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Holistic Cure For Lyme Disease

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Natural Ways To Cure Lyme Disease

Alternative treatments for Lyme disease symptoms brings new hope to those suffering

Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease

Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease Essential Oils for Lyme Disease, It is believed that many essential oils have antimicrobial activities, and some people Naturopathic Treatment, Naturopathic treatment for Lyme disease takes a whole-body approach, Your naturopathic Herbs for Lyme Disease

Envita Medical Centers: An Integrative Center Of Excellence For Personalized Oncology And Lyme Diseasetreatment

Over the last 20 years, Envita Medical Centers has experienced explosive technological growth and has become amulti-division integrative medical company with well over 160 employees. Envita has always been focused on patientoutcomes those outcomes have driven word-of-mouth referrals from past patients who have experienced the powerful,loving care Envita provides. Envita Medical Centers treat patients from across the country. For patients who travelto Envita Medical Centers to receive services at our location, our Patient Care Experts are fully committedto providing you the highest level of care.

We want to share with you a brief glimpse at the amazing journey Envita Medical Centers has experienced working withchronic Lyme disease complex and late-stage, complex cancer cases as well as the incredible people wehave brought to our team to provide radical-loving care to our patients on adaily basis.

Envita Medical Centers doesn’t make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will varyfromperson to person and should not be expected.


Envita Medical Centers is the result of two decades of research,development,and innovation in the field of advanced Integrative medicine allowing us to provide the most effectiveconventional care in combination with the latest in research-based alternative intravenous medicine. We have beenworking on the forefront of medical advancements to provide the latest treatment options for our patients.

Complementary And Alternative Therapies

You should never treat Lyme disease with complementary therapies alone. Anyone who has Lyme disease needs to take antibiotics to cure the disease and avoid complications. Lyme disease does affect many parts of your body, so including complementary therapies along with standard treatment may help.

Some people believe they have long-lasting complications from Lyme disease. Using CAM therapies to treat these long-lasting complications is controversial. Conventional doctors believing that CAM practitioners may be attributing too many random symptoms to Lyme disease. Make sure you see reputable doctors, whether conventional or CAM practitioners, and educate yourself so that you can be your own advocate.

Always tell all of your doctors about the herbs and supplements you are using or considering using.

Nutrition and SupplementsHerbs

The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Herbs, however, can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, you should take herbs with care, under the supervision of a health care provider. Some helpful herbs include:


In some cases, such as Lyme disease, a professional homeopath may prescribe specific remedies without considering the individual’s constitutional state. Such remedies for Lyme disease include:

  • Arsenicum album

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Your Gut And Your Immune System

Chronic infection is an underlying factor in most chronic illnesses. Our sugar-laden diet, GMO foods that kill beneficial bacteria, antibiotics, other antibacterial products, and many of the chemicals in our food supply deplete our beneficial bacteria, which wreaks havoc on our immune systems. This sets the stage for systemic, chronic fungal infections and parasites to multiply, permeate the gut, enter the bodys bloodstream, and spread infection throughout the body.

Conventional doctors are very bad at finding and diagnosing parasitical and fungal infections that cannot easily be seen on the surface of the body. The average person is dealing with Candida overgrowth at the very least due to the aforementioned modern diet and lifestyle.

Obviously, to treat a difficult bacterial infection such as Lyme the immune system needs to be as strong as possible. The immune system is only as healthy as the gut. The bodys intestinal tract mirrors the bodys health and dictates the power of the immune system. Step one is to balance the gut flora and eliminate most of the harmful pathogens in the body.



Dont underestimate the power of beneficial bacteria for a properly working, strong immune system. Your beneficial bacteria play a major role in our immune system.

Is There A Cure For Lyme Disease

Stevia kills Lyme disease

Is there a cure for Lyme disease? This is a question that has gotten a lot of buzzes as it was previously believed that Lyme disease would go away after a few weeks of antibiotics. But more and more reports come from people who remain sick or even get worse after taking antibiotic treatment.

