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Herbal Supplements For Lyme Disease

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My Recommended Readings For Treating Lyme Disease

Supplements I Take for Lyme Disease, Candida and POTS

If you want to read more information regarding natural ways to treat Lyme Disease, then I highly recommend Dr. Buhners book Healing Lyme! I have read it, and I refer to it often. He is an expert in the field and explains everything well in the book. I am also including a link for you to obtain another book if you prefer to read on your Kindle . I have not read this book, but it has been highly recommended in my research. The third book that I am recommending is also very good. It has information regarding combined tradition and herbal therapies.

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Lyme Disease Natural Treatment

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. It was discovered in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975 where a number of children that had Juvenile Arthritis were found to have this bacteria in their bodies. The bacteria comes from the bite of infected deer ticks. The symptoms of Lyme disease includea bullseye rash, fever, stiff neck, headache, joint pain, and fatigue. Later in the disease there can be problems with thinking and memory. If left untreated, the disease can be disabling. The usual treatment is antibiotics for a number of weeks. If your doctor gives the okay, lyme disease natural treatment can be used along with antibiotics to help the body heal faster. This article explores how to cure Lyme disease naturally.

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How To Choose The Best Herbal Supplements

The best advice is to avoid choosing your herbal supplements to treat Lyme disease. While you know your body best and can quickly identify your symptoms and match them with a supplement, there are other factors you must consider before heading over to your local alternative store. Below is a brief list of crucial considerations before consuming a supplement:

  • Brand name. Yes, it makes a difference. Supplements your Lyme literate doctor will prescribe will be manufactured by brands with excellent reputations, a long history of satisfied customers, and proven results.
  • Possible interactions with other medicines and supplements. To avoid new negative symptoms, you must be sure the supplements you take will not interact or interfere with any current medications you may be taking.
  • Side effects. All medicines and herbal supplements have the potential for side effects. Your doctor can update you on the list of possible side effects and investigate if you are more likely to experience them.
  • The best form. Herbal supplements come in many shapes: capsules, tablets, tea, IV infusion, powder, etc. Your doctor should recommend how much you should take based on your personal needs and feedback from lab testing.

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About The Author Dr Hinchey

In addition to naturally treating patients with complex illness stemming from underlying tick-borne disease atTAO in Connecticut, Dr. Myriah Hinchey createdLymeCore Botanicals to provide quality clean and effective herbal formulas for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, and is highly active in sourcing, testing, and overseeing production of the herbal formulas she uses to treat her patients.

Dr. Hinchey also foundedLymeBytes, a multimedia company dedicated to educating patients and other practitioners about Lyme disease and tick-borne illness and focuses on bringing Patients, Practitioners and Resources together for healing Lyme disease.

When Inflammation Becomes Chronic

Complete Joint Health

Imagine if the acute inflammatory process was going on in tissues throughout your body and it never resolved. Thats exactly what happens with the chronic inflammation associated with chronic Lyme disease.

The driving force is bacteria invading cells. Its not an all-out invasion like you would find with an acute infection, such as pneumonia, however. Its an insidious migration of bacteria into tissues throughout the body in the brain, heart, joints, muscles, kidneys, intestines, everywhere.

When Lyme bacteria enter the bloodstream from a tick bite, WBCs gobble up the bacteria in an attempt to get rid of them. The bacteria, however, have sophisticated ways of staying alive inside the WBCs. Instead of eradicating the bacteria, the WBCs unintentionally become transport vehicles to distribute bacteria to tissues throughout the body.

On arrival, the bacteria surface and infect other cells. Its not as much a deluge of invasion as it is a random sprinkling. Tissues throughout the body become peppered with cells that have been infected with bacteria.

The Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, are intracellular, which means they infect and live inside cells. The cells provide nutrients to make new bacteria as well as protection from the immune system. Once the bacteria have used up the resources a cell has to offer, they surface and infect other cells.

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Herbs For Lyme Disease

There are many herbs that are fantastic for pretty much anyone to take, such as adaptogens , which help to bring the body back into balance no matter where its at.

There are a couple of more specific herbs for Lyme disease that are super helpful for specific Lyme symptoms and problems.

These herbs can be a great part of chronic Lyme disease treatment.

Ive also included links for you to find good places to buy each herb. Its important to find somewhere to buy from that you can trust, and that offers high-quality herbs that havent used pesticides or herbicides, and thats why I always buy my herbs from Starwest Botanicals.

Read on to find out which herbs are best for you to include in your Lyme disease herbal protocol!

