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Lyme Disease And Dental Implants


Are There Other Benefits With Zirconia Dental Implants

Holistic Dentistry | The Hidden Dangers Behind Conventional Dental Work | Part 1

Besides the fact that Zirconia dental implants react extremely well with bone and gums, and are a good dental implant alternative for individuals who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme disease, they support the other following benefits:

  • No grey looks around the gums
  • One-piece design prevents bacteria to colonize between the synthetic tooth and abutment
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • More comfort and resistance
  • Shorter surgery time

Aria Dental provides the services of a biological dentist that is fully qualified to place metal-free and biocompatible dental implants such as zirconia in our patients mouths. Zirconia closely resembles the composition of our natural teeth compared to titanium, which is why there is a lower risk of infection. Additionally, because zirconia is not a metal, oral galvanism is not something you have to worry about. If you want more information about Lyme disease and Zirconia implants, call Aria Dental at 949-364-9600 or visit our website at https://www.ariadentalcare.com/metal-free-zirconium-implants

So What Is The Connection To Oral Health

The connection between Lyme disease and dental issues is a two-way street. While Lyme-related microbes can infest in root canal-treated teeth harbors spirochetes. Spirochetes are usually seen with chronic periodontitis which also presents with systemic inflammation symptoms that can worsen infections related to Lyme disease. Certain metals in the mouth can also contribute to the symptoms related to Lyme disease. For example, dental toxicity can lead to symptoms you wouldnt otherwise assume were caused by your oral health, including cognitive and behavioral problems. Dental work can strengthen infections caused by Lyme disease, which is why certain dental materials need to be taken into consideration. Dental crowns, braces, or titanium implants could potentially aggravate your symptoms further if you have Lyme disease.

The Importance Of Your Mitochondria For Healing Chronic Illness

Mimi:Its also another story, I have my Lyme doctor. It was funny, because she does this test and she can figure out exactly why your mitochondria is not working. Your mitochondria is super important, right?

Christina:Oh yeah.

Mimi:Thats the energy and the ATP in your body. From what I gather, Im not a scientist or doctor, but thats what she told me. She was saying, You have something plastic in your body. Thats why your mitochondria is not working. Shes like, Do you have breast implants? I was like, No. Shes like, Because whatevers in your body is equivalent to having breast implants and this is usually when your mitochondria is not working, its because of breast implants. I was like, That is so strange.

Mimi:We come to figure out that, when I had my tooth pulled, I put a plastic tooth in, because I didnt want to deal with a bridge, because I didnt want to deal with surgery until I got completely better. Shes like, That plastic from that tooth is doing the same thing as breast implants. Yeah, so it was crazy. Shes like, Any kind of plastic like that in your body or any kind of metal or anything like that, your body just might not be able to take.

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Will Removing Breast Implants Cure Lyme Disease

Crystal Hefner, wife of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, recently had her breast implants removed as reported here. The article initially suggests her symptoms of food intolerance, back/neck/shoulder pain, memory loss and fatigue was diagnosed as Lyme Disease. However, after more research, she diagnosed herself with breast implant disease and decided to have the implants removed. Regardless of whether her symptoms were due to breast implants or Lyme Disease, I hope she continues to feel better.

Do You Need A Holistic Dentist When You Have Lyme Disease


Ive recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Ive been doing a lot of reading about it and discovered that Yolanda Hadid also has Lyme. She said that in order to get better she had to go to a holistic dentist who removed all her fillings. Do I need to do that too? What do you replace them with?

Caryn M.

Dear Caryn,

Im sorry youre going through this. I know several people struggling with this. Its still controversial at the moment and treatment has had varying levels of success. Theres still a lot of research being done on this to try to help people struggling.

Im aware of the story about Yolanda Hadid. The type of filling she had removed were silver amalgam fillings. She did that because theyre made mostly of mercury. The theory is the having mercury in your system, which is toxic, impedes the healing process.

You dont have to see a holistic dentist to remove them. But, you will need to see someone who knows how to do a sanitary amalgam removal. This protects you from inhaling any mercury vapors or swallowing any bits int he process. Quite a few mercury-free dentists know the sanitary procedure and likely every holistic dentist.

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Chronic Lyme Disease And Oral Health

Oral health has an intimate connection with overall health. Indeed, the mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body, which is why it is so important to see a dentist in Daytona who is interested, not just in your teeth and gums, but also in your overall wellness.

Dental work, such as a tooth extraction, may expose a pocket of Lyme-related bacteria and cause a flare-up of your condition. However, that is no reason to avoid going to the dentist. Delaying necessary dental work will only lead you to more pain and worsened oral health problems. Neglecting oral health can also create more places in your mouth where Lyme-related bacteria can hide.

Toxicity from metals in the mouth may also contribute to Lyme symptoms. Therefore, when you need to get a cavity treated, its best to choose metal-free restorations. It may even be wise to replace old metal fillings with composite resin ones. However, this should be done carefully in order to reduce your risk of complications from Lyme disease.

