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Can Dogs Get Rid Of Lyme Disease

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Where Are Ticks With Lyme Disease Commonly Found

Pet Talk: How to prevent lyme disease in dogs

We mentioned earlier that only certain types of ticks carry Lyme disease. If you live in certain regions, you may not have to worry much about Lyme disease. The ticks that most often spread Lyme disease are known as blacklegged ticks or deer ticks. The western blacklegged tick can also spread Lyme.

Here are the regions where ticks are most commonly found in the United States2:

  • The Northeast
  • The Upper Midwest
  • The Pacific Coast

Blacklegged ticks are typically found in the northeast part of the United States as well as the northern part of the central United States and the mid-Atlantic region. Western blacklegged ticks are typically found on the Pacific Coast, which means there are ticks in several US regions that can spread Lyme disease.

Even if a tick cant spread Lyme disease, it may be carrying other diseases. Plus, tick bites can cause skin irritation in dogs, so treating your dog for fleas and ticks is an important part of keeping them healthy.

Does Treatment Immediately After A Tick Bite Negate Signs Of Early Infection

Not every tick carries B. burgdorferi. The infection rate of ticks also varies with geographic region. Therefore, treatment should not be performed based on a tick bite alone. If the tick was found on the animal it can be sent in for B. burgdorferi PCR. PCR for Anaplasma can be performed simultaneously if requested. If the tick was infected, early treatment can be considered. However, a tick must feed for at least 24 hours on an animal or human for B. burgdorferi transmission to occur. Only a serological test will confirm whether transmission of B. burgdorferi occurred and the animal was infected. Antibodies can be detected in infected animals as early as 3-4 weeks after infection. Lyme Multiplex testing is recommended after that time. Treatment can be initiated immediately afterwards if antibody levels are positive. Treatment during this early infection phase is generally very effective.

Lyme Disease In Dogs: Symptoms And Treatment

Reviewed and updated on April 14, 2020 by Rania Gollakner, DVM

Lyme disease in dogs is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in the world, but it only causes symptoms in 5-10% of affected dogs. So some dogs may have it, but never show symptoms.

Transmission of Lyme disease has been reported in dogs throughout the United States and Europe, but its most prevalent in the upper Midwestern states, the Atlantic seaboard and the Pacific coastal states.

However, the disease is spreading and becoming more common throughout the United States. Heres some info about the causes and prevention of Lyme disease, as well as the symptoms you should look for and treatment options.

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How Is The Lyme Multiplex Assay Different From The Assay My Veterinarian Can Perform

Your veterinarian can perform a quick assay in-house that checks for antibodies against only one B. burgdorferi surface protein. The in-house assay cannot detect early infection, cannot determine vaccination status, and does not quantify the amount of antibodies your animal is producing. Quantifying antibodies is an important measure for successful treatment and to confirm cure from Lyme disease.

Little Hope Of Improvement

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Theres currently no plan for getting rid of the ticks for good, and it wouldnt be an easy task either. The little parasites are quite robust and can survive a cycle in the washing machine as well as time in the freezer. If you have a tick bite, make sure your encephalitis vaccination is up-to-date.

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Arthritis Caused By Lyme Disease

There are many causes for arthritis, and your veterinarian will focus on differentiating arthritis initiated by Lyme disease from other inflammatory arthritic disorders, such as trauma and degenerative joint disease.

Immune-mediated diseases will also be considered as a possible cause of the symptoms. X-rays of the painful joints will allow your doctor to examine the bones for abnormalities.

Cause Of Lyme Disease In Dogs

Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and transmitted through a tick bite. A tick becomes infected with the bacteria when feeding on infected mice or other small animals. The tick then spreads the bacteria when biting other animals. It takes one to two days for an attached tick to transmit the bacteria to the host. Because of this, prompt removal of ticks is essential to prevent the spread of Lyme disease.

There are four species of ticks known to transmit Lyme disease, but most infections are caused by the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick . This tiny tick is often found in tall grasses, bushes, and wooded areas. Upon sensing a host, the tick jumps on the animal and attaches its mouthparts to begin its blood meal. These ticks are most active in spring and fall but can be seen any time of year.

Lyme disease is not transmitted directly between animals or humans a tick bite is required to transmit the disease. However, ticks can enter the home on pets and jump onto humans or other pets in the home.

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Natural Solutions For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is spread through the bite of one of several types of ticks. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash that looks like a red bulls-eye. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system.

Typically, a diagnosis of Lyme Disease means rounds and rounds of strong antibiotics which kill of the good gut bacteria which are a major contributor to a healthy immune system.

However, I have found it is nothing more difficult for the body to eliminate than any other stressor such as heavy metals, and it does not have to be a scary chronic condition. In fact, often the reason people cannot get over their Lyme infection completely is BECAUSE they have heavy metals or other toxicity suppressing their immune system. Once those are removed it is quite easy for the immune system to get rid of the infection.

