. Around the area, theyre the largest variety of tick you will encounter by far, says Holly Gaff of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, who has been studying ticks, their behaviors, and the diseases they carry.

Says Gaff: Theyre the bully of the tick world.

Reviews For Dr Nader Soliman Md At Integrative Medicine Center

  • Jul 2021

    Dr. Soliman is the real deal. He has pioneered treatments for Lyme and mold disease, and a myriad of other diseases and imbalances. I have been treated by him and can tell you first hand there is no one else like him. Worth the trip.

  • Jun 2021

    My daughter experienced significant improvements with Dr Solimanâs treatments. Previously, she had been treated by various doctors and underwent multiple antibiotic therapies for her Lyme. Regardless of her treatment, her anxiety was worsening and her allergies were increasing. Dr Soliman took a different approach and boosted her immune system to fight infections. After six months, she was a different person. I am forever grateful for his help.I should add that he was also recommended to us by another patient who was experiencing severe heart issues due to Lyme carditis. They were so impressed by their results, they passed his name onto me. I feel confident recommending…read full review

  • Nov 2020

    Highly recommend!!Dr Soliman is one of a kind in this field!Kicking Alpha Gal and Lyme are two wins with his homeopathic remedies and auricular acupuncture!!!Front desk staff are friendly and take the time to explain any additional questions that may pop up.Still not sure? My Alpha Gal before/after blood work make it very clear that his remedies work!

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How To Protect Yourself From Ticks

Cover up. Measures to guard against the lone star tick are the same as for Lyme-bearing ticks: Wear a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants with the legs tucked into your socks. Keep in mind that its easier to spot ticks on light-colored clothes.

Use repellents. Permethrin is extremely effective at disabling ticks, not just repelling them. However, its toxic to humans and best applied only to clothing. Another alternative, DEET, is a mild tick repellent that can be applied to the skin. Other repellents claim to be safer for the environment, including ones offered by TickWarriors.com, which is owned by Jennifer Platt, the public-health researcher who cofounded Tick-Borne Conditions United, an advocacy group.

Tick-proof your yard. Remove leaf litter, mow the lawn frequently, and clear tall grasses around homes and at the edge of lawns. Use cedar mulch or chips to create a barrier for restricting tick migration.

Check for ticks. After coming in from outside, inspect every part of your body, including behind the knees, in elbows and armpits, and behind ears. Ticks love warm, dark places, and they can be as small as a poppy seed.

Inspect clothing, too. The best way to kill ticks is to tumble-dry clothes for ten to 15 minutes, or wash them in hot water. Cold or lukewarm water wont kill ticks.

This article appears in the July 2021 issue of Washingtonian.

Healing Naturally Interview With Dr Nader Soliman

Young blonde haired girl walking in a field of lavender ...

October 25, 2017 by Tricia

My family and I first began treatment with Dr. Soliman in 2014 for our chronic tick-borne infections. We quickly learned that Lyme disease and the few co-infections that we were diagnosed with were not the only issues affecting our health and immune system. Furthermore, the damaging effects of long-term antibiotics caused their own very serious problems within our immune system and the health of our digestive system.

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Interview With Dr Nader Soliman

Dr. Soliman is the past assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain management at George Washington University Medical Center. He is Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture by the American Board of Medical Acupuncture, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and Past president of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Currently, Dr. Soliman is the President of the Alternative Medicine Center/ Soliman Wellness Center, LLC, Rockville, MD

Dr. Soliman, How long have you been practicing Alternative Care?

25 years

Could you please explain what Auricular Medicine is?

This is a highly advanced form of ear acupuncture that allows a more precise evaluation of the energetic status of every organ and structure in the human body.

Do you treat many Lyme patients?

Yes, we do provide complementary therapy for patients with Lyme disease.

Have you seen a rise in the number of patients coming in with Lyme disease?

Yes, there is a direct correlation with the increase in the deer population.

How do you determine if someone might have Lyme disease?

Ive learned through your care that Lyme Disease is usually not the sole problem of a patient whose health has been compromised. What do you usually find that needs to be addressed other than Lyme?

What is the treatment protocol that you use?

Please explain how homeopathy work.

How does your treatment plan help the Lyme patient?

This will differ from one patient to the other.

Real Life Testimonial: Bens Recovery From Lyme Disease

This is part of an ongoing series of real life success stories from people all over the world who have been impacted by the Paleo lifestyle and The Paleo Solution. Read Bens story below.


It was a real pleasure to meet you at Arts book talk in Soho. Ive been a listener since episode # 1 and I want to thank you again and let you know that the work youve done has helped me in ways that far exceed the benefits of nutritional guidance

I, like you, was an athlete and a trainer. I wrote a fitness column for a newspaper out of college, and Id always prided myself an example of robust health. Also, like you, I lost my health in my twenties, and, in an all-out attempt to regain it, set off down a path that would take me through just about every medical and dietary paradigm imaginable.

It wasnt until after I went strict paleo for a year that my candida levels eventually came down to a point where I could successfully get through to, and treat the Lyme using gentle homeopathic methods that, when implemented in the right context have proven to be incredibly successful!

So, yes, you may now say that the paleo diet even played a major role in rescuing someone from the depths of the rabbit hole that is the world of chronic Lyme but, honestly, what helped me the most from listening to you is the confidence I gained to pursue my own path toward health no matter what!


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How Does Your Allergy Manifest

Whether you suffer from nasal allergies, asthma, eosinophilic esophagitis, urticaria and/or eczema, Allergy Relief Acupuncture can help you.

Allergies occur when your immune system produces an IgE-type antibody in response to proteins from outside the body . The antigen/antibody combinations go on to harm the respiratory tract lining & /or skin cells which release the histamine that produces the itch, runny nose/eyes, sneeze and cough you experience. In Western medicine, therapies include avoidance, antihistamines, steroids and .

Any agent may trigger allergys exaggerated immune response: environmental allergens such as pollens, grasses, trees, molds animal danders or proteins dust mites foods, especially eggs, milk, nuts, shellfish, soy insect venoms oral and injectable pharmaceuticals and chemicals such as latex. Rare individuals may even produce a true allergic skin reaction to the sun.

How Is The Treatment Done

In Allergy Relief Acupuncture,14 of these needles are placed under the ears skin and remain in place for 3 weeks, while the allergen is avoided as much as possible. After needle removal, those with milder allergies may introduce very small amounts of the allergen , and we monitor for response. The goal is to attenuate or eliminate allergic responses to the allergen

Those with very severe reactions and anaphylaxis must continue strict allergen avoidance & carrying epinephrine, antihistamines and/or steroids: the goal is to attenuate possible accidental allergen exposure.

This technique was developed by Nader Soliman MD. Starting in 2002, and refined since 2009, Dr. Soliman combined his expertise in Auricular Acupuncture Therapy with his knowledge of muscle testing to produce this highly effective desensitization technique . In 2014, Dr. Soliman treated with this technique who afterwards demonstrated allergy desensitization both by patient history and objective blood or skin testing .

This therapy may also be beneficial as adjunctive support for ongoing inflammatory conditions and subclinical infections.

In 2014, Dr. Villanova trained in this new technique, and has since helped dozens of patients attenuate or even eliminate their allergic conditions. This technique can serve as stand-alone therapy. So, unlike body acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, you need not engage in comprehensive evaluation and management for Allergy Relief Acupuncture to be effective.

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