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How Many Ozone Treatments For Lyme

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Oxygen And Reactive Oxygen Species

Lyme Pain:How Many Ozone Treatments Are Needed? #shorts

Oxygen therapy was marketed to patients for treatment of Lyme disease primarily in 3 forms: hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. Hyperbaric oxygen is administered using hyperbaric oxygen chambers and was promoted as having salutary effects on the immune response to B. burgdorferi infection . Alternatively, some practices promoted using chemically reactive oxygen species, including ozone therapy and/or intravenous infusion of hydrogen peroxide. Ozone can be generated from atmospheric oxygen and administered in several forms. These include intravenous administration of an ozonated solution, ingestion of ozonated water, ozonation and reinfusion of blood, administration of ozonated oils, and rectal or vaginal insufflation with gaseous ozone .

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Is Ozone Therapy Safe

When used medically, the gas produced is administered is NEVER inhaled and only given in precise therapeutic doses. At PureHealth, we use alternative long-lasting solutions opposed to traditional medicine. Ozone therapy is one of the safest treatments of alternative medicine and rarely do patients experience adverse side effects.

Are there negative ozone therapy side effects? In a 1980 study, 5,579,238 ozone therapy treatments were examined which included approximately 600 therapists and over 300,000 patients. Of these, less than half a percent of patients reported negative side effects. The therapies given at Ozone Therapy Clinics have been proven to be one of the safest medical therapies available in both alternative and traditional medicine.

Is Oxidation Therapy Effective

Generally, I see oxidation therapy improves symptoms to various degrees about 40% of the time. Sometimes these improvements are reported to occur in one or two treatments. I do not think ozone and other oxidative therapies work as an effective germ killers. The improvements on ozone have to be due to other effects. I suspect oxidation therapy helps some by improving oxygen levels in the tissues and the function of the cell energy factories called mitochondria. In part, I conclude this because In Lyme, rapidly killing germs does not quickly reverse the hormonal or inflammatory mess created by Lyme. These forms of dis-ease take days to months to reverse. The only thing that could cause rapid improvements observed in some with Lyme is improved energy production in mitochondria.

There are test tube experiments showing that ozone kills germs. However no killing occurs when blood plasma is mixed with the liquid in the test tubes. Infact, experiments show that in a solution of 5% plasma, ozone does not kill at all. That is because the plasma is full of antioxidants that neutralize the ozone germ killing effect. Yes, our own immune systems kill using oxidizing agents. But the germ and the white blood cells have to be right next to each other. If there is too much separation, the antioxidants in blood or tissues neutralize the white blood cell oxidizing agents before they even land on the germ.

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Combined Effect Of Ozone And Xenon Against Lyme

At the 2019 International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ILADS Conference in Boston the largest Lyme disease conference in the world Dr Dulitsky, Phd MD from The Ozone Clinic Australia gave a presentation on the topic: The Combined Effect of Ozone + Xenon against Lyme Disease.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Dulitsky was well received because integrative practitioners and patients are always looking for new, effective treatments because conventional treatments for Lyme disease such as antibiotics are not working for many people.

There are millions of people all over the world with chronic Lyme disease and antibiotics have been shown to be largely ineffective in the treatment of this disease. In his presentation, Dr Dulitsky showed the results from a study carried out by the Krasnoyarsky State University in Russia, which found this new treatment of the combination of ozone and xenon to be effective but also gentle on patients so they were able to have the treatment without suffering a strong Herxheimer reaction.

This slide shows a patients blood before and after they received a series of treatments consisting of xenon gas inhalation and salinated ozone IVs. The study found a high percentage of people were much better after receiving this treatment. Dr Dulitsky explained how the combination of ozone and xenon is able to target most of the existing infections a patient has including intracellular parasites, mould, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Why Do Some Lyme Sufferers Not Respond To Ozone Therapy

Lyme disease and our celebrated artist at Santa Fe Soul: Santa Fe Soul ...

