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Natural Remedies For Lymes Disease In Humans

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What Are The Stages Of Lyme Infection

Lyme Disease Natural Remedies and Treatment Dr.Berg

There are three stages:

  • Early localized Lyme: Flu-like symptoms like fever, chills, headache, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, and a rash that looks like a bull’s-eye or is round and red and at least 2 inches long
  • Early disseminated Lyme: Flu-like symptoms like pain, weakness, or numbness in your arms and legs, changes in your vision, heart palpitations and chest pain, a rash , and a type of facial paralysis known as Bellâs palsy
  • Late disseminated Lyme: This can happen weeks, months, or years after the tick bite. Symptoms might include arthritis, severe fatigue and headaches, dizziness, trouble sleeping, and confusion.

About 10% of people treated for Lyme infection donât shake the disease. They may go on to have three core symptoms: joint or muscle pain, fatigue, and short-term memory loss or confusion. This is called post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. It can be hard to diagnose because it has the same symptoms as other diseases. Plus, there isn’t a blood test to confirm it.

Experts arenât sure why Lyme symptoms donât always go away. One theory is that your body keeps fighting the infection even after the bacteria are gone, like an autoimmune disorder.

How Do You Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

You can treat Lyme disease naturally with custom-made Homeopathy medicines from Welling Homeopathy Clinics. You can also treat late-stage Lyme disease and Post-Lyme disease syndrome.

Consult our specialists today for a detailed evaluation and to start your customised Homeopathy treatment of Lyme Disease.

Who Is At Risk For Lyme Disease

Anyone can get a tick bite. But people who spend lots of time outdoors in wooded, grassy areas are at a higher risk. This includes campers, hikers, and people who work in gardens and parks.

Most tick bites happen in the summer months when ticks are most active and people spend more time outdoors. But you can get bitten in the warmer months of early fall, or even late winter if temperatures are unusually high. And if there is a mild winter, ticks may come out earlier than usual.

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Tips For Treating Lyme Disease Naturally At Home

Many of our patients wonder, Can you treat Lyme disease at home? The short answer is yes, with advice from Dr. Kotsanis.

  • Use essential oils: Essential oils are one way that patients can treat Lyme disease naturally from home. They have antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria. They can be diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically or inhaled through a diffuser for therapeutic response.

  • Take vitamins and supplements: Many patients are interested in supplements or vitamins for Lyme disease. Dr. Kotsanis suggests using fish oil, vitamin B-1, vitamin C, magnesium, chlorella, garlic, olive leaf, and glutathione.

  • Try Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: This therapy uses exposure to 100% oxygen at a high pressure to promote healing. We can arrange for this therapy in someones home.

  • Consider chelation therapy to remove metal from your body: Some believe Lyme disease symptoms are linked to heavy metal toxicity from lead or mercury. Chelation therapy removes this heavy metal from the blood using a medication called a chelator. This medication binds to metals and collects them so the kidneys can process them and release them from the body in urine. This medication can be taken from the comfort of a patients home.

  • Naturopathic Treatment Lyme Disease Through Essential Oils

    Pin on Lymes

    These are concentrated liquid which gains from the plant. These oils have properties that can help in killing the bacterias of various diseases. Clove bud, Cinnamon bark, and oregano essential oils help in the killing of the bacteria without any harmful effect on the health. These essential oils, although natural, still must have consult the doctor to use them.

    how to use various home remedies for the Lyme disease

    We are discussing some natural ways to cure the Lyme disease

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    What If Lyme Disease Goes Untreated

    If Lyme disease goes untreated, it can affect other systems in the body. According to the , common symptoms of later stage Lyme disease include:

    • severe headaches and neck stiffness
    • additional erythema migrans rashes on other areas of the body
    • facial palsy, which is a loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face
    • arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, particularly in the knees and other large joints
    • intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
    • heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat
    • episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath
    • inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
    • nerve pain
    • shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet

    Subculture Studies To Confirm The Activity Of The Top Natural Product Hits

    For the subculture study, 1 mL B. burgdorferi stationary phase culture was treated by natural products or control drugs in 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes for 7 days at 33°C without shaking. Next, cells were centrifuged, and cell pellets were washed with fresh BSK-H medium followed by resuspension in fresh BSK-H medium without antibiotics. Then 50 l of cell suspension was inoculated into 1 ml of fresh BSK-H medium for subculture at 33°C, 5% CO2. Cell growth was monitored using SYBR Green I/PI assay and fluorescence microscopy after 720 days.