We Can Help You Become The Perfect Dental Implants Candidate

Healthy gums:

Healthy gums are important not just to support dental implants but for your overall and oral health.

If gum disease is an issue, we have periodontal solutions that can restore the health of your gums.

Dr. Melkers and Dr. Wonsavage can use safe and effective non-surgical periodontal treatment to provide you with the healthy gums needed to ensure a successful dental implant procedure.

Healthy bone:

When a tooth is lost, the underlying bone also deteriorates. If an exam determines there is not enough healthy bone tissue available to support an implant, a procedure can be done to replace the lost bone tissue.

Healthy bone is transplanted and allowed to integrate with the jaw.

An implant can now be added into the now built-up and robust bone tissue.

The dental implant permanently integrates with the bone in a process called osseointegration. This is what makes them such an outstandingly sturdy and durable option for missing teeth.

Are dental implants worth all this extra effort?

In a word: Yes!

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Dental Implants = A Healthy Happy Smile

The benefits implants offer our patients in terms of oral health, functionality, longevity, patient satisfaction, and comfort make them the preferred option for restoring missing teeth.

Its well worth any effort or cost!

The best way to find out if you are a good dental implants candidate is to schedule a consultation with our dental implants experts, both of whom hold Masterships with the Academy of General Dentistry. They will be able to outline the perfect treatment plan for your smile.

If you have any other questions about dental implants, we would be happy to answer them for you. Just contact us by any of these means:

  • and talk with us
  • Email us at

Dentists Urged To Be Alert To Lyme Disease And Its Symptoms

Stem Cell Therapy (Dental Application)- VLOG #5

Dentistry Today

Dental professionals should be aware of the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, according to researchers at the Dalhousie University Faculty of Dentistry. Their recent study describes a patient who booked an urgent appointment with her dentist at the end of August 2019.

According to the study, a painful toothache had woken the patient the night before. Symptoms also included intense pain in her jaw, temple, and neck, accompanied by tingling in her lower left lip and on the left side of her tongue. She experienced sweats and chills during the night and an odd sensation in her shoulder and left arm.

Despite thorough examinations, neither her dentist nor the endodontist she was referred to could find any dental abnormalities. A visit to a Halifax hospital emergency room ruled out both a heart attack and a stroke. When an inflamed bump with a bullseye appearance emerged on her thigh a day later, her family doctor diagnosed Lyme disease.

It was shocking to me to know someone, a personal friend of mine, with Lyme disease, said author and assistant professor Dr. Isabel Mellow. It is a serious illness that can present with a variety of symptoms, such as orofacial pain, fever, and chest pain. If there is no obvious tick bite, Lyme disease can go undiagnosed, bringing much suffering to the patient.

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What Type Of Fillings Will You Get With A Holistic Dentist

A holistic dentist would never give you an amalgam filling because of the mercury content. Instead, they replace the silver fillings with composite white fillings. These have zero mercury content and actually strengthen your teeth instead of weakening them the way the silver fillings do.

In addition, theyre more careful about every substance they put in your body and tend to treat your whole body instead of just your teeth. When youre immune compromised, as you are with Lyme disease, thats not a bad option for you. However, that doesnt mean you cant be healed if you dont have one in your area.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Warren Krutchick.

Lyme Disease In Plymouth Ma: Prevention And Treatment

During the summer months of May and July in Massachusetts, Lyme disease is a very real concern especially for Northeastern outdoor enthusiasts, pet owners, and parents alike.

Spread by small black-legged ticks as small as a pin head, this bacterial disease can carry significant late-stage symptoms like arthritis, nerve and heart problems.

In the United States alone, doctors diagnose an estimated 300,000 people with Lyme disease annually.

Its important that Plymouth area residents pay special attention to reduce their risk and diagnose the disease early to prevent adverse health outcomes.

You may not realize that your dentist can help. Here are some prevention and treatment guidelines for Lyme disease from the dental community.

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How Does Metal From Dental Implants Affect Lyme Disease Patients

Most of the time Lyme disease patients only realize they have a sensitivity to the metal once they have a titanium dental implant placed in their mouth and they begin to develop an infection. Many medical professionals believe this happens because Lyme disease can alter the way the immune system works, which makes the body more sensitive to things they probably disregarded before.

One of these things is metals. When the body was Lyme disease-free, it was oblivious to the existence of some heavy metals. However, once a person is affected with Lyme disease, the presence of heavy metals is very likely to set off an allergic reaction. Sadly, one of these metals that Lyme disease sufferers are most likely to negatively respond to is titanium and it is a common metal found in titanium dental implants and a lot of implants are manufactured from pure titanium.

Metal In Fillings And Under Crowns

Ridge Augmentation East Lyme, CT

Metal is used in fillings and often under crowns. Metal interferes with the bodys energetic network and suppresses or negatively excites the immune system. It doesnt matter if its gold or nickel all metal is problematic. Nickel is probably the worst because it is carcinogenic it knocks out the immune system. Mercury is about the most damaging of the metals.

