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Can Lyme Disease Cause Tremors

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What Is Essential Tremor

Do you know the signs of Lyme disease?

This tremor, termed essential because it is not related to anunderlying disorder, most frequently affects the hands and neck itgenerally spares the muscles of the torso and lower limbs.Characteristically, essential tremor becomes more pronounced duringactivities such as writing or using a knife and fork, asdistinguished from tremors in Parkinson’s disease, which oftendiminish with movement. Essential tremor usually develops in middleage or later. Symptoms appear gradually. The most common of theso-called shaking disorders, essential tremor is not a serioushealth risk. It responds well to treatment and in fact seems to bean indicator of an unusually long life.

Know How To Remove A Tick

  • If possible, use pointy tweezers
  • Disinfect the tweezers with rubbing alcohol
  • Grab the tick close to the skin and use a slow, steady motion to pull the tick out
  • Disinfect the tweezers again
  • Keep an eye on the bite area
  • Lyme Symptoms: Days 1-30

    Treating an infection within the first 3 weeks is critical to reducing the risk of chronic Lyme disease, which can last for the rest of your life. If the following symptoms appear , seek medical assistance right away.

    Chronic Lyme Disease Vs Ptlds

    The terms chronic Lyme disease and Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome are sometimes used interchangeably. However, PTLDS is slightly more restrictive, referring to patients who have received treatment for Lyme disease but go on to experience Lyme disease symptoms. It does not include those who received a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis and have developed chronic symptoms of Lyme disease before receiving any kind of treatment.

    The CDC defines PTLDS as generalized and/or recurring pain, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties that last for more than 6 months after treatment. These mirror symptoms associated with chronic Lyme disease, with or without treatment.

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    Testing For Lyme Disease In Dogs

    What is Lyme Disease? 8 Facts You Need to Know

    Lyme disease spread by ticks can be diagnosed with a simple blood tests in your veterinarian’s clinic. The C6 test is very sensitive and specific at diagnosing cases of Lyme disease and depending on clinical signs and concurrent results, treatment may be started immediately. If treatment has been successful, reductions in the QC6 at six months should be lower than the starting point.

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    Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As Multiple Sclerosis

    The following articles compiled by LymeInfo provide information about Lyme disease being misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. The differential diagnosis can be tricky, as Lyme tests can be falsely negative. Disseminated Lyme disease is also very complicated to treat. Therefore, it is important for those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to be thoroughly evaluated by a physician skilled at diagnosing Lyme disease. After reviewing the below articles, please browse around the Lyme Info website to learn more about Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Be sure to visit our Lyme Disease Diagnosis & Treatmentpage. The list below is merely an introduction and does not cover all articles on this topic.

    Digestive Symptoms Related To Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

    Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, in conjunction with the inflammation caused by leaky gut, primes the immune system that surrounds the digestive tract. Mast cells are part of the immune system and tend to be located where the outside world interfaces with the inside of the body. The skin, lungs and gastrointestinal tract are examples of these locations.

    When mast cells are triggered by a variety of stimuli, they release histamine and other chemical mediators. In MCAS, mast cells are more prone to releasing their contents leading to a myriad of symptoms. The most common digestive symptoms experienced in MCAS are nausea and heartburn, but abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation also be present. MCAS also contributes to systemic symptoms and digestive dysfunction needs to be addressed if it is contributing to MCAS.

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    What Is The Significance Of Band 41 On The Igm And Igg Western Blot It Is Not Lyme Specific And The Cdc Requires More Bands To Be Present Before A Diagnosis However It Is A Band For Bacteria So What Else Could Cause That To Be Positive If Not Lyme

    The 41 kd band is often found on the Western blot. We did a study where we looked at the banding patterns of patients with chronic Lyme disease and healthy controls from the inner city of NY who have never had Lyme disease. We found that a large percentage of the healthy controls tested positive on the 41kd band. For that reason, we dont feel the 41kd band has much clinical signfiicance in guiding us as to whether a person has been exposed to the agent of Lyme disease. One reason a positive 41 kd band might emerge is that our mouths contain non-pathogenic spirochetes it is conceivable that some may seed the blood stream periodically and lead to the positive 41kd immune responses.

