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How A Bee Sting Saved My Life: Poison As Medicine

Bee venom therapy for Lyme disease treatment

Ellie Lobel was ready to die. Then she was attacked by bees. Christie Wilcox hears how venom can be a saviour.

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I moved to California to die.

Ellie Lobel was 27 when she was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease. And she was not yet 45 when she decided to give up fighting for survival.

Caused by corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, which enter the body through the bite of a tick, Lyme disease is diagnosed in around 300,000 people every year in the United States. It kills almost none of these people, and is by and large curable if caught in time. If doctors correctly identify the cause of the illness early on, antibiotics can wipe out the bacteria quickly before they spread through the heart, joints and nervous system.

But back in the spring of 1996, Ellie didnt know to look for the characteristic bulls-eye rash when she was bitten she thought it was just a weird spider bite. Then came three months with flu-like symptoms and horrible pains that moved around the body. Ellie was a fit, active woman with three kids, but her body did not know how to handle this new invader. She was incapacitated. It was all I could do to get my head up off the pillow, Ellie remembers.

After fifteen years, she gave up.

So she packed up everything and moved to California to die. And she almost did.

Less than a week after moving, Ellie was attacked by a swarm of Africanised bees.

How Bvt In Lyme Could Help

Most of the research on BVT is done in laboratory animal studies. These non-Lyme disease studies show BVT

  • lowers activation of NF-kB which is a cellular messenger that triggers cytokine production.

Inflammation cytokines, created by the immune system attacking Lyme, cause most of the Lyme symptoms. So lowering them could help a person significantly. These non-Lyme animal studies may indicate what happens in humans however, the effect in humans may not be the same.

To read more about these cytokines and ways to lower them see Control Cytokines: A Guide to Fix Lyme Symptoms & The Immune System.

There is only one study about Lyme and BVT. In this study Lyme researcher Eva Sapi, PhD, carried out modified petri dish experiments in her lab. She found that one BVT component called melittin and whole bee venom both

  • reduce Lyme biofilms,
  • kill spirochetes, and
  • kill round bodies .

So it is possible one other benefit of BVT is that it is an antimicrobial that can treat regular lyme and persister Lyme. And BVT could remove Lyme biofilms that block treatment. One word of caution here – it is very possible that this laboratory result does not correctly predict what happens in living people.

Read more about biofilms and effective treatment options in Biofilms: Lyme Disease Gated Communities. Read more about antimicrobial strategies for Lyme in A Lyme Disease Antibiotic Guide. Read more about persister Lyme and possible treatment approaches in How to Treat Persister Lyme. What Works?

Essential Oils From Garlic And Other Herbs Kill Persister Lyme Disease Bacteria

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Oils from garlic and several other common herbs and medicinal plants show strong activity against the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, according to a new study.

Oils from garlic and several other common herbs and medicinal plants show strong activity against the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. These oils may be especially useful in alleviating Lyme symptoms that persist despite standard antibiotic treatment, the study also suggests.

The study, published October 16 in the journal Antibiotics, included lab-dish tests of 35 essential oils oils that are pressed from plants or their fruits and contain the plants main fragrance, or essence. The Bloomberg School researchers found that 10 of these, including oils from garlic cloves, myrrh trees, thyme leaves, cinnamon bark, allspice berries and cumin seeds, showed strong killing activity against dormant and slow-growing persister forms of the Lyme disease bacterium.

We found that these essential oils were even better at killing the persister forms of Lyme bacteria than standard Lyme antibiotics, says study senior author Ying Zhang, MD, PhD, professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Bloomberg School.

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Lyme Disease Sufferer Claims Bee Stings Help Control Her Symptoms

A woman with Lyme disease has claimed being stung by bees helps ease her symptoms.

Ingrid Watt, 36, who grew up in Orkney and now lives in Inverness, believes she has had the disease, which be transmitted to humans by tick bites, since she was 18.

