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Lyme Disease And Smoking Cigarettes

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How Can I Have A Tick Identified

Lyme Disease – Plain and Simple (Part 1)

If you are interested in having the tick identified, is a free online service that uses a photograph of the tick to identify its type.

Who is at risk?

Black-legged ticks have been found in Durham Region. This means that these ticks are starting to settle here.

The risk of getting Lyme disease in the Region is low. You have a higher risk if you are an outdoor enthusiast and you live in or visit any area that has black-legged ticks.

Risk locations

Durham Region Health Department’s tick surveillance program helps to determine where black-legged ticks have become established in Durham Region. This information helps assess the risk of Lyme disease.

Far From A Safer Alternative To Smoking Vaping Could Ruin Your Oral Health

E-cigarettes have taken the world by storm, especially among younger adults. The reason: the widespread perception that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco.

But a deeper look at this wildly popular habit reveals a product that doesn’t live up to its reputation as smoking’s safer alternative. One aspect of health that’s especially in harm’s way is the mouth: Teeth and gums could in fact be just as prone to disease with an e-cigarette as the tobacco variety.

E-cigarettes are handheld devices that hold a cartridge of liquid vaping product, which is then heated to produce an inhalable vapor. Technically, it’s an aerosol in which solid chemical compounds within the vaping liquid are suspended in the vapor. The aerosolized vapor thus serves as a transporting medium for these chemicals to enter the user’s body.

It’s these various chemicals inhaled during vaping that most concern dentists. Top on the list: nicotine, the addictive chemical also found in regular tobacco. Among its other effects, nicotine constricts blood vessels in the mouth, causing less blood flow of nutrients and infection-fighting cells to the gums and teeth. This not only heightens the risk for gum disease, but may also mask initial infection symptoms like swelling or redness.

How To Diagnose Lyme Disease

Diagnosing Lyme disease is very difficult. Its called the great imitator because the symptoms resemble many other conditions. Misdiagnosis is common, and experts believe the number of Lyme patients may be higher than we know.

When the customary rash does not appear, your physician may try the following to determine if you have Lyme disease:

  • Doctor interview, where you will be asked about time spent outdoors
  • Physical exam
  • Lab tests

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We Are Proud To Celebrate National Walking Day By Kicking Off The 4th Annual Walking Challenge Amongst The Staff Here At Pentucket Medical

The Walking Challenge is a practice-wide event to get employees moving. There are approximately 10-20 teams each year that participate. Each team, comprised of 5 employees, is asked to select a team captain and a snappy name Each team member wears a pedometer and tracks the steps they take each week. The steps are then sent to HR and converted to miles. The miles are then plotted out on a map of the United States. There are certain checkpoints throughout the journey. At each check point a few fun facts are disclosed. A status report is then sent out weekly to highlight where teams are and to further motivate team progress.

The walking challenge was initially created to provide increased employee engagement and to promote a healthy lifestyle. People tend to get up and move more to increase their steps. There is friendly competition between the teams and even within each team.

In earlier years the winners was determined by the most miles walked as a team. Due to the varying levels of participation, the winner is now determined by a drawing. Teams that consistently report their steps will be put into a drawing at the end of the challenge. The top 3 teams will win a prize. The prize is usually comprised of healthy snacks, water and other things. With all the health benefits to walking everyone walks away a winner.

Whats The Difference Between Neurologic Lyme Disease And Ms

What a drag: The dangers of a daily cigarette

Olga Syritsyna, MD

Hearing the words you have Lyme disease or you have MS can be quite unsettling. And to complicate matters, when Lyme disease affects the central nervous system, the symptoms can be very similar to MS. So it can be hard to tell the difference to the untrained eye. Many doctors are generalists and not specially trained to diagnose either disease. Dr. Olga Syritsyna is a neurologist with subspecialty training in neurologic Lyme disease and MS.

What is neurologic Lyme disease?First, lets start with defining Lyme disease. Its a seasonal tick-borne infection caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that can affect multiple organs and systems in the body. Its named after Lyme, CT, where it was first identified in 1975. In about 15 percent of cases, Lyme disease affects the central nervous system. When it does, it is known as neurologic Lyme disease. Sometimes, people who think they may have Lyme disease find out they have MS . Lyme disease as an infection can act to trigger MS attacks. This is why being seen by a neurologist specially trained to know the differences is key.

Why choose Stony Brook for diagnosis and treatment of neurologic Lyme disease?For neurologic Lyme disease, Stony Brook has extensive experience in detecting antibodies to the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that is carried by ticks and can affect the central nervous system. We do frequent lumbar punctures and perform a variety of tests on cerebrospinal fluid.

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First: A Quick Lesson On Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease And Myelopathy

What is degenerative disc disease? Its not really a diseaserather it often starts when age-related or wear and tear injuries alter the structural integrity and strength of one or more . Discs in the neck or back may bulge, herniate, narrow or flatten and contribute to development of disorders that compress spinal nerve roots and/or the spinal cord. Pain is the hallmark symptom.

When the spinal cord is compressed, the condition is called . Some symptoms are attributable to spondylosis, also called spinal osteoarthritis that is arthritis of the spine. Cervical myelopathy is known to cause neurological problems that may affect balance and walking.

