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New Research On Lyme Disease

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Umd Awarded Funds To Head Off Tick

Research Questions Effectiveness Of Antibiotics For Treating Lyme Disease

The University of Maryland received funding from the Steven& Alexandra Cohen Foundation to develop novel therapeutic strategies to stop infection from Lyme disease pathogens before it begins. Unlike traditional antibiotics that attack the pathogen directly and put it on the defensive, UMD is exploring antimicrobials that would interfere with the pathogen on a biomolecular level to inhibit it from causing an infection in the first place.

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Wnba S Elena Delle Donne Is Hurt League Denied Her A Medical Waiver Despite Taking 64 Pills A Day

WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne was shocked and hurt when her request to be medically excused for the season was denied by an independent medical panel.Having battled Lyme disease for more than a decade and now taking 64 pills a day, she thought she was definitely going to be considered high-risk to get severe illness if she contracted the coronavirus.The panel of independent doctors the league and union agreed upon to make that decision thought otherwise, ruling Monday that she was not high risk, and should be permitted to play in the bubble.The disease is not included on the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions list of underlying conditions that could put someone at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.The Washington Mystics st…

Thursday 24 February 2022

Why Tick Season Could Be Worse In The Summer Of Covid

After more than three months of shutdowns, mandatory quarantines, self-imposed exile from society and working from home, nature-lovers looking for a well-earned breath of fresh air could face a possible collision course between coronavirus and tick-borne illnesses this summer.A perfect storm, warns Eva Sapi, a University of New Haven biology professor and group director for the Lyme Disease Research Group.Noting the mild winter on the East Coast, Sapi says, We do have a bad year for the ticks.Hikers, campers and anyone else eager for an escape could just explode into the outdoors. And there may not be the same thoughtful approach to preventing exposure, explains Dr. Sorana Segal-Maurer, director of the Dr. James J. Rahal, Jr. Divi…

Thursday 24 February 2022

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Turkey Point Provincial Park Endemic For Lyme Disease

Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto was isolated from questing adult Ixodes scapularis Say ticks collected from Turkey Point Provincial Park , Ontario, Canada during 2005-2006. DNA from ten of 15 pools of ticks was confirmed positive for B. burgdorferi s.s. using polymerase chain reaction by targeting the rrf -rrl intergenic spacer region and OspA genes. This significant infection rate indicates an accelerated development of B. burgdorferi s.s. in TPPP, because this pathogen was not detected five years previously during sampling of the three motile life stages of I.scapularis. Our study provides the initial report of the presence of B. burgdorferi s.s. in TPPP, which is now endemic for Lyme disease. Ultimately, people and domestic animals are at risk of contracting Lyme disease when they frequent this park.

Ticks Parasitizing Gallinaceous Birds In Canada And First Record Of Borrelia Burgdorferi

New study shows Lyme disease alters immune system

In far-western Canada, gallinaceous birds are hosts of hard ticks that can carry zoonotic pathogens. In this study, we collected the avian coastal tick, Ixodes auritulus Neumann, the western blacklegged tick, Ixodes pacificus Cooley & Kohls, and Ixodes spinipalpis Hadwen & Nuttall, from gallinaceous birds on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Notably, we provide the first records of these three tick species on California Quail, Callipepla californica , in Canada. We document the first records of I. auritulus parasitizing Sooty Grouse, Dendragapus fulginosis . Moreover, we furnish the first report of I. spinipalpis on a quail. An I. pacificus nymph was collected from a California Quail, and it was positive for the Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato Johnson, Schmid, Hyde, Steigerwalt & Brenner. Using PCR on the nymphal extract and DNA sequencing on the borrelial amplicon, we specifically detected B. burgdorferi sensu stricto , a genospecies pathogenic to humans and certain domestic animals. Since some ground-dwelling birds are involved in the enzootic maintenance of Lyme disease, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, hunters, and health-care providers should be vigilant that gallinaceous birds may play a role in the enzootic transmission of B. burgdorferi s.l. in Canada.