Underlying health problems became worse five years ago and included reoccurring shingles and neurological issues.

She believes properties in the bee venom help control her Lyme disease.

The treatment is controversial and is unproven by evidence-based medicine.

Some experts have expressed concerns about the practice and warned of potential side-effects, such as anaphylaxis.

Avoid Arginine Take Lysine Moxa

Apitherapy News: Using Bee Venom as a Treatment for Lyme Disease

I was plagued with shingles for years until I found out that I really had Lyme Disease with herpes 6 as one of the coinfections. Finally doing well with a few small outbreaks here and there if I eat foods with too much arginine and dont take enough lysine to compensate. Two grams of lysine 3x per day is as effective as Rx to supress the virus. Also, I notice a difference in my tendons, they make a clicking sound as if they are too tight, just before an outbreak. If I up the dose Lysine at the first click, no rash develops. Moxa is very effective in halting the outbreak of rash and stopping the itch/pain instantly heat the area with a moxa stick to a zing sensation 3 times for instant relief. Search: Canadian Lyme Assoc Symptoms and arginine foods. All my fave foods were loaded with arginine. Good luck!

How and where did you get this specific of testing done? I cant find a Dr.willing to test my mother for anything this investigative/ detailed. Thanks

Bee Venom

Hi everyone, I just want to share with you an information about the bee venom and Lyme disease. The Bee venom contains a peptide called Melittin and this peptide has shown to have a very potent antimicrobial activity against Borrelia. spp as well as Candida spp and mycobacteria spp. I dont know if there is a remedy using the bee venom but it seems promising as an alternative for the sufferer with Lyme disease.

I hope this post helps someone else as it helps me.

God bless

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How Herbal Supplements Can Help

The best way to gain the level of phytochemical protection you need to help your immune system win the internal battle against invasive microbes is to take herbal supplements specifically, standardized botanical extracts.

Standardized botanical extracts take herbal supplements to the next level. Theyre made with wild plants or plants that have been cultivated to enhance their phytochemical content and are grown in an environment that doesnt introduce unwanted chemical toxins. The extraction process also yields the greatest concentration and the widest spectrum of phytochemicals in the plant. And the final product is standardized to a concentration of one or several key phytochemicals in the plant, so you know what youre getting.

Below are a few of my favorite herbs for mitigating the systemic chronic inflammation associated with chronic Lyme disease. Though all of the herbs have value in suppressing microbes and reducing inflammation, three of the herbs mentioned below Japanese knotweed, cats claw, and Chinese skullcap were found in a 2020 study from Johns Hopkins University to have greater activity against Borrelia burgdorferi than the antibiotics, doxycycline and azithromycin.

Subculture Studies To Confirm The Activity Of The Top Natural Product Hits

For the subculture study, 1 mL B. burgdorferi stationary phase culture was treated by natural products or control drugs in 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes for 7 days at 33°C without shaking. Next, cells were centrifuged, and cell pellets were washed with fresh BSK-H medium followed by resuspension in fresh BSK-H medium without antibiotics. Then 50 l of cell suspension was inoculated into 1 ml of fresh BSK-H medium for subculture at 33°C, 5% CO2. Cell growth was monitored using SYBR Green I/PI assay and fluorescence microscopy after 720 days.

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Brooke Geahan Backs Up The Healing Power Of Bee Venom With Science

The Heal Hive Q & A

Brooke Geahan, founder of The Heal Hive, talks to us about how she healed herself from debilitating chronic illness and Lyme disease, using bee venom therapy. She answers all of bee venom therapy related questions explaining how it works, how effective it is at healing chronic illness, its science backed benefits, how long it takes to heal and even its incredible anti-aging benefits.

Brooke, can you tell us a bit about The Heal Hive?

The Heal Hive is an online educational platform that teaches those with tick-borne diseases and chronic fatigue, how to heal using bee venom therapy through online courses, comprehensive lab testing, whilst being taught by experienced health and wellness professionals.

