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Searched All Over For Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Laser Centers of New England – Hear what our worst case of Lyme in 2015 has to say.

In traditional therapies, doctors provide Lyme disease treatment through powerful antibiotics. Chronic Lyme disease treatment involving antibiotics kills off beneficial gut bacteria, increases the risk of antibiotic-resistance, and creates a whole host of unpleasant side effects. Perhaps the most alarming fact is these traditional therapies only rarely provide long-term success rates. Patients may report feeling worse on antibiotics than they do coping with the Lyme disease using another chronic Lyme disease treatment.

At Lyme Laser Centers, our chronic Lyme disease program provides a holistic approach to a dangerous bacterial disease. We use a comprehensive Lyme assessment before we begin the Lyme Laser Protocol to determine every way Lyme disease has affected an individual. In his years of research into Lyme disease and chronic Lyme disease treatment, Dr. Wine discovered a groundbreaking approach to wellness which involves targeting the bacteria causing the disease and the nine cofactors that keep you from feeling great.

Explore our patient testimonials. Lyme disease treatment can sometimes be hard to find if you are looking for an improved quality of life. We are committed to helping you understand an illness that can destroy careers, relationships, and the experience of living.

Cant Find A Lyme Doctor In Massachusetts Who Understands The Disease

After contracting Lyme disease in 1990, Dr. Douglas Wine struggled with Lyme disease symptoms, including joint pain and chronic headaches. He quickly identified the root of his symptoms and began searching for a viable program that addresses it. Traditional treatments by Lyme doctors in Massachusetts and consultations provided few answers, and Dr. Wine decided he needed to take matters into his own hands. Read more about Dr. Wines journey with Lyme disease.

Dr. Wine spent eight years developing his proprietary Lyme laser protocol. Since 2008, he has worked with many people who suffered from the same debilitating illness. The program penetrates the biofilm surrounding the spirochete bacterium causing Lyme disease, and makes it vulnerable. Combined with holistic healthcare, the program works toward wellness and and the goal of relief, providing an excellent alternative from a traditional Lyme doctor in Massachusetts.

We Treat Lyme Disease

Lyme Laser Centers, Inc. was founded with the goal of providing an affordable means of treating the distressing symptoms of Lyme disease. We have successfully cared for hundreds of acute and chronic Lyme clients. Lyme is a progressive disease that can have permanent, irreversible effects on the body. Damage to the neurological system is especially difficult to reverse. The Lyme Laser Protocol is designed to immediately begin the regeneration of these systems. Our research has shown that a significant number of our clients have undiagnosed co-factors that severely suppress normal body function and regeneration. It is just as important to be able to identify what these issues are and address them, as it is to address the Lyme itself.

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What Is Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a form of light therapy used to speed up tissue healing. The team at Greater Lowell Chiropractic & Rehabilitation uses the ML830® cold laser for low-level laser therapy to:

  • Improve tissue healing
  • Prevent tissue death or chronic pain
  • Relieve pain

Low-level laser therapy has been used for more than 50 years to support tissue healing on a cellular level using scientific principles of regenerative medicine. The team uses the ML830 laser to penetrate tissues up to five centimeters deep with light energy for a noninvasive alternative to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications.

Different From Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease Protocol

Lyme Laser always begins our services with a comprehensive questionnaire. Every one of our patients must come into the office and take the evaluation. For now, were offering the initial assessment and consultation for free. Many of our patients find the initial assessment offers validation and much needed proof that their condition is real.

In the assessment, we evaluate all nine cofactors Dr. Wine uncovered in his years of research. They include:

  • Systemic bacterial infections. Bacterial infections may lead to chronic antibiotic regimens, poor gut health, and secondary infections, funguses, and conditions.
  • Neurological problems. The disease can affect the protective coverings around nerves, causing short circuits and misfires. Common Lyme disease symptoms associated with neurological problems include memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, and chronic headaches.
  • Adrenal burnout. The HPA axis regulate stress in the body among other things. When you experience chronic stress or illness, the overworked system may contribute to chronic and severe fatigue.
  • Hormonal imbalance. Chronic Lyme disease treatment may address existing hormone imbalances that may manifest as mood changes, loss of libido, and weight gain or loss.
  • Thyroid issues. The thyroid secretes certain hormones that influence cell metabolism. When the thyroid is under or overactive, it can lead to weight complications, mood swings, and other symptoms.
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    If Youve Looked For Lyme Disease Treatment Contact Us

    Chronic Lyme disease treatment begins with recognition of the disease. Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed, and some physicians will not listen to patients who want to undergo further testing for Lyme disease-like symptoms. Unfortunately, failure to treat Lyme disease may result in harmful and irreversible symptoms, particularly those that arise from the nine cofactors.