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Global Warming Threatens Europe S Public Health

Parched olive groves in northern Croatia, where West Nile Virus has already claimed one victim this year. West Nile Virus infections have sharply increased in Europe this year, the World Health Organisation says, largely due to a longer transmission season in the region which this year saw high temperatures and extended rainy spells followed by dry weather, helping mosquito breeding and propagation. Credit: Ed Holt/IPSBy Ed HoltVIENNA, Sep 13 2018 Climate change and health experts are warning of the growing threat to public health in Europe from global warming as rising temperatures help potentially lethal diseases spread easily across the continent.This summer Europe has had to contend with record temperatures, drought, and destructive storms caused by heat and wildfires as forests i…

Thursday 24 February 2022

Lyme disease experts are not surprised by CDC’s failure to ensure quick diagnosis of COVID-19. It’s failed for 25 years to fix a broken Lyme test.

Thursday 24 February 2022

New England’s hot summer might be helping keep the ticks that carry Lyme disease at bay

Thursday 24 February 2022

Incidence Of Lyme Disease In The Uk: A Population

UK cohort study found that the number of cases of Lyme disease has increased rapidly since 2001, resulting in an incidence of 12.1 per 100,000 per year in 2012. Authors state that this should lead to increased awareness and the need for preventative measures. )

Thursday 24 February 2022

Supporting entrepreneurs can take many forms from grants to providing access to capital and from expanding their networks of mentors and peers to providing training that addresses both hard and soft skills.

Thursday 24 February 2022

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Detection Of Lyme Disease Bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lato In Blacklegged Ticks Collected In The Grand River Valley Ontario Canada

We document the presence of blacklegged ticks, Ixodes scapularis, in the Grand River valley, Centre Wellington, Ontario. Overall, 15 of 42 I. scapularis adults collected from 41 mammalian hosts were positive for the Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato . Using real-time PCR testing and DNA sequencing of the flagellin gene, we determined that Borrelia amplicons extracted from I. scapularis adults belonged to B. burgdorferi sensu stricto , which is pathogenic to humans and certain domestic animals. Based on the distribution of I. scapularis adults within the river basin, it appears likely that migratory birds provide an annual influx of I. scapularis immatures during northward spring migration. Health-care providers need to be aware that local residents can present with Lyme disease symptoms anytime during the year.

Stress Related Responses Regulate Immune Function

Study Warns Of An Increase In Lyme-Carrying Ticks In Northern California Coastal Areas

) The immune system is composed of a wide range of different immune cells each with dedicated functions. Natural killer T cells form a specialized immune cell that protects against a variety of diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, metabolic disease or certain infections such as Lyme disease

Thursday 24 February 2022

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New Ornl Ai Tool Revolutionizes Process For Matching Cancer Patients With Clinical Trials

A team of researchers from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory Health Data Sciences Institute have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to better match cancer patients with clinical trials. The researchers were one of ten teams to develop a digital tool to address complex challenges relevant to medical conditions such as cancer and Lyme disease as part of The Opportunity Project Health Sprint.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Herbal Hepatitis Due To Use Of Alternative Medicines For Lyme Disease

We report a case in which Lyme disease was treated with an herbal mixture due to protracted symptoms despite intravenous antibiotics. This mixture was associated with hepatotoxicity. General providers should be aware of the fact that homeopathic remedies may be associated with hepatotoxicity, and herbalists need better understanding of the safety risks of the individual components in remedy mixtures.PMID:34970053 | PMC:PMC8682861 | DOI:10.1080/08998280.2021.1974272

Sunday 27 February 2022

Erythema migrans is the most common manifestation of Lyme borreliosis. Here, we examined EM patients in Norwegian general practice to find the proportion exposed to tick-transmitted microorganisms other t…

Sunday 27 February 2022

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New Study Identifies Bird Species That Could Spread Ticks And Lyme Disease

A new study published in the journalGlobal Ecology and Biogeography used machine learning to identify bird species with the potential to transmit the Lyme disease bacterium to feeding ticks. The team developed a model that identified birds known to spread Lyme disease with 80% accuracy and flagged 21 new species that should be prioritized for surveillance.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Clare Haworth, from North Lanarkshire, first became ill six years ago but doesn’t remember ever being bitten by a tick, which is how people catch Lyme disease.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Statue Of Fossil Hunter Mary Anning To Be Erected After Campaign

