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Laser Therapy For Lyme Disease


What Is Photodynamic Therapy

Alternative treatments for Lyme disease symptoms brings new hope to those suffering
  • Ultraviolet Enhances oxygen absorption into targeted tissues while breaking down viral, fungal, or bacterial presence. This laser light improves the bodys detoxification capabilities while improving circulation and hormone production.
  • Blue Enhances strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties within the body while promoting pain relief, wound recovery, and anti-aging effects through activation of telomerase and biogenesis of mitochondria.
  • Green Improves oxygen uptake while decreasing discomfort caused by swelling or inflammation.
  • Yellow Increases production of serotonin and vitamin D, providing antidepressant properties. Additionally, yellow laser lighting provides strong antibacterial properties and promotes metabolic function.
  • Red Provides energizing effects while strengthens immunity, increases cellular activity, promotes healing, and enhances circulation.
  • Infrared Perhaps the deepest penetrative power of the laser spectrum, infrared can promote wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation, elevates circulation, improves mood, enhances metabolic function, and more.

Can Lyme Disease Be Treated With Red And Infrared Light Therapy

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi or Borrelia mayonii. First diagnosed in the 1970s in Lyme, Connecticut, Lyme disease can develop in humans who are bitten by infected blacklegged ticks. In its early stages, it causes flu-like symptoms including rash, fever, chills, nausea, and joint aches. Catching Lyme disease at an early stage is critical because it grows progressively worse and symptoms become more serious.

If Lyme disease is caught early enough, patients may be successfully treated with antibiotics. People treated with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of Lyme disease usually recover rapidly and completely, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Usually, it takes two to four weeks for Lyme disease sufferers to recover after taking antibiotics.

According to the CDC, in a small number of cases, antibiotics are not completely effective for people with Lyme disease. In that case, a chronic form of the disease, known as post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome , may develop.

Successful Treatment Of Chronic Lyme Disease

Many of our patients with chronic Lyme Disease may be understandably discouraged that effective and successful treatment can take months and even years to treat depending on the burden of infection. Some patients have been infected for a decade or more and may have one or more co-infections. The most I have seen in one patient is 8 tick infections found with PCR urine testing.

Fortunately, these infections do resolve when treated aggressively and systematically for all 3 forms of Lyme and co-infections. We can be confident with the infections are cleared when there is no longer a herxheimer reaction for 2-3 months and every form of infection has been treated.

A March 28, 2019 article published by Discovery Medicine regarding the treatment of persistent Lyme Disease shares the problematic nature of treating the three forms of Borrelia: spirochetes, persister or round body forms and biofilm colonies which evade the immune system and many antibiotics. The article concludes that after 35 or more days of 3 different infused antibiotics most of the 3 forms were finally eradicated in mice. Biopsies of mouse tissue were stained to visualize the three different forms of infection at different intervals during treatment. See below for link to article and photos of 3 forms of infection.

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How Many Photodynamic Therapy Sessions Will I Need

We understand that all of our patients have very distinctive health and wellness concerns they would like to address. During your comprehensive consultation, our specialists will meet with you, discuss any health concerns you may be experiencing, and help you determine if photodynamic therapy may be appropriate for you. From there, we can tailor a treatment plan to help you see the best possible results.

Cold Laser Therapy For Pain And Inflammation

Lyme Disease Protocol

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

Usually you get this done at a Chiropractor, Naturopath or Physical Therapist but you can also buy a machine for home use.

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Nutritional And Herbal Therapy

A wide variety of dietary and nutritional interventions were marketed including conventional nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B12, commonly used supplements such as garlic and fish oil, as well as other herbal products such as turmeric, olive leaf, teasel root, cilantro, chlorella, sarsaparilla, andrographis, marijuana, cannabis oil, and cat’s claw . One combination, a salt/vitamin C protocol was marketed as a miracle cure for Lyme disease . A website advocated high dose methyl B12 and glutathione, given as self-administered injections for detoxification . The traditional East Asian remedy moxibustion was also advertised . Some sites marketed modified diets such as gluten restriction or high protein diets . One protocol recommended magnesium and water supplementation with oral serrapeptase, a protease derived from Serratia bacteria . In addition to serrapeptase, other enzymes have been advertised to treat patients with Lyme disease including the soybean-derived nattokinase and the earthworm-derived lumbrokinase .