Myelopathy from can occur when the inner, gel-like portion of the disc seeps out from a degenerated disc, which puts pressure on the nearby vertebral body. This can cause osteophytes to grow, and that can compress the spinal cord. When myelopathy occurs, you may experience nerve-related symptoms like numbness, tingling, weakness, and radiating pain.

While degenerative disc disease in your neck alone may be managed with non-surgical treatments, myelopathy requires surgical intervention to relieve spinal cord and nerve compression that may lead to severe symptoms . Decompression surgeries, such as anterior cervical discectomy and fusion , , and anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion are common procedures performed to free up space around the spinal cord.

Enabling And Encouraging Immersive Experiences

You can make a positive impact in your childs relationship with devices by encouraging them to join in on activities that are engaging and exciting.

  • Team sports
  • Boys & Girls clubs
  • Social service opportunities

Additionally, most mobile devices have options for that will set time limits on session length. These controls are usually found in the settings area of the device.

Finally, engaging children in face-to-face conversation or games is a means of both building child-parent bonds and creating device-free time. Keep in mind that as adults we are far from immune from the distractions of our phones and iPads.

Leading by example is one of the best ways to ensure that our kids will develop media habits that are reasonable and balanced.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to these issues, speak with your doctor or pediatrician.

As Spring approaches and we think about enjoying the beautiful outdoors please keep in mind a few ways to keep you and your family safe from ticks and possible tick borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease. Knowledge is power, and the following is offered as a basic but thorough overview of what you should do to prevent this common and rather serious disease.

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New Research Also Shows Most Smokers Arent Quitting Before Surgery Despite The Danger To Recovery

As the global population ages, cervical disc degeneration and myelopathy in the neck of the spine are growing health concerns. While age is a well-known risk factor for degenerative disc disease, new research identified a potential link between smoking , cervical degenerative disc disease and myelopathy.

Cigarette smoking is among the top preventable causes of medical problems and death. Photo Source:

Classic Symptoms And Signs Of Buergers Disease

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping

The initial symptoms of Buergers Disease often include claudication in the feet and/or hands, or pain in these areas at rest. The pain typically begins in the extremities but may radiate to other parts of the body. Other signs and symptoms of this disease may include numbness and/or tingling in the limbs and Raynauds phenomenon . Skin ulcerations and gangrene of the digits are common in Buergers disease. Pain may be very intense in the affected regions.

An angiogram demonstrating lack of blood flow to vessels of the hand . This decreased blood flow led to ulcers of the fingers and severe pain.

An abnormal result from an angiogram of the hand .

Despite the severity of ischemia to the distal extremities that occurs in Buergers, the disease does not involve other organs, unlike many other forms of vasculitis. Even as ulcers and gangrene develop in the digits, organs such as the lung, kidneys, brain, and gastrointestinal tract remain unaffected. The reasons for the confinement to the extremities and sparing of other organs are not known.

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Smoking May Interfere With Ra Treatment

Study Shows Smoking May Diminish Response to Drugs That Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jan 5, 2011 — People with early rheumatoid arthritis who smoke are less likely to respond to treatment with two of the most commonly used medications — an older disease modifying antirheumatic drug called methotrexate and biologic drugs known as TNF blockers, according to a new study in Januaryâs Arthritis & Rheumatism.

RA is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the bodyâs immune system misfires against its own joints and tissues, resulting in inflammation, swelling, pain, and ultimately the loss of mobility. Treating RA early with disease-modifying antirheumatic medications is considered the best way to stop this progressive disease in its tracks.

âOur findings indicate that cigarette smokers have a diminished chance of responding well to the currently first- and second-line agents of choice in early RA treatment today,â conclude researchers who were led by Saedis Saevarsdottir, MD, PhD, a rheumatologist at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Exactly how smoking affects response to RA treatment is not fully understood, but one theory suggests smokers may metabolize some RA medications differently than nonsmokers, which could compromise its effectiveness.

Research Has Shown That The Benefits Of Walking And Moderate Physical Activity For At Least 30 Minutes A Day Can Help You:

  • Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Improve blood lipid profile

Did you know that poisonings are the #1 cause of injury related death in the USmost due to drug misuse or abuse?

  • In 2013 there were 2.2 million calls to Poison Control Centers concerning human related exposures to poisons with just under ½ of these calls concerning children under 6 yr old.
  • In 2013 more than 90% poisonings occurred at home.
  • In 2013 more than 70% of the calls to Poison Centers were treated at home thus saving billions of dollars in healthcare expenditure at emergency rooms.

Did you know there are 55 Poison Control Centers across the United States and they are available 24/7 every day of the year?

Poison Control Centers receive only a fraction of their funding through the federal government and have had significant funding cuts. Much of their funding is through state governments, hospital, and other agencies.

Did you know there is no such thing as a POISON PROOF home or environment? Children are often very capable of getting into what we, as adults, think are child-proof. ANY medication and almost any household product is potentially poisonous and capable of causing harm in some way.

