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Lyme Literate Doctors In Colorado

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Laboratory Testing For Tick

Lyme-Literate doctor Raphael Stricker speaks at Board Meeting

Patients and providers alike yearn for better lab tests, both for the initial diagnosis and to monitor the response to therapy. Reliable objective evidence is also the answer to insurance denials. But its hard to come by. There is no perfect lab test for any of the most clinically-significant pathogens. Its hard to understand the limitations of any testing methodology without understanding the meaning of two terms used to describe how accurate a test is. Sensitivity is the probability that a given test will come back positive in someone who has a given disease a true positive. A Lyme disease test with 80% sensitivity will come back positive 80 times if run on 100 people who all have Lyme disease. Specificity is the probability that a test will come back negative if run on someone who does not have the disease. If the same test had 90% specificity and was run on 100 patients, none of whom had the disease, 10 of these patients would be assigned a false-positive result. In an ideal world every test would be 100% sensitive and 100% specific. In reality, almost none of them are. As a general rule, if you try to raise the bar on a test in order to make it more specific, you simultaneously make it less sensitive.

  • Negative for both

  • Positive for 39kDa only

  • Positive for both 41kDa and 39kDa

  • Disincentives To Accessing Care Outside The Conventional Canadian Health

    In addition to the emotional toll of leaving the CCHS, logistical and financial barriers were highlighted. Finding reliable and trusted information on Lyme disease was the first barrier It should be noted, however, that a few individuals found it easy to access treatment information via the Internet and social media.

    Accessing care from American physicians resulted in difficulties for many. The financial burden of travel costs, as well as the direct cost of consultations and medications in the United States, was the most common barrier discussed. Geographic barriers also meant time away from work, the physical toll of travel, time away from family, and often the need for assistance when too ill or mobility impaired to travel alone. Finally, obtaining the medication in Canada that had been prescribed in the United States was problematic for some.

    When asked how care for Lyme disease could be improved within Canada, there was a clear consensus. Respondents wanted an effective treatment protocol along with supplements and lifestyle change recommendations an effective diagnostic test, as well as clinical diagnoses based on symptoms more knowledgeable physicians prescribing rights for naturopaths across the country financial coverage for alternative treatments by the Canadian health-care system and increased respect toward patients with Lyme disease, through the acknowledgment of the existence of the disease and the suffering of patients.

    Call Ahead And Ask Questions

    Even if you find a doctor who specializes in treating tick-borne diseases, you will want to ask some questions before making an appointment and committing your time and money. A few basic questions to consider asking upfront include the following:

    • What is your experience in treating patients with tick-borne diseases?
    • How do you diagnose diseases? Do you use any specific labs or lab tests to confirm diagnosis?
    • Do you test for coinfections?
    • Do you use traditional antibiotics and/or herbals?
    • Do you have any patient success stories you can share?
    • Do you strictly adhere to CDC test interpretation criteria or are you open to alternative criteria?

    If youd like to find a LLMD and want to know more about how to vet them, read the Tick Talk blog, What Makes a Doctor Lyme Literate?

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    What Makes Yale Medicines Approach To Lyme Disease Unique

    The discovery of Lyme disease is actually credited to two Yale physiciansAllan Steere, MD, and Stephen Malawista, MDwho identified the mysterious inflammatory disease after a rash of illnesses cropped up during the summer of 1975. That year, two mothers living in Old Lyme, Conn., refused to accept the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis among the children living in their town.

    The mothers reached out to the Connecticut State Department of Health and the Yale School of Medicine for help, starting an epidemiological study that would ultimately uncover the bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. Today, doctors in Yale Medicines neurology department provide care for patients who have infections that affect the nervous system.

    Thanks to a powerful partnership with research programs at Yale Medicine, patients benefit from the most recent advantages in treatment.

    My Lyme Disease Treatment ~ Dr Myriah Hinchey’s Story

    Find a Lyme Literate Doctor

    My personal struggle with Lyme Disease and how it led to the creation of Lymecore Botanicals.

    Dr. Hinchey, Medical Director of Tao Vitality, is also the owner and a co-founder of Lymecore Botanicals.

    From their very first product, Foundation Formula , their products follow Stephen Buhners core wild crafted herbal protocols.

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    What Is A Lyme Literate Doctor

    Dr. Abigail Dumes addresses the question: What is a Lyme literate doctor? in a recent issue of Medical Anthropology. She explains the disagreement in medicine between doctors over the symptoms of “chronic Lyme disease.” One group described as “mainstream doctors” consider the symptoms to be due to a medically unexplained illness. While the other faction, known as “Lyme literate doctors” considers the symptoms to be sufficient evidence for a medical explanation.

    In the Infectious Diseases Society of America guidelines, Wormser and colleagues initially dismissed Lyme disease symptoms as nothing more than the aches and pains of daily living. A Lyme literate doctor would disagree.

