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Homeopathic Treatment For Lyme Disease

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Thuja Homeopathic Treatment For Delusions As A Result Of Lyme Disease

The Cowden Support Program | A natural treatment for Lyme Disease

The homeopathic medicine Thuja is prepared by using the leaves and twigs of the thuja plant. Thuja tree belongs to the Cupressaceae family. Out of five, two species of Thuja trees are found in North America and the remaining three species are found growing in eastern regions of Asia. Thuja is a well-indicated remedy for delusions and has given good results in Lyme disease patients who have fixed ideas and delusions in later part of the disease. Delusions as if a strange person is by the side and delusions as if the body were fragile are present. There is dullness of mind with sadness. The person feels depressed, isolated and alone.

The Most Effective Under

So far in this series, weve covered:Important New Findings on Lyme Disease, Where Lyme Disease Really Comes From and How to Recognize its Symptoms, and Why Most Lyme Disease Tests Fail Patients .

Now its time to get into the good stuff:

How to free yourself from Lyme and Chronic Lyme disease with the most effective natural remedies.

If youre just joining us in this series, Id highly recommend checking out the previous posts listed above.

For those who have been following along, or if you already consider yourself pretty Lyme-savvy then lets get into it!

Subculture Studies To Evaluate The Activity Of Natural Product Extracts Against Stationary Phase B Burgdorferi

To confirm the activity of the natural product extracts in eradicating the stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells, we performed subculture studies as previously described . We further tested the top active natural product extracts to ascertain if they could eradicate stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells at 1 or 0.5% by subculture after the treatment . Treatment with 1% Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract caused no regrowth in the subculture study . However, the other natural product extracts including Polygonum cuspidatum, Artemisia annua, Juglans nigra, and Uncaria tomentosa could not eradicate B. burgdorferi stationary phase cells as many spirochetes were still visible after 21-day subculture . At 0.5%, all the natural product extracts treated samples grew back after 21-day subculture , however, only one of the three Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract treated samples grew back. This indicates that 0.5% Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract still has strong activity and could almost eradicate the stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells. By contrast, the clinically used antibiotics doxycycline and cefuroxime at clinically relevant concentration could not sterilize the B. burgdorferi stationary phase culture, since spirochetes were visible after 21-day subculture .

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Is There A Cure For Lyme Disease

Is there a cure for Lyme disease? This is a question that has gotten a lot of buzzes as it was previously believed that Lyme disease would go away after a few weeks of antibiotics. But more and more reports come from people who remain sick or even get worse after taking antibiotic treatment.

Is there a cure for calcium diseases? The good news is that Lyme disease is curable, especially if its diagnosed soon after symptoms start. However, many doctors treating Lyme disease also try natural methods such as diet, herbs, and supplements and see their effectiveness in the treatment of Lyme diseases.

Chronic Lyme disease can seem hopeless if there isnt a simple treatment that works for everyone. But that doesnt mean there isnt any treatment for you at all. On the contrary, there are many natural cures for Lyme disease. If you do your research you can find the one that suits your needs.

Best Course Of Treatment For Lyme Disease

For tick bites and Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease patients have found the best course of treatment for Lyme and its co-infections based on Homeopathic principles. In determining a course of treatment, it is important to consider that Lyme disease involves multiple complex infections. There are 22 reasons for having a negative Lyme diagnosis based upon bloodwork.

  • You were recently infected and tested before your body produced Lyme antibodies.
  • You took antibiotics before testing, which co-opted an antibody response.
  • You were already on long-term antibiotics for another illness.
  • Not enough free Lyme antibodies were detectable in your blood because they were all doing their job binding to the Lyme bacteria.
  • Lyme Spirochetes were protected and hiding inside a biofilm colony.
  • Spirochetes were burrowed deep inside your body
  • Only small blebs were in your body. No whole bacteria needed for the PCR based tests.
  • There are no free Spirochetes in the body fluid on the day of the test.
  • Genetic Heterogeneity There are at least 300 strains of Lyme, 100 in the U.S. You might be infected by a strain of Borrelia that the test doesnt recognize.
  • Antigen Variability Borrelia can change its outer surface protein to suit its environment so that the test will detect a non-Lyme specific antibody.
  • Spirochetes are in the dormancy phase with no cell walls, so there is nothing for the immune system to attack with antibodies.
  • Lymes surface antigens can change body temperature.
  • You have an immune deficiency.
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    Phase : Repair And Maintenance

    A follow-up BioEnergetic assessment, along with resolution of symptoms, and your own feeling of health will determine when the detox phase is complete.

