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Where To Send A Tick For Lyme Testing

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If You Find A Tick It Is Important To Send It To A Tick Testing Lab Or Your Local Health Department To Test For Pathogens Learning More About The Tick And Potential Pathogens It Is Carrying May Aid In Your Diagnosis Submitting Your Tick For Testing Is Vital To Help Researchers And Others Better Understand Our Overall Risk Of Exposure To A Tick

Officials harvest ticks, test for Lyme disease in Sacramento area

National lab order a comprehensive TickReport and learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease.Cost: Check lab for fees

Tick testing for residents of Connecticut. Visit CAES website to find your local health department.Cost: Free

Greenwich Department of Health

All residents are encouraged to check themselves, their children and pets for ticks after being outdoors. If a tick is found, remove it with fine tipped tweezers, place in a plastic bag and bring it to the lab. All ticks may be tested for the Lyme disease and Babesiosis organisms. Results of this test will be available in about a week. . Please call or visit the Lab for more information. 203-622-7843

National lab provides testing services for the detection of B. burgdorferi and B. microti by PCR. This testing is performed on deer ticks only.Cost: Check lab for fees

Tick testing for residents of Maine onlyCost: Free

National lab tests multiple tick species and pathogensCost: Check lab for fees

National lab tests multiple tick species and pathogensCost: Check lab for fees

National lab provides tick testing servicesCost: Check lab for fees

Tick Identification And Testing Locations

The following organizations, listed alphabetically, do offer tick identification and/or testing services for a fee.The listing of these organizations does not constitute an endorsement by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of the organization, or information, products, or services provided, and none should be inferred. This list is provided as a guide to tick identification and/or testing services available for Massachusetts’ residents.This list may not be comprehensive and the contact and price information may change at any time. The information was up-to-date as of Any questions people have about situations that may affect their health should be directed to their health care provider.

Why Test For Lyme Disease

Traditionally, it takes anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks for a blood sample to come back from a medical lab with qualitative results for Lyme disease. By testing the tick instead of humans, we are able to detect whether the tick itself carries the Lyme disease pathogen, helping with early detection and proactive treatment regimen.

Our program is dedicated to providing laboratory-quality tick testing to people in areas considered high-risk for Lyme both nationwide and internationally. Unlike traditional laboratories complicated test requisition forms, our tick testing program offers a simple, easy to use interface to order a tick test. Simply place your order, mail your tick to our lab, and check your email for your results! Test results are typically be ready within 72 hours or less of lab receipt.

Found a tick? Get Started Below!

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What Is The Best Tick Removal Tool

The CDC recommends using fine-point tweezers as the best method for removing ticks, and these definitely fit the bill. The tweezers are dual sided. One side has very fine, pointy tips for grasping ticks at the head. I like this tickremovaltool because it can also be used for removing tiny splinters, thorns, etc.

Targeting Fats To Fight Lyme

Worried about a tick bite? ESU develops Lyme disease test ...

We started this current work to learn how Borrelia burgdorferi acquires key nutrients, like fats, for growth, says Gwynne. The Lyme bacteria, despite being a very successful pathogen, is much more dependent than other bacteria on acquiring nutrients from its environment.

Linden Hu

In the process of our research, we found that the organism takes fats called phospholipids directly from its surroundings in the host, and puts them on its surface, says Hu, the Vice Dean of Research at the school and Paul and Elaine Chervinsky Professor of Immunology.

That finding led us to look to see if the direct use of a host fat by the bacteria might lead the immune system to recognize it as a foreign substance and create antibodies to it.

What the scientists discovered is that both animals and patients infected with the Lyme bacterium developed autoantibodies to multiple phospholipids. Because autoantibodies can be damaging to the host, these autoantibodies are tightly regulated and tend to disappear quickly once the stimulating factor is removed.

The antibodies also seem to develop much more quickly than traditional antibodies to the Lyme bacterialikely because your body has previously created these autoantibodies and downregulated them, says Hu.

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Tick Testing Organizationswhere To Get The Tick Tested

There are many places to get a tick tested. You may go through your health provider or you may choose an independent laboratory. In addition, many state and local health departments offer tick testing. Depending on where testing is done, these tick tests may check for other tick-borne diseases besides Lyme.