The Heal Hive practitioners include a Lyme-literate M.D., a nurse, a psychologist, social worker, physical therapist and Apitherapists .

We combine western medicine with the traditional healing method of bee venom therapy.

How did you get into bee venom therapy?

It took over three months to become properly diagnosed with both late stage as well as a new infection of Lyme disease, Babesia and Bartonella. The doctors at first dismissed Lyme disease as I had gotten on antibiotics immediately after the bite. Firstly, Babesia is a parasitical infection and can be very dangerous, it doesnt go away from antibiotics. Secondly, what I didnt know at first is that I became so very sick so quickly, despite antibiotics as I had already been exposed to Lyme disease.

Stinging Away Lyme Disease With Bee Venom Therapy

Treating Lyme Disease with Bee Venom Therapy

Three-hundred-thousand people are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year. Usually caused by a tick bite, it can impact people physically, mentally, and neurologically. If diagnosed early, antibiotics will wipe out the bacteria left behind in the blood before it spreads through the heart, joints and nervous system. Now, some patients are turning to bees to take the sting out of this painful and debilitating disease.

One sting after another after another.

These days, Adriana Furey stings herself with ten live honeybees three times a week to get relief from the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease. Before

For months and years at a time in a dark room, really unable to pick my head up off the pillow, Adriana Furey recalled.

Adriana and her mother talked with 75 different doctors, tried antibiotics, immunotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen and herbal treatments. Nothing worked until bee venom therapy, or BVT. Ellie Lobel, a nuclear physicist, literally stumbled across the treatment by accident.

I was attacked by killer bees, Ellie Lobel shared.

But days after surviving the surprise bee attack her symptoms started disappearing. Ellie spent the next several years researching BVT and found it kills the bacteria that causes Lymes most debilitating symptomsbut according to Ellie, it only works if taken directly from the bee.

The devils in the dosing right, is what they say. So not enough, wont heal you, but too much can kill you, Lobel revealed.

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Herbs For Lyme Disease Treatment

Herbs have been used as a medicinal treatment for thousands of years. Many people have turned to herbal remedies to help provide relief from Lyme disease when antibiotics didn’t completely help eliminate symptoms.

One research study found that a combination of doxycycline and baicalein provides additional healing benefits. According to a 2020 laboratory study, seven herbal medicines have been shown to kill B. burgdorferi in test tubes:

Garlic has antibacterial effects and may help prevent tick bites. One study determined that people who took garlic supplements reported fewer tick bites than the placebo group. Garlic essential oil has been shown to eliminate the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

Garlic can interact with certain medications, so speak with your healthcare provider before using it to prevent or treat Lyme disease.

Steviaa natural sweetener and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plantmay be effective in treating Lyme disease. A study published in the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology discovered that stevia extracts are more effective in killing Lyme disease bacterium in the lab than the standard antibiotics.

Unscientific Treatments May Leave Real Lyme Disease Untreated

In almost all Chronic Lyme cases, Lyme infection was not the source of the patients problem in the first place. But if the patient did have Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness, pseudoscientific treatments like herbs and supplements likely wouldnt cure the easily curable infection.

Lyme disease rarely remains untreated. However, an interesting 2011 report described a 71-year old woman who knew she had Lyme disease but refused antibiotic treatment. Instead, she chose acupuncture and homeopathy, which dont work for any condition.

The woman had typical symptoms of Lyme disease, including the characteristic rash, which progressed to Lyme arthritis. Four years after her initial infection, the woman finally accepted antibiotic treatment and was quickly cured of the arthritis which had been bothering her. The effective treatment was per the science-based guidelines: 30 days of doxycycline.

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Holly Owens On Bee Venom Therapy And Lyme Disease

Today, we welcome Holly Owens to the pod. You may know Holly from Wellthy Belly, a wellness Instagram account that has amassed a significant following due to Hollys innate ability to share her experience and knowledge in a way that is relatable and authentic.