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    Understanding The Acute Inflammatory Response

    Suppose youre walking barefoot in the yard one summer day and accidentally step on a sharp piece of glass hidden in the grass. Pain alerts you to the injury and you stop to assess the situation. If the wound isnt deep, youre up to date on your tetanus vaccination, and a rinse in the sink reveals no foreign objects in the wound, you place a bandage over the area, and youre back on your way.

    Swelling occurs because blood vessels dilate to allow an influx of WBCs and flush the area with fluid. Macrophages and arriving WBCs engulf debris, foreign matter, and microbes that have entered through the open wound, and destroy the material with potent free radicals and hypochlorous acid. Its a noxious process that causes collateral damage to normal cells, but its part of the healing process.

    Once the injury is contained and the mess is cleaned up, WBCs migrate out of the area. Surviving cells repair damage from the injury and the inflammatory process itself. Gradually evidence of the injury disappears like nothing had ever happened.

    How To Avoid Tick Bites

    7 POWERFUL Natural Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease | Cure Lyme Disease Naturally

    To reduce the chance of being bitten:

    • cover your skin while walking outdoors and tuck your trousers into your socks
    • use insect repellent on your clothes and skin products containing DEET are best
    • stay on clear paths whenever possible
    • wear light-coloured clothing so ticks are easier to see and brush off

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    When Should You See A Doctor If You Think You Have Lyme

    The rash is a pretty good indication that you may have been bitten. Take a photo of the rash and see your doctor. At this stage, treatment with antibiotics will probably work.

    If you don’t have the rash but have symptoms like fatigue, fever, and headache but no respiratory symptoms like a cough, you may want to talk to your doctor.

    Essential Oils For Lyme Disease

    Essential oils are concentrated liquids from plants. Some of them have antibacterial properties, meaning they can kill bacteria.

    A 2017 study evaluated the use of 34 essential oils to kill B. burgdorferi bacteria in a laboratory setting. Cinnamon bark, clove bud, and oregano essential oils killed the bacteria without any regrowth. <

    These results are promising, but theres no evidence that they work in humans with Lyme disease. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, where the fragrant oils are inhaled through a diffuser or diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically. Its not safe to ingest essential oils, especially in the quantities that you would likely need to treat Lyme disease.

    Some people claim that immune system-boosting supplements can naturally treat Lyme disease.

    These include:

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    Lyme Disease Symptoms And Causes

    The Most Common Lyme Disease Symptoms:

    Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that is transmitted by the tick or insect can spread throughout the body and cause a series of autoimmune-like reactions. Research done by the Department of Rheumatology at University of Würzburg in Germany shows that symptoms of Lyme disease are far-reaching and commonly affect the skin, heart, joints and nervous system.

    Symptoms and signs of Lyme disease include:

    • A temporary butterfly skin rash that appears where the tick bite occurred . Many, but not all, develop a rash shaped like a bulls eye that appears as a red ring around a clear area with a red center. The CDC reports that around 70 percent of Lyme disease patients develop this rash
    • Flu-like symptoms, especially shortly after being infected. These include a fever, trouble sleeping, neck pain, fatigue, chills, sweats and muscle aches
    • Poor sleep, chronic fatigue and lethargy
    • Digestive issues, including nausea and loss of appetite
    • Achiness and joint pains. The CDC has found that around 30 percent of Lyme patients develop symptoms of arthritis
    • Long-term many people experience mood changes, included increased depression and fatigue
    • Cognitive changes are also a long-term symptom and include forgetfulness, headaches, brain fog, misplacing things and trouble concentrating

    The REAL Cause of Lyme Disease:

  • Weakened immunity
  • Inhibited cellular function and protection
  • Systemic bacterial infection
  • Can Lyme Disease Completely Be Cured

    5 Natural Cure For Lyme Diseasee

    Yes, Lyme disease can be cured completely with our CUREplus Homeopathy treatment.