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How Tobacco Wreaks Havoc On Your Spine

Cigarette smoking is among the top preventable causes of medical problems and death. Tobacco inhibits bone growth and bone healthand certainly includes your spinal bones . Nicotine also reduces your bodys circulation of blood, making it harder for oxygen and key nutrients to move throughout your body.

If you smoke cigarettes and are exploring the prospect of spine surgery, talk to your spine surgeon about the potential risks you face if you do not quit. He or she may also be able to connect you to resources that can support you if you decide to quit smoking.

You can learn more about how smoking affects your spineand your ability to successfully recover from surgeryin and .

Grisdela Jr. P, Buser Z, DOro A, Paholpak P, Liu JC, Wang JC. Trends analysis of surgical procedures for cervical degenerative disc disease and myelopathy in patients with tobacco use disorder. Eur Spine J. 2017 26:23862392. doi: 10.1007/s00586-017-5120-9.

How To Get Medical Marijuana Treatments


Before pursuing cannabis treatments, you need to be registered with your state as a medical marijuana patient. No states have specifically listed Lyme disease as one of the qualifying conditions for their program. However, some of the chronic symptoms, like pain and nausea, are included.

The first step to becoming a medical marijuana patient is making an appointment with a marijuana doctor. They can confirm if your condition qualifies you for your states program. They can also suggest the best products and dosage to treat your symptoms.

Find A Doctor Find A Dispensary

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Disputing Common Myths About E

The makers of e-cigarettes market them for a variety of uses. Researchers are still in the early stages of studying e-cigarettes. But studies have shown that e-cigarettes still contain harmful chemicals, including nicotine. Myths about e-cigarettes claim that the devices are:

  • E-Cigs are NOT a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Makers claim that e-cigarettes dont contain the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do. Of course, this is not true. Most devices contain nicotine. A JUUL pod contains either 3% or 5% nicotine. A JUUL pod that contains 5% nicotine is equivalent to the amount of nicotine in one pack of cigarettes.
  • E-cigs are addictive. While there are some cartridges that dont contain nicotine, most do. Any time a smoker inhales nicotine, he or she is inhaling an addicting and harmful chemical.
  • You cannot use e-cigs indoors. At first, makers of e-cigarettes said that e-cigarettes were appealing because they could be smoked in places that didnt allow traditional cigarette smoking. This is no longer true. Many states have created laws that prohibit vaping in the same areas where traditional smoking is not allowed.
  • E-cigs are not really a way to quit smoking. Marketers claim it is easier to quit smoking if you switch to vaping first. In fact, e-cigarettes contain nicotine and may even lead to a user becoming a traditional cigarette smoker.

Spectrum Of Neurological Diseases

Nicotine and Parkinson’s disease PD is a debilitating neurodegenerative movement disorder occurring in 1% of the population over the age of 55. It is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and is characterized by relatively selective damage to dopaminergic nigrostriatal neurons that leads to motor deficits including tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia and postural instability72, 73. Although the entire pathogenesis of PD is still unclear, both environmental and genetic factors contribute to neurodegeneration.

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Top 10 Most Read In June: Continuity Of Care And Mortality Visual Imagery And Clinical Measures Experiences Of Belated Treatment Of Lyme Disease And E

Four new entries made it into BMJ Opens top 10 most read articles in June. Holding on to the top spot is Petrilli et al, with an observational study examining patient preferences for physician attire.

New in at number two is a systematic review by Gray et al, investigating whether there is a relationship between the receipt of continuity of doctor care and mortality. The researchers extracted and analysed data from observational studies conducted in nine countries with very different cultures and health systems they demonstrate that increased continuity of care by doctors is associated with lower mortality rates.

At number three is a new entry by Kaimal at al. The researchers examined the associations between the imagery created in art therapy sessions with standardised measures of clinical symptoms in active-duty military service members with a history of traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress symptoms and related psychological health conditions. Their finding indicate that there are patterns of recurring associations between clinical symptoms in the visual imagery created in the art therapy sessions in particular an association between post-traumatic stress scores and visual depiction of psychological injury was noted.

Take A Tour Of All The Houses The Duggars Call Home

Lyme Disease – A Weed Story #1

You may have forgotten when the Olsen twins started smoking like you’re pretty sure it was after Full House because Uncle Jesse would not stand for that. Well, up until 2003, and Ashley were still boasting a sober and wholesome image. According to Rolling Stone, “the girls freely admit they’re not the Hilton sisters. They don’t smoke or drink. ‘We don’t, but I’m not one to judge,’ says Mary-Kate.” And rightfully so, because cut to 2005 and the girls are getting busted for chain smoking at museums.

And look, we’re not here to preach or judge . But it definitely seems like smoking seems to be the culprit when it comes to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s new, rather haggard looking faces. When Life & Style asked Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks about whether , he believed the cigarettes did more damage than a telltale knife.

“I would say that technically the majority of the changes we see could be due to accelerated aging associated with nicotine products tobacco or other environmental factors, as she is a known smoker,” he told said. Yikes.

So okay now, how much do Mary-Kate and Ashley smoke if it rendered them a dual shell of little Michelle Tanner? We looked at how bad their habit has gotten over the years, and let’s just say it’s, um, a lot.

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