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Herbal Tea For Lyme Disease

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Two Reset The Gut To Heal The Body

Herbs for Lyme Disease, Adrenals and Testosterone

Read the article,Best Supplements To Kill Candida and Everything Else You Ever Wanted To Know About Fungal Infections. I know, youre just getting to the meat of this 5,000+ word article, and Im asking you to read another beast of an article, but youve got Lyme! A supposedly incurable disease means you have plenty of research to do. If you have Lyme, your real problem is a a leaky gut full of fungus thats overwhelming the immune system.

The aforementioned diet will go a long way to heal the gut, and given time, will typically heal the gut on its own, especially in cases where the body is not dealing with a heavy load or a systemic infection. Since were dealing with a systemic infection, the supplements below are highly recommended.

Do not underestimate the importance of this step. This is, in fact, more important than the proceeding steps that specifically address viruses. In fact, most people that find themselves with disease only make it through this step and then feel so much better that they tend to stop the protocol. This is probably fine if you spend the rest of your life eating extremely well, which you should do regardless, but even when the body feels better than it has since you can remember, that doesnt mean the infection is gone. It means the infection is at bay, but ready to bounce back at the first chance.

What Does Herbal Treatment For Lyme Disease Look Like

When Adrienne was going through treatment for her chronic Lyme disease, herbal therapy was one of the methods she used, by drinking Chinese herbal teas and taking herbal supplements. But, just as there are many different types of healing herbs, there are also many different ways to go about taking herbal treatment for Lyme disease.

Dr. Rawls explains that there are many different methods and preparations out there for taking herbal therapies, but it all comes down to phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are bioactive plant compounds that can be used as antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer agents, and they are the compounds within herbs that do the healing. So when youre taking herbal treatment for Lyme disease, your main concern is to have as high a concentration of phytonutrients as possible.

There are three primary ways to take herbal therapy: teas, tinctures, and capsules. Teas will pull out all of the water-soluble chemicals in herbs, which is a good amount however, they wont let you get any of the fat-soluble phytonutrients. A water-alcohol tincture will pull out the water soluble phytochemicals as well as some of the fat-soluble ones, so you get a bit of a broader spectrum of nutrients as well as a higher concentration.

When it comes to capsules, there are two different types to choose from:

Dosing Results & Cautions

Just as no one set of herbs works for everyone, neither does one standard dosage for those herbs. Many can cause digestive upset or strong Herx reactions, so its best to always start with a low dose of just a few drops and then slowly work your way up to the dose that seems to get results without causing unpleasant side effects.

I start to see results within a month, says Mercier. First theres a massive die off. They feel worse before they feel better. But, everything is individual. I cant think of one person thats on the same page as someone else. It may take several months or years to recuperate from chronic Lyme.

If you currently take pharmaceuticals, its very important to double-check for potential interactions before starting an herbal Lyme protocol since there are many potential interactions. If youre pregnant, nursing, or have damage to detoxification organs such as your liver or kidneys, its crucial that you work with a qualified practitioner who can find the safest herbs for you. A positive outlook and a focus on healing is also important.

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Phase Three Later Months To Years

Also called late disseminated infection

Many infectious disease specialists believe that chronic Lyme disease does not exist, and that Lyme disease from a tick bite can be cured with a short course of antibiotics. It is possible that those who have undergone antibiotic treatments are suffering from the side effects of antibiotics, but more and more experts are coming around to the idea that Lyme disease can survive and cause long-term autoimmune symptoms when antibiotics dont work. We all know that antibiotics do not always work and can cause more problems.

  • Arthritis symptoms swollen, painful joints
  • Neurological symptoms numbness, tingling, shooting pains
  • Cognitive symptoms brain fog, short-term memory deficits, confusion
  • Mood disturbance depression
  • Abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure

Facial paralysis sometimes occurs in this stage or stage two.

Lyme Disease Holistic Protocol To Completely Rebuild The Immune System

10 extraordinary herbs for Lyme disease

August 18, 2015 by Michael EdwardsLast updated on: April 4, 2019

Lyme disease is no longer an obscure malady that can only be caught in Connecticut. In 2013, the year with the latest available data, the CDC predicted an estimated 300,000 actual new cases, though only 30,000 per year were reported and confirmed. Cases have been diagnosed in all 50 states, but as of 2013, 95% of the confirmed cases came from the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Try Our Specially Blended Teas In Your Quest To Battle Chronic Lyme Disease

Each 4 oz. Package of loose leaf tea will make between 42-48 cups of tea.

To brew a perfect cup of tea, start with the best tasting water, preferably fresh spring water. If using tap water, run the water through a filter to remove chlorine. Heat cold water to a boil and no longer. Boiling the water too long will remove the oxygen and make the water “flat” tasting. Remove from heat and pour the hot water into your cup, over the one tablespoon of loose tea in an infuser. Cover and let seep for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove infuser with the tea . Enjoy the aroma before sipping. Relax while drinking your tea to get the most benefits from the tea’s medicinal properties. When using the Kombucha Blend Tea, click this LINK to see directions to make your own Kombucha.