Lyme And Candida Overgrowth

Yeast overgrowth is a common concern for Lyme patients who undergo antibiotic therapy. Whether or not the Lyme or other bacterial pathogens are killed, the immune system is depleted, the body s beneficial bacteria is eradicated, and the body is almost guaranteed to be overrun with fungal pathogens. If one is cured of Lyme disease they will then have to rebuild their immune system . Most people dont know how to do this. If they did, they most likely would not have been susceptible to Lyme in the first place. But for those who do the Lyme treatment without successful elimination of Lyme now have to deal with a body that soon inundated with fungi.

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Other Natural Treatments For Lyme Disease

The treatments discussed above are only some of the natural treatments that claim to treat Lyme disease. According to a 2015 study looking at the alternative treatments found during an Internet search, other natural treatments people use for Lyme disease include:

  • saunas and steam rooms

The investigators noted that theres no research backing up these treatments, any many dont have a logical rationale behind them.

Unscientific Treatments May Leave Real Lyme Disease Untreated

Bartonella Treatments – The Best Herbal and Prescription Antibiotics

In almost all Chronic Lyme cases, Lyme infection was not the source of the patients problem in the first place. But if the patient did have Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness, pseudoscientific treatments like herbs and supplements likely wouldnt cure the easily curable infection.

Lyme disease rarely remains untreated. However, an interesting 2011 report described a 71-year old woman who knew she had Lyme disease but refused antibiotic treatment. Instead, she chose acupuncture and homeopathy, which dont work for any condition.

The woman had typical symptoms of Lyme disease, including the characteristic rash, which progressed to Lyme arthritis. Four years after her initial infection, the woman finally accepted antibiotic treatment and was quickly cured of the arthritis which had been bothering her. The effective treatment was per the science-based guidelines: 30 days of doxycycline.

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A Few Facts On Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, Bartonella and mycoplasma can be transmitted via blood, bodily fluids, in utero, breast milk, mammals milk, and sexual fluids. Babesia is a blood parasite much like malaria is. It is treated much like malaria. It can only be transmitted via blood sharing, transfusions, and needles.

I dont use a kill the enemy/invader approach. My goal is for my client to start feeling better as soon as possible regardless of whether or not any killing agents are being used. Though I use a number of herbs that are known to have antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiviral properties, those particular actions are not why I first choose a protocol though all the actions of an herb are considered. The herbs I use, Japanese knotweed for instance, is not only antibacterial and active against Borrelia and Bartonella, and it is also strongly anti-inflammatory, is an immune modulator, treats arthritis and increases micro circulation thus getting blood to the interior and exterior parts of the body and brain. If this herb can help someone start to feel even subtly better the chances of compliance to implement a larger protocol is much greater.

  • Nettle leaf urtica dioca: iron, zinc, potassium, diuretic, nutritive to kidneys, drying and warming, circulatory stimulant, cleansing to kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.
  • Rhemannia glutinosa cured, not raw, moistening, laxative, kidney nutritive and complements nettle leaf.
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    Herbs For Lyme Disease Treatment

    Herbs have been used as a medicinal treatment for thousands of years. Many people have turned to herbal remedies to help provide relief from Lyme disease when antibiotics didn’t completely help eliminate symptoms.

    One research study found that a combination of doxycycline and baicalein provides additional healing benefits. According to a 2020 laboratory study, seven herbal medicines have been shown to kill B. burgdorferi in test tubes:

    Garlic has antibacterial effects and may help prevent tick bites. One study determined that people who took garlic supplements reported fewer tick bites than the placebo group. Garlic essential oil has been shown to eliminate the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

    Garlic can interact with certain medications, so speak with your healthcare provider before using it to prevent or treat Lyme disease.

    Steviaa natural sweetener and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plantmay be effective in treating Lyme disease. A study published in the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology discovered that stevia extracts are more effective in killing Lyme disease bacterium in the lab than the standard antibiotics.

    My Long Road To A Lyme Diagnosis

    Natural Lyme Disease Treatment Plan

    I could write a freakin book about my pre-diagnosis Lyme experience. Not to sound dramatic, but it was basically a nightmare playing out in slow motion. For your own sanity, Ill give you the condensed version.

    Personally, I dont remember a tick bite, and like many Lyme sufferers, I never got the bulls-eye rash or flu-like symptoms so often touted as classic signs of Lyme disease. Instead, my whole ordeal began with a sharp, stinging sensation in my left ankle after a day of walking in New York City, where Id just begun my first big girl job. It hurt, but I didnt think much of it, and about a week later I was told I had tendinitis that would resolve relatively quickly. But then my other ankle started to hurt, and after a few months, the pain extended to the bottoms of my feet, my knees, and even my arms. Sometimes it would feel like electric currents were running through my toes when I stood up. After a while, I began to question my tendinitis diagnosis, but after about five second opinions and countless tests , doctors had no real explanation for what was going on. In the words of one of my least favorite doctors, Theres nothing else I can do for you.