Health And Wellness Conditioning

Our protocol is a two-tiered approach. The first is to focus on the deterioration of the biofilm that the Lyme Spirochete uses as its protection. The second is to assist the body in recovering and rebuilding from what Lyme has affected.

In addition to the requirements of the Lyme Laser Protocol, we will perform periodic reevaluations to ensure a continued focus on general health conditioning intended to last a lifetime. As a part of the protocol, we teach and promote healthy lifestyle changes that can help reduce physical, emotional, and environmental stressors to promote the regenerative process throughout the protocol and for life.

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Heavy Metals And Chelation

Some sites discussed heavy metal toxicity, particularly due to mercury, as copathogenic with Lyme disease . Specifically, Lyme disease was said to predispose to symptomatic mercury toxicity consequently, mercury chelation was a recommended adjunct to other treatments for Lyme disease. The interventions marketed for mercury toxicity included chemical chelators such as dimercaptosuccinic acid, 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid, alpha lipoic acid, and ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid . Some herbal therapies such as garlic, cilantro, or chlorella were also said to be beneficial for heavy metal intoxication. In addition to chelation, some sources recommended the removal of all mercury-containing amalgam dental fillings and root canals as part of Lyme disease therapy . Some have suggested receiving future dental care only from biological dentists .

Bismuth and silver, in contrast to mercury, were heralded for their therapeutic rather than toxic properties. Silver is said to support the immune system as it attempts to kill off these bacterium . Silver kills lyme through oxidation first, then alkylation. Usually sold in colloidal form, silver particles are administered both orally and parenterally . Bismuth compounds were promoted for killing cyst forms of B. burgdorferi and are sometimes combined with EDTA to sequester additional substances .

An Alternative Method Of Attaining Relief

NBC4: Using Laser Light Therapy to Treat Lyme Disease

People with Lyme disease who are unable to take antibiotics, or who developed PTLDS because antibiotics were not effective, are often desperate to find a treatment that works. According to the CDC, patients with PTLDS usually get better over time, but many months can pass before they feel completely well. Ideally, they would find a treatment that supports the bodys detoxification processes, stimulates normal cell activity, and reduces inflammation.

Actually, there are two methods available today that help achieve these functions: heat and light.

The Healing Properties Of Heat

Heat, like the kind of intense heat youd experience in a sauna, is a therapy thats been around for millennia. Saunas produce enough heat to make the body a less welcoming host for bacteria by raising the bodys core temperature and encouraging profuse sweating, which releases toxins through the skin. This reduces the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Saunas increase blood flow to aid with the detoxification process and to bring needed nutrients to all parts of the body. Saunas also activate heat shock proteins. These proteins are produced by cells in response to stressful conditions but they are now known to be present during wound healing or tissue regeneration. Activating these proteins artificially, via heat, can help stimulate the healing process.

The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

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Why Is The Biofilm So Important

If the biofilmcan be deteriorated, the Lyme bacteria no longer have protection and can be eliminated. There are dozens of references that provide evidence that the biofilm is the primary deterrent in addressing and eliminating Lyme disease weve included several but there are many, many more.

An article going further into depth on the information above, coming soon.

If Youve Looked For Lyme Disease Treatment Contact Us

Chronic Lyme disease treatment begins with recognition of the disease. Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed, and some physicians will not listen to patients who want to undergo further testing for Lyme disease-like symptoms. Unfortunately, failure to treat Lyme disease may result in harmful and irreversible symptoms, particularly those that arise from the nine cofactors.