Is there a cure for calcium diseases? The good news is that Lyme disease is curable, especially if its diagnosed soon after symptoms start. However, many doctors treating Lyme disease also try natural methods such as diet, herbs, and supplements and see their effectiveness in the treatment of Lyme diseases.

Chronic Lyme disease can seem hopeless if there isnt a simple treatment that works for everyone. But that doesnt mean there isnt any treatment for you at all. On the contrary, there are many natural cures for Lyme disease. If you do your research you can find the one that suits your needs.

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Detailed Proprietary Tests To Identify Core Causes

The lack of detailed testing in standard healthcare facilities often leads to misdiagnoses and ineffective treatmentplans. If the core causes of diseases are not identified, patients do not respond to treatment or experience temporaryrelief, followed by symptom relapse. At Envita, we specialize in identifying and hitting the treatment targets thatother care facilities have missed, giving our patients the opportunity to outperform the statistics. We are committedtohelping our patients experience lasting results and our world-class proprietary diagnostics are a cornerstone toachieving that mission.

We utilize the most advanced healthcare technologies from around the world to develop detailed proprietary tests,whichare crucial for an accurate diagnosis. These proprietary tests reveal each patients individual genetic markers,infectious load, immune status, and several other factors which influence disease growth and proliferation. A detailedanalysis of all these factors enables our team of specialists to customize a unique treatment plan for each patient,helping them propel towards a holistic recovery.

Lyme Disease Treatment Littleton

Lyme disease is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control states that health providers and state health departments report roughly 30,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease to the CDC each year by. However, the CDC also suggests that the actual number of cases is closer to 300,000 ten times the number of cases that are actually reported. Because of the rate at which this illness continues to grow, now is the time to increase awareness of and vigilance against this tick-borne illness to effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat those people who have contracted Lyme disease.

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Can Microcurrent Neurofeedback Benefit Those Who Suffer From Lymes Disease

The short answer is yes! When dealing with Lyme disease, we take an autoimmune approach with microcurrent therapy. Here are two ways we do this:

  • Working primarily through vagus nerve stimulation, we can reduce inflammation across the entire body, and in turn, reduce the pain and discomfort associated with Lyme.
  • Another protocol we employ is the gamma energizer technique. This protocol provides brain-friendly low-level stimulation. Through the gamma energizer protocol, we can help cleanse the brains neural pathways and work to eliminate the chronic fatigue that is often associated with Lyme.

Natural Treatments For Lyme Disease In Dogs

The Cowden Support Program | A natural treatment for Lyme Disease

Lyme, and many of its co-infections, are common in companion animals, although Lyme can infect nearly all animals on the planet. A number of people, concerned about their pets, and exasperated at the lack of progress by their vets, reported good success once they began using the protocol I developed for people on their dogs .

So, I want to share it with you too.

Here are 6 natural treatment options for Lyme disease in dogs.

Generally, improvements begin to occur within two to four weeks.

Please note that all of the herbs can be given simultaneously and all the herbs may be used along with antibiotics. Also, if your dog is very small, use smaller doses, if larger use more. The doses I am giving here are for a medium sized dog. And yes, you can use liquid formulations as well. I just prefer to use the herbs themselves.

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How I’m Feeling Now

Now, about a year and a half after beginning this holistic road to recovery, I feel pretty damn good. Of course, I still have periods when I notice my aches and pains cropping up, but now I have the knowledge to begin addressing them quickly so they don’t spiral out of control.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from my holistic doctor is that healing from Lyme is an ongoing process, and it cannot happen with one isolated drug, supplement, or therapy. It requires tuning in to your body and adopting a variety of health-promoting strategies that, together, strengthen and protect the immune system so it can keep harmful pathogens in check.

But all that said, I actually don’t regret my initial antibiotic treatment. Because it was so effective for a period of time, it helped confirm that what I was dealing with was, in fact, Lyme disease. And although this theory isn’t science-backed, part of me feels like I needed the “big guns” to get over the initial hump since my symptoms were so all-consuming. All in all, they were a valuable first step in my personal healing journey, but everyone’s journey is different.

