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High Dose Vitamin C Iv For Lyme Disease

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Functional Medicine For Lyme Treatment

Oxidation Medicine (Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide) for Lyme Disease Treatment

Treating your Lyme disease requires a very personalized approach, and our complete treatment program for Lyme disease is beyond the scope of this blog. We use at different times, and for different people, antibiotics and herbal programs to kill the Borrelia Burgdorferi microbe. But treatment is a 1-2 punch: the medication or herbs lower the total amount of infection in your system, and then the immune system has to clear out the rest. You can see why a highly functioning and strong immune system is critical to treating Lyme Disease.

In addition to a strong immune system, once we start treating Lyme, there are a lot of toxins that are released and can cause you to feel very sick. And these toxins and the Lyme itself can wreak havoc with your mitochondria, the little furnaces in your cells that make energy. Therefore from a functional medicine perspective, whether you are currently being treated by us or other doctors, or are still recovering from Lyme Disease, you should add to your program support for the immune system, the detox system and the mitochondria. And the most effective way to do this is with Infusions because high concentrations of the needed nutrients can go right into your blood and to your cells where they are needed.

Managing The Patient With Erythema Migrans Rash

If a typical erythema migrans rash appears, the diagnosis is confirmed, and a course of treatment with doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime has been shown to be efficacious . The duration of treatment is usually 2-4 weeks, but it would seem logical and prudent to continue treatment if there are associated symptoms, albeit non-specific in nature, until those symptoms resolve, usually another few weeks, especially as there is no diagnostic tool to determine whether the infection is still present or has been eradicated. If there are subsequent or relapsing symptoms, treatment should be promptly reinstituted, usually with doxycycline, but may require other treatments to resolve the symptoms.

Lyme Disease Is A Prime Example Of A Reduced Immune Function

High doses of Vitamin C are definitely required if you have Lyme disease. Weve done oral and IV and we make our own liposomal Vitamin C. All can be used for reducing day to day symptoms or recovering from Lyme Disease, or other illnesses. Over the years I have been laughed at for mentioning vitamin c, people say to me If its that good why dont the NHS give it to us then? Or Its a placebo effect or theres no proof it works. Well the NHS or modern medicines are really only geared up to give you drugs or operations. If that doesnt work what do you have left?

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Oral Vs Iv Treatment Process

Oral treatments mean you will be consuming medication by mouth, usually in the form of a pill or capsule. The tablet you take goes through a process, more like an obstacle course, before it reaches your bloodstream.

You take the pill by mouth. It then travels to your stomach, where acids start breaking it down and removing some of its strength. After breaking down in your digestive tract, the medicine is sent to your liver for processing. Then, it is sent into your bloodstream.

The circulatory system distributes the medicine throughout your body, where it is then metabolized. This entire process can take up to an hour or more.

IV stands for intravenous, which is translated to into the vein. With IV treatments, your doctor will inject the drug directly into your veins, and within less than one minute, the medicine will enter your bloodstream. You receive the full dosage amount recommended because it did not have to go through the digestive tract.

IV administration gives your doctor more control of how the medicine can work in your system. Your doctor can also vary the IV treatments based on your symptoms. For someone with Lyme disease, this is a bonus.

Below are descriptions of the types of IV treatments for Lyme disease to give you a better understanding of how they can help you heal.

Vitamin C Iv Therapy Portsmouth Nh

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Its a highly effective antiviral medication. A crucial fat burner that improves weight loss and exercise recovery. One of the most powerful vitamins for wound healing. A widely researched and delivered cancer treatment. High Dose Vitamin C benefits are seemingly endless with virtually no side effects in sight.

When youre under extreme stress or feeling worn out from fighting an infection, vitamin C may help. When youve been out in the sun too long, or noticed those shocking signs of aging in the mirror, a robust dose of vitamin C may help restore your skins glow and elasticity.

