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Can You Die From Lyme Disease

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Can One Die Of Lyme Disease

I Almost Died From Lyme Disease: My Full Story

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease typically marked by a fever, headache, chills, and bulls-eye rash, and later by arthritis, cardiac, and neurological disorders, caused by bacteria that are spread by ticks. Lyme disease is common in North America, Europe, and Asia and is caused by the bacterium borrelia burgdorfi, and infected ticks spread the disease by biting people and/or animals. There are two kinds of ticks that carry Lyme disease in the U.S. They are the deer tick, found in the Northeast and Midwest, and the western black-legged tick, predominantly found along the Pacific coast in northern California and Oregon.

How To Remove A Tick

If you find a tick on your or your child’s skin:

  • remove it by gently gripping it as close to the skin as possible
  • use a pair of tweezers that won’t squash the tick , or use a tick removal tool
  • pull steadily away from the skin without twisting or crushing the tick
  • wash your skin with water and soap afterwards, and apply an antiseptic cream to the skin around the bite
  • don’t use a lit cigarette end, a match head or substances such as alcohol or petroleum jelly to force the tick out

Some veterinary surgeries and pet shops sell inexpensive tick removal devices. These may be useful if you often spend time in areas where there are ticks.

How Is Lyme Disease Treated

Your healthcare provider will figure out the best treatment for you based on:

  • How old you are

Lyme disease in the earliest stage is usually treated with antibiotics for 2 to 3 weeks.

Treatment will also be considered based on these and other factors:

  • If you are bitten by a tick that tests positive for the bacteria that causes Lyme disease

  • If you are bitten by a tick and have any of the symptoms

  • If you are bitten by a tick and are pregnant

  • If you are bitten by a tick and live in a high-risk area

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What Happens At Your Appointment

The GP will ask about your symptoms and consider any rash or recent tick bites you know about.

Lyme disease can be difficult to diagnose. It has similar symptoms to other conditions and there’s not always an obvious rash.

2 types of blood test are available to help confirm or rule out Lyme disease. But these tests are not always accurate in the early stages of the disease.

You may need to be retested if you still have Lyme disease symptoms after a negative result.

Lyme Disease A Rare Cause Of Death: Study

Can you die from Lyme disease?

By Amy Norton, Reuters Health

6 Min Read

NEW YORK – While controversy still brews over the long-term effects of Lyme disease, a new government study concludes that the tick-borne illness is rarely a cause of death in the U.S.

Using death records collected from 45 U.S. states, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that between 1999 and 2003, there were 114 records listing Lyme disease as a cause of death.

But in most cases, Lyme disease was listed as one of multiple health problems contributing to a persons death, and only 23 records showed the disease as the underlying cause.

Of those, the investigators say, just one was consistent with known clinical manifestations of Lyme disease. In that case, the person died of respiratory failure that the death record tied to long-term effects on the central nervous system.

The findings, the CDC researchers say, indicate that Lyme disease is rare as a cause of death in the U.S.

But that conclusion is unlikely to settle the broader controversy surrounding the long-term effects of Lyme disease in some people — which, some doctors and patient groups say, do include serious and sometimes fatal health problems.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by certain ticks. The initial symptom is most often a gradually spreading bulls eye rash at the site of the tick bite.

The CDC and major medical groups say most cases of Lyme disease can be cured within about four weeks of oral antibiotics.

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Who Is At Risk In Ohio

Anyone who spends time outdoors can be at risk for Lyme disease. The tick that transmits Lyme disease in Ohio, the blacklegged tick, is most often found in wooded, brushy areas. People who frequent these settings may be at increased risk of contracting Lyme disease.

However, it does not take a hike in the forest to encounter blacklegged ticks. The property around many homes can also provide suitable habitat for ticks, particularly those in yards that are next to woods or brushy areas or those with tall grass or leaf litter. That is why it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent tick bites.

Ohioans of all ages get sick with Lyme disease, but data collected by the Zoonotic Disease Program suggest that males are more at risk for Lyme disease than females. Boys between the ages of ten and 14 years appear to be at particularly high risk. Many cases of Lyme disease are reported in females between the ages of five and nine.

Complications Of Untreated Lyme Disease

If unchecked, the Lyme disease infection can spread to other bodily systems, causing significant damage. Untreated, complications of this condition can be very severe:

  • Arthritis:Prolonged infection with Lyme disease leads to chronic joint inflammation and swelling, usually in the knees . These symptoms tend to arise within two years of infection, with periods of flare-ups and remissions. This arthritis is relatively difficult to manage, though antibiotics and steroids may be attempted.
  • Lyme carditis:If the bacteria reach the heart tissues, they can cause inflammation and lead to heart block. The electrical signals being sent between the upper and lower chambers of the heart are interrupted, impairing the coordination of the heartbeat. Though disruptive, this is rarely fatal.
  • Lyme neuroborreliosis:Inflammation of multiple nerves, including those in the spine and brain, is the chief characteristic of this condition. This can also affect the meningesthe layer of tissue surrounding the brain and spineleading to meningitis, among other conditions. Antibiotic therapy, if applied promptly, tends to be effective as a treatment.

