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Desbio Lyme Treatment Side Effects

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I’ve Been Told That Only Antibiotics Can Get Into The Biofilm And/or Cross The Blood Brain Barrier Can Desbio Do That And If So How

DesBio Bartonella Series | Herxing, Healing, Staying Hopeful

antibodies can travel everywhere because they are in your blood, and this is also true for the peptides that are created, which means it can easily cross the blood brain barrier as well as penetrate the notorious Borrelia biofilms. There is literally nowhere in your body that is off-limits as far as the reach of antibodies goes.

Thuja Homeopathic Treatment For Delusions As A Result Of Lyme Disease

The homeopathic medicine Thuja is prepared by using the leaves and twigs of the thuja plant. Thuja tree belongs to the Cupressaceae family. Out of five, two species of Thuja trees are found in North America and the remaining three species are found growing in eastern regions of Asia. Thuja is a well-indicated remedy for delusions and has given good results in Lyme disease patients who have fixed ideas and delusions in later part of the disease. Delusions as if a strange person is by the side and delusions as if the body were fragile are present. There is dullness of mind with sadness. The person feels depressed, isolated and alone.

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Fibromyalgia Lupus Or Lyme

Undergoing multiple courses of antibiotics may cause side effects which are called the Herxheimer reaction. This is characterized by a detox-like reaction and can cause the patient to experience symptoms such as mild to severe diarrhea.

Another side effect of taking antibiotic treatments for a lengthy period is the overgrowth of yeast in the persons gut.

Despite the side effects, undergoing a longer course of antibiotic treatment has provided promising results for many Lyme disease sufferers.

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Can Lyme Disease Be Prevented Or Avoided

The best way to prevent Lyme disease is to avoid being bitten by ticks. When you are outdoors, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid areas that are wooded, brushy, or have tall grass.
  • Walk in the center of trails.
  • Use an insect repellent with at least 20% DEET. It can be put on clothing or sparingly on the skin. Dont apply it to the face or hands of children.
  • Treat clothing, tents, or other gear with repellents containing 0.5% permethrin.
  • Wear light-colored clothing. This makes it easier to see and remove ticks from your clothes.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Tuck your pant legs into your socks or boots for added protection.

After you get home, check everything and everyone for ticks.

  • Bathe or shower as soon as you can to wash off any ticks that have not attached to you.
  • Check your entire body for ticks. Use a mirror for places you cant see. Check your children and your pets. Common tick locations include the back of the knees, groin area, underarms, ears, scalp, and the back of the neck.
  • Check any gear you used, including coats, backpacks, or tents.

Tumble dry clothes or blankets on high heat in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. This should kill any ticks. If clothes are dirty, wash them in hot water and dry on high heat for 60 minutes.

How You Get Lyme Disease

Loudoun Lyme 10k/5k/1k

If a tick bites an animal carrying the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, the tick can become infected. The tick can then transfer the bacteria to a human by biting them.

Ticks can be found in any areas with deep or overgrown plants where they have access to animals to feed on.

Theyâre common in woodland and moorland areas, but can also be found in gardens or parks.

Ticks donât jump or fly. They climb on to your clothes or skin if you brush against something theyâre on. They then bite into the skin and start to feed on your blood.

Generally, youâre more likely to become infected if the tick is attached to your skin for more than 24 hours. Ticks are very small and their bites are not painful, so you may not realise you have one attached to your skin.

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Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

Sometimes, people go through treatment for Lyme disease but their symptoms donât go away. If this lasts over 6 months, itâs known as chronic Lyme disease or âpost-treatment Lyme disease syndromeâ .

Doctors still arenât sure why some people get PTLDS. Some believe that getting Lyme disease may cause damage to your tissues or immune system. Others believe itâs because the bacteria that causes Lyme hasnât completely gone away.

There is little evidence that taking more antibiotics at this stage will help. They may actually be harmful. Instead, your doctor will focus on treating the symptoms youâre still having. This will be different for everyone. Some people could benefit from a medicine that relieves fatigue, while others may need a drug that can help with headaches or very sensitive skin.

Your doctor could also have you try a treatment that helps people with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

More research is needed to figure out how best to treat PTLDS. Itâs something that can be frustrating. Just remember: Many people who have this condition do start feeling like their old selves after a few months.

Lyme Treatment: Where Do I Go From Here

This is what I decided when beginning Lyme treatment. However, I happen to have a doctors appointment coming up in a few days, so Im anxious to hear her recommendations. I plan to stay the course on several things Im already doing, but would like to talk to her about tweaking some things for my Lyme treatment.

Im also interested in adding a few things to my protocol including using an Infrared Sauna and a Rife or Frequency machine . Unfortunately, theres nowhere in town I can go to use either of these. So, logistically speaking these are bigger investments.

Id also like to begin regular lymphatic massage and also try out acupuncture. Im hoping these will further help break up the cysts and increase lymphatic flow. Im already doing dry skin brushing and trying to bounce on a rebounder for a few minutes each day to help this out, but Ive not seen much real benefit thus far.