    Everyone who works at Lyme Laser has suffered from Lyme disease. Theyve all undergone the 12-week protocol and successfully rebuilt their lives afterward. We provide first-hand testimonies of the protocols effectiveness, and we can also refer you to other patients who have experienced similar results. We never use antibiotics. Our goal is to empower you and your body to overcome Lyme disease.

    Our Lyme Laser Protocol can include twice weekly laser therapy, oxygen therapy, ionic detox sessions, and nutrition and supplement counselling. When you choose to come to our center for support, we provide everything you need to get started, including a 200 page binder filled with helpful information and actionable tips you can use to maintain your health. Learn more about our offerings.

    Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

    If you think you have tried all the options for chronic Lyme disease treatment, please consider Lyme Laser Centers. Our founder, Dr. Douglas Wine, contracted Lyme disease in 1990. Since then, he has dedicated his life and career to overcoming the devastating illness. New England is known for high rates of chronic Lyme disease, and his practice in North Andover, MA offers a unique program.

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    How Does Laser Therapy Work

    Laser therapy works by causing a photochemical reaction in tissue cells. This reaction is called photobiomodulation or biostimulation. When the light energy penetrates injured cells, it increases energy in the cells that can trigger various cellular tasks, including tissue healing, inflammation reduction, and elimination of pain.

    The laser doesnt emit any heat, sound, or vibration during treatment, so you wont feel any pain or discomfort. During the procedure, you wear protective glasses to block the laser light from irritating your eyes.

    The team begins by placing the hand-held laser device directly against your skin. Once the device is turned on, it emits beams of light that penetrate your skin and reach a depth of five centimeters. This depth can reach muscles, ligaments, and cartilage in many small to medium-sized joints.

    The laser cycles on and off as your doctor moves the wand over your skin to treat the entire injured area. Generally, each laser session lasts about 10 minutes. Afterward, you can return to your normal activities without any side effects.

    Finding A Top Lyme Doctor Is Difficult Come To Us

    You could NEVER tell Rochelle that the Lyme Laser Protocol doesn’t work.

    If you need a Lyme doctor, consider the wellness protocol provided by Lyme Laser Centers. Were rapidly expanding our operations to include other health care facilities in the area. Here, you can count on a team that understands your needs and puts your best interests first. Learn more in our video documented testimonials.

    Lyme disease can make anyone feel chronic pain, lethargy, and general malaise. Dont let another Lyme doctor, Massachusetts, tell you that antibiotic regimens, anti-depressants, and pain management therapies offer the only relief. We have experience working with people who are fighting this debilitating illness. Stop searching for a Lyme doctor, and contact our North Andover office by phone at 725-5963.

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    Chiropractic And Rehabilitative Care Centers Located In Lowell Ma & North Andover Ma

    Laser therapy is a painless treatment to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up tissue healing. At Greater Lowell Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, the team led by John Broderick, DC, and Patricia Tamburro, DC, uses low-level laser therapy to help patients recover from chronic pain and injuries. Located in Lowell and North Andover, Massachusetts, the practice caters to patients of all ages and provides comprehensive, noninvasive treatments to help you recover and feel your best. To learn more about laser therapy, call or book an appointment online.

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    Why It Works

    The Lyme Laser Protocol is developed to address the whole body. We accomplish this with the use of state of the art technologies and fundamental techniques based on proven sciences. Our system is developed to specifically target and deteriorate the protective biofilm of the Lyme bacteria while your body is healing and re-establishing the systems and function that will lead to long-term health.

    We also do not use any treatments or therapies that are recognized to result in long-term harm or stress to the body. We believe that achieving true success in defeating Lyme disease can be done through healing the body, not harming it.

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