The following is a partial list of independent laboratories that do tick testing. Most offer mail-based service if you are not local. Please contact the Labs directly for more information.


A Tick Bit Me Someone I Know Or My Pet Where Can I Have It Tested

I am often asked by people I meet where can I send a tick I pulled off of myself to have it tested to see if it is a carrier for lyme disease or any other TBD. I always tell them to send the tick dead or alive to IGeneX for testing. However I read an article HERE about a new test for only $40. After researching the web site for the other lab I read about I see various prices and testing which I will share below.

If you are scared and not sure whether you should have a tick tested that say bit your loved one I would recommend sending it in for a peace of mind and closure. You can never be too safe with ticks and I think paying the $40-$60 is worth it so later you are not paying $4000-$6000 a month for meds and watching them suffer from this horrible disease. Im sure there are other places you can send the ticks and I know one place has slipped my mind but I dont have the energy to search for it.


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When Am I Likely To Find Ticks

  • The Ixodes ticks have a two-year life cycle. The ticks life stages are active at different times of the year.
  • Adult deer ticks are most active during spring and mid to late fall. Nymph activity peaks in late June and larvae are most active in August and September. Larvae rarely attach to humans.
  • Although tick activity is fairly seasonal, ticks can be active at any time temperatures are above freezing. Ticks are most active above 40 degrees Farenheit.

Balf Offers Free Tick Testing Nationwide

IGeneX testing for Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Diseases

Press release, February 18, 2016

Bay Area Lyme Foundation today announced that the Foundation is the first to offer free tick testing for residents of the U.S. Testing is available through a partnership with Nate Nieto, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University and his lab. Bay Area Lyme Foundation hopes to use this crowd-sourced data as a vehicle for gaining a greater understanding of the geography of tick-borne diseases in the U.S. If successful in accumulating data, it will be the first crowd-sourced study of its kind.

A major challenge for the Lyme disease community is understanding the prevalence of Lyme disease bacteria in ticks throughout the U.S., so that physicians and residents can be appropriately vigilant to the symptoms of the disease, explained Laure Woods, President and Co-founder, Bay Area Lyme Foundation, who conceptualized this idea, and provided funding to Bay Area Lyme Foundation through a grant from the Laurel Foundation to cover the initial costs of the tick analyses.

With this effort, we intend to make it easier for people who have been bit by ticks, particularly in geographic areas where Lyme disease is not yet recognized as endemic, to understand their potential risk, added Woods.

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Where To Test Ticks

The Tick Identification and Testing Service serves as a first alert for people receiving a tick bite. Ticks must be submitted in person at the MCMEC facility located in Tinton Falls. Ticks can be tested for the causative agent of Lyme disease utilizing a DNA based technique known as polymerase chain reaction .

Not All Ticks Are The Same

Different species of ticks carry different types of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. However, new tick-borne infections are emerging as tick habitats change over time. For example, the deer tick is now reported in 50% of US counties by the CDC. The Lone Star tick is also on the move and expanding into the Northeastern states.TICKNOLOGY has one comprehensive tick testing panel for all ticks that threaten US residents.

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Where Can I Send Ticks For Identification And Disease Testing

  • The University of Maine Cooperative Extension offers a free tick identification and state of engorgement service. You can mail or drop-off ticks.
  • Ticks sent to UMaine Cooperative Extension help researchers chart the density and locations of tick species in the state.
  • UMaine Cooperative Extension can also test ticks for the presence of Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis. This is only available for Maine residents. The testing of tick samples is intended to provide information on ticks in Maine and is not intended to be used in human healh assessment or to be interpreted as a medical diagnosis.
  • Other labs can perform testing on ticks, including:
  • Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

Do All Ticks Carry Disease

Types of ticks that carry Lyme disease

Although there is a good number of ticks that carry disease, not all of them do. The tick most commonly associated with Lyme disease, for example, is the blacklegged tick. But even though this type of tick often spreads Lyme disease, that doesnt mean the entire population has the bacteria.

But heres the thing: its impossible to tell if the tick you found on your body is infected or not just by looking at it. And with the long-term health effects of Lyme disease, you wont want to take any chances. Thats why, if you find a tick on you after being outdoors, you need to know how to remove it safely and how to submit it to the proper medical authorities for testing to help diagnose a potential case of Lyme disease.