    That conclusion, however, has been undermined by findings from clinical trials, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health , which report patients with Lyme disease suffer from severe symptoms, poor quality of life, and a loss of function.

    Additionally, other studies indicate patients diagnosed with Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome exhibit ongoing pain, impaired cognitive function, severe fatigue, and poor function.

    Although they may not agree on the cause, both groups of doctors are beginning to recognize that these patients, whatever they are labeled, continue to suffer from chronic illnesses.

    Lyme literate doctors have reached the same conclusion. For purposes of transparency, I have been viewed as a Lyme literate doctor.


    Lyme Disease And Other Tick

    Thank you for your interest in the services provided by the Sound Clinic. We hope this document offers some answers to frequently asked questions. We also hope that it provides some insight into our philosophy as a clinic, as the philosophical alignment between patients and providers is an important part of an effective relationship. We also need it to function as a kind of informed consent. Thats why we are asking you to sign off on receiving it and why we have assigned a version number, which should match that on the signature page. With your help, we hope to improve future versions. Please take the time to read it carefully, more than once if necessary. Please dont hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions.

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    How To Approach Your Non

    For various reasons, you may choose to consult with a doctor who doesnt specialize in Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases.

    If so, be sure to be as proactive as possible in providing information that could help in diagnosing your disease, and always feel free to share resources that you find in your own research to prompt discussions about any aspect of your diagnosis or treatment, including more advanced testing options.

    If your doctor does not believe Lyme disease exists, reach out to another doctor for a second opinion.

    Want To Find A Blood Draw Site? Use Our Tool Here.

    General Information About Antibiotic Therapy

    Dr Nicola McFadzean: Treatment for Chronic Lyme and Co Infections UNCUT (Sneak Peak with Bec Mills)

    Concerns about the use of antibiotics are on the rise. Some of these concerns are more legitimate than others. Its important to understand the potential downside to any intervention, hence the discussion below. But its also important to understand the consequences of not using any particular tool. Treatment options for Lyme abound, so its understandable that some patients want to avoid antibiotics entirely. This is appropriate for some patients but not necessarily the ones who take that stance. Theyre not the be-all end-all but theyre a very valuable tool and the associated risks can be managed. We respect the autonomy of our patients and also hope that they will keep an open mind to all the available options. Supplements and/or botanical antimicrobials are easy to underestimate but overall they tend to be somewhat less powerful but also less likely to trigger adverse reactions. For the vast majority of patients, a balanced combination of both is clearly superior to one or the other.

    Mild hair loss is a complaint we hear from time to time. It usually comes from women but its possible theyre just more likely to notice it than men. Its reasonable to check a thyroid panel but this rarely yields fruit. We suspect the phenomenon is biotoxin-driven. It tends to self-stabilize within a few weeks. Like a milder version of the hair loss this is typical in chemotherapy, the hair tends to grow back later.

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    Successfully Treating Lyme For Over 10 Years As A Lyme Disease Specialist In The Northeastern United States

    Dr. Hincheys emersion into this complex epidemic has been a specialization that developed years ago starting with treating a young girl in medical school herbally for Lyme Disease to her own personal struggle with chronic Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella, which eventually led to the co-founding of Lymecore Botanicals, a company that specializes in natural Lyme Disease Protocal Support products, with Dr. Frank Aieta.

    Being the head of research and development at Lymecore Botanicals , Dr. Hinchey actively procures herbs from organic farms that sustainably grow wild crafted herbs in the US whenever possible and 100% of the tinctures are manufactured in Connecticut.

    Her unique knowledge of the herbs qualities and attributes allows her to custom formulate tinctures to achieve granular control over herbal combinations and their medicinal properties. Dr. Hincheys A.S.A.B. tincture formula is the latest of Lymecores custom herbal tinctures

    Dr. Hincheys private practice at Tao Vitality treats patients for chronic Lyme Disease primarily in the Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine areas but with the availability of telemedicine, patients as far as California.

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    How Long Will It Take The Utah Government To Tell The Truth And Help Those Who Are Suffering

    Lyme Justice exists to ignite systematic change in the law in order to improve the lives of individuals suffering from Lyme disease, tick-borne diseases, and their co-infections. Together we will use our voice to support, advocate, and fight for patients rights to appropriate insurance coverage and treatment. We will relentlessly educate, inspire, and unite the Lyme community to change local and national legislation.

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    How Is Lyme Disease Diagnosed

    A challenging diagnosis

    Sometimes diagnosing Lyme disease can be hard. The symptoms may seem like other health problems. It may also not be known if the person was exposed to ticks.

    Diagnosis is usually based on symptoms, particularly the typical rash of Lyme disease, along with a history of a known or possible tick bite.

    Lab testing

    Lab tests can also be used to confirm or rule out a Lyme disease diagnosis. The test usually involves testing a blood sample for antibodies that your body makes in response to the Lyme bacteria.

