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Washington Dc Lyme Disease Specialist

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How To Approach Your Non

My first trip to see my Lyme doctor

For various reasons, you may choose to consult with a doctor who doesnt specialize in Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases.

If so, be sure to be as proactive as possible in providing information that could help in diagnosing your disease, and always feel free to share resources that you find in your own research to prompt discussions about any aspect of your diagnosis or treatment, including more advanced testing options.

If your doctor does not believe Lyme disease exists, reach out to another doctor for a second opinion.

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Identify Doctors Trained In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Tick

You can access a variety of online resources and directories to locate doctors who are specifically trained in identifying and treating tick-borne illnesses. These do not have to be infectious disease specialists they can be physicians from any practice area who simply have extensive experience with tick-borne diseases.

It is particularly important to find a Lyme expert if you suspect that you may have Lyme disease, since it is the most frequently misdiagnosed of all tick-borne diseases. Finding a Lyme-literate medical doctor a physician who is familiar with the vast range of symptoms that may indicate infection at various stages of the disease, as well as potential coinfections and other complexitiescan help ensure that you get the right treatment, right away.

To find a doctor who is also a Lyme expert, you may want to explore the following resources:

Note: Some of these organizations may require you to submit a form or create a login to access their databases.

Information For Human Healthcare Providers

When treating patients for Lyme disease, keep in mind that ticks can transmit more than one disease, and there is always a potential for coinfection with multiple tick-borne diseases.

Reporting Lyme disease in people

All cases of Lyme disease in a person should be reported within 48 hours of suspected diagnosis or the appearance of symptoms using DC Reporting and Surveillance Center , our online reporting system.

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When To Call A Doctor

  • A tick is attached to your body and you can’t remove the entire tick.
  • You have a circular red rash that expands over the course of several days, especially if you know you were recently exposed to ticks. You may also have flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, stiff neck, fever, chills, or body aches.
  • You feel very tired or have joint pain , irregular heartbeats, severe headache, or neck pain.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding and you think you may have been exposed to ticks.

Diagnosing And Treating Lyme Disease With Dr Joseph Jemsek

my crazy Lyme life

In this episode, Sarah is joined by Dr. Joseph Jemsek, an infectious disease physician who runs the Jemsek Specialty Clinic in Washington, DC. Dr. Jemsek has been on the leading edge of both the HIV and Lyme disease epidemics. He became intrigued by reports of a small cluster of patients with outbreaks of Kaposi Sarcoma and Pneumocystis pneumonia in New York and San Francisco. He intuitively felt that this was an indication of something much bigger.

He recalls diagnosing the first HIV patient in North Carolina in 1983, before the disease was even called HIV. In the years that followed, the virus was identified, tests were created and treatments were researched, including an early study for azidothymidine which Dr. Jemsek co-authored. This pioneering research study allowed patients access to this early treatment, clinical trial involvement and medical follow up.

I became a fierce advocate for the HIV populationI just hated the prejudice and I stayed steadfastly behind them.

Dr. Joseph Jemsek

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What Causes Lyme Disease

Most people get Lyme disease from the bite of a nymphal a tiny immature tick. Because nymphals are tiny about the diameter of the head of a pin the bites are easy to miss. In rare cases, pregnant women can also spread Lyme disease to their developing baby.

Lyme disease is growing more common. More than 475,000 Americans are diagnosed with and treated for Lyme disease annually. But, the true number of people with Lyme disease is likely far higher because it’s often misdiagnosed.

Ad Hoc Requests For Internal Purposes

For internal requests such as grant proposals, clinical trials, etc. that involve site-specific data and can be confined to a count or list of available participants, an email request can be sent to Amanda Castel at . If it is determined that the request is lengthy in nature or rises to the level of an analysis, then it may be determined that a concept sheet and data request form may be required following the processes described above.

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How Can I Find A Top

You can use Zocdoc to find Neurologists in Washington, DC who are highly rated by other patients. These ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients. Every time a patient completes an appointment booked on Zocdoc, theyre invited to review their experience. Each review must comply with Zocdocs guidelines.

Carrye Hodges Msn Fnp

5-year-old Maryland girl diagnosed with rare autoimmune disease | FOX 5 DC

Carrye Hodges, certified Family Nurse Practitioner, joined JSC in 2019. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Alabama and went on to receive her Masters at the University ofAlabama at Birmingham. She has a background in trauma/ emergency department medicine as well as pediatric intensive care.

She has been involved with Lyme activism for the past decade. Carrye is an avid Alabama fan and enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, friends, and rescue dog, Millie.

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How Is Lyme Disease Diagnosed

If you discover a tick on your body, be sure to follow proper protocol for removing it, using tweezers to grasp it as close to your skin surface as possible.

Use steady pressure and pull upwards. Once its out, place it in a sandwich bag, and clean your skin with rubbing alcohol. Then, schedule an evaluation at Spring Valley Internal Medicine.