    At this point, you may need some extra support, such as CoQ10 or glutathione, to repair any cell or methylation damage caused by the Lyme.

    But very often, patients are ready to jump into a healthy maintenance phase.

    Healthy maintenance regimes vary a bit for everyone, but essentially include keeping up with a healthy diet, exercise program, sleep schedule, good hydration, and stress management to keep your immune system strong and prevent future infections.

    In conclusion, while this three-phase approach makes up the foundation of my Lyme strategy, each persons expression and experience with Lyme is unique.

    Thus, I do tailor each detoxification program to suit the individual.

    If youre interested in learning more,

    And Ill be back next week with the final article in this series, which will focus on the mental and emotional health aspects of Chronic Lyme.

    Until then,

    Where Is Lyme Disease Found

    This illness is found worldwide and in regions all over the United States, including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska. While the CDCs data shows a larger prevalence of Lyme disease cases on the East Coast, in the upper Midwest and along the West coast, this data reflects only confirmed cases. Ticks prefer wooded areas, tall grasses, shrubs, bushes, and they can even invade residential and commercial lawns.

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    Remedy: Ledum Palustre 200c

    Ledum is the foremost remedy for any kind of animal bite.

    • Give the first dose of this remedy at the time you remove the tick.
    • Continue dosing with Ledum every 3 hours for the first day
    • Then, dose twice daily for a week
    • After the first week, dose twice weekly for a month
    • Then once per week for another month

    This is probably overkill, but worth the extra effort to be certain.

    If the tick was discovered in the last few days, Step 1 is likely all youll need.

    But if your dog has been diagnosed with Lyme disease that is older and more entrenched, follow Step 1 as above, then add Step 2 at any time after using Ledum.

    The Homeopathic Treatment Of Lyme Disease

    7 POWERFUL Natural Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease | Cure Lyme Disease Naturally

    This book is available from Amazon HERE or Emryss HERE.

    Lyme Disease is a difficult to treat multi-miasmatic illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the US, Canada and Europe. German physician and homeopath Peter Alex dissects the nature and compound sources of this ailment and offers clear principles, remedies and cases dealing with its treatment using homeopathy.

    The pros and cons of homeopathic prophylaxis are clearly presented, as are protocols for after-the-bite treatment.

    Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood of modern conditions. In conventional medical circles its treatment varies considerably, often with meager results. Homeopaths should understand this complex disease state and be prepared to treat it. This book is an excellent guide. It will truly help in understanding how homeopathy can effectively cure this condition. Richard Pitt, RSHom, CCH

    Softcover, 168 pages, English edition, Published March, 2007

    Cover image by Peter Alex

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    Chronic Lyme Disease: Causes And Transmission

    The causative agent of Lyme disease is bacteria. The main type of bacteria causing Lyme disease in the United States are Borrelia burgdoferi and Borrelia mayonii. In Europe and Asia, Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii are the causative bacteria. The primary vector for transmitting the bacteria to humans in Lyme disease is an infected black-legged or deer tick. Ticks which are frequently found on deer carry the bacterium in their stomach and transmit it to humans when they bite. People working in grassy and heavily wooded areas are more prone to get Lyme disease.Lyme disease is not contagious.

    Ticks crawl over your clothes or body for many hours before they get attached to your skin. Ticks are usually found in the scalp, groin or armpits, but they can attach to any part of your body. It takes at least 36 to 48 hours for an infected tick to pass bacteria to the body once it is attached to the skin. Most ticks cause infection in the nymphal stage since they are very small in this stage and feed for a longer duration of time before they are detected.