And no matter how hard things get, know that once-hopeless people like me have gotten better. It takes time, but it can happen, and it may not be the exact same protocol that worked for me. So keep tuning in to your body, prioritizing your needs, and being your own advocate until you find an approach that works for you.

Causes And Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which generally gets transmitted through a tickbite. It isone of the most prevalent tick-transmitted infections in the United States.

When a deer tick, carrying the bacterial infection, bites a human, it can transmit this infectious disease,along with avariety of other disease-causing pathogens, such as viruses and other microorganisms. In certain instances,patients maynotice a red Bulls eye rash called Erythema Migrans, a few days after the infected tick bites them. Apartfrom thisrash, some of the early symptoms of Lyme disease may include:

Musculoskeletal Pain

In such cases of early Lyme disease, the IDSA guidelines recommend an oral course of antibiotics for 10 to 14 days,and 14 to 21 days antibiotic treatment for chronicsymptoms of neurologic Lyme.

While standard oral antibiotic treatment may be enough for early-stage Lyme disease, in our clinical experience,antibiotics alone cannot effectively treat the chronic neurological and psychological symptoms, which often manifestinthe later stage of the disease.

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Why Conventional Lyme Disease Treatments Fail

When patients come to us for treatment of Lyme disease, they have often tried numerous conventional treatments, with little to no relief. Constant aching, pain, and discomfort send Lyme patients on a wild goose chase for answers and solutions a frustrating and defeating endeavor.

Many of our Lyme patients report that they have tried a TENS machine for Lyme disease pain. Unfortunately, a TENS machine can be incredibly strong and uncomfortable and has the potential to cause pain and further damage to your system.

Another conventional treatment method for Lyme disease is antibiotics. Antibiotics can be beneficial in the early stages of Lyme disease. But because this disease is so difficult to diagnose, many patients miss the window for this treatment to be successful.

Antibiotics can be a lifesaver and have saved countless lives, but many people experience bowel problems for weeks to years after being prescribed them. Antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria in your body, but they also kill beneficial bacteria in your gut, throwing your digestive system out of whack. Side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are common for those who are on an antibiotic regimen.

When We Think About Why Lyme Disease So Easily Takes Over The Human Body We See That Inflammation Plays A Huge Role

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips + Ways to Naturally Treat

If the body is constantly putting out fires from everyday exposure to events or substances that cause inflammation , it has a much harder time when a real threat enters the body.

We have to focus on creating a foundation for health, which is simple but sometimes hard to implement in modern life. Rather than subscribing to a particular diet or detox to achieve this goal, I instead recommend returning to the basics. Eat food in its original unprocessed form. Limit sugar and alcohol intake. Drink fresh, filtered water as often as possible. Move your body. Create a healthy sleep schedule and take time during your day for short mental health breaks. Prioritize stress-relieving activities that bring you joy and peace. If it is too overwhelming to implement all these at once, work on one aspect of health at a time, and build upon that. Its never too late to start improving your bodys resilience.

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Lifestyle Remedies For Tick

If caught early enough, Lyme disease can typically be treated using several lifestyle remedies.

Regular exercise augments the amount of oxygen in the body and blood, which acts to destroy the Lyme bacteria in the blood.

Additionally, probiotics taken daily boosts the number of good bacteria in the gut, supplementing the immune system.

Why Standard Healthcare Blood Tests May Not Detect Lyme Disease

Healthcare providers are sometimes compelled to treat presumptively because the standard blood tests may notdetect Lymedisease or the accompanying co-infections accurately. Presumptive treatment does not help in uprooting theChronic Lymecoinfections, which is why we see patients whose Lyme disease symptoms return a few weeks or months aftercompletingtreatment at standard healthcare facilities.

