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Best Rife Machine For Lyme


History Of Rife Machine

Rife Machines and Lyme Disease

American scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented it in the 1920s. The machine produced very low energy waves, also known as radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Rife based his ideas on the work of another scientist, Albert Abrams, who believed diseases gave off electromagnetic frequencies.

Rife thought bacteria were behind many diseases like cancer. He created a microscope to see them, and claimed his Rife Frequency Generator could spot and get rid of cancer by tuning into its electrical impulses. The American Medical Association condemned Rife’s experiments.

That didnât stop some marketers from promoting the machine starting during the 1990s. The American Cancer Society soon debunked their claims with a published study. The paper said that while sound waves can produce vibrations that break glass, the waves from a Rife generator were too weak to destroy bacteria.

Over the years, some owners of health clinics that promote Rife-like machines have been sued and convicted of fraud.

How Much Does A Rife Machine Cost

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You may have heard about Rife machine, or the miraculous recovery of 16 cancer patients in 1934. Rife machine could not only help with serious diseases like cancer, but they also maintain your daily health.

Why do only a few people have a Rife machine?Money.

Rife machines are generally expensive. A common Rife generator can cost over $2,000. More advanced ones can cost much more. Not many people can afford these machines.

We wanted to give the world a Rife machine that everyone can easily afford. So Spooky2 was born. It is the most highly advanced and versatile Rife machine in the world. Spooky2 was developed over the past 6 years by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners. All determined to eliminate disease.

We charge nothing for the Spooky2 software. It has the largest database in the world, and it continues to grow. You can download Spooky2 software and use it for your own research. You dont even need to spend any money.

Spooky2 can get you started on Rifing for only $331.19. For this price, you can do all three effective transmission modes, which are contact, remote, and cold laser. You will also be able to perform biofeedback scans on your body, to discover the frequencies your body needs to get well.

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How Lyme Disease Is Diagnosed

One thing that makes Lyme disease so frustrating is that its diagnosis is not simple. You may be asked if you saw a tick, and if not, your concerns may be dismissed. On the other hand, if you saw a tick and removed it right away, your concerns may also be dismissed because many experts believe the tick has to remain attached for at least thirty-six hours to transmit the bacteria. But if a tick has already partially fed elsewhere, it may be able to infect you in less than thirty-six hours . Be aware that there are other tick-borne diseases, and some can be transmitted in as little as fifteen minutes, as discussed in the conventional treatments section of this article.

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How To Detoxify Using Rife Frequencies

The rage in home health care these days is all about detoxifying. And for good reason! We all are accumulating toxins every day just by existing on our planet in it’s current state. We attain them from the food we eat, the air we breathe, even the water we drink. Throw in an unhealthy habit like smoking or cocktails at five and also your poor body is being absolutely bombarded by troublesome toxins.

The way our bodies naturally acquire rid of toxins is by sweating and urinating. Athletes who have few unhealthy habits along with are out there running ever day as well as drinking lots of purified water may be doing a decent job of keeping their toxin levels down naturally. The rest of us need to do something about it before our immune system becomes so bogged down by them that it allows our body to break down at some weak link – possibly contracting a nasty disease of some type.

If you do not remove all the toxins you accumulate today, they stick around along with tomorrow’s toxins just build on top of them. It doesn’t take very long before you are accumulating them at an alarming rate. This can result in very serious health problems. That’s why you are starting to see so a large number of detoxification products being sold on late night television commercials.

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Diet And Supplements For Lyme Disease

The Ultimate Rife Machine

There is no evidence that specific nutritional strategies are helpful in Lyme disease, but it would seem wise to support the immune system as much as possible to help the body fight the infection. Not every tick bite results in a Lyme infection. You might have immunity to tick saliva from previous exposure, and your immune cells may be able to mount a response on the spot that keeps the tick from being able to transmit bacteria. Unfortunately, ticks have evolved devious mechanisms to suppress immune responses in human skin so that they can feed unhindered .

Do all the things you normally do to support your immune systemthis includes getting plenty of sleep, eating a varied whole-foods diet, and taking a multivitamin that provides at least 100 percent of the Daily Value for vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc, iron, and selenium. Omega-3 fats are also immune-supporting good sources are seafood, flax, walnuts, chia, and fish oil . You can find additional information about nutritional support for immunity in our articles on vitamin C and vitamin D.

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The Best Rife Machine Technology

Since 1939, when Dr. Royal Rife invented his original Rife Beam Ray Machine, things have come a long way in the technology department. We’ve also aquired a great deal og information about frequencies and also their effects on health. For instance, because of cell phone cancer research, we now know that RF frequencies are highly dangerous to humans.

Many people in the Rife Machine field are confused and mislead by the concept of RF frequencies with Rife generators. The RF frequency was ONLY required to run the beam ray tube as well as had absolutely NO part of the resonance healing process. The frequencies that do all of the work in a Rife Machine are all in the audio range. These audio frequencies were modulated on to the RF frequency for the tube, so the tube would work. Back then, transistors were’nt even invented yet. Rife did a brilliant job and also if he were here today, he would be doing things exactly like bztronics.