Theres no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treating lyme. But sharing our experiences can hopefully help as we seek healing for our bodies.

Heres my update 6 months later after beginning Lyme treatment.

Are you a Lyme patient? Whats working well for you?

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Azlocillin Comes Out On Top

The drug, which is not on the market, was tested in mouse models of Lyme disease at seven-day, 14-day and 21-day intervals and found to eliminate the infection. For the first time, azlocillin was also shown to be effective in killing drug-tolerant forms of B. burgdorferi in lab dishes, indicating that it may work as a therapy for lingering symptoms of Lyme disease.

Pothineni and Rajadas have patented the compound for the treatment of Lyme disease and are working with a company to develop an oral form of the drug. Researchers plan to conduct a clinical trial.

Rajadas is also a professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California-San Francisco.

Other Stanford co-authors are Hari-Hara S. K. Potula, PhD, senior research scientist postdoctoral scholars Aditya Ambati, PhD, and Venkata Mallajosyula, PhD senior research scientist Mohammed Inayathullah, PhD and intern Mohamed Sohail Ahmed.

A researcher at Loyola College in India also contributed to the work.

The study was funded by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and Laurel STEM Fund.

  • Tracie White

The Cdc Reveals The Truth About Lyme Disease

Think the Lyme Disease Rash is Always a Bull’s-eye? Think Again! | Johns Hopkins Rheumatology

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick. Lyme and its numerous co-infections can mimic or cause virtually any medical, neurological, or psychiatric condition. It is called the great imitator and has been vastly underdiagnosed in the U.S. due to inadequate testing methods and general lack of acknowledgment by the medical community. A nasty relative of the STD syphilis, Lyme causes a multitude of medical, neurological, and psychiatric impairment issues, yet is much harder to cure.

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What Are The Risk Factors For Post Treatment Lyme Disease

Risk factors for Post Treatment Lyme Disease include:

  • Delay in diagnosis
  • Increased severity of initial illness
  • Presence of neurologic symptoms

Increased severity of initial illness, the presence of neurologic symptoms, and initial misdiagnosis increase the risk of Post Treatment Lyme Disease. PTLD is especially common in people that have had neurologic involvement. The rates of Post Treatment Lyme Disease after neurologic involvement may be as high as 20% or even higher. Other risk factors being investigated are genetic predispositions and immunologic variables.

In addition to Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, there are several other tick-borne co-infections that may also contribute to more prolonged and complicated illness.

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptom Severity

In LDos chronic Lyme disease survey, over 75% of patients reported at least one symptom as severe or very severe and 63% reported two or more such symptoms. Find out more about LDo peer-reviewed published surveys. The chart below shows the severity of ten common chronic Lyme symptoms.

The survey also found that patients with chronic Lyme disease have high disability and unemployment rates. Over 40% of patients with chronic Lyme disease reported that they currently are unable to work because of Lyme disease and 24% report that they have received disability at some point in their illness.

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What Is Post Treatment Lyme Disease

Post Treatment Lyme Disease represents a research subset of patients who remain significantly ill 6 months or more following standard antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease. PTLD is characterized by a constellation of symptoms that includes severe fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, sleep disturbance, depression, and cognitive problems such as difficulty with short-term memory, speed of thinking, or multi-tasking. In the absence of a direct diagnostic biomarker blood test, PTLD has been difficult to define by physicians, and its existence has been controversial. However, our clinical research shows that meticulous patient evaluation when used alongside appropriate diagnostic testing can reliably identify patients with a history of previously treated Lyme disease who display the typical symptom patterns of PTLD.

Conium Homeopathic Treatment For Lyme Disease With Vertigo

Comprehensive Detox Kit by DesBio

The homeopathic medicine Conium is prepared from the hemlock plant. This plant is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant and belongs to the Apiaceae family. The plant originally belongs to Europe, particularly Britain, Africa and different regions of Asia. The leaves, roots and flowering stems of the hemlock plant are used to prepare Conium. The curative effects of Conium are seen in cases of Vertigo especially in Lyme disease .Vertigo appears as a sensation where the person looking steadily at an object feels like the object is spinning.Vertigo upon rising, or going down the stairs may be present, along with weakness and an inclination to sleep. There is numb feeling in the brain as if stupefied, which gets worse upon turning over in bed.

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Lyme Disease And The Cdc

In order for the Centers for Disease Control to recognize a Lyme case for surveillance purposes, there must be objective findings, such as positive blood tests, Bells palsy or joint swelling . The chart below reflects the CDC-reviewed surveillance case manifestations from 2001 to 2010.

This situation contributes to what many experts view as severe undercounting of Lyme disease by the CDC.

Misdiagnosis And Delayed Treatment

The fortunate ones are able to catch Lyme within the first few weeks when the appropriate antibiotics have a much better chance of working. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is often missed and the infection is allowed to take hold, disrupting the immune system and causing a cascade of inflammatory responses.