Even in cases where Lyme disease has progressed, antibiotic regimensespecially drugs like doxycyclineare generally successful in resolving problems.

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Who Gets Lyme Disease

Anyone bitten by an infected deer tick can get Lyme disease. Most U.S. cases of Lyme disease happen in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. But Lyme disease is found in other parts of the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia too.

Test For Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Please take the time to read this 15 minute blog. It tells of how someone beat Lyme Disease and Q-fever, both contracted from the same tick bite, but Q-fever being 10 time worse than Lyme Disease. He tells of how doctors were not able to cure him and at his last hope found several natural foods that turned his health around within a week. On deaths door to a full recovery. Check out the simple ways he cured lyme disease with organic foods.

The dramatic increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease has caused a lot of panic in the medical community. Traditionally, it is treated with round after round of antibiotics. Some people never fully recover and the disease can be fatal.

Humans get Lyme disease most commonly from tics, but also from mosquitoes, fleas and mites. People suffering from it may initially experience fever, headache, and depression, developing a bull’s eye-shaped rash. If a physician identifies this rash as Lyme disease, then treatment is immediately administered. The sooner antibiotics are given, the better your chances.

But, the treatment with antibiotics is very controversial. Rounds of antibiotics often need to be repeated, sometimes multiple times, and the symptoms could never go away or get worse. Some people have suffered endless damaging side effects of prolonged antibiotic treatments and still have long-term debilitating symptoms thought to be caused by Lyme disease. Long-term symptoms include arthritis, joint pain, heart problems and autoimmunity.

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Reasons You Cant Get Rid Of Lyme Disease Parasites Candida And Other Co

December 13, 2015Brenda Cosentino

I began researching and visiting Lyme forums after being finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2012. As I read others stories, I began to recognize that the often-promoted kill, kill, kill approach was not working. Many were taking antibiotics, strong essential oils, MMS, veterinary anti-parasitic drugs and even turpentine but they were not healing and staying in remission. I made many of the same mistakes until I figured out that my gut microbiome held the key to great health. The goal is not to kill every bacterium, fungus, parasite and virus, but to bring the body back into a healthy, balanced state. I came to understand that the body is a self-healing system that can and will regenerate itself. I simply had to provide the right nutrients, gently reduce the pathogenic load, stay hydrated, heal my gut and remove toxins a simple approach to a complicated illness.

Lyme Disease Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not done so already, remove the tick with fine-tipped tweezers.

The chances that you might get Lyme disease from a single tick bite depend on the type of tick, where you acquired it, and how long it was attached to you. Many types of ticks bite people in the U.S., but only blacklegged ticks transmit the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Furthermore, only blacklegged ticks in the highly endemic areas of the northeastern and north central U.S. are commonly infected. Finally, blacklegged ticks need to be attached for at least 24 hours before they can transmit Lyme disease. This is why its so important to remove them promptly and to check your body daily for ticks if you live in an endemic area.

If you develop illness within a few weeks of a tick bite, see your health care provider right away. Common symptoms of Lyme disease include a rash, fever, body aches, facial paralysis, and arthritis. Ticks can also transmit other diseases, so its important to be alert for any illness that follows a tick bite.


Moody KD, Barthold SW, 1991. Relative infectivity of Borrelia burgdorferi in Lewis rats by various routes of inoculation.external iconAm J Trop Med Hyg 44: 135-9.

There are no reports of Lyme disease being spread to infants through breast milk. If you are diagnosed with Lyme disease and are also breastfeeding, make sure that your doctor knows this so that he or she can prescribe an antibiotic thats safe for use when breastfeeding.

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When To See Your Gp

You should see your GP if you develop any of the symptoms above, after being bitten by a tick .

Make sure you let your GP know if you’ve spent time in woodland or heath areas. Diagnosing Lyme disease is often difficult as many of the symptoms are similar to other conditions.

A spreading rash some days after a known tick bite should be treated with antibiotics. This is without waiting for the results of a blood test.

Blood tests can be carried out to confirm the diagnosis after a few weeks. These can be negative in the early stages of the infection. You may need to be re-tested if Lyme disease is still suspected after a negative test result.

Dealing With A Lyme Disease Diagnosis


When a dog is diagnosed with Lyme disease, quick treatment is important, because Lyme disease can lead to further health complications such as joint, heart, kidney, and nervous system problems. The long-term effects of Lyme disease can be just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than the disease itself.

Treatment of Lyme disease generally includes a round of antibiotics and possibly other medications to help relieve joint pain or other symptoms. Antibiotics for Lyme disease may be required for up to a month, while many other diseases or infections require antibiotics for just a few days.