Lyme seems to have both a bacterial and a parasitic component, and antibiotics only address the bacteria portion. When I work with Lyme clients, we address both components, providing plenty of support for the lymphatic system to clean out all the junk, and clients start feeling better right away.

In clients with a history of Lyme , I find they generally do have a low level of Lyme remaining in their body due to other toxins being present. Within a few months of being on their customized nutrition program the infection is able to go away completely.

Best Supplements To Kill Lyme And Everything Else You Ever Wanted To Know About Lyme Disease

How to protect dogs from Lyme disease?

May 2, 2018 by Michael EdwardsLast updated on: March 14, 2019

Lyme disease is grossly under-reported in the United States. Lyme cases have more than doubled since the 1990s. The number of counties that are now deemed high-risk for Lyme has increased by more than 320 percent. About 329,000 cases of Lyme disease occur every year according to the latest researcher from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious diseases in the US and in Western Europe. Public funding for this disease is still far below that of less common illnesses, receiving less than 2% of public funding for West Nile and 0.2% of funding for HIV/AIDS even though Lyme effects for more people, but fortunately, awareness is rapidly evolving.

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Can I Get Lyme Disease From My Dog

No. Although pets particularly dogs can contract Lyme disease, there is no evidence that they can spread the infection directly to people. However, pets can carry infected ticks into homes and yards increasing your chance of getting bitten.

Here are some ways to protect yourself when venturing into wooded hiking trails with your dog:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts and pants
  • Pull your socks over your pant legs to prevent ticks from crawling up your legs
  • Wear light-coloured clothes to identify ticks easier
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET
  • Shower within two hours of being outdoors to wash away loose ticks
  • Do daily full-body check for ticks on yourself, your children and your pets

How Can You Boost The Efficacy Of Antibiotics

Its important to establish new ways of treating bacterial infections because certain strains have been known to mutate to be antibiotic resistant. Recent research has shown that there are a few things a person can do boost the efficacy of antibiotics when being treated for Lyme disease.

One natural way to help antibiotics do their job is by ingesting maple syrup extract. A study found that the extract could dramatically increase the antibiotics ability to fight off infection. Other research found that cranberry extract could have the same potent effect by altering the mechanism that allows the bacteria to overpower the antibiotic.

Other research has found that certain non-antibiotic medications can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to improve their efficacy, though more study is needed in this area to confirm the claims.

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Symptoms Of Lyme Disease In Dogs

Dogs often carry Lyme disease without showing any symptoms at all . That said, other dogs can suffer from a range of painful symptoms. If your dog has contracted Lyme disease, they may show one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Lameness
  • Breathing difficulties

If your pooch is suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, contact your vet to book an examination.

If left untreated, the effects of Lyme disease in dogs can be serious or even life-threatening. Untreated the condition can lead to kidney failure, serious heart problems and neurological issues in dogs.

Eradication Of Lyme Disease

How To Get Rid Of Fleas &  Ticks with PetArmor #TickFreeFall

I hope that it will continue moving forward in development and will become the first therapeutic to treat Lyme disease, Lewis says. It will be very important to see whether treating with hygromycin A will diminish the probability of developing chronic Lyme.

But the plans go even further: Lewis team has also shown that feeding hygromycin-laced bait to mice can eliminate Borrelia burgdorferi infections. Theoretically at least, putting out such bait could eradicate Lyme disease from entire areas or even entire countries.

This idea is not entirely new: A field trial with doxycycline baits was successful. But widespread use of this drug for that purpose is undesirable because it could lead to many microbes developing antibiotic resistance. In the case of hygromycin, however, Lewis studies indicate that it is extremely difficult for Borrelia burgdorferi to develop a resistance.

The first field trial against Borrelia burgdorferi is scheduled to start next summer. And Lewis team is also investigating whether hygromycin A can treat other diseases caused by spirochetes, such as syphilis, which is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum.

This article was translated from German.

Ticks a plague for humans and animals alike

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How Can Lyme Disease Be Prevented

Tick control and prevention methods significantly reduce the likelihood of infection. Maintaining antibodies against B. burgdorferi through vaccination can further protect your animal. Antibody amounts and duration of vaccine antibodies can vary in individuals. Verifying your animals antibody response to vaccination helps to assure durable protection.

Can I Give My Dog Lyme Disease Or Vice Versa

You cant give your dog Lyme disease, nor can your dog infect you. However, if either one of you has a tick, you should both be checked out by a medical professional. Its entirely possible that the tick may have traveled from your body to your dogs, or vice versa, without you realizing it. If you have an open wound, there is alsoa slight chance that the bacteria from the tick can pass through it, so make sure to be extra vigilant to keep yourself safe in those cases.