Everyone who works at Lyme Laser has suffered from Lyme disease. Theyve all undergone the 12-week protocol and successfully rebuilt their lives afterward. We provide first-hand testimonies of the protocols effectiveness, and we can also refer you to other patients who have experienced similar results. We never use antibiotics. Our goal is to empower you and your body to overcome Lyme disease.

Our Lyme Laser Protocol can include twice weekly laser therapy, oxygen therapy, ionic detox sessions, and nutrition and supplement counselling. When you choose to come to our center for support, we provide everything you need to get started, including a 200 page binder filled with helpful information and actionable tips you can use to maintain your health. Learn more about our offerings.

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What Is A Biofilm And How Does It Protect The Lyme Spirochete

A biofilm is a complex polysaccharide film used as a shield by the Lyme bacteria known as B. burgdorferi. This film is made up of simple sugars, known as monosaccharides , to form the much larger molecule. B. burgdorferi has the ability to excrete this film as a protective mechanism. When threatened by any form of antimicrobials such as antibiotics, herbs, plants, or other natural or chemical substances that can potentially harm them, they surround themselves with this biofilm, protecting themselves from those threats. Since these substances are unable to penetrate or deteriorate the biofilmquickly enough in their existing form, the bacteria remain protected. The Lyme spirochete can remain protected within that biofilm for extended periods of timeuntil the threat is no longer present. One of the largest challenges with respect to biofilm formations is the timeline in which the development occurs. By day 21, the formation of the biofilm is recognized to be in its final stage of development, where the matrix exhibited higher rigidity, with hills, valleys, and cracks observed in the structures.

An article going further into depth on the information above, coming soon.

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Signs Of Lyme Disease

Whole Body &  Spot Laser Therapy

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans from the bite of an infected blacklegged tick also known as the deer tick. If left untreated, the infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Nonetheless, prompt treatment can help you recover quickly.

Lyme disease cases have traditionally been more prevalent in the Northeast, but have now been found in all 50 states. Youre more at risk to contract Lyme disease if you live or spend time in heavily wooded or grassy areas where ticks carrying Lyme disease can thrive.

Early signs of Lyme disease may include flu-like symptoms such as headache, fever and chills. Typically, but not always, the disease is marked by a red bulls-eye rash. Later symptoms may include pain, weakness, numbness in the arms and legs, changes in vision, heart palpitations and chest pain, a rash, and facial paralysis .

The key to preventing Lyme disease is to avoid being bitten by ticks. Follow these suggestions:

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants with high socks when in the woods or doing gardening or raking leaves
  • Wear a tick repellent that has DEET, lemon oil, or eucalyptus on your skin and clothing
  • When coming in from outside, check thoroughly for ticks and do the same with pets
  • Shower within 2 hours after coming inside, if possible.

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How Cold Lasers Work

Cold lasers are flashlight-size devices that clinicians focus on the injured area for 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the treatment area and the dose provided by the cold laser unit.

Since the body responds to all illness or injuries with inflammation, cold lasers can help mitigate that inflammation. While the laser is focused on the body, photons of light are emitted and pass through the skins layers. The light does not heat up the targeted area, rather, it penetrates 1 to 2 inches below the skin. When the light energy reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light-sensitive elements in the cell. Think of photosynthesis in plantssunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted into usable energy, causing the plant to grow. Human cells absorb this light energy, and it causes the cell to normalize damaged tissue, or it causes a reduction in pain, inflammation or swelling. This process is also thought to decrease healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism, increase circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage.

Cold laser therapy is often used to help:

  • Arthritis pain

Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

Treatment for chronic Lyme disease traditionally consists of rounds of strong antibiotics and pain management therapies. At Lyme Laser Centers, we take a different approach with our wellness protocol. Here, we do not prescribe antibiotics or any other treatments that will reduce your bodys ability to fight off infection. Our founder, Dr. Douglas Wine, found an alternative protocol. As a Lyme disease sufferer of nearly 30 years, he understands the pain, suffering, and emotional difficulties the condition creates. Learn more about our results on our patient stories page.