Its true that you can get some vitamin C from citrus fruits, red and green peppers, broccoli, strawberries and Brussels sprouts, or even more concentrated doses from chewable tablets and extended-release capsules. Sometimes thats just not enough. Why? Our bodies can only absorb about 18-20 % of the vitamin C we consume orally.

When its delivered by IV, however, vitamin C is 100% bioavailable so the entire dose floods your bloodstream, maintaining your levels for 2- 3 weeks.

Why would you need to supplement for this long? If youre struggling with chronic or adrenal fatigue, viral or bacterial infection swollen or bleeding gums, poor wound healing, joint pain, loose teeth, or skin spots you need robust, sustained absorption.

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Why Use Iv Vitamin Therapy

An IV vitamin drip may seem superfluous if youre already eating well and taking a multivitamin, but oral supplements may not be as useful as you think they are. As oral vitamins pass through the digestive tract and get broken down by stomach enzymes, they lose up to 90% of their potency.

What about natural supplements? Extracts of elderberry and echinacea claim to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, herbal supplements are not regulated or approved by the FDA.

At IV Vitamin Therapy, our doctor and trained nurses customize your IV vitamin cocktail to your bodys exact needs. The vitamins infuse directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract, and can be carried directly to where theyre needed most.

About Oxidation Therapy For Lyme

Treatments using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, high dose intravenous vitamin C, and ultraviolet blood irradiation are oxidation therapies.

There is a lot of interest in oxidation therapy for the treatment of Lyme. But does it work? And is it safe to do? After reviewing the science and the outcomes of patients in my Seattle practice who tried forms of these therapies before seeing me, I am skeptical about the benefits and long-term safety of this form of treatment.

Oxidation therapy uses oxidative agents to treat Lyme. Oxidative agents, like hydrogen peroxide and ozone, take electrons from substances like the fats and proteins that make up cell membranes or the genetic material inside of cells. Taking electrons this way can damage the protein and fat covering of germs, our own cell coverings, and the DNA genetic material in cells and germs.

So oxidation is damaging. As an example, the normal chemical reactions in cells create oxidizing agents that lead to cell damage and aging. To limit this, our cells produce many kinds of antioxidants like glutathione. See Glutathione: The Great Fixer for more information.

These commonly used oxidation agents and methods used to treat Lyme include:

  • Intravenous High Dose Vit C , and
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen.

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High Dose Vitamin C Benefits

Worldwide research has demonstrated the incredible restorative power Vitamin C has for our skin, tissues, energy, and immunity. Depending on your condition, IV doses can include from 10 to 100 grams of Vitamic C to achieve therapeutic benefits like those delivered to cancer patients.

Some basic clinically validated functions Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss deliver it for include:

Diagnosis Of Lyme Disease In Patients With Persisting Or Relapsing Symptoms

High Dose IV Vitamin C – Boost Immune System

There are patients who are not aware of any tick bite or any rash, who present with an illness consisting of a combination of symptoms, but without objective signs, that include persisting fatigue, arthralgias or myalgias, paresthesias, and neurocognitive dysfunction that could be due to Lyme disease . Such patients frequently undergo various numerous evaluations, including rheumatology, neurology, and infectious disease consultations, without any definitive diagnosis, and are often classified as having chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or depression. They are also often told they do not have Lyme disease. The facts, however, are that there are no currently available tests to determine whether the spirochetes are actually present or not present in an individual, and whether the bacteria are active or inactive. Hence, often cited recommendations about the duration of treatment, eg four weeks is curative or adequate treatment, have no factual basis to support that recommendation, disregarding the clinical picture, and leading to the conclusion that there is another, perhaps psychosomatic reason, for the continuing symptoms. As there is overlap in symptomatology between patients who are diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and those who have persisting symptoms with Lyme disease , there is great difficulty clinically in knowing who amongst those with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia might have persisting Lyme disease.