Just as there are people who have made a powerful experience with ozone, there are Lyme sufferers who either have not had any positive effect from ozone, or only a partial one. Not even from prolonged ozone therapy and not even from such whopping amounts of ozone as supplied during a series of 10 pass administrations.

One such case is a member of the above mentioned Facebook group who has been suffering from debilitating fibromyalgia due to Lyme disease. She completed 2 weeks of daily OHT sessions at Dr. Lahodnys office. The severe Herxheimer reaction didnt allow her to finish the course at the same intensity.

Continued intravenous ozone administrations at home and other ozone protocols had only a minor effect on her. She now undergoes a course of three different antibiotics, which so far have made a huge positive impact.

Some have not experienced any effect from 20+ ozone IVs, neither to the better or worse.

Some rare cases of people experience a worsening of their condition after doing ozone in which an adverse reaction to glutathione can be excluded.

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Treatment For Erythema Migrans

People treated with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of Lyme disease usually recover rapidly and completely. Early diagnosis and proper antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease can help prevent late Lyme disease.

Treatment regimens listed in the following table are for the erythema migrans rash, the most common manifestation of early Lyme disease. These regimens may need to be adjusted depending on a persons age, medical history, underlying health conditions, pregnancy status, or allergies. Consult an infectious disease specialist regarding individual patient treatment decisions.

Treatment regimens for localized Lyme disease.

Age Category
100 mg, twice per day orally N/A
500 mg, three times per day orally N/A
500 mg, twice per day orally N/A
4.4 mg/kg per day orally, divided into 2 doses 100 mg per dose
50 mg/kg per day orally, divided into 3 doses 500 mg per dose
30 mg/kg per day orally, divided into 2 doses 500 mg per dose

*When different durations of antibiotics are shown to be effective for the treatment of Lyme disease, the shorter duration is preferred to minimize unnecessary antibiotics that might result in adverse effects, including infectious diarrhea and antimicrobial resistance.

NOTE: For people intolerant of amoxicillin, doxycycline, and cefuroxime, the macrolide azithromycin may be used, although it is less effective. People treated with azithromycin should be closely monitored to ensure that symptoms resolve.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work

When used intravenously, ozone creates a controlled and moderate oxidative reaction in the blood. In response to the oxidation, the immune system releases secondary products that have a beneficial physiological effect.

Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor is activated in response to ozone and produces antioxidant enzymes. Nrf2 suppresses the inflammation pathway signaled by nuclear transcriptional factor-kappa B .

Nrf2 also induces antioxidant response elements on DNA. The antioxidants enzymes that are activated include catalase, superoxide dismutase , glutathione, glutathione-reductase, glutathione-peroxidase, glutathione-S-transferase, heat shock protein 70 , and phase II enzymes. Heat shock response protects cells from inflammation, cancer, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Antibacterial Antifungal And Antiviral Abilities

Over time bacteria has learned and adapted to resist antibiotics. Scientists constantly seek ways to prevent and find better treatments for fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.

Continued studies of ozone found that they contain a layer of infection control properties. Ozone therapy can solely resolve some acute bacterial infections. In the case of a tick bite Ozone cures the infection within 48 hours.

Viral infections such as the flu harass people every year, especially in December. The good news, Ozone therapy may help these infections as well.

