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Natural Supplements For Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease Natural Remedies and Treatment Dr. Berg

Now that you know more about supplements for Lyme disease treatment, the first step in getting the vitamins you need is to make an appointment with a doctor specializing in treating Lyme disease. A Lyme literate doctor will have access to the herbal combinations that can benefit your specific pain points.

You dont have to do the extensive research needed to choose which natural remedies are best for you. They have done all the studying for you. A good Lyme specialist can prevent overdosing on herbs that may produce the same effect. They can create combinations that together, eliminate microbial infections, and help you feel better.

If you want to explore supplements that can help treat your Lyme disease symptoms, reach out to a Lyme literate doctor today. Dont wait any longer to get the help you need and deserve.

Natural Solutions For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is spread through the bite of one of several types of ticks. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash that looks like a red bulls-eye. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system.

Typically, a diagnosis of Lyme Disease means rounds and rounds of strong antibiotics which kill of the good gut bacteria which are a major contributor to a healthy immune system.

However, I have found it is nothing more difficult for the body to eliminate than any other stressor such as heavy metals, and it does not have to be a scary chronic condition. In fact, often the reason people cannot get over their Lyme infection completely is BECAUSE they have heavy metals or other toxicity suppressing their immune system. Once those are removed it is quite easy for the immune system to get rid of the infection.

Lyme seems to have both a bacterial and a parasitic component, and antibiotics only address the bacteria portion. When I work with Lyme clients, we address both components, providing plenty of support for the lymphatic system to clean out all the junk, and clients start feeling better right away.

In clients with a history of Lyme , I find they generally do have a low level of Lyme remaining in their body due to other toxins being present. Within a few months of being on their customized nutrition program the infection is able to go away completely.

Lyme Disease Treatment Options

Healthcare professionals are likely to prescribe oral antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. With cases of late-stage Lyme disease or post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, intravenous antibiotics may be a treatment option. Some people may choose natural or home remedies to help manage symptoms. Pain medication may provide symptomatic relief for some people.

Doctors and researchers are always looking for new treatments for Lyme disease. Brandon Jutras, assistant professor of biochemistry at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has recently discovered what may be contributing to Lyme arthritis. This discovery will hopefully provide new treatment options for people.

Additionally, two Lyme disease vaccines that could prevent the disease are in development. The preventative treatment is still being studied in clinical trials, so it could be another three to five years until either one of the vaccines enter the market.

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Protection Tactics Can Include:

  • Avoiding heavily wooded areas where ticks are known to live in high rates
  • Wearing long sleeves, long pants, shoes and socks, and a hat to keep your skin and hair covered
  • Wearing light colors so you can easily spot a dark tick crawling on your clothes
  • Liberally applying natural bug repellent with essential oils that insects hate
  • Reapplying the bug repellent often
  • Start strengthening your immune system right now, so youll always be ready for whatever bacteria or virus comes your way!

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Artemisia Annua / Sweet Wormwood


Artemisia annua is an herbal cure for Lyme disease as well as schistosomiasis and even cancer. It works by releasing Reactive Oxygen Species. It is most powerful when the body is exposed to sunlight after taking it.

Artemisia annua is also known as Sweet Wormwood, Chinese Wormwood, or Qing Hao. It has been in use medicinally for over 2,000 years. One of the active ingredients in Artemisia annua, Artemisinin was recognized in 2015 as an important substance in the treatment of malaria, but it also has scientifically documented activity against stationary phase Borrelia burgdorferi.

Studies have shown that artemisinin, a medicinal substance in Artemisia annua can reduce short-term memory impairment due to Lyme disease. The Reactive Oxygen Species released by Artemisia annua are able to damage proteins in the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. In scientific studies, both 60% and 90% alcohol extracts of Artemisia annua worked better as a treatment for Lyme disease than either cefuroxime or doxycycline.

In humans, Artemisia annua has been administered in doses up to 2,250 mg per day for up to 10 weeks. Up to 1800 mg per day can be administered safely for up to 6 months.

  • Cardioprotective

Resveratrol is an important medicinal substance in Polygonum cuspidatum. Resveratrol has documented effects against log phase Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii spirochetes, but it doesnt display medicinal activity against Borrelia round bodies or biofilms.

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Healthy Vs Weak Cells

How all this plays out is a function of the health of cells as much as the aggressiveness of the bacteria: Cells that are weak from being chronically stressed are more vulnerable to invasion by bacteria.

A healthy person with healthy cells who is bitten by a tick may not have much in the way of acute symptoms and may never develop chronic symptoms. It doesnt mean, however, that the bacteria have been eradicated from the body. They can stay dormant in tissues for a lifetime.

All it takes is a shift in the health of cells for dormant bacteria to surface and invade more cells. The immune system scrambles to keep a lid on things as bacteria erupt and infect other cells. Dead cells break apart and create debris. Macrophages secrete acid and free radicals to break down debris. Reinforcements are called in. More acid. More free radicals. More collateral damage. More debris. Flow of nutrients and oxygen is obstructed and cells are weakened even further.