    However, antibodies often take several weeks to develop, so it is recommended to have lab tests performed a few weeks after infection. These lab tests may include:

    • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests. A sample of your blood is collected to detect antibodies of tick borne burgdorferi infection. However, this test can give false-positive readings. It is usually not the sole means for diagnosing Lyme disease.
    • Western blot test. Following a positive ELISA test, a Western blot test may be performed to confirm your diagnosis. This blood test detects antibodies to several proteins from the bacteria that causes Lyme disease
    • Cerebrospinal fluid tests. If you have nervous system symptoms or joint swelling, your provider may test your cerebrospinal fluid for Lyme antibodies or the bacteria.

    Lyme Disease In Colorado

    Lyme Disease &  Lyme Literate Doctors

    So, I went to the Colorado Center for Disease Control website and was informed that there was no Lyme’s disease in Colorado. Given this information from a source I trusted, I passed off the rash as an allergic reaction and tried to put it out of my mind. But, I was aware that I had less vitality, that my aches and pains seemed to be growing every day, first the small joints, then the large,cognitive issues, I suddenly had problems making a dollar out of coins–it was getting bad. I stayed active–aware that I didn’t want to become depressed. Finally, I told myself, yes, I’m 49–but no one can expect to deteriorate quite that suddenly! I went to my doctor, told him about the tick bite and the rash. He ran a Lyme’s test on me–it came back positive. My doctor claimed it was a false positive..there is no Lyme’s disease in Colorado. Strand 23 of the Western Blot test came back reactive. That clinched it. My doctor–and he is a good doctor–is simply not trained to read the test…because there is no Lyme’s disease in Colorado.

    I am now three months into Lyme’s disease. The chances of regaining energy and a pain free life dwindled with each tiny increment of time lost before I began treatment. I could have fought it from the word go,and early diagnosis has a huge impact on outcome, but because of the misinformation I got from the CCDC, I held off and dismissed the rash. Now what? I don’t feel so good but hope for the best.

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    My Focus Is On High Level Health

    In general, my focus is quenching the fires of inflammation and encouraging the growth and repair of your body and brain. If your hormones are deficient, your body toxic, your energy low, sleep insufficient, your metabolism out of balance, etc., any one of these conditions will hinder your ability to repair and regenerate your body. One might think this is normal aging, and for some it may be, but there is oftentimes a clear path to stopping the damage to initiate repair and regeneration. This is what my practice is all about.

    ..but there is often a clear path to health by stopping the damage and charting full recovery and High Level Health. Some commonly employed strategies:

    • Resolving chronic infections chronic viruses, chronic bacterial infections , indolent fungal infections
    • Removing toxins diet, sweating, IV Chelation, IV nutrient therapy
    • Stimulating energy production IV Laser, IV Ozone, IV Nutrient therapy, hormone balancing, exercise, high energy nutrition, deep sleep

    Note: Dr. Hecht is currently not taking new patients for the memory impairment/Early Alzheimers program as he is currently enrolled in further study. Please call Priscilla at our front desk for periodic updates on this.

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    • In case of Emergency, call 911
    • Police 444-7000
    • Fire 385-5950

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    Experienced In Successful Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

    Through her years of experience in successfully treating chronic Lyme, Dr. Hinchey has become an expert at understanding Lyme Disease, how it hides and thrives in the body.

    Her own treatment protocol treats each patient individually to make their body inhospitable to the disease and enables the bodys own natural immune system the ability to irradicate the chronic Lyme and co-infections.

    To this end she speaks at numerous Lyme Disease events and is a ardent supporter of Lyme Disease associations and summits, such as the 2021 Truth About Lyme Conference hosted by Dr. Moorcroft, DO and Dr. David Dornfeld, DO.

    Dr. Hinchey does a lot of these sponsorships through her Lyme Specific Herbal Medicines company, Lymecore Botanicals.

    Lyme Disease/coinfection Resource List

    Lyme Literate Physician, Heidi Puc

    We believe that the controversy surrounding Lyme disease makes it even more important that patients be well informed. Conflicting opinions can be unsettling but sometimes conflict can drive progress. Nobody has all the answers and there are different roads to recovery. We recommend starting with the *starred references.

    1. Videos *1. Under Our Skin: The Hidden Story of Lyme Disease. This documentary and the more optimistic sequel, Emergence, are both highly recommended

    2. LymeLight: Angeli VanLaanen Professional Skier

    3. Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease The Nature of Things with David Suzuki

    4. Radio 1. Lyme Light Radio with Katrina Makris

    5. Books *1. Why Cant I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease, by Dr. Richard Horowitz

    6. Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, by Pamela Weintraub

    7. Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatments, by Connie Strasheim

    8. Freedom from Lyme Disease, by Brian Rosner 21

    9. Counterpoint: Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy Improves Persistent Symptoms Associated with Lyme Disease, by Raphael B. Stricker. Go to

    10. Lyme disease: The Next Decade. Raphael B Stricker and Lorraine Johnson. Go to

    11. Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection, by Embers et al. Go to

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