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Cowden Protocol For Lyme Disease

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Oxygen And Reactive Oxygen Species

Cowden Support Protocol Review || Holly Berrey

Oxygen therapy was marketed to patients for treatment of Lyme disease primarily in 3 forms: hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. Hyperbaric oxygen is administered using hyperbaric oxygen chambers and was promoted as having salutary effects on the immune response to B. burgdorferi infection . Alternatively, some practices promoted using chemically reactive oxygen species, including ozone therapy and/or intravenous infusion of hydrogen peroxide. Ozone can be generated from atmospheric oxygen and administered in several forms. These include intravenous administration of an ozonated solution, ingestion of ozonated water, ozonation and reinfusion of blood, administration of ozonated oils, and rectal or vaginal insufflation with gaseous ozone .

Products Used & Primary Functions:

BANDEROL Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic herbal tincture also effective against many Borrelia species and Lyme co-infections, including Rickettsia, Coxiella and Ehrlichia.

BURBUR Detox: an herbal tincture that aids detoxification of man-made toxins and biotoxins from the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and interstitial space .

CUMANDA Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic herbal tincture also effective against Borrelia burgdorferi, other Borrelia species and Lyme co-infections.

HOUTTUYNIA Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral herbal tincture also effective against most Borrelia species and Lyme co-infections.

ENULA Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antiparasitic herbal combination tincture with some antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

MAGNESIUM MALATE: a highly absorbable and utilizable form of magnesium which helps to maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone and other cellular functions.

MORA Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antiparasitic herbal combination tincture with some antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

PARSLEY Detox: an herbal tincture that aids detoxification of man-made toxins and biotoxins from the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and interstitial space .

Can Lyme Be Cured With Herbs

This study provides the first convincing evidence that some of the herbs used by patients, such as Cryptolepis, black walnut, sweet wormwood, cat’s claw, and Japanese knotweed, have potent activity against Lyme disease bacteria, especially the dormant persister forms, which are not killed by the current Lyme …

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What Is Banderol Used For

Some conditions treated by Banderol: Acute and Chronic prostatitis, Acute and Chronic respiratory tract infections , Acute and Chronic sinusitis, Asthma, Atherosclerotic disease, Cellulitis, Food poisoning, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease, Psoriasis, Thrush, Urinary tract infections , Vaginal infections.

Can You Treat Late Stage Lyme Disease

The Cowden Protocol for Lyme Disease

Symptoms of late Lyme disease may include joint pain , skin changes, musculoskeletal or neurologic complications. Like the less severe forms of Lyme disease, late Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics, although medical opinions differ about the appropriate length of an antibiotic treatment course.

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Nutritional And Herbal Therapy

A wide variety of dietary and nutritional interventions were marketed including conventional nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B12, commonly used supplements such as garlic and fish oil, as well as other herbal products such as turmeric, olive leaf, teasel root, cilantro, chlorella, sarsaparilla, andrographis, marijuana, cannabis oil, and catâs claw . One combination, a salt/vitamin C protocol was marketed as a miracle cure for Lyme disease . A website advocated high dose methyl B12 and glutathione, given as self-administered injections for detoxification . The traditional East Asian remedy moxibustion was also advertised . Some sites marketed modified diets such as gluten restriction or high protein diets . One protocol recommended magnesium and water supplementation with oral serrapeptase, a protease derived from Serratia bacteria . In addition to serrapeptase, other enzymes have been advertised to treat patients with Lyme disease including the soybean-derived nattokinase and the earthworm-derived lumbrokinase .