Please note: The information contained on this website is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified herbalist and natural healer, medical doctor, or other licensed health practitioner. Always consult a practitioner before embarking on any program or protocol. Please ensure that you read the cautions before you order any products. The information on this site is not diagnostic, therefore always consult a herbal practitioner or your GP in order to obtain a diagnosis. Never stop taking prescribed treatment without consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner.

Dr Bill Rawls On Using Herbal Treatment For Lyme Disease

Dr. Bill Rawls was a practicing OB/GYN when a personal health crisis completely transformed the trajectory of his life and career. Today, hes still a physician, but his specialty has shifted. Hes now a foremost expert on chronic Lyme disease treatment options and natural therapies for treating other conditions, as well as the author of the book Unlocking Lyme. Read on to get Dr. Rawls take on the different types of Lyme disease, what happens to those with untreated Lyme disease, the science behind herbal treatment for Lyme disease, and more.

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Top 5 Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

We’ve talked about the importance of antibiotics when it comes to this condition, but there is something many people don’t know they should also be doingsupporting their immune system. They don’t know because medical professionals rarely tell them.

You have to salvage your immune system and build up tissue again. This is one of the best things you can do during recovery. These five natural remedies for Lyme disease will help you do it.

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment Options: Antibiotics Vs Herbal Treatment For Lyme Disease

Ticked Off! Herbs For Lyme’s Disease – Shoshanna’s Kitchen – Episode 117 –

For Dr. Rawls, herbal therapy was the key to resolving his untreated Lyme and restoring his health. Because of his own personal experience and the research and science behind herbal treatment for Lyme disease, he believes that it is one of the most effective ways to treat chronic Lyme and other chronic conditions. Still, hes careful to point out that there is a time and place for herbal therapy and a time and place for antibiotics.

Sometimes people look at herbs and drugs as things that we can substitute one for another, but they really act totally differently, he says. Each one serves a different role, and what it ultimately comes down to is the different types of Lyme disease. For acute Lyme, Dr. Rawls says that antibiotics are often a better choice than herbal therapy. What were doing there is knocking down the microbes enough that it helps the immune system get a better grasp of that situation, he says. So I do advocate antibiotics for acute Lyme disease.

But things are different with chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Rawls says that many conventional physicians believe that the answer to chronic Lyme disease is a long-term course of powerful antibiotics were talking six months to a year and while this can sometimes work, it usually doesnt, and can come with some serious health consequences. Enter herbal treatment for Lyme disease.

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What Is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is triggered by an infection brought on by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. You may start out feeling like you’ve woken up with a bad case of the flu. But, if time goes on, and the condition is left untreated, you could wind up experiencing a lot of long-term effects.

The Borrelia burgdorferi bacterial species that infects a person with Lyme is of the spirochete class. Spirochetes are flexible spirally microbes that actually dig holes in your tissue. The Lyme disease symptoms that arise are due to an inflammatory process.

Most cases of Lyme can be cured, but some people continue having symptoms even after antibiotic treatment. This is known as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome or chronic Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Signs And Symptoms

Be sure to look out for common symptoms of Lyme disease, including fever, bullseye rash, facial paralysis, and arthritis. If left untreated, infection with the Lyme disease bacteria Borreliella burgdorferi can lead to health problems affecting the skin, joints, nervous system, or even the heart. While most people recover from Lyme disease after antibiotic treatment, others experience chronic health problems that can last months to years.

These more severe Lyme symptoms can include:

  • Severe headaches and neck stiffness
  • Additional rashes on other areas of your body
  • Intermittent pain in nerves, tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
  • Heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat
  • Dizziness, shortness of breath, and fatigue
  • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
  • Shooting pain, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Brain fog and short-term memory problems

If you think you may have a tick bullseye rash or any Lyme symptoms, get medical help. A doctor can run the ELISA test to detect antibodies against the bacteria and confirm with a Western Blot test to give a diagnosis.

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Core Herbs For Lyme & Coinfections

The lack of disease understanding and safe, reliable treatments have many chronic Lyme sufferers turning to herbs and natural therapies. We are still learning about these sophisticated and fast-adapting tick-borne disease organisms, but herbs seem incredibly beneficial. Stephen Harrod Buhner estimates that herbal remedies have approximately a 75 percent cure rate, with the remaining 15 percent showing significant benefit and 5 to 10 percent experiencing little to no improvement. Buhner is an herbalist, leading expert and author of several Lyme-related herb books including Healing Lyme and Healing Lyme Disease Co-Infections.

No one herbal protocol will work for everyone, and finding a compassionate and well-educated practitioner is key to finding the right blend of herbs that will work well for the individual. However, these are among the most promising herbs for Lyme disease and its co-infections

Balancing Bacteria: Antibiotic therapies whether effective or not can throw off the balance of beneficial bacteria and contribute to fatigue, digestive issues, and fungal infections. Mercier notes that Lyme remedies may not work until underlying candida or dysbiosis is resolved. This includes high doses of probiotics supplements, increasing fermented foods in the diet, and eliminating sugar, alcohol, flour, and white food. Antimicrobial herbal teas that support bacterial balance, such as thyme, oregano, bee balm, ginger, or rose petals, may also be helpful.