The invasion intensifies as more cells are infected. Along with inflicting injury to cells in tissues, bacteria infect and kill WBCs. In addition, bacteria throw the immune system off balance by disrupting the cytokines the immune system uses to coordinate the resistance. As the process spirals out of control, the immune system loses the capacity to keep microbes in check.

Before long, tissues throughout the body start to look like a war zone. Cells suffer. Symptoms result. It becomes a never-ending cycle of misery.

Unscientific Treatments May Leave Real Lyme Disease Untreated

In almost all Chronic Lyme cases, Lyme infection was not the source of the patients problem in the first place. But if the patient did have Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness, pseudoscientific treatments like herbs and supplements likely wouldnt cure the easily curable infection.

Lyme disease rarely remains untreated. However, an interesting 2011 report described a 71-year old woman who knew she had Lyme disease but refused antibiotic treatment. Instead, she chose acupuncture and homeopathy, which dont work for any condition.

The woman had typical symptoms of Lyme disease, including the characteristic rash, which progressed to Lyme arthritis. Four years after her initial infection, the woman finally accepted antibiotic treatment and was quickly cured of the arthritis which had been bothering her. The effective treatment was per the science-based guidelines: 30 days of doxycycline.

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Top 5 Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

We’ve talked about the importance of antibiotics when it comes to this condition, but there is something many people don’t know they should also be doingsupporting their immune system. They don’t know because medical professionals rarely tell them.

You have to salvage your immune system and build up tissue again. This is one of the best things you can do during recovery. These five natural remedies for Lyme disease will help you do it.

Foods That Support Glutathione Production

Lyme Disease Treatment with Adjustments and Natural Supplements

A variety of whole foods have been found to support glutathione production. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale are rich in sulforaphane, a phytochemical that augments glutathione production. Plants from the Allium genus, including garlic, onions, and leeks, induce the activity of glutathione S-transferase and glutathione peroxidase, critical enzymes in the glutathione system.

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Understanding The Different Types Of Lyme Disease: Acute Vs Chronic

Because of Dr. Rawls experience with untreated Lyme disease flaring up after decades of dormancy, he views chronic Lyme disease and all chronic conditions differently than many other physicians and patients. He sees chronic disease as largely a result of immune dysfunction, which can be triggered by a number of different factors. There are thousands upon thousands of chronic illnesses, but when you look at the symptoms, they all bunch together, so the concept of a diagnosis is often a little artificial.

To understand how this works, Dr. Rawls says you must also understand that there are two types of Lyme disease, acute and chronic. Acute Lyme disease occurs when the Lyme microbe first comes into your body: You get a tick bite, the microbe enters your system, and theres an acute tug-of-war between your immune system and the microbe because youve never seen it before, he explains. This internal tug-of-war happens within weeks of getting a tick bite and is accompanied by symptoms like fatigue, stiff neck, mild fever, and aches and pains. Eventually, either the microbe wins or the immune system wins, and your body reaches a place of resolution.

Other Natural Treatments For Lyme Disease

The treatments discussed above are only some of the natural treatments that claim to treat Lyme disease. According to a 2015 study looking at the alternative treatments found during an Internet search, other natural treatments people use for Lyme disease include:

  • saunas and steam rooms

The investigators noted that theres no research backing up these treatments, any many dont have a logical rationale behind them.

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What Causes Lyme Disease And How Can You Prevent It

The black-legged tick which passes the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi is the common culprit that is known to cause the disease. However, two people with the same disease may experience different symptoms, ranging from mild for one of the patients, to severe symptoms for the other.

There are other factors that facilitate the development and eventual spread of the disease throughout the body. If you are going to successfully treat or prevent it you need to understand these factors. Some of the top factors that cause the disease are:

  • A Compromised Immune System
  • Cellular and other biological functions

Immune And Digestive Support:

Natural Supplements for Lyme Disease Treatment Support and other ...

Bacteria associated with Lyme disease are well known for crippling the bodys natural immune system. Given that 70 80% of your immune tissue is located within your digestive system, this means that your digestive system is likely to be impacted as well. In addition to this, aggressive antibiotic therapy is typically prescribed which only further damages these sensitive systems. Digestive symptoms associated with Lyme disease often include long term nausea, irritable bowel and loss of appetite.

It is critical that following a positive Lyme disease diagnosis, proper support is put in place to naturally boost both of these systems. There are a variety of natural supplements and herbs available to provide immune and digestive support, they include:

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What Are Some Common Side Effects Of Lyme Disease Medication

As with any medication, there are always potential side effects. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if your side effects persist or worsen.

Antibiotics are commonly used to treat Lyme disease and may cause allergic reactions that result in hives, difficulty breathing, or dry eyes, throat, and mouth. Some people may experience diarrhea, headaches, or chest pain as well. You should seek immediate medical care if you believe you are experiencing an allergic reaction.

This list of side effects is not comprehensive. Ask a healthcare professional for more details regarding the possible side effects of a particular medication.

Consider Taking An Herbal Protocol

There are several of these available. I took Dr. Lee Cowdens Lyme protocol for 9 months and it helped me more than a year of antibiotics. Its available at NutraMedix. Others include Dr. Rawls and Byron White.