Even when Lyme is suspected and a blood test is ordered, the common Western Blot test often results in false negatives while Lymes co-infection antibodies are rarely even looked for, although they may even be more common than Lyme itself! Its not uncommon for someone with Lyme to receive multiple negative test results before achieving a proper diagnosis. This leaves thousands of undiagnosed patients sick and confused, spending months, years, or even decades wandering around from doctor to doctor, trying to find out what is wrong with them. Ineffective testing methods combined with inadequate insurance coverage mean that people with Lyme often encounter financial ruin before a cure.

After 3-6 months in the body, Lyme has taken hold of the immune system and becomes difficult to eradicate with antibiotics alone. A study published in 2012 showed that Lyme disease has tenacious survival skills. Inside the body, the Borrelia organism forms a biofilm, which allows it to constantly rearrange its structure, hide, and resist environmental conditions such as antibiotics.

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Comprehensive Detox Kit By Desbio


Comprehensive Detox kit by DesBio is a FULL-Body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation designed to optimize all major organ functions and systemsWHAT MAKES DESBIOS DETOX KIT DIFFERENT THAN THE REST?Organ-specific detox aims to cleanse or purify individual body systems, but many of these approaches fail to consider the relationships between organs or organ systems. It is more effective to address all body systems where toxins may accumulate in order to optimize the function of body systems and the efficacy of secondary treatments.There are several reasons that DesBios detox and drainage kits are the best available. These products, working together, support the body in these ways: Promote detox and drainage Promote aerobic metabolism Adds energy to the immune system Clears and unblocks the matrix Promotes both forms of immunity Dovetails with other Desbio Detox Formulas Dovetails with the fat detox needs of hA2cg Evolution Improves on the 4 phase formulas of homotoxicology Precedes the needs of a heavy metal detox program Energizes the patient Shortens clearing reactions

Detox II:Purify the Kidneys & Urinary Tract The urinary system eliminates wastes from the body. When this system is blocked, symptoms such as fluid retention, swelling, back pain, and urinary frequency, urgency, and burning occur. Cleansing this system improves drainage to the entire body, increasing the waste elimination function and detoxifying the kidneys.

Cdc Supports The Development Of New Tests

Lyme Disease Is On The Rise. And It’s Bad.

New tests may be developed as alternatives to one or both steps of the two-step process. Before CDC will recommend new tests, they must be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration . For more details, see: Recommendations for Test Performance and Interpretation from the Second National Conference on Serologic Diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

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Who Is At Risk For Lyme Disease

Anyone can get a tick bite. But people who spend lots of time outdoors in wooded, grassy areas are at a higher risk. This includes campers, hikers, and people who work in gardens and parks.

Most tick bites happen in the summer months when ticks are most active and people spend more time outdoors. But you can get bitten in the warmer months of early fall, or even late winter if temperatures are unusually high. And if there is a mild winter, ticks may come out earlier than usual.

Win The Race Against Lyme

by Lisa | Jul 14, 2014 | Articles

Lyme disease is running rampant throughout the US with new strains showing up in new areas on a regular basis. Its already at epidemic proportions in the Northeastern US and is rapidly making its way south and west. showing how Lyme disease is currently spreading throughout the Southeastern US.

Fortunately, DesBio has an answer to help combat the symptoms of this debilitating disease. We are the only company that sells series therapy kits, a time-honored method of helping the body rid itself of the lingering symptoms of infectious diseases . We have series kits addressing the symptoms of Lyme disease , candida, chlamydia, Epstein Barr, H. pylori, hepatitis, herpes, streptococcus, and many others. Our newest series therapy kit addresses the symptoms of C. difficile such as chronic diarrhea.

about these powerful therapies. You wont find them anywhere else!

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Know How To Remove A Tick

  • If possible, use pointy tweezers
  • Disinfect the tweezers with rubbing alcohol
  • Grab the tick close to the skin and use a slow, steady motion to pull the tick out
  • Disinfect the tweezers again
  • Keep an eye on the bite area
  • Lyme Symptoms: Days 1-30

    Treating an infection within the first 3 weeks is critical to reducing the risk of chronic Lyme disease, which can last for the rest of your life. If the following symptoms appear , seek medical assistance right away.

    Review Of The Medical Literature


    Scientific studies supporting the efficacy of any of the treatments discussed above could not be found on review of the medical literature. Most of the cited treatments were never evaluated with any scientific study, although we did find that a few treatments were evaluated in studies that either were poorly designed or had unclear relevance to human disease.

    Two studies are worth mentioning in more detail. A study of combination therapy with cholestyramine-atovaquone enrolled 25 patients with persistent symptoms after being diagnosed with and treated for babesiosis-Lyme disease coinfection . In this study, however, all patients received cholestyramine for the entirety of the trial, so no inferences could be made about its therapeutic efficacy.

    The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on strains of B. burgdorferi was assessed both in vitro and in experimentally infected mice in one study . The investigators found that growth of the organism in vitro was inhibited by hyperbaric oxygen in 14 of 17 cultures. In addition, the organism was cultivable from the bladders of only 20% of mice treated with hyperbaric oxygen, compared with 90% of untreated mice. No study of this therapy in humans with Lyme disease has ever been published.

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