Heavy Metals And Chelation

Some sites discussed heavy metal toxicity, particularly due to mercury, as copathogenic with Lyme disease . Specifically, Lyme disease was said to predispose to symptomatic mercury toxicity consequently, mercury chelation was a recommended adjunct to other treatments for Lyme disease. The interventions marketed for mercury toxicity included chemical chelators such as dimercaptosuccinic acid, 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid, alpha lipoic acid, and ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid . Some herbal therapies such as garlic, cilantro, or chlorella were also said to be beneficial for heavy metal intoxication. In addition to chelation, some sources recommended the removal of all mercury-containing amalgam dental fillings and root canals as part of Lyme disease therapy . Some have suggested receiving future dental care only from biological dentists .

Bismuth and silver, in contrast to mercury, were heralded for their therapeutic rather than toxic properties. Silver is said to support the immune system as it attempts to kill off these bacterium . Silver kills lyme through oxidation first, then alkylation. Usually sold in colloidal form, silver particles are administered both orally and parenterally . Bismuth compounds were promoted for killing cyst forms of B. burgdorferi and are sometimes combined with EDTA to sequester additional substances .

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One Woman’s Recovery From Lyme With Nutramedix Products

Alternative And Experimental Treatments

Dr. Cowden’s Lyme Disease Treatments and Protocol | Simply O3 Ozone Therapy Machine with Nutramedix

Long-term antibiotic therapy

Some doctors who treat long-term Lyme disease patients privately most of whom work outside the UK prescribe long term antibiotics for patients whose symptoms have not cleared up after standard courses of antibiotics. They may prescribe other drugs as well, intravenous antibiotics or combined antibiotic therapies. Treatments may last months.

These treatments are experimental, as there is a lack of published research demonstrating that such approaches are effective. There is also, however, a lack of evidence that they are not effective. This is a controversial area, amongst patients as well as doctors. More research is desperately needed.

Antimicrobial herbal therapy

Some patients, with persistent symptoms after standard treatment with antibiotics, take herbal remedies.

Commonly used antibacterial protocols for Lyme disease include:

  • Cowden Protocol, claimed to be based on herbs from the rainforst used by native Americans to treat Lyme disease for generations
  • Buhner Protocol, developed by a herbalist who has experimented with his own protocol for Lyme and co-infections
  • Lyme Plus Protocol, developed in Europe by a clinic and university researchers, claimed to target European strains of Lyme and several co-infections.

Nutritional supplements

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How Long Does It Take To Feel Better After Starting Antibiotics For Lyme Disease

Although most cases of Lyme disease can be cured with a 2- to 4-week course of oral antibiotics, patients can sometimes have symptoms of pain, fatigue, or difficulty thinking that lasts for more than 6 months after they finish treatment. This condition is called Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome .

Does Cbd Help Lyme Disease

CBD possesses an antibacterial effect, can reduce headache and nausea, strengthens the immune system, decreases pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, provides anticonvulsant properties and controls nerve episodes, anxiety, and depression. These are many symptoms exhibited by those suffering from Lyme disease.

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Episode 29 Lyme Disease

For those diagnosed with Lyme Disease, the options for treatment can often be overwhelming. If you can get a prescription for antibiotics, will you be treated longer then the recommended three weeks that wont clear out chronic Lyme bacteria? Among natural options is the Cowden Protocol, a series of herbs and supplements to deal with all facets of this complicated disease. Dr. Rebecca Risk credits this program with saving her life when her Lyme Disease was at its worse. She will be speaking with the creator of the Cowden Program, Dr. Lee Cowden to learn how it works. This is the second episode in May of four Lyme centric episodes for Lyme Awareness Month.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

Lyme Disease Treatment Step 2 Of 10

Cowden Lyme Protocol Deep Discount

Every year, 300,000 people are affected by Lyme disease in the United States. Once a person is bitten by a tick, with the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, they can experience symptoms anywhere from 3 to 30 days later. Whether a person contracts Lyme disease usually depending on the kind of tick, where you were when the bite occurred and how long the tick was attached to you. Symptoms can vary in a wide range, depending on the stage of the infection. A few of the symptoms include a red rash that doesnt itch or hurt, headaches, fever, joint pain, loss of mobility in the face, and fatigue. If the infection progresses, symptoms can lead to loss of muscle tone, irregular heartbeat, brain and spine inflammation, and shooting pain or tingles in hands and feet.