    Key Points For Healthcare Providers

    Ticks and Lyme disease
  • In patients with facial palsy who are unable to close one or both eyes, eye drops or an eye patch may be needed to prevent dry eyes.
  • Neurologic symptoms do not necessarily indicate central nervous system infection in a patient with Lyme disease.
  • Two-step serologic testing for Lyme disease is the recommended diagnostic test for neurologic Lyme disease.
  • Cerebral spinal fluid analysis is not necessary to diagnose Lyme meningitis, but can help exclude other causes of illness, such as bacterial meningitis.
  • Consider Lyme radiculoneuritis in patients who report severe limb or truncal radicular pain without preceding trauma who live in or who have traveled to Lyme-endemic areas.
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    Can Lyme Disease Be Sexually Transmitted

    First of all, if you have been treated for Lyme disease, even if your Western blot is positive, it is very unlikely that there are any spirochetes still circulating in your bodily fluids. Second, there is no good documentation that Lyme disease can be contracted by sexual contact. Given the number of cases of Lyme disease that have been diagnosed over the last 20 years and the fact that there are have been instances where people with active infection are having sexual intercourse but have not yet been treated, one would expect there to be many well documented cases of suspect partner to partner transmission this is not the case. Therefore, for all these reasons, it is highly unlikely that a person could acquire Lyme disease through unprotected intercourse or other sexual contact.

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    Health Problems That Mimic Lyme Disease

    Lyme disease can be a very serious infectious disease that is caused by the bite of a Lyme-carrying tick . While the problem is caused by such a small source, the symptoms that result can be huge, and sometimes can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

    What can complicate a diagnosis for Lyme is that it often doesnt show up during early blood tests, which can lead medical professionals in different directions. Here are 7 of the most common diseases that Lyme disease is often mistaken for due to similar symptoms

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    Is Multiple Sclerosis A Symptom Of Lyme Disease

    . and why is there no current ongoing aggressive human pathology being done in Canada specific to looking for Lyme in patients diagnosed with MS considering that Canada has some of the highest per capita rates of MS in the world?

    Lyme on the Brain Lecture Notes of Tom Grier

    MS and SpirochetesIn every Lyme disease support group in this country , there have always been at least one multiple sclerosis, MS, patient who turned out to have Lyme disease, and was recovering on antibiotics. But if this is true why is there is no documented connection between spirochetes and M.S.? As it turns out there are more than 50 such MS-spirochete references prior to World War II and going back to as far as 1911, and published in such prestigious journals as the Lancet.

    1911 Buzzard Spirochetes in MS Lancet

    1913 Bullock MS Agent in Rabbits Lancet

    1917 Steiner Spirochetes The Cause of MS Med Kiln

    1918 Simmering Spirochetes in MS by Darkfield Micro

    1918 Steiner G. Guinea Pig Inoculation with MS infectious agent from Human

    1919 Steiner MS Agent Inoculation into Monkeys

    1921 Gye F. MS Agent In Rabbits Brain 14:213

    1922 Kaberlah MS Agent In Rabbits Deutch Med Works

    1922 Sicard MS Spirochetes in Animal Model Rev Neurol

    1922 Stepanopoulo Spirochetes in the CSF of MS Patients

    1923 Shhlossman MS Agent in Animal Model Rev Neuro

    1924 Blacklock MS Agent in Animals J. of Path and Bac

    1927 Wilson The Rat as A Carrier of MS British Med Journal

    1927 Steiner G Understanding the Pathogenesis of MS

    Lyme Disease And Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Lyme Disease Support

    Small intestine inflammation more commonly known as leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the spaces between the cells that line the small intestine become enlarged. This allows bacteria and food particles to enter the bloodstream triggering the immune system to respond by releasing inflammatory cytokines. The outer layer of bacteria that enters the bloodstream contains fat and a carbohydrate called lipopolysaccharide that causes the immune system to react. Food allergies, alcoholism, stress, infections , toxicants, certain medications, and mast cell activation syndrome are some of the causes of increased intestinal permeability. Paradoxically, leaky gut syndrome also leads to an increase in food allergies since food proteins pass through the inflamed small intestine into the bloodstream creating an antibody response.