    What To Expect At Your Provider’s Office

    Lyme disease can be hard to diagnose because many of its symptoms look like those of other illnesses, and there is no definitive lab test for Lyme disease. About 20% of people with Lyme disease do not get a rash. Tell your doctor if you think you may have been bitten by a tick. Your doctor may order these tests:

    • ELISA test, which detects antibodies to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. This test may result in false positives.
    • Western blot test, which detects antibodies to proteins of the bacteria
    • Polymerase chain reaction , which detects bacteria in joint fluid and is used for people who may have Lyme arthritis.

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    How Do You Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

    You can treat Lyme disease naturally with custom-made Homeopathy medicines from Welling Homeopathy Clinics. You can also treat late-stage Lyme disease and Post-Lyme disease syndrome.

    Consult our specialists today for a detailed evaluation and to start your customised Homeopathy treatment of Lyme Disease.

    Phase : Detoxify Using Homeopathic Nosodes Specific Herbals And Nutrient Support

    A starting place for homeopathic remedies for Lyme disease.

    Once your bodys detox pathways are ready, we begin detox using a series of homeopathic nosode detoxifiers, specific herbal remedies, and nutrients.

    • The nosodes alert the body to the presence of the Lyme pathogens so they can be expelled.
    • The herbs break down their biofilm shields while strengthening your immune system.
    • And the nutrients help protect your organs and systems by binding to the toxins released during the detox process.

    Heres how this works:

    Nosodes are highly diluted noxious substances that illicit the bodys natural immune response.

    In the case of Lyme nosodes, were actually introducing an extremely diluted form of the different Lyme pathogens to alert the body to its presence. There is no actual material pathogen left in the dilution, but it contains the frequency or signal of the pathogens and it directs the immune system to target those frequencies

    Remember, Lyme is infamous for morphing and hiding behind biofilms to evade antibiotics, herbal remedies and even your bodys own immune system.

    So, the homeopathic nosodes essentially alert the body to its presence so your immune system can wake up and go after the specific pathogens and co-infections.

    A key reason homeopathy works so darn well for this, is the Lyme pathogens do not view it as a threat, and thus do not try new morphing tactics to further evade expulsion.

    Think of nosodes as a Trojan Horse in the evil Kingdom of Lyme.

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    Botanical And Natural Medicines

    A panel of natural product extracts: Polygonum cuspidatum, Cryptolepis sanguinolenta, Artemisia annua, Juglans nigra, Uncaria tomentosa, Scutellaria baicalensis, Stevia rebaudiana, Cistus incanus, Andrographis paniculata, Ashwagandha somnifera, Dipsacus fullonum rad, grapefruit seed extract, LL37, monolaurin, colloidal silver, and relevant solvent controls were identified. The botanical medicines or natural products were chosen based on anecdotal clinical usage and preclinical data from the literature. Primary criteria for selecting compounds for the present study included agents that had shown significant anti-borrelial effects in previous studies, have favorable safety profiles and can be absorbed systemically. Additional criteria for selecting compounds included anecdotal reports from patients and/or providers, anti-biofilm effects and ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

    Table 1. Botanical and natural medicine sources, validation, and testing.

    Doxycycline and cefuroxime were dissolved in suitable solvents to form 5 mg/ml stock solutions. The antibiotic stocks were filter-sterilized by 0.2 m filter and stored at 20°C.

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    Can Lyme Disease Be Treated With Homeopathy Medicine

    • Our custom-made Homeopathy medicines for Lyme Disease has helped 2800 patients since the start of the clinic,
    • The Homeopathy treatment for Lyme Disease has cured the late-stage Lyme Disease,
    • The treatment is non-steroidal, without the need for a hospital stay if started early. Just natural Homeopathy medicines custom-made for you for faster recovery,
    • Usually, we see a complete cure in 12-18 months, rarely requiring 24 months.
    • The fastest and the safest way to get cured of Lyme Disease symptoms permanently.

    Consult our specialists today for a detailed evaluation and to start your customised Homeopathy medicines for Lyme Disease.