Doctors diagnose Lyme disease through symptoms and the patients history of tick exposure, they can also do blood tests. If blood is drawn within the first week of the disease, the test may come up as negative since it takes a few weeks for antibodies to develop.

While some doctors recommend antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, we have created a 10 step program to help our patients get on the road to recovery.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want our patients suffering from Lyme disease to feel confident in their journey to recovery. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concern you may have.

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How Is Lyme Disease Treated On The Nhs

For information on what dose your child should receive, please click on the button below.

Doctors should warn patients that a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction may occur. This is caused when large numbers of bacteria are dying in the body and it will make symptoms worse during treatment. Patients should contact their doctor, but should usually keep taking the antibiotics.

Doctors should consider booking a follow-up appointment during or at the end of treatment to review the patients progress. If the patient still has symptoms, the infection may still be present and a second course of antibiotics may be needed.

If the patient is not better after treatment, the doctor should consider various possibilities.

  • The original diagnosis of Lyme disease may have been wrong. More tests may be necessary to look for an alternative diagnosis.
  • The two courses of Lyme disease treatment may have failed to clear up the infection. Unfortunately there is no test to find out if this is the case. The doctor should not automatically prescribe more antibiotics, but can refer the patient to a specialist and/or discuss them with the National Reference Laboratory to consider other types of Lyme disease test or tests for other tick borne diseases.
  • There may be symptoms resulting from tissue damage, which may heal over months or years, or may be permanent.
  • Additional drugs to manage symptoms and complications

    Samento And Banderol: Uses And Research

    Proponents of banderol and samento recommend them as alternatives to antibiotics, which are the standard treatments for Lyme disease. Itâs said that these herbal remedies may help patients steer clear of the side effects sometimes associated with antibiotic use, such as gastrointestinal distress.

    Supporters also say that banderol and samento aid in the treatment of Lyme disease by reducing chronic inflammation.

    In addition, banderol and samento are sometimes used to control post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome . In people with PTLDS, symptoms linger long after theyâve completed a course of antibiotics. These symptoms include fatigue, muscle and joint pain, sleep disruption, and mood changes.

    At this point, however, theres very little evidence to back up claims that banderol or samento can help treat Lyme disease. There is some research out there showing that a combination of samento and banderol may help knock out Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease. One study often pointed to, however, lacks rigorous peer review. Scientists have yet to confirm these findings or those of related research in clinical trials involving Lyme disease patients.

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    Holistic Treatment Options For Chronic Lyme Disease

    While oral antibiotics work fairly well for the early Lyme disease infection, the treatment for chronic lyme disease requires a comprehensive and individualized approach.

    Fortunately, we have a lot of experience treating this and are achieving great results. Some of the treatment options we have available include:

    • Herbal therapy: We have read just about every Lyme disease book out there and countless research articles. We use different herbal protocols including the modified Cowden Protocol, Vital Plan, and Buhners Protocol.
    • Homeopathy: There are certain homeopathic remedies that seem to be very effective especially in kids.
    • Antibiotics:The effectiveness of long term antibiotics for Lyme disease is debatable. The doctors from the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society do recommend trying different antibiotics to see if symptoms improve. This is done carefully and only under medical supervision. The decision to add antibiotics into the treatment regimen will be an individual decision between you and your doctor.
    • IV Therapy: We have been to multiple conferences that discuss the use of different IV therapies including IV Vitamin C for immune support. For some people IV therapy seemed to make the biggest difference.

    Sharing My Own Healing With Others

    Chronic Lyme Cowden Protocol – Glimmer of Hope – Day 20

    At last, after such a long period of professional inactivity, I began seeing patients again. As I encountered those who had the same problems that I had, I used the Cowden Protocol with them. Were still amazed at how well it works! Im glad that I was able to find a way to help my patients without having to use antibiotics.