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Treatment For Lyme Disease

Here at Poseidonia Healthcare, we offer a full range of treatments for Lyme disease, here are a few benefits of the more popular treatments:

Stem Cell Therapy

The injection of Pluripotent Stem Cells has the immediate effect of strengthening the immune system. The first benefit from Stem Cell Treatment is the increased capacity of the body to defend itself from the pathogen invasion.

The second level of benefit is usually observed after a minimum of 3 injections when the different organs that have been damaged by the disease start to show signs of repair. PSC is especially efficient at reversing brain neurological problems. Patients on anti-depressants were able to cease taking them when entering the 4th week after the treatment. Some showed improvements a little later but most patients show a remarkable improvement in all neurological related symptoms.A major improvement is also observed in the joint inflammation within 4 weeks of the treatment.

Many Lyme patients, unfortunately, will suffer for a long time before they receive a correct diagnosis. Many times they are misdiagnosed and prescribed incorrect medications and very often are medically mistreated. Even when a correct diagnosis is reached, few are fortunate enough to find an effective treatment for this debilitating disease along with all of the coinfections and other symptoms.


One of the pros of this multi-therapeutic approach is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy .

Ozone Therapy

Review Of The Medical Literature

How this doctor Healed his own Lyme disease using a novel therapy- IV Laser.

Scientific studies supporting the efficacy of any of the treatments discussed above could not be found on review of the medical literature. Most of the cited treatments were never evaluated with any scientific study, although we did find that a few treatments were evaluated in studies that either were poorly designed or had unclear relevance to human disease.

Two studies are worth mentioning in more detail. A study of combination therapy with cholestyramine-atovaquone enrolled 25 patients with persistent symptoms after being diagnosed with and treated for babesiosis-Lyme disease coinfection . In this study, however, all patients received cholestyramine for the entirety of the trial, so no inferences could be made about its therapeutic efficacy.

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on strains of B. burgdorferi was assessed both in vitro and in experimentally infected mice in one study . The investigators found that growth of the organism in vitro was inhibited by hyperbaric oxygen in 14 of 17 cultures. In addition, the organism was cultivable from the bladders of only 20% of mice treated with hyperbaric oxygen, compared with 90% of untreated mice. No study of this therapy in humans with Lyme disease has ever been published.

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Laser Therapy In Garner

involves using a low energy wavelength of coherent light to treat the body. Dr. Oschman, the cellular biologist and biophysicist, states “optimal results with light therapy take place when the light is of low intensity , short duration, and pulsed on and off.” This effect in turn creates a healing mechanism at the cellular level. Seay Wellness utilizes the Erchonia Low-Level Laser system. This laser has FDA market clearance for chronic pain. The Erchonia Laser is painless and has no side effects.

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Pauley belongs to a cohort of patients with Lyme-like symptoms but negative test results or patients with positive test results who suffer from lingering symptoms long after treatment. They call it chronic Lyme disease, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labels it as Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. The CDC says there is no known treatment for the condition.

Their symptoms are always real. Theyre experiencing them, said Dr. Joyce Sanchez, an infectious-disease associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin who treats Lyme patients with persistent symptoms.

If someone is having physical symptoms and isnt feeling listened to, then theyll have mental health repercussions and then that will impact their physical well-being, she said. And then its a spiral that if you dont address both components of health, youre not going to make much progress on either side. And they will continue to feel sick.

Wisconsin Watch talked with five Wisconsin patients, all women, who have been searching for validation and experimenting with personalized treatments as part of a long and sometimes grueling battle with the illness. The infection comes from tiny ticks primarily found in the northeastern U.S, including in Wisconsin which is a hot spot for Lyme, ranking No. 5 among states for Lyme cases in 2019.

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