    Leaky gut syndrome can lead to systemic inflammation which contributes to fatigue, headaches, joint pain, ADHD, and brain fog. Research has demonstrated leaky gut syndrome can contribute to autoimmune conditions. Since many of the symptoms related to Lyme disease are caused by inflammation, successfully treating leaky gut syndrome is crucial to reducing the systemic inflammatory burden.

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    Early Detection Is Key

    Lyme disease is easiest to treat at the early or acute stage, within the first 30 days of exposure. This is why its so important to take precautions to prevent tick bites, both during and outside of tick season. Protect yourself when near potential tick habitats, always perform tick checks after outdoor activity , and dont delay seeking medical attention if you notice any symptoms that might be related to tick-borne illness. Its important to get tested as soon as possible for the best chances of recovery.

    When Lyme Disease Enters The Picture

    Like many other Lyme experts and patients, Dr. Bill Rawls, Medical Director of Vital Plan, believes many more than one in 10 people with Lyme disease may have some degree of heart issues. The symptomatology can vary from person to person, and exist on a spectrum of mild to severe.

    The likely bacterial and viral culprits causing cardiovascular symptoms include Borrelia , Bartonella, Mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus , and probably many others. These stealth microbes enter the body and spread throughout the tissues by various mechanisms. They have one goal: Survival, notes Dr. Rawls. And they migrate or set up camp anywhere they can in the body, including the heart.

    Theres a growing body of evidence showing that we have microbes throughout our body and brain, including on heart valves, says Dr. Rawls. Often, I think these microbes are present without causing harm. They stay dormant in tissues until a disruption in the immune system occurs and depresses it, allowing the microbes to flourish.

    When stealth pathogens thrive, they can alter the electrical signaling to the heart, affecting the heartbeat or causing irritation to the heart itself.

    Additionally, an abnormal heart rate isnt the only way microbes can affect the heart. As the pathogens disseminate throughout the organ and further irritate the heart muscle, the heart can become oxygen-deprived, leading to angina , heart attack, shortness of breath, and more.

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    Stopping Lyme Disease Tremors From Wandering Around Your Body


    For people who want to reduce tremors caused by Lyme disease By Greg Lee

    People in hang gliders use wind drafts around steep cliffs to sail through the air. These winds are powerful enough to easily lift a hang glider pilot and hundreds of pounds of equipment. Sudden gusts of wind can make flying difficult or dangerous. How are unexpected gusts of wind just like tremors that are caused by Lyme disease?

    Recurring Lyme disease symptoms leave people feeling like they are flying off a cliff without a hang gliderSymptoms like tremors, dizziness, and numbness are common in people with Lyme disease. Just like the wind, these symptoms can suddenly appear, disappear, re-appear, and move around the body. This is why the term Wind is used in Chinese medicine to describe these kinds of recurring or migrating symptoms. Wind can produce a wide variety of symptoms1 like:

    pulsating headaches ringing in the ears or tinnitus runny nose and itchy eyes colds

    Not only does wind affect the body, it also affects the mind and emotions.

    Wind can disrupt your mental clarity and emotionsToo much Wind in the mind can cause mental uncertainty, unclear thinking, and difficulty in making decisions. Wind also can create emotional irritability, nervousness, and turmoil. It can also lead to manic-depression, an unstable personality, and the inability to keep commitments.