    Typically, patients dont have many positive test results at first. These usually appear after a short period of initial treatment. When you give patients herbs, their immune system starts fighting against the infection. Some patients are so sick when they first come to my office that their immune system is totally shut down and cant fight anything. In that situation, all results will be negative.

    If their doctor doesnt know this and understand the underlying mechanisms, they will just look at the negative lab results and declare the patient healthy, when in fact these are the sickest cases needing the most help and support. That is why the diagnosis needs to be based on clinical picture and symptoms, not just lab results.

    Of the symptoms, pain and fatigue are typically the worst part of being ill. We ask them to rate both between 0 and 10, with 10 being the worst imaginable. We do this at the beginning of treatment, and we then follow their self-assessments.

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    Dissecting The Cowden Protocol

    After several months of trying to treat late stage Lyme disease, I sought the wisdom of a naturopath who is experienced in treating Lyme. She recommended to me the Cowden Protocol, for she had found it to be quite helpful for her patients over the years.

    I balked when I saw the cost of the full protocol, averaging about $500 a month. I decided I needed to do some research before I took the plunge. Below, you will find the fruits of my labor.

    I decided that some products in the protocol may be useful and worth getting from Cowdens company, Nutramedix. Some other products also seem useful but are easily available elsewhere for less money. And some are products for which Im having trouble finding a use.

    In making these choices, I consulted a licensed pharmacist who runs natural drug store and stocks the Nutramedix products included in Cowdens protocol.

    Many of these products have limited or no scientific research regarding their use or safety, so using them involves some experimentation and risk.

    So here it goes.

    ADRENAL It is a fairly widespread belief that Lymies have weak adrenals. I dont know if that is true or not, but there are tons of adrenal support supplements available if you think you need something. The herbs used in Cowdens adrenal tincture are all pretty common and have a variety of uses. I dont know nearly enough to know if this combination is especially helpful for adrenal fatigue.

    Cowden Protocol For Lyme Disease

    • posted: Aug. 02, 2013

    I believe I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease. I am getting ready to start the Cowden Protocol for Lyme Disease because I have not been able to completely cure the symptoms. Would you tell me if you know of a doctor who is successful in treating Lyme Disease and have you heard of the Cowden Protocol? I heard part of your show concerning Lyme Disease about a month ago which is where I learned about the spirochetes and began to put 2+2 together, realizing undiagnosed Lyme Disease is probably my trouble. I did have a tick bite and a bulls-eye about 14 years ago was tested twice for Lyme Disease with negative results. I would appreciate your thoughts on the Cowden Protocol any help you may be able to suggest on how to treat this further.

    The Cowden Protocol is not unusual in the natural community. The herbal preparations that he uses from Peru are among many different remedies that can be effective. The biggest problem with Lyme Disease and its co-infections is the bio-film that the micro organisms form essentially protecting them from traditional antibiotic therapy.

    Low Energy Light laser, which we have used for 15 years, will dramatically impact the Lyme Disease and co-infection of bio-film. Immune systems must be supported and over the long term long term remission is achievable in most cases.

    However, in most all cases it is not short term process because of the ability of the spirochete to bury itself into the cell matrix.

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    For About A Year I Have Been Experiencing Joint Pain

    All this proved not to be the case. I was tested at SOPHIA for Lyme Disease and it came back positive. What a shocker! I hadnt been aware of a tick bite no bulls-eye rash nothing. Dr. Ken immediately, put me on the Cowden protocol, an herbal combination of drops taken four times a day. Ive been on this protocol for almost a month and have felt a huge difference. No more joint pain, no more tingling and leg cramps, my fatigue is better. The Cowden protocol is super easy to do and easy to fit into my busy day. Im so thankful the underlying problem was discovered and Im on my way to getting rid of Lyme Disease completely!

    Laurie H.

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