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Laser Treatment For Lyme Disease

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Effectiveness Of Cold Laser Therapy

NBC4: Using Laser Light Therapy to Treat Lyme Disease

Physicians have been using cold laser therapy for pain relief since 1967. While thousands of studies have been published world-wide, many of these studies were done using small test groups. Further studies with a larger number of participants are necessary for this treatment to become widely accepted. Particularly, a uniform standard regarding dosing and number of treatments has not yet been conclusively proven.

In 2014, dentists at Harvard proved that low-level lasers could be used to regenerate stem cells to re-grow dentin, the hard, bone-like tissue that makes up teeth. This study, according to the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences lays the foundation for a host of clinical applications in restorative dentistry and regenerative medicine more broadly, such as wound healing, bone regeneration, and more.

Cold Laser Therapy is very effective at:

  • providing pain relief to help reduce medication
  • improving blood circulation
  • increasing tissue regeneration to promote healing

Cold laser therapy is now more widely studied and this will continue to broaden the applications for this treatment. As one of the services offered by Wellness Balance, we successfully manage the symptoms of Lyme disease, and ease the side effects of chemotherapy with cold laser. Please feel free to let us know if you have questions or would like to try this treatment.

Get Started With A Program That Goes Beyond Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

If youre interested in the possibilities our unique protocol offers, dont wait to begin the assessment process. Lyme Laser Centers is currently expanding, and we may not offer our unique assessment completely free in the future. Take a step in a new direction and discover a variety of options. For more information about the assessment, our experiences, and how our protocol might differ from your current treatment for chronic Lyme disease, call our North Andover office at 725-5963.

Iv Laser Therapyfor Lyme Disease

Due to these numerous beneficial effects, IV Laser Therapy should be considered in Lyme Disease as many patients do not respond to or tolerate long-term antibiotics. If a patient is responding to antibiotics, the goal of IV Laser Therapy is to enhance the effect of antibiotics to shorten treatment and minimize side effects. Blue laser has been studied in Germany to be the most effective single wavelength for Lyme disease due to its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. However, the use of all wavelengths is suggested to give the most comprehensive results.

To enhance the anti-microbial effect of IV Laser Therapy, natural photosensitizers can also be used. This combination of photosensitizers with laser therapy to kill pathogenic organisms is called aPDT and can potentially work against bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi/yeast. Therefore, aPDT can be effective against co-infections that often occur with Lyme disease.

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Why Is It Important To Have All Ticks Tested For Potential Infections

The deer tick is not the only infectious tick! Wood ticks, dog ticks, and soft ticks can also carry infections, such as Rickettsia, Tularemia, Erlichia and Anaplasma, Q Fever, Babesia and Bartonella.

Once the tick is removed, place it in a zip lock plastic bag with a damp paper towel or moist leaf to keep it hydrated. As soon as possible, send the tick to be analyzed for possible infections.

For Depression And Anxiety

Lyme Disease Treatment at Infusio, Frankfurt: Day 2  ...

Both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy have proven benefits for improving mood. Psychotherapy has many different types such as supportive, dynamic, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior therapy, transference focused psychotherapy each of which offers benefit. Pharmacotherapy also has many different types. For depression the first-line options usually are SSRIs, SNRIs, Tricyclics or other agents with more unique modes of action.

A few noteworthy tips on anti-depressant agents:

  • Most anti-depressant agents also help in reducing anxiety. However the opposite isn’t necessarily true. Specific anti-anxiety agents such as clonazepam or diazepam may not necessarily help fight depression.
  • Most anti-depressants take three to eight weeks before an effect is seen. Therefore, it is unwise to stop an anti-depressant after only three or four weeks, as staying on it another two to three weeks may lead to a good response.
  • Dosage makes a difference. Some anti-depressants work fine at low doses some medications however are effective only at higher doses. Some medications are more effective as the dose is i increased. Other antidepressants may have a therapeutic range one has to achieve at least a certain dosage .