The team at Spring Valley Internal Medicine also recommends diagnostic testing if you have a rash or other symptoms of Lyme disease. Testing involves specialized blood testing to detect antibodies against the bacteria.

Comprehensive Lyme Disease Treatment

Reduce the Microbial Burden on the Body

  • Antibiotic Therapy following ILADS protocol
  • Because Lyme Disease can cause severe consequences antibiotic therapy is usually recommended based on ILADs protocols.
  • Herbal Therapy Supplementation
  • Herbal therapy if you cannot take antibiotics, or prefer herbals, based on the work of Buhner that may help kill the bacteria, relieve symptoms and/or strengthen your immune system.

Support the Immune System with Additional Therapies

Every patient needs to support their immune system in order to heal. This may done with IV Therapy, nutritional support, herbal supplementation, digestive support and detoxification therapies based on your symptoms and the direction of your doctor.

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What You Dont Know About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is acquired by a tick bite. Early stages of the disease often include a rash and flu-like symptoms like joint pain and fevers. Later stages can include symptoms such as fatigue and cognitive difficulties.

It can be debilitating, and if its left untreated, Lyme disease patients can experience symptoms such as extreme fatigue, chronic pain, mental fog, depression and anxiety, and many other symptoms. These can be misdiagnosed as other conditions including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and psychiatric disorders. It could explain many of your symptoms, even if youve previously had a negative Lyme disease test, because these tests have significant limitations.

Do Your Research And Get Referrals

A Lyme literate medical doctor

You can learn a lot just by researching doctors and reading patient reviews online. You can also connect with other patients through local and online support groups for various tick-borne diseases. Asking other patients to recommend or share their own experiences with different doctors can be particularly helpful when youre trying to locate and learn about physicians who specialize in various tick-borne illnesses.

The following sites can connect you to online support-group forums or help you identify different tick-borne support groups in the United States:

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Lyme Disease In An African American Child With Downs Syndrome

Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron discusses the case of a 3-year-old African American child with Downs syndrome, developmental delays and disseminated Lyme disease. By Dr. Daniel Cameron “A case of disseminated Lyme disease in a child with skin of color” was published by Bax and colleagues in the journal Pediatric Dermatology.¹ The child, who had trisomy 21 (Downs

Scientists Push For Lyme Disease Trials

Confusion over correct treatment for persistent symptoms clouds conference.

Amy Maxmen

Doctors and researchers in the United States have spoken out about the lack of support provided by the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health when it comes to treating patients with chronic Lyme disease.

The remarks were made at a workshop organized by the IOM in Washington DC on 11 and 12 October.

“Our session wasn’t supposed to talk about treating chronic Lyme,” says Sam Donta, an infectious disease specialist at Falmouth Hospital in Massachusetts who spoke at the workshop. “But when we had our pre-session conference call and they said this is supposed to be about diagnosis and management, I said how can you talk about management without talking about treatment?”

“The IOM overly restrict the definition of chronic Lyme disease,” says Donta. “I hope now the IOM is finally listening.”

The IOM will issue a report on gaps in the prevention, amelioration and resolution of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, which will help to guide agencies such as the NIH.

Although the treatment of chronic Lyme disease has been controversial for decades, the IOM excluded the issue from their agenda at the request of the NIH.

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Washington Lyme Disease Treatment Clinic

  • Exosome Therapy

    Exosomes are extracellular vesicles released from cells that act as shuttles for certain genetic information and proteins to other cells.

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  • Stem Cells

    Stem cells are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells.

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  • Peptide Therapy

    Our peptide protocol can boost your energy and stamina, enhance your sex drive, improve your skins elasticity, and bring many more benefits.

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  • PRP for Joints

    Injections of platelet-rich plasma are a novel treatment for managing pain related to osteoarthritis of the knees.

Our peptide protocol can boost your energy and stamina, enhance your sex drive, improve your skins elasticity, and bring many more benefits.

Integrative Medical Center Located In Chandler Az

Virginia mother reunited with newborn after going into COVID-induced coma | FOX 5 DC

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are highly complex and can cause many health issues. At Live Well Wellness Center, Jessica Schrand, NMD, and Michelle McConnell, NMD, are International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society -certified, which means they have the highest skill levels in diagnosing and managing tick-borne diseases. Call the Chandler, Arizona, office or book an appointment online now.

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Tick Borne Disease Referral Clinic

Long Island harbors a large area of beautiful, recreational parks where ticks and other insects can be found. For medical reasons, ticks are important because they are vectors of microorganisms such as bacteria, virus or parasites. Not all ticks carry these infectious organisms, thus not all tick bites are dangerous or pose a risk for acquiring an infection. Still, people can contract an infection without recognizing a recent tick bite.