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Azlocillin Comes Out On Top

The drug, which is not on the market, was tested in mouse models of Lyme disease at seven-day, 14-day and 21-day intervals and found to eliminate the infection. For the first time, azlocillinwas also shown to be effective in killing drug-tolerant forms of B. burgdorferi in lab dishes, indicating that it may work as a therapy for lingering symptoms of Lyme disease.

Pothineni and Rajadas have patented the compound for the treatment of Lyme disease and are working with a company to develop an oral form of the drug. Researchers plan to conduct a clinical trial.

Rajadas is also a professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California-San Francisco.

Other Stanford co-authors are Hari-Hara S. K. Potula, PhD, senior research scientist postdoctoral scholars Aditya Ambati, PhD, and Venkata Mallajosyula, PhD senior research scientist Mohammed Inayathullah, PhD and intern Mohamed Sohail Ahmed.

A researcher at Loyola College in India also contributed to the work.

The study was funded by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and Laurel STEM Fund.

  • Tracie White

Treatment Of Lyme Disease Rash In Dogs

Dog & Cat Diseases : How to Get Rid of Ticks on Dogs

Before attempting to treat the rash, the vet will first find out if its really associated with Lyme disease or not. If the pet is suffering from Lyme disease, the vet will prescribe certain antibiotics that contain penicillin to bring relief from the symptoms exhibited. Lyme disease cannot be treated in a few days. The dog will require a course of antibiotics and follow up vet checks. The vet will then adjust the medication as and when required.

The rash will subside once the vet prescribes antibiotics like doxycycline. If the rash gets worse or if the pet doesnt respond to the medication, you must get medical help to safeguard your dogs life.

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Port For Lyme Disease:

A Port, also known as a Porta-Cath, is a catheter and port inserted under the skin in the chest into the super vena cava . The Port procedure is very similar to that of a PICC line: a thin, flexible tube will be inserted into a large vein in the the chest, the tube will be threaded through the vein until it rests just above the heart, a technician will use a numbing agent so that there is no pain and the tube will be guided through the vein with the help of ultrasound and/or X-ray. A Port, like a PICC line, will sit above the heart and make for more effective distribution of antibiotics and nutrients, etc. Also like the PICC line, a Port can stay in for several weeks to several months without needing to be changed or taken out.

Each infusion with a Port will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half and can be done at your own home either on your own or via a visiting nurse. Otherwise, infusions will be done at a hospital infusion lab or doctors office. Ports require regular cleaning by a nurse, either in home or at a facility.

This procedure should be taken seriously and adequate discussion and caution should be used when considering a Port with your doctor. Ports are a good alternative to PICC lines when the patient has poor veins in the arms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dog Lyme Disease

As a pet parent, its your job to keep your dog tick-free and healthy. However, you cant always spot ticks on your dog, so its also important to know how to spot the symptoms of Lyme disease. Here are some of the symptoms you may notice with dog Lyme disease2:

  • Fever: Dogs with Lyme disease often present a mild fever, although its important to note that there are several other medical conditions that can cause a low-grade fever.
  • Loss of appetite: If youve noticed your dog has suddenly stopped eating, thats a sign that they may have Lyme or another similar medical condition.
  • Painful, irritated, or swollen joints: You may not notice this symptom until the later stages of chronic Lyme disease.
  • Swollen lymph nodes: You may also notice swollen lymph nodes in your dogs neck, chest, and groin area.
  • A lack of energy: Dogs who have Lyme disease typically lack energy, so you should take your dog to the vet if theyve been especially lazy.
  • Intermittent lameness: Lameness, or the inability to use one or more limbs, is another symptom that dogs with Lyme may experience.

While these symptoms are common in dogs with Lyme disease, its important to remember that symptoms vary from animal to animal. Some dogs may not show any signs of Lyme disease. If you suspect your dog has Lyme disease, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis. Your vet can help you determine if your dog has Lyme disease, dog dermatitis, or some other medical condition.

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Is My Dog At Risk Of Canine Lyme Disease

The short answer is a resounding yes. If you walk your dog in one of Torontos many wonderful series of wooded trail systems, you and your dog are susceptible. Canine Lyme Disease is the most common disease spread by ticks in the Toronto area, initiated by the bite of infected, Ixode scapularis, also known as Deer or Blacklegged ticks. While not all variations of ticks carry Lyme disease, populations of Blacklegged, Deer and American Dog ticks continue to expand in the GTA and other parts of Ontario.

Canine Lyme Disease Risk Assessment:
  • Have you seen or heard of ticks on people or pets in your area?
  • Is your dog likely to go into areas where ticks are found?
  • Do you live in an area with ticks and/or where there are cases of Lyme disease in animals or humans?
  • Are you likely to travel with your dog to areas where Lyme disease is present?
  • Have you forgotten to give monthly tick medication on time?
  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, protection against disease-carrying ticks a small, chewy and tasty treat for your dog is recommended.

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