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A Tick Bite What Should I Do Now

Ticks have been described as natures dirty needles. A tick will feed on lizards, birds, deer, foxes, moose, bears, all rodents, and pets! They carry multiple infections, not just Lyme disease. Be prudent and prevent possible infections as soon as you find a tick bite by following these recommendations.

Systemic Whole Body Hyperthermia

In reality, the ancient world already knew the healing power of an elevated body temperature achieved by fever. So this is the effect we use here.But Borrelia burgdorferi is very thermolabil. The low tolerance of spirochetes for high temperatures well known and explains the absence of B.b. in the tropics. Where infected ticks exposed to high temperatures detrimental to spirochete survival. Thus, the borrelia completely destroyed at 41,6 °C In vitro cultivation of B. burgdorferi demonstrates that the spirochete replicates most quickly at 37°C .

If the temperature increased to 39°C the growth of B.b. significantly impeded. At 41°C all spirochetes in the culture killed after 24h. Whereas at 41,6°C all spirochetes killed after 2h.

In our Whole Body Hyperthermia Unit , the temperature rise is achieved slowly in the entire system, including the brain. We raise the temperature to 41,6 41,8 degrees C . And then maintain it for two to three hours. This treatment takes place under analgosedation, with no general anesthesia used. The patients monitored as in Intensive Care. One Intensive Care nurse for each unit and one physician for 5 units. With some 15.000 treatments carried out during the past 20 years, we never had any major complications.

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Treatment For Lyme Disease

Here at Poseidonia Healthcare, we offer a full range of treatments for Lyme disease, here are a few benefits of the more popular treatments:

Stem Cell Therapy

The injection of Pluripotent Stem Cells has the immediate effect of strengthening the immune system. The first benefit from Stem Cell Treatment is the increased capacity of the body to defend itself from the pathogen invasion.

The second level of benefit is usually observed after a minimum of 3 injections when the different organs that have been damaged by the disease start to show signs of repair. PSC is especially efficient at reversing brain neurological problems. Patients on anti-depressants were able to cease taking them when entering the 4th week after the treatment. Some showed improvements a little later but most patients show a remarkable improvement in all neurological related symptoms.A major improvement is also observed in the joint inflammation within 4 weeks of the treatment.

Many Lyme patients, unfortunately, will suffer for a long time before they receive a correct diagnosis. Many times they are misdiagnosed and prescribed incorrect medications and very often are medically mistreated. Even when a correct diagnosis is reached, few are fortunate enough to find an effective treatment for this debilitating disease along with all of the coinfections and other symptoms.


One of the pros of this multi-therapeutic approach is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy .

Ozone Therapy

What Are Lyme Disease Co

NovoTHOR – Lyme Disease – Laser Therapy Sydney

Ticks can carry and transmit more than just Borrelia, the primary pathogen responsible for a Lyme Disease infection. You can get infected with multiple species of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi with a single tick bite. Alternatively, you may have contracted them earlier and carried them unaware, only to have them take advantage of your weakened immune system during a Lyme infection. These coexisting foreign invaders are called co-infections.

The most common co-infections in the United States are borreliosis, babesiosis, Bartonella, anaplasmosis, tick-borne relapsing fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, powassan virus, and tularemia. You may also test positive for mycoplasma, chlamydia, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus , human herpes viruses, herpes simplex viruses, and herpes zoster virus, and many others. Depending on your symptoms and health exams, your Brio-care medical team may order tests to confirm any of these when defining your custom treatment protocol.

What is Babesia?

What Is Bartonella?

Bartonella is a bacteria that invades red blood cells and blood vessel lining. Inside these cells, it evades the immune system response, leading to persistent infection.

Bartonellosis is one of Lymes most serious coinfections, producing symptoms that include headache, fatigue, swollen glands, and a streaked rash in the early stages.

Neurological symptoms are common, including encephalopathy, a form of brain damage or disease that may lead to seizures.