Relapses are common for Lyme disease, so pet owners of dogs who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease should always be on the lookout for signs of Lyme disease symptoms.

If you live in one of the areas where Lyme disease is most common, speak to your veterinarian about the Lyme disease vaccine. While there is a vaccine, it isnt usually included in the group of typical vaccines dogs are given. You will also want to keep up with booster shots for Lyme disease. The vaccine may not be an option for all dogs, so be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian.

If you plan on traveling with your dog to an area where Lyme disease is common, you may also want to consider the vaccine. Since ticks migrate and move around, you can request a Lyme disease test if you see your dog presenting any of the symptoms listed above.

A few tips for preventing Lyme disease include:

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What Is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. This spiral shaped bacterium is most commonly spread by a tick bite. The disease takes its name from Lyme, Connecticut. This is where the illness was first identified in the United States in 1975.

Although Lyme disease is a year-round problem, April through October is considered tick season. Cases of Lyme disease have been reported in nearly all states in the U.S. and in large areas in Europe and Asia, but the most common areas are the Northeast, upper Midwest and northwestern states.

How To Avoid Tick Bites

To reduce the chance of being bitten:

  • cover your skin while walking outdoors and tuck your trousers into your socks
  • use insect repellent on your clothes and skin products containing DEET are best
  • stay on clear paths whenever possible
  • wear light-coloured clothing so ticks are easier to see and brush off

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Alec Baldwin Thought He’d ‘die Of Lyme Disease’ What To Know About The Tick

Early symptoms to watch for, the right test that can diagnose it, and other up-to-date facts that will help you stay safe outdoors this season

Alec Baldwin is the latest celebrity to speak publicly about Lyme disease, sharing his personal story over the weekend at a benefit for the Bay Area Lyme Foundation. The actor and frequent Saturday Night Live guest told a crowd in Portola Valley, California that he suffered from Lyme disease symptoms every August for five years, People reported.

The first time was the worst of all, Baldwin said, describing black lung, flu-like symptoms, sweating to death in my bed. He remembered thinking at the time, Im not going to live, and Im going to die of Lyme disease.

Its not surprising that Baldwin and other starsincluding Avril Lavigne, Yolanda Foster, and Ally Hilfigerhave spoken out about Lyme disease, considering how common the tick-borne illness really is. Every year, about 30,000 Lyme disease cases are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , although some CDC research has suggested that the number of people actually diagnosed each year may be closer to 300,000.

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The true number of Lyme disease cases is likely somewhere in between, says Larry Zemel, MD, head of rheumatology at Connecticut Childrens Medical Center.

What You Need To Know About Lyme Disease

Man Dies from Lyme Disease
  • Lyme disease is an infection caused by the spiral-shaped bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which is most commonly transmitted by a tick bite.

  • There are over 300,000 estimated new cases of Lyme disease in the United States each year.

  • The symptoms of Lyme disease depend on the how long the infection has been present in the body. The first sign of Lyme disease is often an expanding round or oval red “bullseye” rash.

  • If left untreated, people may develop neurological symptoms and heart problems, and have an approximately 60 percent chance of developing Lyme arthritis.

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Does Lyme Disease Go Away On Its Own

Its certainly possible for people to get Lyme disease and to clear the infection on their own, without treatment, says Dr. Kuritzkes. But its better to be treated, because some of the complicationslike arthritis and myocarditis and damage to the central nervous systemcan be very serious.

The type of bacteria that causes Lyme disease is in the same general family as the type that causes syphilis, Dr. Kuritzkes explains. That doesnt mean anything similar in terms of transmission, but syphilis has several different phases, with primary and secondary and tertiary symptoms, he says. The infection can hide out in the body for a long time and can cause problems down the road if its not treated.

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People Who Died Of Lyme Disease

Many more other Lyme-deaths are listed here:

Update 2:

It has become imposbile to track the Lyme deaths because people are literally dying with the rate of several a day now. This video is illustrative and even typical of the ordeal Lyme patients go through before finally having to commit suicide.

Rest in peace, Heather Keena. She walked in front of a train soon after this video was made.

Heather with mother

Are you like Heather – desperate and about to commit suicide? You should realize that you do not need a LLMD! Oral Minocycline and Doxycycline work as well as intravenous treatment. The latter antibiotic is very cheap and available from lifestock doctors or veterinarians, from Mexico or India, etc. Even when you are close to death, oral doxycycline works no less than IV Ceftriaxone. You would need 400 to 600 mg/day though, also depending on your weight. We are not doctors and this is a personal opinion only, not medical advice. Antibiotics initially can make symptoms worse and may cause semi-permanent localized inflammations due to the “showing up” of dead bacterial fragments to the immune system. Recovery will be incomplete and will take years, with improvement only measurable in months.

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I think it is horrible how we are treated with Lyme disease, I feel that change has to hurry up and get here, before more of us die.

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