    The disease can be debilitating if not diagnosed early on. The first sign of a Lyme disease infection is usually a bullseye-shaped skin rash. Early signs and symptoms may include fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. The rash occurs in approximately 75% of infected people. Approximately 20 to 30% of people develop joint pains or neurological problems.

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    Cases Of Chronic Lyme Disease Treated Successfully With Homeopathy

    A Case Of Diagnosed Lyme Disease by Tamara Der OHanian

    Lauren was recovering from Lyme disease for eleven years, prior to her decision to try homeopathy. Over the years, she had taken several rounds of antibiotics and many nutritional supplements. But, Laurens recovery had been extremely slow, with major health challenges in the first few years. She was extremely fatigued and needed to sleep several hours each day. Her constant heart pain and palpitations kept her awake at night. Her abilities to think and remember were greatly impaired. She also experienced excruciating burning pains in her abdomen and many joints.

    At the time that I met Lauren, she had made progress in her recovery, but she still needed daily naps and felt achy most of the time. Her memory was poor and foggy thinking was a daily reality. As a writer, her hand-eye coordination, something that was automatic, now required effort. Her joints were sore most of the time and she still suffered from weekly abdominal pains.

    Within six weeks of taking the homeopathic remedy Spigelia, Lauren reported big improvements. Her energy increased and she only needed to nap once or twice a week. Her thinking was clearer and her memory was slowly recovering. Her pains were less frequent and more tolerable.

    She had been amenorrheic for 3 years.

    Impression: stage 3 Lyme disease with multi-system involvement and treatment failure using antibiotics.

    Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

    Lyme Disease Treatment with Adjustments and Natural Supplements

    Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It is spread through the bite of infected ticks.

    Ticks are very small, and their biteswhich can occur anywhere on the bodyare usually painless, so you may not immediately be aware that you have been bitten. In most cases, the tick must be attached to the body for 24 hours before Lyme disease is transmitted.

    The signs and symptoms of Lyme disease usually start within three to 30 days after youve been bitten by an infected tick. Many people experience flu-like symptoms after being bitten, while more serious symptoms show up weeks after the bite. Early signs and symptoms of Lyme disease include:

    • Chills
    • Rash
    • Swollen lymph nodes

    If left untreated, symptoms can worsen to include Bells palsy , severe headaches, muscle, joint, and tendon pain, cardiac problems, and neurological disorders.

    Most cases of Lyme disease can be managed and treated with two to three weeks of antibiotics. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and how long after the bite you were diagnosed, you may need a longer course of antibiotics to clear up the infection. Many people turn to natural remedies to help treat Lyme disease.

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    Natural Cures For Lyme Disease

    An infectious bacterial infection, lyme disease is caused when a person is bit by an infected tick. Though lyme disease brings with it very serious consequences like heart palpitations and nervous disorders, it is difficult to diagnose and treat.That is why the first symptoms of lyme disease, like red spots, fever, fatigue and headache, as soon as they are detected, must be treated immediately.

    Acupuncture For Lyme Disease Ancient Chinese Natural Treatment For Lyme Disease

    Acupuncture is one of the natural cures for Lyme disease, and it offers another option for those who do not want to spend the rest of their lives on heavy and potentially addictive drugs.

    The philosophy of acupuncture for Lyme disease is simple. Your body naturally wants to protect itself from infections and pathogens. Therefore, when your body comes in contact with one of them, it distracts it into less critical areas of your body.

    This means that when you develop an illness, your body tries to move the illness away from your heart or lungs, causing it to settle in other parts of your body such as your joints and blood. It is one of the causes of chronic joint pain as a result of Lyme disease.

    If Lyme disease is not completely cleared from your body, it can remain dormant, leading to relapse and persistent pain. Acupuncture for Lyme disease is used to reduce the inflammation in your body that is causing pain and provide lasting relief.

    Acupuncture for Lyme disease causes your body to produce all of the good things it is supposed to produce under normal, healthy operating conditions that keep your body strong, healthy and functioning at its best. Things like natural anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, and your bodys immune cells. But not only does it get all of these good things into your bloodstream, but it also opens up the flow of blood to areas that arent working the way they should, so all of those good things get where they need to be.

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