~ Personal Holistic & Herbal Therapies For Lyme Disease ~

Lyme Tea â Tay Tea LLC

Ive been wanting to write for a long time now about my journey with chronic Lyme disease, and what has supported my healing thus far. Many people ask what me what has worked well in treating Lyme holistically, since there are so few practitioners or doctors who have a lot of experience helping those with Lyme. This is a summary of my experiences with the medicines that have been amazing blessings along my path with this hidden teacher. I have followed my body and my intuitions guidance, knowing there are many different allies in the healing journey that come at the right time for each of us.

Lyme has brought important transformations and blessings into my life, as well as a lot of challenge. Lyme has helped me to change in ways that were very needed and long overdue. It has taught me to care for myself in ways I had not been able to, and to finally learn to reduce stress drastically in my life. Lyme is a transformer. With this teacher, you are forced to create needed changes internally and externally, without much of an option to continue to avoid or bypass them or you will often remain very sick.

As someone who teaches herbalism and holistic healing, very often caring for myself was in the past still last on my list. Though I have led a healthy lifestyle, ignoring my own needs in favor of anothers had become an art form Id mostly perfected. And so of course, the perfect teacher arrived.

INFORM YOURSELF ~ Understand Lyme know what is in your body.

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Mic Values Of The Active Natural Product Extracts

Because the activity of antibiotics against non-growing B. burgdorferi is not always correlated with their activity against growing bacteria , we therefore determined the MICs of these natural product extracts against the replicating B. burgdorferi as described previously . The MIC values of some natural product extracts such as Artemisia annua, Juglans nigra, Uncaria tomentosa were quite high for growing B. burgdorferi, despite their strong activity against the non-growing stationary phase B. burgdorferi cells . On the other hand, the top two active natural product extracts Cryptolepis sanguinolenta and Polygonum cuspidatum showed strong activity against the growing B. burgdorferi with a low MIC and also non-growing stationary phase B. burgdorferi .

Phase 1 Antimicrobials Kill The Bad Guys For One Month :

Use your own judgment to an extent regarding what to take and how much. If you get every single one, you should be ok to take each and every one as directed , but for smaller people this may be a bit too much. On the other hand, if you get fewer supplements or are on the larger size, you would likely do better with upping the dosages a little. The more you spread out the dosages throughout the day, the more effective they will be. Green Lifestyle Market sells all of the supplements mentioned and offers a return guarantee, so if something doesnt work for you, you can exchange or get a refund. Experiment. These are supplements, theyre not going to kill you, no matter what big-pharma would like you to believe. I did this protocol myself for three weeks, and I recommend 3-4 weeks for anyone with Lyme. I just took all of them with each meal, as some can cause an upset stomach if empty.

Some of them say to take with food, and some say to take on an empty stomach. I like taking antimicrobials with salad and other healthy meals, especially when taking a lot. But again, use your own judgement, see what works best.

If you need an additional immune system bost, for instance, if youre regularly coming down with colds and flu or have sinus issues, consider these additions below. You shouldnt need them if you get at least a few of the ones above, but if you like to go overkill like me, here you go:

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Three More Supplements To Consider Lyme Die

If Candida die-off is a concern be sure to drink plenty of cranberry lemonade and I also recommend adding Total Nutrition Formula and the Intestinal Detox. Heres a recipe to make your own Total Nutrition. With these two formulas, youll get bentonite clay, charcoal, chlorella, spirulina, and more, which are all great for mitigating the die-off effects of a and they also chelate heavy metals.

You can take the Total Nutrition Formula with the smoothie or sprinkle it on the salad , and take the Intestinal Detox anytime throughout the day as directed.

Doctors Treating Lyme Disease

How to cure chronic Lyme Disease Naturally with herbs PANDAS

Some doctors complain that patients who have never been definitively diagnosed with the disease demand treatment for chronic Lyme disease. Other doctors contend that it is rare for a patient with Lyme disease to only suffer from one singular infection as ticks often carry and can infect us with several pathogens at once. In addition, there is not one Lyme Disease. There are five sub species of Borrelia burgdorferi. Of these subspecies, there are more than 100 strains in the U.S. and 300 worldwide. And many of them are now antibiotic resistant. Even the worst infections may not test positive for Borrelia burdorferi. They may not test positive until initial treatment has occurred, a situation called the Lyme Paradox.

Dr. Richard Horowitz, of Hyde Park, New York, is one of the most sought after Lyme specialists. He states that at least half of his patients are infected with babesiosis. Rather than a bacteria, babesiosis is a microscopic parasite that infects red blood cells. Since most of his patients present with multiple infections and an overwhelmed immune system, he focuses on strengthening the immune system, knowing that he is treating the patient, not the disease.

On top of all of this, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, and mites may also be spreading the same or similar bacterial infections.

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