    Unfortunately, Lyme disease is not completely curable in conventional allopathic treatment. If you choose allopathic doctor, it can be treated and symptoms reduced and in some cases eliminated with early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

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    How To Spot And Remove Ticks

    If you find a tick attached to your body, carefully pull it out using tweezers. Dont squeeze too hard because this could hurt the animal. If theres any doubt about whether the tick has been removed completely, leave it where it was until someone else removes it.

    You should check yourself regularly for ticks while walking through woodland, especially at dusk and dawn. Youll need to keep looking down so you dont miss any ticks.

    Botanical And Natural Medicines

    A panel of natural product extracts: Polygonum cuspidatum, Cryptolepis sanguinolenta, Artemisia annua, Juglans nigra, Uncaria tomentosa, Scutellaria baicalensis, Stevia rebaudiana, Cistus incanus, Andrographis paniculata, Ashwagandha somnifera, Dipsacus fullonum rad, grapefruit seed extract, LL37, monolaurin, colloidal silver, and relevant solvent controls were identified. The botanical medicines or natural products were chosen based on anecdotal clinical usage and preclinical data from the literature. Primary criteria for selecting compounds for the present study included agents that had shown significant anti-borrelial effects in previous studies, have favorable safety profiles and can be absorbed systemically. Additional criteria for selecting compounds included anecdotal reports from patients and/or providers, anti-biofilm effects and ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

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    What Should I Do If I Am Bitten By A Tick

    If you experience a tick bite, the best way to remove it is by taking the following steps:

    • Tug gently but firmly with blunt tweezers near the “head” of the tick at the level of your skin until it releases its hold on the skin.
    • Avoid crushing the tick’s body or handling the tick with bare fingers as you could exposure yourself to the bacteria in the tick.
    • Wash the bite area thoroughly with soap and water.
    • DO NOT use kerosene, petroleum jelly , or hot cigarette butts to remove the tick.
    • DO NOT squeeze the tick’s body with your fingers or tweezers.

    Subculture Studies To Evaluate The Activity Of Natural Product Extracts Against Stationary Phase B Burgdorferi

    Alternative treatments for Lyme disease symptoms brings new hope to those suffering

    To confirm the activity of the natural product extracts in eradicating the stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells, we performed subculture studies as previously described . We further tested the top active natural product extracts to ascertain if they could eradicate stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells at 1 or 0.5% by subculture after the treatment . Treatment with 1% Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract caused no regrowth in the subculture study . However, the other natural product extracts including Polygonum cuspidatum, Artemisia annua, Juglans nigra, and Uncaria tomentosa could not eradicate B. burgdorferi stationary phase cells as many spirochetes were still visible after 21-day subculture . At 0.5%, all the natural product extracts treated samples grew back after 21-day subculture , however, only one of the three Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract treated samples grew back. This indicates that 0.5% Cryptolepis sanguinolenta extract still has strong activity and could almost eradicate the stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells. By contrast, the clinically used antibiotics doxycycline and cefuroxime at clinically relevant concentration could not sterilize the B. burgdorferi stationary phase culture, since spirochetes were visible after 21-day subculture .

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    Racial Differences In Incidence

    Lyme disease is reported primarily in whites, although it occurs in individuals of all races. No genetic explanation is known for this the disparity most likely stems from social or environmental factors and possibly to the fact that erythema migrans is more difficult to diagnose in dark-skinned individuals.

    Essential Oils Can Help

    Essential oils are volatile liquids extracted from plants. They contain highly concentrated plant compounds.