Quote Dr. G. Wilson, who worked with Royal Rife himself ” I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software.”

There was a stage where handheld electrodes were used to put audio frequencies into the body. These systems are dangerous, because of the short along with long term effects on the heart from running electricity through it. Despite that, they still sell them, because they do work.

Rife Machine Success Stories And Testimonials

Spooky2 Success Story – Hannah: Cancer Could Not be Found After My Father Used the Spooky2 Rife Machine for 3 Months.

My Father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The cancer was spread throughout his entire digestive tract. In the stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

He decided to avoid chemo/radiations and went the natural route. He used the Spooky2 Rife machine for 3 months and when he was tested again the cancer could not be found.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the Spooky2 Rife machine!!!!

Spooky2 Success Story – Barry Novis: Bladder Cancer Recovery Using Spooky2 Rife Machine

This Bladder Cancer recovery success story is shared by our Spooky2 user Barry Novis. He lived in Australia and has been a professional artist for 20 years. In early 2016, he was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. When he learned he had cancer, he began posting about alternatives, which prompted a Facebook friend to tell him about Royal Rife and Spooky2. After he did more researches, he made the choice to try Spooky2.

In January 2018 he had a major breakthrough: his blood and urine tests started to come back clear and have remained clear ever since. So now, in July 2018, his cancer appears to be in remission.

He says that it’s probably the smartest decision he has ever made in his life. It has actually SAVED his life!

Spooky2 Success Story – Jim Adlington: Get Rid of Lyme Disease Successfully Using Spooky2

Spooky2 Success Story – A Miraculous Recovery Using Spooky2 Plasma

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Genomic Insights From Borreliaceae Lineages

Between 1982 and 2010, the B. burgdorferi species complex, known as B. burgdorferi sensu lato, steadily expanded from 1 to 18 species as isolates from tick vectors, their hosts, and patient samples were characterized . A subset of these species are associated with human disease. B. burgdorferi sensu stricto in the USA, as well as B. afzelii and B. garinii in Eurasia are the most common agents of LD in the Northern hemisphere. Cases of LD in Europe are also caused by Bb and B. bavariensis , but are less common. B. spielmanii , B. bisettiae , and B. lusitaniae have been identified in human specimens but their clinical importance is less clear. B. valaisiana has been identified in human specimens , but others have recently provided compelling reasons why existing evidence does not support it being considered a human pathogen . Additional species have been identified in tick vectors or their hosts, but not in patient samples.

How You Have It

Lyme Disease and RIFE Machines – Can they Help?

The Rife machine delivers the low energy electrical energy usually through your hands or feet. This might be electrical pads that you put on either your feet or hands or hand held plasma tubes. These attach to the machine, which produces electrical impulses. You use it for a few minutes a day, several times a week.

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Rife Machine Lyme Disease Information

Rife Machine Lyme Disease Tips

Lyme disease is like an invisible plague. You will sometimes be one of plenty of who is dealing with it while a number of exams show no indication of the disease. As conventional antibiotic treatments frequently fail you will sometimes want to take within consideration the usage of a Rife Machine for Lyme.

But just what is a “Rife Machine”? And how does a rife machine support Lyme disease?

A Rife Machine is a unique electromagnetic tool which utilizes specific frequencies to devitalize the pathogenic micro-organisms that cause Lyme disease.

Royal Raymond Rife established this historical technology in the 1930’s following his innovation of the Universal Microscope which enabled him to watch both bacterias and also also viruses in a living state with his microscope.

However Rife failed to commercialize his “Rife technology” and most of the working concepts were lost to history until just recently.

Kinds of modern “Rife Machines” for Lyme disease:

Since Royal Rife never effectively commercialized a Rife Machine any modern machine that declares to be a “Rife Machine” is being at least somewhat misleading. While a device might be made based upon certain concepts that relate to exactly what Royal Rife was doing in his research there is no direct link in lineage of any of these machines to the actual machines that Royal Rife developed in the 1930’s.

– by Joshua Parker

Lyme And Rife Research

Lyme and Rife therapy – Rife machine technology has not been proven in clinical trials. It has gained popularity thru Lyme Disease sufferers’ referrals. If you do decide that Lyme and Rife healing is a viable option you may want to try first with a practitioner or purchase a rife device that has a return policy where you can try the unit for a nominal fee.

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Looking How To Buy The Best Rife Machine Does Anyone Manufacture A Rife Machine Like Royal Rifes Unit

Keep in mind that no one today makes a Rife Frequency Machine like Royal Rifes machine. His unit would flash for milliseconds to ½ minute and kill whatever specimen he had in the field. His machine could be detected miles away due to the radio carrier waves. The FCC would not allow a machine like this in our modern day times with this radio interference.