No Lyme disease in Australia, new research finds

Crowdfunder led by schoolgirl raises £70,000 for sculpture of pioneering palaeontologist in Lyme Regis, DorsetA statue toMary Anning, a fossil hunter and palaeontologist once lost to history but now considered a significant female force in science, is finally to be erected after a crowdfunding campaign by a teenage girl.Evie Swire, 13, was nine years old when she first heard of Anning, who was born into a humble family in 1799 near Evie s Lyme Regis home in Dorset. The schoolgirl was outraged to discover there was no statue.Continue reading…

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Thursday 24 February 2022

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Virginia Tech Researcher Receives Grant To Study Lyme Arthritis

With a $661,216 grant from the Steven& Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Brandon Jutras, an assistant professor of biochemistry in the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, will study Lyme arthritis, including the cellular component that contributes to it.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Alexandra Wall, 33, of south-west London, was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome decades after the ordeal when she saw a cardiologist while battling Lyme disease.

Thursday 24 February 2022

LYME DISEASE is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium named Borrelia, spread by ticks. It can easily be caught and having a feeling in your head could mean you have the disease.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Gse197340 Sr0726 Deletion Leads To Altered Transcriptome Of Cultured Borrelia Burgdorferi

Contributors : Troy Bankhead Michael A CrowleySeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Borreliella burgdorferiDifferential gene expression analysis was performed to assess the affects of the deletion of sRNA SR0726 on the in vitro transcriptome of Borrelia burgdorferi in order to investigate a potential regulatory role for the sRNA

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Sunday 27 February 2022

Sunday 27 February 2022

Am Fam Physician. 2021 Dec 1 104:652-654.NO ABSTRACTPMID:34913653

Sunday 27 February 2022

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Cationic Glycopolyelectrolytes For Rna Interference In Tick Cells

In this study, statistical acrylamide-based cationic glycopolymers with glucose or galactose pendant groups were synthesized by reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization, and the effects of the saccharide pendant group and cationic monomer loading on polymer cytotoxicity, RNA complexation, and SelK gene knockdown in ISE6 cells were evaluated. All polymers exhibited low cytotoxicity, yet RNA/copolymer complex cell uptake and gene knockdown were highly dependent on the saccharide structure and the N:P ratio.PMID:34793129 | DOI:10.1021/acs.biomac.1c00824

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Sunday 27 February 2022

Tulane Researchers Study Lyme Disease With Long

New study finds evidence of Lyme bacteria in brain tissue

A scientist holds samples for Lyme research at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, La. November 2019.


A tiny tick can do a lot of damage. Lyme disease has now migrated to the South and the West.


The uptick in the tick population across the United States is of greater concern than ever.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, deer ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease, infected as many as half a million Americans last year with a type of bacterium that is hard to diagnose and even harder to treat.

Now, Tulane University researchers have found that a tick bite can lead to such persistent infections that traditional antibiotics may not ever completely eradicate the disease.

And when the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes from the Lyme-infected deer tick enter the human bloodstream, the disease can spread to other parts of the body, and even may cause a severe form of dementia.

Ticks have migrated from their usual stomping grounds of the Northeast and Midwest and are now invading the South and northern California, among other states, in smaller but very real numbers. The ticks feed on white-footed mice and birds, which have become efficient carriers. And with climate change, longer summers mean more time for the tick feeding season.

5 tips to stay safe from Lyme disease

Lyme is underreported

Buffie LaRocca, of Mandeville, has been frustrated finding care in Louisiana.