So, in the course of our treatment protocol for Lyme and their co-infections mouth hygiene and health are crucial. One must remove the intrusive dental materials in order to correct the energetic flow of the related organ meridian, to restore proper function of the organ. This is especially important even after we have eradicated the infection. The oral cavity is the seat of most of the energetic blocks in the system. Health starts and is kept in our mouth..

We know that teeth respire. Normally, in a healthy tooth, fluid will go from the inside of the tooth to the outside, that is their gatekeeper mechanism, their way to keep bad bacteria out of the tooth. But if a tooth is compromised, the fluid goes the other way: outside in. That is how infections enter the oral cavity, breed virulent pathogens, and can create havoc throughout the body for decades.

We need to knock out the Lyme hiding in the miles of tubules, the mucosa, gums, tonsils and in the bony socket. I have my patients do the cleaning procedures as proposed in our oral hygiene set twice daily.

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One Round Of Antibiotics May Not Be Enough

Sometimes one round of antibiotics is not enough to completely get rid of Lyme disease, especially if it has impacted your teeth. Your healthcare provider may prescribe another dose of medication or switch you to something stronger.

Lyme Disease is a real threat to Massachusetts residents. However, it is both preventable and treatable. By protecting yourself, actively monitoring and seeking early treatment, you can minimize this risk and enjoy the outdoors.

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The Oral Cavity Can Block Immune Functions

Why must one focus on the oral cavity when dealing with cancer and Lyme? Because the oral cavity, in part or whole, blocks the immune functions, especially when incompatible dental materials are used, or the gums are inflamed. Unfortunately, this is the genesis of many degenerative diseases, and it is often overlooked by both physicians and dentists today. Therefore, we emphasis oral health as a very important part of our treatment.

I first started to understand the relationship between cancer and Lyme and the oral cavity when I checked the gums, the tongue and teeth in the mouth and associated what I saw to symptoms of the body. As I went through this process, it became obvious that in cancer and Lyme, there are often inflamed gums and chronic infections of the tonsils or the tissue around . Certain teeth are more prone to show degenerative conditions than others. The first molars, top and bottom, are particularly affected. In time, I saw that the pattern also included the two front teeth, top and bottom.

As we know from acupuncture and Chinese medicine all teeth and their extraction sites relate to different organs through the meridians, and they are all connected energetically.

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The Connection Between Lyme Disease And Oral Health

In Newburyport, summertime usually means more bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks, and with it an increase in insect borne diseases such as Lyme disease. While Lyme disease is typically identified via the rash that follows a tick bite, there are some oral symptoms that are also linked to it..

According to the Human Health Project, Lyme disease has been observed feeding on the bacteria in root canal sites. The Lyme disease bacteria live in the dentin layer of the tooth but not in the enamel.

When Lyme disease is in the mouth it can present with symptoms similar to TMJ but can also be identified through the following symptoms:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dental pulp inflammation
  • Inflammation of the salivary gland

Since Artisan Dentistry has dental offices in Salem, NH and Newburyport, MA, we are very familiar with ticks and Lyme disease. If you come to our office for TMJ treatment well know what to look for to make sure the suspected TMJ isnt Lyme disease instead.

A New Look With Dental Implants

Parasites & Dental Problems: Linking Infection, Inflammation, Immune Dysregulation 2020

If you have one or more missing teeth, everyday activities like eating and talking may be difficult. You may struggle with feeling confident and attractive. For patients in this situation, dental implants often provide the new look and improved function theyve been missing without teeth. Dental implants are permanent, secured into the jawbone with screw-like posts. Onto these posts, our skilled dentist can attach custom-made dental implant restorations in East Lyme, CT. These restorations are comparable to natural teeth, providing nearly the same level of function for proper eating and looking beautifully life-like when you smile.

Our dentist has years of experience in restorative dentistry and are passionate about improving their patients smiles and confidence with custom restorations! We can help you restore a life of health, function, and self-esteem with our personalized dental implant restorationssometimes in as little as one visit to our office.

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Chronic Lyme Disease What Is It

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease thats usually caused by a tick bite. Its symptoms include fatigue, a rash, and flu-like symptoms. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition, and in about 90 percent of cases, the medicine works wonderfully. It cures the infection so the affected person can get back to enjoying their everyday life without worries.

In other cases, symptoms of the disease linger even after a person has undergone a full course of treatment for Lyme disease. This is when the illness becomes known as persistent Lyme disease or chronic Lyme Disease.

Spread Of Lyme Disease In California

It used to be that Lyme disease was only found in the area where it was originally discovered about 150 years ago: Connecticut and other Atlantic states in the Northeast. However, in recent years the disease has spread across the country, and is now found from coast to coast, including California. In fact, ticks carrying the Lyme disease bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, are found in 42 of Californias 58 counties, including Orange County.

Most people assume that Lyme disease is only a risk in Northern California, but thats not the case. In Orange County, there have been at least 27 confirmed cases of Lyme disease since 2000, with the likelihood that many other cases have developed but are not yet confirmed.

These people are at risk for metal sensitivity, which many people with Lyme disease experience.

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