  • Another reason modern day Rife machines are different from the original Rife machine is due to the evolution of modern day technology and the many advancements made to the technology. If Royal Rife were to be alive today we believe his Rife devices would not look like 1950s technology but would have advanced along with newer technologies.
  • A perfect example is with digital technology we are now able to use different wave types to deliver frequencies. Even his assistant changed Rifes original machine.

What To Do If You Find A Tick

The Ultimate Rife Machine by Rife Digital Ultimate. $531 ...

If you find a tick, use fine tweezers, grasp it close to the skin, try not to squeeze the tick bodywhich would help inject its contents into its victimand pull straight out. Twisting the tick while removing is not recommended. Clean the skin and your hands with soap and water or rubbing alcohol .

You can have a tick tested for pathogens at TickCheck or TickEncounter or other labs. The Bay Area Lyme Foundation offers advice on when, how, and where to have a tick tested. Even if it is not known whether the tick carries any pathogens, if it is an Ixodes tick and was attached for long enough to transmit pathogens , preventative treatment with antibiotics may be warranted, so call your doctor. There are varying opinions as to what that treatment should consist of, from a single dose of doxycycline to twenty days of doxycycline .

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Conventional Treatment Options For Lyme Disease

If you were bitten by a tick and you have either a rash or flulike symptoms, you will likely be prescribed antibiotics, which are usually effective in treating the infection. On the other hand, there is not yet a clear understanding of or treatment for PTLDS. It is not generally accepted that antibiotics are helpful in PTLDS.

A Vaccine Against Lyme Disease

There is currently no vaccine for Lyme disease, although there was one, LymeRix, that was approved by the FDA in 1998 and used in the US for about four years. A major reason contributing to its withdrawal from the market was that anti-Lyme vaccine groups claimed that it was causing Lyme arthritis and mounted class-action lawsuits. This claim was proven to be unfounded, but the bad publicity and poor sales led the manufacturer to discontinue the vaccine .

We finally have the possibility of a new vaccine: A phase 2 study of healthy people is currently testing a vaccine developed by Valneva Austria GmbH. Dont worry: They arent testing the efficacy of the vaccine by also trying to infect people with Lyme. To see if a person has responded to the vaccine, researchers will take a blood sample and test for antibodies to the Lyme spirochete. There are several trial locations in the US, Germany, and Belgium.

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Symptoms Of Post Treatment Lyme Disease

  • Include severe fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, & cognitive problems
  • Can significantly impact patients health and quality of life
  • Can be debilitating and prolonged

Our research indicates the chronic symptom burden related to PTLD is significant. Although often invisible to others, the negative impact on quality of life and daily functioning is substantial for PTLD sufferers.

The chronic symptom burden related to Lyme disease is considerable, as shown on the left side of the graph above, and statistically significantly greater than the aches and pains of daily living experienced by the control group, on the right.

Potential Treatment For Lyme Disease Kills Bacteria That May Cause Lingering Symptoms Study Finds

About Rife Machine Treatments for Lyme Disease

Screening thousands of drugs, Stanford scientists determined that in mice, azlocillin, an antibiotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration, eliminated the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Deer ticks are vectors of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.Scott Bauer/USDA Agricultural Research Service

For decades, the routine treatment for Lyme disease has been standard antibiotics, which usually kill off the infection. But for up to 20% of people with the tick-borne illness, the antibiotics dont work, and lingering symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue and cognitive impairment can continue for years sometimes indefinitely.

A new Stanford Medicine study in lab dishes and mice provides evidence that the drug azlocillin completely kills off the disease-causing bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi at the onset of the illness. The study suggests it could also be effective for treating patients infected with drug-tolerant bacteria that may cause lingering symptoms.

This compound is just amazing, said Jayakumar Rajadas, PhD, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery Laboratory at the Stanford School of Medicine. It clears the infection without a lot of side effects. We are hoping to repurpose it as an oral treatment for Lyme disease. Rajadas is the senior author of the study, which was published online March 2 in Scientific Reports. The lead author is research associate Venkata Raveendra Pothineni, PhD.

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Transmission Of Bb Via Ixodes Spp Vectors

The black-legged ticks, Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus on the West Coast, are the primary vectors of Bb in the USA. In endemic areas, the proportion of Ixodes spp. ticks infected with Bb can be remarkably high. One recent survey of the pathogen burden of 197 Ixodes scapularis ticks collected from New York and Connecticut where LD is endemic, revealed 111 ticks were infected with Bb and 37 were co-infected with more than one human pathogen . The high pathogen burden is consistent with previous tick surveys in the same region . In contrast, the percent of infected ticks in other regions of the USA is much lower. In recently published surveys across California, for example, fewer than 5% of Ixodes spp. ticks were infected . Ixodes ticks sometimes carry multiple strains of Bb that may impact the course of disease in people that are co-infected. One tick survey showed that 39% of Ixodes ticks in North America are infected with multiple genotypes of Bb .