    The microbiologists at Johns Hopkins decided to look into essential oils. Theyd read reports of their antimicrobial activities. Theyd also seen anecdotal reports of persistent Lyme symptoms improving with essential oils.

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    Take Organic Whole Leaf Stevia Extract

    A recent study showed Stevia leaf extract killed Lyme bacteria better than antibiotics in a test tube. Keep in mind that even though this shows promise, it was in a test tube. As far as I know, there have not been any human trials done.

    That said, if youre planning to try treating Lyme with Stevia please take it slow to prevent a potential herx! According to JennasLymeBlog,

    The recommended dose of organic whole leaf stevia is 20 drops two times per day.

    But, I started with less than half the recommended dose and herxed so please use caution!You should never start out at this dosage. Start very small, with a couple of drops per day. Titrate up very gradually. If you experience any die-off reactions then back down to a lower dosage.

    *Since writing this post Ive read that Stevia is not effective for killing Lyme in humans so you may want to do further research on this and decide whether its worth your time.

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    Tips On How To Cure Lyme Disease Naturally

    7 Herbal Remedies For Lyme Disease

    The following tips can help your body fight off Lyme disease as part of your treatment plan. Lyme should never go untreated, so the following tips alone will not cure Lyme. Incorporate the following into your daily routine during treatment:

    • Rest a lot. Your body is at battle right now and the fatigue is often for a reason. You need to slow down and rest when you feel tired. If you like exercise, switch to low-impact exercise likeYoga. Healing is hard work and your body will thank you.
    • Stay positive. Positive thoughts are very healing. You will feel better soon if you stick with your treatment plan. Try to meditate and focus on feeling better. Talk to someone who understands Lyme disease. Try to do something for yourself every day.

    Again, using natural remedies for Lyme disease is an important decision for you and your doctor to make together. It is always important to discuss any use of herbs with your doctor to avoid any drug interactions or unwanted effects on other health conditions.

    A word about antibiotics:

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    What’s The Best Way To Prevent A Tick Bite

    Ticks can’t fly or jump. But they live in shrubs and bushes and can grab onto you when you pass by. To avoid getting bitten:

    • Wear pants and socks in areas with lots of trees and when you touch fallen leaves.
    • Wear a tick repellent on your skin and clothing that has DEET, lemon oil, or eucalyptus.
    • For even more protection, use the chemical permethrin on clothing and camping gear.
    • Shower within 2 hours after coming inside. Look for ticks on your skin, and wash ticks out of your hair.
    • Put your clothing and any exposed gear into a hot dryer to kill whatever pests might be on them.

    How do you know if you’ve been bitten?

    Since ticks are so small, you’ve got to have pretty good eyes to see them.

    If you have a small, red bump on your skin that looks like a mosquito bite, it could be a tick bite. If it goes away in a few days, itâs not a problem. Remember, a tick bite doesnât necessarily mean you have Lyme disease.

    If you notice a rash in the shape of a bull’s-eye, you might have a tick bite. Talk to your doctor about treatment.

    If you have an allergic reaction to ticks, you’ll notice a bite right away.

    Azlocillin Comes Out On Top

    The drug, which is not on the market, was tested in mouse models of Lyme disease at seven-day, 14-day and 21-day intervals and found to eliminate the infection. For the first time, azlocillin was also shown to be effective in killing drug-tolerant forms of B. burgdorferi in lab dishes, indicating that it may work as a therapy for lingering symptoms of Lyme disease.

    Pothineni and Rajadas have patented the compound for the treatment of Lyme disease and are working with a company to develop an oral form of the drug. Researchers plan to conduct a clinical trial.

    Rajadas is also a professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California-San Francisco.

    Other Stanford co-authors are Hari-Hara S. K. Potula, PhD, senior research scientist postdoctoral scholars Aditya Ambati, PhD, and Venkata Mallajosyula, PhD senior research scientist Mohammed Inayathullah, PhD and intern Mohamed Sohail Ahmed.

    A researcher at Loyola College in India also contributed to the work.

    The study was funded by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and Laurel STEM Fund.

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