    How is Wind able to enter and disrupt your body, mind and emotions?


    barley grass juice

    Bacteria Are The Cause Of Alzheimers As Well

    What Causes Tremors with Bartonella Lyme Disease & Coinfections

    So much more could be written about this subject. Such as the fact that spinal cord lesions together with a lesion in the cerebellum or brainstem is very rare in neurological diseases and almost exclusively occurs in only MS and Lyme disease. There is a lot of hard evidence that Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, CFS, Lupus, Crohns ME, Picks disease , Alzheimers disease and ALS are also caused by spirochetal bacteria. 14 out of 16 deceased Alzheimers patients had living Treponema spirochetes in their brain. Please people it is not normal to have bacteria in your brain! The only result can be brain damage of a type and pace commensurate with the type of bacterium and the state of your immune system and personal genetics. Countless millions of people dying the most horrific slow deaths due to infections that are near-impossible to detect with currently employed diagnostic methods, but certainly treatable in the sense that further deterioration can usually be stopped and often even reversed in clinical trials and anecdotal evidence:

    Isnt it strange that the geographic mortality rate for MS is nearly identical to that of Lyme diease? With near-identical hotspots for both diseases, even in areas with a low population density :

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    The Cdc Reveals The Truth About Lyme Disease

    Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick. Lyme and its numerous co-infections can mimic or cause virtually any medical, neurological, or psychiatric condition. It is called the great imitator and has been vastly underdiagnosed in the U.S. due to inadequate testing methods and general lack of acknowledgment by the medical community. A nasty relative of the STD syphilis, Lyme causes a multitude of medical, neurological, and psychiatric impairment issues, yet is much harder to cure.

    Lyme Disease And Alzheimers Disease By Location

    Two groups of researchers wondered if there were any links between deaths from Alzheimers disease and LD. If there was a link between AD and LD, then states that have the highest numbers of cases of LD should also have the highest numbers of AD deaths.2,3 The information was easy to find. States keep records of the number of cases of LD that are diagnosed each year. States also keep records of the cause of death on a persons death certificate. The researchers looked at states where the cases of LD were the highest and states where the cases of LD are the lowest. They looked at the number of deaths caused by AD in those same states.3 They found that there was no link between the deaths because of AD and the number of cases of LD. In fact, the number of deaths from AD was actually higher in many states with the lowest number of cases of LD.2,3

    No research is perfect. The researchers know that their information doesnt take into consideration people who have LD that may have moved to different states after they are diagnosed. It also cant account for how different states record the cause of death on a certificate.2 Both of these factors have the potential to change some of the results. Even with these problems, these studies do show that there is very little link between Lyme and deaths due to AD.2,3

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    To Your Good Health: Can Lyme Disease Lead To Parkinson’s

    DEAR DR. ROACH: Can Lyme disease send a person into Parkinsons disease? I tested positive for Lyme I had the bulls-eye rash, fever and terrible headaches. After a month on doxycycline, my left arm started shaking and my neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinsons. The doctor said it had nothing to do with the Lyme disease. What is your opinion? S.M.

    ANSWER: I can absolutely understand why you might suspect that the neurologist could be wrong. The coincidence seems too much to believe. However, I think your neurologist is probably correct. The different types of neurological complications of Lyme disease are many and varied.

    The most common are any combination of meningitis symptoms disorders of the cranial nerves and damage to peripheral nerves, causing pain and weakness or numbness, often resembling sciatica .

    A detailed neurological exam by a neurologist would look for signs of Parkinsons disease not just the tremor you describe, but also muscle rigidity and changes in gait. These would be very unusual in Lyme disease. I did find cases resembling some aspects of Parkinsons disease, but they improved with treatment.

    ANSWER: It is NOT old age.

    Its a problem with his nervous system, but I cant tell you what exactly without a more comprehensive evaluation. There are several likely possibilities, including carpal tunnel syndrome, but many others as well. He should have an evaluation. A neurologist would be an excellent place to start.

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