Some ticks can transmit the following infectious diseases :1. Lyme Disease3. Anaplasmosis4. Babesiosis

Most of these infections are cured by a short course of antibiotics. Sometimes, these infections can cause a more severe disease in some patients. Other infectious diseases that can be transmitted by ticks in Long Island are: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, and Powassan virus.

Our highly-trained doctors will help review and manage these infections when you are seen in our outpatient facility. For treatment purposes, we follow the Infectious Diseases Society of America Guidelines .

As Tick-Borne Diseases are a topic of national research interest, we also have research projects underway to understand and provide new medical knowledge that will help other physicians to manage these infections for their patients. Our research explores how these tick borne diseases affect the health of humans. The more we understand these diseases, the better we can assign treatment modalities to patients.

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Do You Have Lyme Disease Symptoms And Answers

Early symptoms of the disease often manifest as a flu-like illness, with accompanying fever, chills, muscle aches, and joint pain. While the characteristic bulls-eye rash called erythema migrans is often present, many people develop a different type of rash or none at all. Moreover, a host of Lyme symptoms occur in other diseases, and as a result, many patients suffering from Lyme disease are misdiagnosed with conditions like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other psychiatric illnesses before being correctly treated.

If Lyme is not diagnosed or treated in its early stages, it transitions to a chronic, highly problematic late-stage disease, and symptoms increase in their severity. Untreated Lyme disease will eventually infect joints, the heart, and the nervous systemcausing nerve paralysis and meningitis, and difficulty with memory and concentration. While one of the defining features of chronic Lyme disease is fatigue, Dr. Heyman discusses his own cases in which there were a myriad of presentations without any one defining symptom. Many of his patients had suffered severe cognitive decline, loss of executive function, memory problems, mood disturbances, chronic pain, cardiopulmonary problems and more. The debilitating effects of the disease then led to more devastating results: these patients often are unable to work, function in personal relationships, or complete simple daily activities without experiencing profound exhaustion.

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What Is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an infection that develops due to bacterium known as a Borrelia burgdorferi, which ticks carry. When a tick has an infection, it can pass it along to humans and animals through a bite.

The bacterial infection can travel through your bloodstream and settle into your body tissues. When not properly treated, the infection can cause a variety of symptoms that can linger forever.

Who Is Authorized To Use Dc Cohort Data

Complex Medical Conditions &  Diseases
  • DC Cohort Site Principal Investigators
  • Staff or fellows at a participating DC Cohort site
  • Must be sponsored by a DC Cohort Site PI
  • Members of the DC Cohort Data and Statistics Coordinating Center
  • Members of the DC Center for AIDS Research
  • After discussion with the DC Cohort Site PI
  • GWU Staff
  • Must be sponsored by a DC Cohort staff member
  • GWU Students
  • Must be sponsored by a DC Cohort GWU faculty member
  • Must utilize the data for the purposes of meeting educational research requirements
  • Outside investigators who are sponsored by a DC Cohort Site PI or an authorized member of the DSCC
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    Internal Medicine Located In Washington Dc & Bethesda Md

    Lyme disease is a serious condition thats often misdiagnosed due to the complexity of its symptoms. At Spring Valley Internal Medicine in Washington, DC, and Bethesda, Maryland, the team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. The medical team offers comprehensive care that focuses on easing the severity of your symptoms and protecting your general health and quality of life. To learn more about treatment options for Lyme disease, call the office or book an appointment online today.

    Bannwarth Syndrome In Early Disseminated Lyme Disease

    Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron will be discussing the case of a 66-year-old man with Bannwarth syndrome with urinary retention in early Lyme disease. By Dr. Daniel Cameron Omotosho and colleagues described this case in an article entitled A Unique Case of Bannwarth Syndrome in Early Disseminated Lyme Disease.¹ The man presented to the emergency room with generalized

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    How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Neurologist In Washington Dc

    Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find Neurologists in Washington, DC and book appointments instantly. You can search for Washington, DC Neurologists by symptom or visit reason. Then, choose your insurance plan. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

    Potential Barriers To Accepting A Lyme Disease Vaccine

    A brief summary of my encounter with late stage lyme

    Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron discusses the potential barriers to the public’s acceptance and utilization of a Lyme disease vaccine. By Dr. Daniel Cameron The study, Understanding consumer and clinician perceptions of a potential Lyme disease vaccine, was published by Devchand and colleagues in the journal Health Education Research.¹ It has been two decades since the LYMErix vaccine

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    Candace Willett Mph Msn Ppcnp

    Candace Willett, certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, focuses on JSCs® youngest patients. She joined JSC® in 2017 and sees patients from infancy to early adulthood.

    Candace attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for her undergraduate studies, going on to earn her Master of Public Health at George Washington University in Washington, DC. She then went on to obtain her masters in nursing science from Yale School of Nursing in Connecticut.

    Prior to joining JSC®, she worked within primary care and dermatology settings and has been interested in tick-borne illness for many years.

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