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Vitamin C Iv Mega Dose

As controversial as it may be, Vitamin C has outperformed Antivirals in trials on HIV-infected human cells. We are not claiming or advising anyone to solely take Vitamin C for their infections over current treatments, but merely suggesting that it may be beneficial to incorporate it at high doses in combination with your antimicrobials. Mega doses of Vitamin C are substantially effective even in the worst cases of immune suppression. Vitamin C is not administered with the purpose of it being absorbed and stored as most of it is used immediately. It quickly transforms from H202 to H20 + , which has been proven to eradicate up to 3000 times more pathogens than chlorine without the caustic effects. The average treatment of IV therapy Vitamin C is 100 grams, and can take 2-4 hours to be fully administered. We highly suggest this protocol to treat chronic Lyme as well as to maintain remission.

What Vitamins Help With Infections

A balanced diet can theoretically provide your body all the micronutrients it needs to function properly. However, some medical conditions can negatively impact your bodys ability to absorb nutrients from food. In addition, prolonged periods of illness burn through your bodys resources at an increased rate, increasing the amount of vitamins and nutrients you need to take in.

There are multiple vitamins you need to support a healthy immune system and good overall health. If you are currently being treated for an illness, check with your healthcare provider before beginning any vitamin or dietary supplements.

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Our Custom Infusion For Lyme Disease

Susan Blum, MD, MPH, our founder and director and author of The Immune System Recovery Plan, developed our targeted Infusion for people with Lyme. We call it our Mito Recovery Infusion. The nutrients in Mito Recovery target all 3 systems that need support in people struggling to recover from Lyme or other Tick Infection: it works deep within the cell to help rebuild the damaged mitochondria includes NAC and glutathione for detoxification support, and zinc, selenium, vitamin C and B vitamins for your immune system. Here are the details:

Bag #1 Mito Recovery

B Complex contains B1, B2, B3, B5, & B6 to help the mitochondria in all your cells function better and make energy. This, of course, includes your immune system cells.

Vitamin C a potent antioxidant, high doses of vitamin C helps your immune system work better and protects the mitochondria from injury

Magnesium an electrolyte that is needed to keep your nervous system and muscles functioning properly & keep your body balanced and relaxed. Can also help provide pain relief and help with sleep. Magnesium can act as an antioxidant in mitochondria improving mitochondrial dysfunction

B12essential for all biochemistry and body functions that involve methylation, including production of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, neurotransmitters, liver detox, and maintaining health of the nervous system. As we age, it is harder to absorb B12 from the gut, another reason to regularly get B12 by infusion.

Comprehensive Support And Vitamin C Iv Therapy

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Vitamin C is involved in many cellular pathways within our body: its an antioxidant, an antihistamine, it has anti-inflammatory properties, supports collagen formation and adrenal function and its even involved in DNA formation. As a result, vitamin C is included in most of our intravenous therapy but also available as a standalone infusion.

For high-dose vitamin C therapy, we recommend that you work alongside one of our practitioners who can provide you with comprehensive and tailored support.

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What Chronic Infections Can Iv Vitamins Help With

Some of the chronic infections that can be helped by IV vitamin therapy include:

  • Urinary Tract Infection

Despite some claims , vitamins cannot cure or prevent diseases. A good diet, adequate physical activity, vaccines when possible, and suitable vitamin supplementation will keep your body ready to fight off disease.

IV vitamin infusion can give your body the tools it needs to prevent or fight off infection.

Acute And Chronic Lyme

Acute Lyme or Tick Borne Illness usually happens in about 2-3 weeks after the infection, but can happen sooner or later than that too. You might have a fever, chills, headaches, muscle or joint pain. It can feel like a flu. It can last 5-7 days and then go away. The tricky thing is that some people who get infected by a tick never have an acute illness! And many people with an acute TBI dont ever remember having a tick bite!