Ozone Therapy For Effective Treatment

Ozone Therapy for Lyme disease & Other Tick-Borne Illness

Because of its effectiveness in addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases, ten-pass ozone therapy should be considered for treating chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, immune dysregulation, chronic fatigue, neurodegenerative conditions, and more. Ten-pass ozone therapy successfully helps patients recover from chronic illness while avoiding medications with potential side effects.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Lyme Disease

The symptoms of chronic Lyme disease can manifest differently from one person to another. In some individuals, these symptoms may be the first symptoms of the disease. Thats one of the things that makes it so hard to treat. Chronic Lyme disease symptoms can include any, or a mix of the following:

  • Headache
  • Depression, anxiety, or mood swings
  • Arthritis
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tingling, burning or shooting pains

For many patients with chronic Lyme disease, inflammation is present and affects the joints and also the nervous system. Muscle and joint symptoms are the most common of the chronic Lyme disease symptoms and can occur in 80 percent of individuals with Lyme disease who have not been treated with antibiotics. Joint pain occurs in 20 percent of individuals, intermittent episodes of arthritis in 50 percent, and persistent arthritis of a single joint or a few joints in 10 percent of those who have not been treated.

Chronic Lyme disease symptoms can present as neurologic symptoms including pain, difficulty with memory or thinking, and odd sensations, such as numbness. However, late neurologic manifestations of Lyme disease are quite rare, and therefore, these types of non-specific symptoms usually have causes other than Lyme disease.

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Read the transcript of the video interview below.

note: The transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Paul Ross: Dr. Robbins, I thought we’d begin with you giving us a brief overview of how you got interested in using ozone therapy for Lyme, and do you also consider it a treatment for other tick-borne disease?

Dr. Robbins:I’ve treated several thousand Lyme patients successfully, to the point where I believe we’ve put it in remission because we have to be able to prove it’s gone. And I think we need a much better, more reliable test to prove that true.

Paul Ross:So, when a patient comes to see you, do you know from the outset or after an initial discussion and/or exam which type of ozone you’re going to use?

Dr. Robbins:Everybody gets the simplest method first because the most important thing about the therapy is all these people are suffering. They find ozone as a last resort when other things have failed. So, I have to be very careful that they don’t get hurt, and while in all my years and 380,000+ treatments that we’ve done intravenously, I have only had two patients that I had to stop treating because they had what I would call an allergic or hypersensitive response to ozone.

Paul Ross: So, you’ve treated an extraordinary number of patients. If you had to guess, what percentage of those are Lyme and/or tick-borne disease?

Paul Ross:So, I think the lesson to take away is that ozone is extremely effective for all tick-borne diseases.

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Can Revert Brain Tissue Damage

After a person has suffered from a stroke, which deprives the brain of oxygen supply. The area of the brain that becomes damaged is known as the penumbra. The best course of action to reduce the damage is to restore the oxygen as quickly as possible.

Interestingly enough, a study in 2012 found that a mix of oxygen and ozone gases supplied to the brain tissue not only stopped further damage but reverted the brain to its original state.

Ozone Sauna Therapy For Lyme Disease

Ozone Therapy For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a disease that does not discriminate. People of any age or gender can contract lyme disease, which is a transmitted bacterial infection by ticks. It may seem like a difficult disease to get, but studies shows that 300,000 people are diagnosed with lyme disease annually in the United States alone- thats nearly twice as many people diagnosed with breast cancer and six times the amount diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the country per year.

So if lyme disease is so prevalent, why dont we hear about it nearly as much as cancer or HIV/AIDS? The honest answer is that its because of how complicated the disease truly is. When lyme disease is caught early, it can more or less be treated with antibiotics. However, its difficult to diagnose due to its flu-like symptoms, so many patients arent even aware that they have the disease until its too late and they begin feeling the later side effects: fatigue, fever, joint swelling and so on.

Lyme disease can possibly be cured, although it can take quite some time to determine, but thats only if the disease is caught in time. But what if it isnt? If lyme disease isnt caught early and treated with antibiotics, the disease can spread to the joints, heart and nervous system, which brings with it a slew of additional, more permanent symptoms. So what then? Is there a treatment that can alleviate these painful symptoms? Yes! The solution is ozone sauna therapy.