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Lyme Disease Predicted To Rise In United States As Climate Warms

A new study looked at the relationship between climatic variables and the incidence of Lyme disease in 15 U.S. states. The study found that rising temperatures are expected to boost the number of cases of Lyme disease by more than 20 percent by mid-century.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Virginia Tech biochemist Brandon Jutras has discovered the cellular component that contributes to Lyme arthritis, a debilitating and extremely painful condition that is the most common late stage symptom of Lyme disease.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Lone Star Ticks Expanding Range Into Northeast Report Says

The climate crisis is making us more vulnerable to ticks in an unprecedented and growing threat to public health, according to a new report.Bacterial and protozoan tick-borne diseases doubled in the United States between 2004 and 2016, the report notes, and in 2017, more than 90% of the 60,000 vector-borne diseases in the United States were linked to these particular bloodsucking bugs.The warmer temperatures brought by the climate crisis, in addition to ecological changes and reforestation, have extended the bugs range into regions that had not seen certain types of ticks for many decades, if ever. And the report published in the New England Journal of Medicine Tuesday warns that we should be bracing for the worst.The lone star tick, a tick disting…

Thursday 24 February 2022

LYME disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. The condition can be treated effectively if detected early, but a delay in recognising it can increase the risk of developing long-lasting symptoms.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Chronic Lyme disease occurs when a person who has already received treatment for Lyme disease continues to have symptoms in the long term. Learn more about this condition here.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Her lethargy and joint pain suggested a tick-borne illness. Adding to the mystery, was a recent trip abroad a clue or a red herring?

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Thursday 24 February 2022

Thursday 24 February 2022

Thursday 24 February 2022

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Amblyomma Dissimile Koch Parasitizes Bird Captured In Canada

We document Amblyomma dissimile Koch parasitizing a bird in Canada. A partially engorged A. dissimile nymph was collected from a Veery, Catharus fuscescens , in Toronto, Ontario during spring migration. This constitutes the first authentic host record of A. dissimile on a bird in North America and, likewise, on a Veery, plus a new distributional record in Canada. Veeries could theoretically transport A. dissimile from as far south as southeastern Brazil, a distance of over 7,500 km. Experimentally, A. dissimile can transmit Ehrlichia ruminantium , which causes heartwater, a severe disease of cattle and other ungulates. Since a fully engorged A. dissimile nymph could likely molt during the summer in northern latitudes, this tick species could potentially parasitize local reptiles, people or ungulates, and cause autochtonous disease. Because A. dissimile is known to harbor rickettsiae in South America and is a laboratory vector of E. ruminantium, the medical and veterinary profession must be vigilant that A. dissimile may pose a health risk.

Yale Scientists Identify Protein That Protects Against Lyme

The Latest on Lyme Disease: A Research and Treatment ...

Yale researchers have discovered a protein that helps protect hosts from infection with the tick-borne spirochete that causes Lyme Disease, a finding that may help diagnose and treat this infection, they report Nov. 11 in the journalPLOS Pathogens.

Thursday 24 February 2022

The newly identified protein acts like an early warning signal to the immune system when exposed to the bacteria at causes Lyme disease.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Might some patients with early Lyme disease show evidence of co-infection with other tickborne pathogens?Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Thursday 24 February 2022

New clinical practice guidelines on Lyme disease place a strong emphasis on antibody testing to assess for rheumatologic and neurologic syndromes.Medscape Medical News

Thursday 24 February 2022

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Monitoring Of Nesting Songbirds Detects Established Population Of Blacklegged Ticks And Associated Lyme Disease Endemic Area In Canada

This study provides a novel method of documenting established populations of bird-feeding ticks. Single populations of the blacklegged tick, Ixodes scapularis, and the rabbit tick, Haemaphysalis leporispalustris, were revealed in southwestern Québec, Canada. Blacklegged tick nymphs and, similarly, larval and nymphal rabbit ticks were tested for the Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato , using PCR and the flagellin gene, and 14 of 33 of blacklegged tick nymphs tested were positive. In contrast, larval and nymphal H. leporsipalustris ticks were negative for Bbsl. The occurrence of Bbsl in I. scapularis nymphs brings to light the presence of a Lyme disease endemic area at this songbird nesting locality. Because our findings denote that this area is a Lyme disease endemic area, and I. scapularis is a human-biting tick, local residents and outdoor workers must take preventive measures to avoid tick bites. Furthermore, local healthcare practitioners must include Lyme disease in their differential diagnosis.

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