Image by on : How do you preserve ticks for testing?

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Where To Send A Tick For Lyme Testing

TickCheck can determine with 99.99% accuracy if the tick that bit you carries Lyme or 10 additional tick-borne diseases. Heres how it works: Order a tick test on Send your tick directly to our lab no waiting for a kit! Get your tick test results within 24-48 business hours of lab receipt.

Lyme and tick-borne disease is often misdiagnosed. As a result, the opportunity for early treatment is missed. Therefore, we offer laboratory tick testing services delivering the earliest detection of disease exposure. Order a Universal Tick Test and receive a comprehensive evaluation regarding your risk.

The Pennsylvania Tick Research Lab can analyze your tick, testing for tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Order your test online and learn whether youre at risk before symptoms appear. . Send us your tick. Mail your receipt and tick to our laboratory for testing. Get your test now. View .

For testing for neurological Lyme disease, you must send paired CSF and serum samples taken on the same day. If possible, please provide CSF.

If the tick was found on the animal it can be sent in for B. burgdorferi PCR. PCR for Anaplasma can be performed simultaneously if requested. If the tick was infected, early treatment can be considered. However, a tick must feed for at least 24 hours on an animal or.

What Are The Limitations To Testing Ticks For Diseases

  • If a tick tests positive for an infection, it does not mean that the tick passed the infection to the person it fed on.
  • If a tick tests negative for infection, it does not mean that the person it fed on will not get sick. The test may be wrong or there may be another tick that was not found.
  • Clinical decisions should not wait until tick results are available.

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How To Send A Tick In For Testing

How to send a tick in for testingLaboratories that conduct tick testing are not required to have the high standards of quality control used by clinical diagnostic laboratories. Results of tick testing should not be used for treatment decisions. Positive results showing that the tick contains a disease-causing organism do not necessarily mean that you have been infected.

East Stroudsburg University Tick Aid Kit

The Lyme-Aid Tick Testing Kit

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Autoantibody Tests Might Diagnose Lyme Disease Sooner

For scientists and clinicians alike, one of the holy grails for successfully treating and curing Lyme disease is developing tests that identify the disease sooner, show when people are cured of infection, and can diagnose reinfection.

Now, researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine say they have identified just such a testing mechanism. It detects a type of antibody that infected individuals produce against a substance the Lyme bacteria acquires from the host in order to grow.

How To Mail Your Tick:

We test Blacklegged Deer and Western Deer ticks in all sorts of conditions both nymphs and adults. Simply place your order and follow the instructions that will be emailed to you upon successful placement of the order.

Simply place the tick in a tightly sealed Zip-Lock bag with the order number written on the bag with permanent marker, then mail it to us here in Loudoun County, Virginia!Additional information on exactly how and where to mail the ticks to, will be emailed to you once you have placed your order.

IMPORTANT! Since COVID-19, we have been working with a very limited staff and on average receive anywhere between 20 to 50 or more ticks daily. Any ticks that we receive that do NOT have an Order Number on it will be Discarded or returned to sender.

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How To Remove A Tick

  • Use clean, fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skins surface as possible.
  • Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Dont twist or jerk the tick this can cause the mouth-parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth-parts with tweezers. If you cannot remove the mouth easily with tweezers, leave it alone and let the skin heal.
  • After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
  • Never crush a tick with your fingers. Dispose of a live tick by
  • Putting it in alcohol,
  • Placing it in a sealed bag/container,
  • Wrapping it tightly in tape, or
  • Flushing it down the toilet.
  • The Tick Lab Does Not Offer Medical Advice

    Lyme Disease Is On The Rise Again. Here

    Understanding the results of your tick testThe testing of tick samples is intended to provide information on ticks in Maine and is not intended to be used in human health assessment or to be interpreted as a medical diagnosis. The Tick Lab tests ticks only and does not provide testing for human or animal samples. If you have been bitten by a tick, do not wait until tick testing results are available to consult with your doctor.

    If a tick tests positive for an infection, it does not mean that the tick passed the infection to the person it fed upon. If a tick tests negative for infection, it does not mean that the person it fed upon is not at risk.

    For more information on the details of our testing program please view our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Policies and Procedures page.

    Contact us at .

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