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Lyme Support Inc Releases Brand New Information On The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / JANUARY 13, 2020 / Lyme disease is a rather widespread issue across the world. It is quite common in many American states, and elsewhere, including Europe, Australia, and other countries. The disease is often spread by ticks â or rather by bacteria which live within them. Victims experience symptoms of Lyme disease after a tick bite, which can cause permanent damage, if not taken care of correctly. If dealt with immediately, Lyme disease can be cured with a variety of therapeutic approaches. However, neglecting the symptoms of the disease can lead to long-term complications, chronic pain, lack of focus, and potentially even death. Time is of the essence when dealing with Lyme care. In addition to that, it is very important to stay informed and learn more about the different care opportunities that are available. Ozone therapy is becoming one of the most highly regarded forms of therapy, preferred by many Lyme patients. This method is readily available, relatively affordable and it does not have a highly invasive impact on the patient, making for an excellent choice for many.

About Ozone therapy for Lyme disease

About Lyme Support

At Home Ozone Bubbler & Thera 03

I use both of these tools every single day. They do not require an oxygen tank but allow you to experience a few benefits of ozone! I also reached out and got coupon codes for these for you all.

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The Bubbler

  • Clean all my fruits, veggies, fish and meat

  • Disinfect the tops of water bottles and the rubber seals that tend to get moldy from blenders and kitchen devices

  • Disinfect my bath water

  • In sauna to help ozone penetrate through pores

  • Travel and place in hotel rooms or airbnb that may be moldy

  • Clean air throughout rooms in home

  • Clean air in car

  • I also use the ION setting every night before bed on my nightstand to help calm my nervous system before bed

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Treating Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme disease often presents a wide range of symptoms which can mimic the symptoms of other conditions. Patients whose Lyme disease goes undiagnosed for months or even years, run the risk of developing chronic Lyme disease symptoms which may include arthritis, fatigue and anxiety.

When a person is first infected with the bacteria genusBorreila, usually from a deer tick or mosquito bite, the first sign is often the appearance of a bulls-eye skin rash. It can be large and expanding in size. This rash is called erythema migrans and can be accompanied by flu like symptoms such as joint pain, headache and fatigue. These all usually emerge within days or weeks. If the person is correctly diagnosed at this time, then Lyme disease can usually be effectively treated with a course of antibiotics.

However, in many cases there are no early Lyme disease symptoms and the person may not even recall seeing a bite. Months may pass before chronic Lyme disease symptoms occur, which are inevitably misdiagnosed. The problem with chronic Lyme disease is that its so very effective at mimicking other ailments, and it manifests in different people in different ways. Its not uncommon for chronic Lyme disease symptoms to be misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, lupus, mononucleosis, ulcerative colitis, ALS, Alzheimers disease, or fibromyalgia. Misdiagnosis can mean not getting treatment, or worse, getting treatment for the wrong condition.

Solutions To Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Cowden’s Lyme Disease Treatments and Protocol | Simply O3 Ozone Therapy Machine with Nutramedix

At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we believe that the best treatment for Lyme disease is ozone therapy.

Ozone is a substance that is found at high atmospheric levels youve heard of the ozone layer. For medical purposes, ozone is created by sending oxygen through an electrical coil, causing it to have three atoms instead of two its no longer O2 its now O3. This third atom makes for oxygen that is supercharged, giving it superior medical properties.

Ozone works by increasing the amount of oxygen in your body. This helps it to heal by:

  • Detoxifying your liver
  • Killing fungi, viruses and bacteria
  • Improving cellular metabolism
  • Enhancing your immune system

When you consider the myriad ways in which ozone benefits your body, its easy to see how it helps to counteract the immunosuppressant effects of various diseases, including Lyme disease. Its believed that ozone therapy can prevent and control a variety of conditions.

When treating Lyme disease we usually combine ozone therapy with one or more other modalities. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy are both offered to patients who have a lot of pain as part of their symptoms. IV therapy such as Myers Cocktails are very beneficial is boosting the immune system back up and Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant which potentiates the Myers Cocktail.

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