Several herbs have been shown to kill Lyme bacteria in test tubes. These include:

  • black walnut
  • Cistus incanus
  • Cryptolepis sanguinolenta

While these herbs sound promising they can also cause side effects so be sure to talk to your Lyme-literate physician about what treatment course they recommend for you. And, please keep in mind that each case is unique.

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Chelation Therapy For Lyme Disease

Some people believe Lyme disease symptoms are linked to heavy metal toxicity from materials like lead or mercury. Chelation therapy is a method of removing heavy metals from the bloodstream.

Its done using a type of medication called a chelator or chelating agent. This medication binds to metals in the bloodstream, collecting them into a compound that can be processed by your kidneys and released in urine.

Chelation therapy is an effective treatment for a buildup of heavy metals. But theres no evidence that heavy metals contribute to Lyme disease, and chelation therapy wont treat the underlying infection.

Review Of The Medical Literature

How to Overcome Chronic Lyme Disease

Scientific studies supporting the efficacy of any of the treatments discussed above could not be found on review of the medical literature. Most of the cited treatments were never evaluated with any scientific study, although we did find that a few treatments were evaluated in studies that either were poorly designed or had unclear relevance to human disease.

Two studies are worth mentioning in more detail. A study of combination therapy with cholestyramine-atovaquone enrolled 25 patients with persistent symptoms after being diagnosed with and treated for babesiosis-Lyme disease coinfection . In this study, however, all patients received cholestyramine for the entirety of the trial, so no inferences could be made about its therapeutic efficacy.

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on strains of B. burgdorferi was assessed both in vitro and in experimentally infected mice in one study . The investigators found that growth of the organism in vitro was inhibited by hyperbaric oxygen in 14 of 17 cultures. In addition, the organism was cultivable from the bladders of only 20% of mice treated with hyperbaric oxygen, compared with 90% of untreated mice. No study of this therapy in humans with Lyme disease has ever been published.

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Azlocillin Comes Out On Top

The drug, which is not on the market, was tested in mouse models of Lyme disease at seven-day, 14-day and 21-day intervals and found to eliminate the infection. For the first time, azlocillinwas also shown to be effective in killing drug-tolerant forms of B. burgdorferi in lab dishes, indicating that it may work as a therapy for lingering symptoms of Lyme disease.

Pothineni and Rajadas have patented the compound for the treatment of Lyme disease and are working with a company to develop an oral form of the drug. Researchers plan to conduct a clinical trial.

Rajadas is also a professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California-San Francisco.

Other Stanford co-authors are Hari-Hara S. K. Potula, PhD, senior research scientist postdoctoral scholars Aditya Ambati, PhD, and Venkata Mallajosyula, PhD senior research scientist Mohammed Inayathullah, PhD and intern Mohamed Sohail Ahmed.

A researcher at Loyola College in India also contributed to the work.

The study was funded by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and Laurel STEM Fund.

  • Tracie White

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Two Reset The Gut To Heal The Body

Read the article,Best Supplements To Kill Candida and Everything Else You Ever Wanted To Know About Fungal Infections. I know, youre just getting to the meat of this 5,000+ word article, and Im asking you to read another beast of an article, but youve got Lyme! A supposedly incurable disease means you have plenty of research to do. If you have Lyme, your real problem is a a leaky gut full of fungus thats overwhelming the immune system.

The aforementioned diet will go a long way to heal the gut, and given time, will typically heal the gut on its own, especially in cases where the body is not dealing with a heavy load or a systemic infection. Since were dealing with a systemic infection, the supplements below are highly recommended.

Do not underestimate the importance of this step. This is, in fact, more important than the proceeding steps that specifically address viruses. In fact, most people that find themselves with disease only make it through this step and then feel so much better that they tend to stop the protocol. This is probably fine if you spend the rest of your life eating extremely well, which you should do regardless, but even when the body feels better than it has since you can remember, that doesnt mean the infection is gone. It means the infection is at bay, but ready to bounce back at the first chance.

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Lyme Disease Nutrition Tips For Optimal Immune Function

byLindsay Christensenon February 18, 2022

Part 2: GLAâs Lyme and Nutrition Series. Lindsay Christensen is a Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Functional Health Coach. Sheâs sharing information on what foods are optimal for those living with Lyme disease.

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed why eating an anti-inflammatory diet is an essential first step for supporting Lyme disease recovery. In this blog, we will discuss the crucial effects of micronutrients on immune function and how to acquire these nutrients through a whole-food diet to support your Lyme recovery process.

A Brief Primer on Your Immune System and Lyme Disease

Having a basic understanding of how the immune system functions with Lyme disease is essential to understanding how nutrition can be used to support it.

Your immune system is a complex system that works through the coordinated efforts of various cells, antibodies, and other chemicals to protect our bodies against foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can make us sick. The immune system can be broken down generally into two branches: The innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.

The Innate Immune System

Once the innate immune system is activated, it can trigger the second primary branch of immunity, the adaptive immune system.

The Adaptive Immune System

Lyme Disease Can Trick the Immune System

Nutrition May Support Healthy Immune Function in Lyme Disease

Vitamin D3

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