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How Do I Remove A Tick If Ive Been Bitten

Ideally, wear a pair of gloves during the removal. Using a pair of tweezers, grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible. Pull firmly but gently to release the ticks mouth from the site of the bite. Its very important to not squeeze the tick or twist it when you remove it. Simply pull straight up and out.

Squeezing the ticks body may cause the infection to be squeezed into the person being bitten. For this reason, do not use your fingers to pull the tick out. If the ticks mouth parts remain attached to the skin, you may remove them as you would a splinter. Wash the area with a disinfectant. We suggest you apply rubbing alcohol, betadyne or an antibiotic cream to the bite after cleaned.

Signs Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans from the bite of an infected blacklegged tick also known as the deer tick. If left untreated, the infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Nonetheless, prompt treatment can help you recover quickly.

Lyme disease cases have traditionally been more prevalent in the Northeast, but have now been found in all 50 states. Youre more at risk to contract Lyme disease if you live or spend time in heavily wooded or grassy areas where ticks carrying Lyme disease can thrive.

Early signs of Lyme disease may include flu-like symptoms such as headache, fever and chills. Typically, but not always, the disease is marked by a red bulls-eye rash. Later symptoms may include pain, weakness, numbness in the arms and legs, changes in vision, heart palpitations and chest pain, a rash, and facial paralysis .

The key to preventing Lyme disease is to avoid being bitten by ticks. Follow these suggestions:

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants with high socks when in the woods or doing gardening or raking leaves
  • Wear a tick repellent that has DEET, lemon oil, or eucalyptus on your skin and clothing
  • When coming in from outside, check thoroughly for ticks and do the same with pets
  • Shower within 2 hours after coming inside, if possible.

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Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

Lyme symptoms are characterized by three progressive stages of the disease: early localized, early disseminated and late disseminated . Symptoms generally include rash, swelling, headache, fever, and fatigue, but Lyme is called The Great Imitator because its symptoms are virtually indistinguishable from over 350 other conditions. Without confirmation of a tick bite or the presence of a skin rash, Lyme Disease is commonly misdiagnosed, delaying critical treatment.

What is Early Localized Lyme Disease?

Early localized or acute Lyme disease is the first stage with symptoms usually beginning a few hours to a few weeks after the tick bite. Its possible for you to not notice symptoms during stage one, remaining unaware of the infection until more serious symptoms arise during later stages.

One of the first signs of infection during stage one is the bullseye-shaped rash erythema migrans , but reports indicate it only appears in approximately 30-70% of people. The rash may be a solid red rash or a ring and is caused by the spirochete bacteria spreading away from the bite location through the skin. It measures anywhere from two to 12 inches across. Flu-like symptoms are also typical and include:

  • Fever


What Peripheral Nerve Tests Are Used to Diagnose Lyme Disease?

From 6 Years Of Lyme Disease To Total Recovery W/swl

IV Therapy

Shining Light on Lyme Disease – Cheri’s True Life Story

In order to be of greater value to people who are currently suffering from the debilitating effects of Lyme disease, I am interviewing Scalar Wave Laser Lovers who have experienced positive results from using various protocols with their Scalar Wave Laser and Pulsar Probes.

For an overall understanding of Lyme disease, see

*Following is an INTERVIEW with:

Cheri C.

When did you start feeling sick?During the Thanksgiving holidays in 2005.

Do you remember being bitten by a tick prior to feeling ill? If so, when?

Yes, in late November of 2005 .

In what city, state or country were you at the time you were bitten?Winslow, Arkansas at my husbands parents ranch.

What were your initial symptoms?

Initially, I noticed a rash between my legs and I remember being extremely exhausted. Soon after that, my nervous system started going haywire.

Were you medically diagnosed with Lyme disease?

Because I was in total denial , I avoided getting tested until 12 months after I was bitten by the tick. Although I tested POSITIVE for Lyme antibodies, my doctor said the disease was not in an active state at that time. Although I wanted to believe I was completely free of this insidious disease, my symptoms continued to worsen for the next 6 years.