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    Taking A Bite Out Of Lyme What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Tick

    What if you are bitten? Do not panic, as there is plenty that both conventional and naturopathic medicine can do acutely to prevent infection from taking hold and causing illness. First things first, however, you must remove the tick safely.

    Do not use anything to suffocate the tick, as this may cause the tick to regurgitate its contents into you and expose your body to Borrelia burgdorferi and other species of Borrelia that cause Lyme disease, as well as its co-infections. Use flat-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick at the base of the head and slowly but firmly pull the tick from the skin in the same direction that it is implanted.

    Once the tick is removed, use a clear plastic sealable bag to store it. Apply hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. Mix bentonite clay and Andrographis tincture to form a paste and apply it directly to the bite. Cover with a bandage soaked in the Andrographis tincture and let it heal.

    The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society recommends that those experiencing Erythema migrans undergo antibiotic therapy for four to six weeks.

    How To Ensure The Best Herbs For Lyme Disease Do Their Job

    Half of a successful natural Lyme disease treatment is to effectively prevent immune reactions. In order to keep the immune system from firing in an excess manner with cytokine reactions, mast cell activation syndrome reactions and histamine reactions, we need to get the immune system to quiet down and keep it quiet.

    In order to prevent immune reactions, we need to prevent pathogenic excitement. One important aspect of a natural Lyme disease treatment that prevents immune reactions , is to adhere to the Lyme disease diet. Lyme disease pathogens are like a fire in the body. When we spritz a campfire with the slightest spritz of alcohol, the fire flares. The same thing goes for infections. When we eat the slightest amount of the wrong thing, the infections get excited. When the bugs get excited, the immune system senses this and then turns on in a hyperactive manner. When the immune system becomes hyperactive, symptoms occur. When symptoms occur, treatment results are limited at best. That said, we want to prevent pathogenic excitement. Adhering to the Lyme disease diet helps prevent and lessen symptoms and better assures the effectiveness of the Lyme disease treatment.

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    Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

    Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It is spread through the bite of infected ticks.

    Ticks are very small, and their biteswhich can occur anywhere on the bodyare usually painless, so you may not immediately be aware that you have been bitten. In most cases, the tick must be attached to the body for 24 hours before Lyme disease is transmitted.

    The signs and symptoms of Lyme disease usually start within three to 30 days after youve been bitten by an infected tick. Many people experience flu-like symptoms after being bitten, while more serious symptoms show up weeks after the bite. Early signs and symptoms of Lyme disease include:

    • Swollen lymph nodes

    If left untreated, symptoms can worsen to include Bells palsy , severe headaches, muscle, joint, and tendon pain, cardiac problems, and neurological disorders.

    Most cases of Lyme disease can be managed and treated with two to three weeks of antibiotics. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and how long after the bite you were diagnosed, you may need a longer course of antibiotics to clear up the infection. Many people turn to natural remedies to help treat Lyme disease.

    Natural Tick Repellants To Protect Your Family

    Cat’s Claw & Otoba Bark are My Favorite Lyme Herbal Antibiotics

    There are many natural tick sprays that do not use DEET but contain essential oil of chrysanthemum or cedar, which is effective in repelling ticks and other insects.

    Insect Shield is a company that treats special clothing/gear for outside activities with tick repellant and lasts seventy washes. Regardless of precautions taken, it is important to perform tick checks on yourselves, children, and pets after being outside. Pay special attention to the hair line, arm pits, belly button, back of knees, and groin.

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    Natural Remedies For The Chronic Inflammation Of Lyme Disease

    Everyone knows that inflammation isnt good, especially when it becomes chronic. But to do something about it, you need to understand whats driving the inflammation in the first place.

    Though you cant actually see chronic inflammation, you can certainly feel it. It manifests as joint discomfort, stiffness, general achiness, fatigue, low stamina, brain fog, slow mental activity, depressed mood, and all the other symptoms associated with chronic Lyme disease. Simply put, you feel inflamed.

    The root of inflammation is excessive turnover of cells. We all lose cells, and up to a certain point, its perfectly normal. Cells in the body are constantly wearing out, getting injured, or being invaded by microbes. In fact, we typically lose 50-70 billion cells every day. While much of cellular turnover is accounted for by cells that are shed from the body, such as skin and intestinal cells, tissues inside the body are losing cells, too.

    When cells die, they break apart and create debris. If enough debris collects in tissues, it obstructs the flow of water, nutrients, and oxygen that cells need to stay healthy. At the same time, metabolic waste produced by cells is trapped around the cell, which, of course, isnt a good thing. If enough debris collects, cells start to choke in their own waste.

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