Standard healthcare providers utilize ELISA and Western Blot tests toconfirm thediagnosis, but both tests depend on your immune system response. If your immune system is weakened due to anyreason,such as heavy infectious load from Lyme coinfections, there are high chances of a false negative in thistwo-tieredtest.

The ELISA test detects antibodies, a type of protein, generated by your immune system in response to thebacterium B.burgdorferi, but if your immune system is weakened then it will not produce the antibody, leading to afalsenegativeresult.
Generally, if patients test negative in ELISA, they are not even recommended for the Western Blot, whichis aconfirmatory test to help in determining the presence or absence of certain proteins.

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Natural Lyme Disease Treatment

Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease: are antibiotics really necessary?

I am asked frequently whether it is possible to recover from Lyme disease without the use of antibiotics. Its a great question, but unfortunately not one for which I have a definitive answer. Rather, my answer is sometimes. I wish I could tell people that of course they can treat their Lyme disease 100% naturally and have great outcomes every time, but that is just not realistic.

I definitely have patients who I work with without the use of antibiotics, where herbal antimicrobials and immune support, coupled with dietary changes and other supportive nutritional supplements have recovered them to the point where they are back out in their lives, either completely symptom free or at 90-95% of their normal level of functioning. I love these cases as they really reinforce the power of natural medicine, and show us that God has instilled healing properties in the plants He has given us.

More often than not, when patients opt for all-natural treatment, I select a variety of modalities to cover as many bases as possible. An example is to combine the immune-supportive properties of transfer factors , with herbal antimicrobials , with Lyme-specific homeopathic remedies, and as I said, base all of that on a solid foundation of good nutrition. We want to address the infection from several directions at once to maximize the impact and our success. Supporting detoxification and digestive support are important here.

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

7 POWERFUL Natural Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease | Cure Lyme Disease Naturally

The first indication of Lyme infection will be a bulls eye rash around a tick bite. If you notice this symptom or any of those listed below, it is time to seek out a natural treatment option.

Common early Lyme disease symptoms:

Common symptoms of late-stage Lyme disease:

  • Numbness in legs and hands
  • Short term memory loss

Clearly, Lyme disease is one souvenir you dont want to bring home from your summer break, as it poses significant harm to your organs, brain, nervous system, muscles, joints, and heart.

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Holistic Treatment For Lyme Disease

Holistic treatment for Lyme disease involves a unique variety of different modalities, including intravenous therapy to treat the infection while supporting the immune system and reducing symptoms. Many herbal protocols, including Chinese herbs, are clinically effective in natural cures for Lyme disease. Acupuncture can be used to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain. An adequate diet and a good detox protocol can minimize the symptoms that occur as a result of death from infection.

Below is some natural treatment for Lyme disease that can help patients who have had no success with standard antibiotic treatment or want to try something more:

What Does This Mean For Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme is a disease of toxicity created largely by endotoxins from Borreliosis and other pathogens. Ticks carry a plethora of micro-organisms that live, breed and die inside the body, wreaking havoc on a number of body systems. The total load of parasites, bacteria, viruses and other microbes create an incredible burden on the human host. The endotoxins released when the cells disintegrate are equally as burdensome. The pathways of elimination must be strengthened for healing and harmony to be restored.

Antimicrobial herbs and techniques are often used to reduce the total load of parasites, bacteria, viruses and microbes. Different herbs are specifically helpful in eliminating eggs, spore forms and breaking down biofilm of hidden colonies that may be resistant to antibiotics.

Bacteria such as Borrrelia burgdorferi is very smart, able to adapt and change forms, giving Lyme disease a competitive edge against antibiotics. Antibiotics may eliminate the bacteria responsible for Lyme in many patients, especially when addressed early on. However, for many others the bacteria may lie dormant until dips in autoimmunity occur, resistance becomes low and the disease flares up again. When the immune system is seemingly overloaded and traditional modern medicine is falling short, these ancient paths to healing can offer hope and healing when applied through capable hands of an expert like Dr. Ridinger.

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