What did you experience after the initial symptoms?

It was impossible to accomplish much of anything because I had so little strengthand endurance.

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How Cold Lasers Work

Cold lasers are flashlight-size devices that clinicians focus on the injured area for 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the treatment area and the dose provided by the cold laser unit.

Since the body responds to all illness or injuries with inflammation, cold lasers can help mitigate that inflammation. While the laser is focused on the body, photons of light are emitted and pass through the skins layers. The light does not heat up the targeted area, rather, it penetrates 1 to 2 inches below the skin. When the light energy reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light-sensitive elements in the cell. Think of photosynthesis in plantssunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted into usable energy, causing the plant to grow. Human cells absorb this light energy, and it causes the cell to normalize damaged tissue, or it causes a reduction in pain, inflammation or swelling. This process is also thought to decrease healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism, increase circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage.

Cold laser therapy is often used to help:

  • Arthritis pain

What Is A Biofilm And How Does It Protect The Lyme Spirochete

A biofilm is a complex polysaccharide film used as a shield by the Lyme bacteria known as B. burgdorferi. This film is made up of simple sugars, known as monosaccharides , to form the much larger molecule. B. burgdorferi has the ability to excrete this film as a protective mechanism. When threatened by any form of antimicrobials such as antibiotics, herbs, plants, or other natural or chemical substances that can potentially harm them, they surround themselves with this biofilm, protecting themselves from those threats. Since these substances are unable to penetrate or deteriorate the biofilmquickly enough in their existing form, the bacteria remain protected. The Lyme spirochete can remain protected within that biofilm for extended periods of timeuntil the threat is no longer present. One of the largest challenges with respect to biofilm formations is the timeline in which the development occurs. By day 21, the formation of the biofilm is recognized to be in its final stage of development, where the matrix exhibited higher rigidity, with hills, valleys, and cracks observed in the structures.

An article going further into depth on the information above, coming soon.

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Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

Treatment for chronic Lyme disease traditionally consists of rounds of strong antibiotics and pain management therapies. At Lyme Laser Centers, we take a different approach with our wellness protocol. Here, we do not prescribe antibiotics or any other treatments that will reduce your bodys ability to fight off infection. Our founder, Dr. Douglas Wine, found an alternative protocol. As a Lyme disease sufferer of nearly 30 years, he understands the pain, suffering, and emotional difficulties the condition creates. Learn more about our results on our patient stories page.

When Used Correctly Lllt Is Very Safe

Alternative treatments for Lyme disease symptoms brings new hope to those suffering

The safety glasses must be used by the operator and patient to avoid accidental pointing of the laser in the eye. Low-Level Laser Therapy has been proven completely safe and effective for many conditions including Chronic Lyme Borreliosis. Keep in mind that Lyme disease is not an ordinary disease, nor should it be treated like one with medication or other alternative approaches alone.


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If Youve Looked For Lyme Disease Treatment Contact Us

Chronic Lyme disease treatment begins with recognition of the disease. Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed, and some physicians will not listen to patients who want to undergo further testing for Lyme disease-like symptoms. Unfortunately, failure to treat Lyme disease may result in harmful and irreversible symptoms, particularly those that arise from the nine cofactors.

Everyone who works at Lyme Laser has suffered from Lyme disease. Theyve all undergone the 12-week protocol and successfully rebuilt their lives afterward. We provide first-hand testimonies of the protocols effectiveness, and we can also refer you to other patients who have experienced similar results. We never use antibiotics. Our goal is to empower you and your body to overcome Lyme disease.

Our Lyme Laser Protocol can include twice weekly laser therapy, oxygen therapy, ionic detox sessions, and nutrition and supplement counselling. When you choose to come to our center for support, we provide everything you need to get started, including a 200 page binder filled with helpful information and actionable tips you can use to maintain your health. Learn more about our offerings.

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