Thats why many people dont even think about Lyme when they develop chronic symptoms like fatigue, arthritis, muscle pain or brain fog that drag on for months and months. There can also be other symptoms like intermittent fevers and heachaches and neurological symptoms like strange sensations and/or numbness or tingling anywhere in the body. The good news is that WE do think about Lyme in every patient with these symptoms at Blum Center and do the testing and pick up hidden Lyme or Tick infections all the time.

The name Chronic Lyme has been given to people who have these symptoms for months and sometimes years. Some people have Chronic Lyme and dont know it. And even when they start treatment with antibiotics, they continue suffering with Chronic Lyme because once its been in your body for a long time, its very hard to get rid of it, even with antibiotics.

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Vitamin C For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a not-so-common yet severe illness spread by ticks. Many patients will suffer from ongoing symptoms, known as Chronic Lyme Disease, making life very difficult.

IV vitamin C Lyme disease treatment is often used to help strengthen the immune system. This process equips the body to fight other harmful microorganisms like viruses that attack the nervous system.

Some medical professionals add glutathione, magnesium, and B vitamins to their IV vitamin therapy for Lyme disease. Another option is combining high dose vitamin C IV treatment for Lyme disease with NAD, also known as the energy molecule.

Revitaliv And Lyme Disease Treatment

IV Vitamin C Treatment

For those suffering from serious pain related to untreated Lyme disease, finding an appropriate approach to medical care can be extremely challenging. IV hydration and supplementation is a groundbreaking development in Lyme disease treatment, offering a new and revolutionary way to fight back against chronic illness by treating both the underlying infection and painful symptoms.

Dr. Rosselli, the Director of Anesthesiology at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, FL and the founder of RevitalIV, has dedicated years to refining chronic illness treatment practices. His proprietary IV hydration and supplementation formulas have proven effective in a wide number of applications, ranging from athletic injury to debilitating physical conditions, providing a unique approach to managing pain and associated symptoms.

Far too many practitioners ignore chronic Lyme disease, leaving patients in a vulnerable position with nowhere else to turn. We take these kinds of conditions very seriously, Dr. Rosselli explains. Instead of diminishing the significance of symptoms, RevitalIV will work with patients practitioners to treat chronic Lyme disease with personalized IV treatments. By customizing doses of vitamin C, glutathione, and other vitamins, we can provide effective support for each patient using our system.

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Advantages Of The Vitamin C Infusion Therapy For Patients With Lyme:

Many people take vitamin C in powder or tablet form to boost their immune system. However, the human body can only absorb a specific amount of vitamin C via the digestive tract. Excess vitamin C is simply excreted. The treatment of Lyme disease often requires high doses of vitamin C, which are best administered intravenously. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in Kehl treats patients suffering from Lyme disease using this intravenous vitamin C infusion.

The Many Uses Of Iv Therapy For Lyme Disease

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Complex conditions like Lyme disease require equally complex treatment plans. Thats why the naturopathic doctors at the Nardella Clinic tailor every treatment regimen to individual people, not diseases.

A particularly effective and versatile treatment option is intravenous therapy. One single tool, dozens of possible uses. Intravenous therapy allows therapeutic doses of various natural substances to be delivered with 100% absorption. Our naturopathic doctors have extensive experience with IV therapies and their role in Lyme disease. What are the best options for Lyme Disease and what do they do? Take a look:

  • Myers Cocktail, named for John Myers, the Baltimore doctor who developed it, is a blend of high doses of vitamins and minerals. It gives your body a boost, increasing energy and providing immune support.
  • Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Besides protecting your cells against oxidation, glutathione helps to heal your neurological system and support your livers ability to detoxify.
  • Curcumin is one of the things that makes turmeric yellow, and is an incredible anti-inflammatory. It regulates cytokine storm, a large cascade reaction of the immune system, and decreases inflammation in joints, muscles, and nervous tissue.
  • MSM, a sulphur compound studied as a treatment for osteoarthritis, decreases systemic inflammation and supports joint health.
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