Holly has had plenty of direct experience with health challenges. After realizing that her body was struggling and that there was something wrong, she turned to all manner of doctors from functional, to naturopaths, to gastrologists to help her identify the root issue. Eventually, an integrative doctor diagnosed her with Lyme Disease. After considering multiple treatment paths, she opted for Bee Venom Therapy and for the next two years, began to sting herself with bees to help heal herself.

BVT is a treatment that simultaneously flies under the radar but, as Holly explains, is also surprisingly accessible all over the globe. Its also not relegated to only healing Lyme Disease as there are a number of conditions such as arthritis, MS, and Parkinsons that are also aided by Bee Venom Therapy.

Holly and Nikki also chat about the side effects of choosing a non-traditional healing path and strategies to help you navigate conversations with family and friends. They also chat about the commitment and sacrifice that comes with healing paths that require more of a slow build approach over a quick fix.

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Exploring Bee Venom Therapy

Holly Owens on Bee Venom Therapy and Lyme Disease

Thats when I read about Ellie Lobels story and Dr Klinghardts success with bee venom and started considering Bee Venom Therapy. It has anti microbial effects proven to be effective against the Lyme disease bacteria. I didnt like the idea of killing bees and I didnt know who to get bees to sting with in the first place . I couldnt get to the only bee venom therapy course in the UK or even contemplate managing a full day out of the house. So I approached my local BKA and to begin with, they supplied the bees so that I could begin the protocol endorsed by Ellie Lobel. I wasnt consulting a private doctor at this point and my GP was not supportive, with the Lyme diagnosis or any kind of treatment. In fact, they consider what Im doing to be self-harming with live bees. I have the distinct impression theyd like to lock me up.

The initial test sting was hard. Im allergic to bees and have histamine intolerance, so the possibility of going into anaphylaxis was relatively high. My throat did become tight and I had difficulty breathing for a few minutes. Slightly scary, more so for Lee. I was almost beyond caring, Id reached the point of last resort and no return. I had the precautionary alcohol free Benadryl on one side and EpiPens on the other . Lee had been primed to tip the Benadryl down my throat and then inject me if anything went wrong. It didnt. I was fine. I herxed like crazy that night- sweats, shaking, nausea and dizziness, but no anaphylaxis.

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Lyme Disease Natural Treatment

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. It was discovered in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975 where a number of children that had Juvenile Arthritis were found to have this bacteria in their bodies. The bacteria comes from the bite of infected deer ticks. The symptoms of Lyme disease includea bullseye rash, fever, stiff neck, headache, joint pain, and fatigue. Later in the disease there can be problems with thinking and memory. If left untreated, the disease can be disabling. The usual treatment is antibiotics for a number of weeks. If your doctor gives the okay, lyme disease natural treatment can be used along with antibiotics to help the body heal faster. This article explores how to cure Lyme disease naturally.

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Essential Oils For Lyme Disease

It is believed that many essential oils have antimicrobial activities, and some people with persistent Lyme disease symptoms have turned to essential oils to help reduce symptoms of the disease.

Researchers tested 34 essential oils against B. burgdorferi in the lab and found cinnamon bark, clove bud, citronella, wintergreen, and oregano show strong activity against the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, even more effectively than daptomycin, the gold standard antibiotic many people with Lyme disease are prescribed.

These results indicate that essential oils show promise as treatments for persistent Lyme disease, but clinical trials are needed in order to show their effectiveness in humans.

When used properly, most essential oils are safe and free of adverse side effects. However, it is important to use them carefully. They can irritate the skin if not properly diluted, and some should not be taken internally.

Purchase high-quality essential oils that go through testing to ensure the product is safe to use. Follow the usage and dilution instructions on the label carefully. Talk with your healthcare professional before using essential oils to avoid drug interactions with any medications you are taking.

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