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Stephen Harrod Buhner Healing Lyme

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Started Feeling Better At The 5

Episode #22: Healing Lyme with Stephen Harrod Buhner

I started to improve around the 5-month mark as the pathogenic load decreased. This improvement was the encouragement to keep me moving forward. I was also on the Wahls Paleo Diet at this time. I noticed a marked improvement in all symptoms from the first day I started having my Super Healthy Green Smoothies. I will say it again! This was the game-changer for me.

Herbalist And Healing Lyme Author Stephen Buhner Has Died

Stephen Harrod Buhner, a skilled herbalist and the author of many books about natural healing, has died, reportedly of pulmonary fibrosis.

In the Lyme disease community, he is probably best known for his book Healing Lyme: Natural Prevention and Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Co-infections.

A post on his Facebook page announced his passing like this:

There is a saying some places on the continent of Africa that says something like: When an old man dies, a library burns. It was a favorite among many of Stephens. An elder has died. Stephen died yesterday morning, December 8th around 9:30 am mountain time. He was in ceremony with friends and family. He was aware, conscious, present, open hearted and humorous. He was himself all the way through. And so very brave. Our hearts are heavy as they have ever been. We miss him terribly. He will be buried this morning in his beloved forest.

Five days earlier, the author made the following post on his Facebook page:

Regrettably, my body has taken a severe turn for the worst it doesnt look like it will be able correct. I spend most of the day sleeping I am having seizures and mini-strokes now. Julie brings me back from them but it is getting harder and harder for her to do so. Its only a few more days now. Sorry for this last long journey into night. I had hoped to find a different outcome.

Green blessings,

Stephen Harrod Buhner

He Empowers Lyme Sufferers With The Tools They Need To Help Themselves Heal

I have been told by a number of clinicians herbal, naturopathic, and medical that the majority of people with Lyme and/or its coinfections are too uneducated to understand this series of books, and that they are not intelligent enough to determine which herbs to use and which herbs not to use , that people with this group of diseases cannot in fact be trusted to be in charge of their own health and journey to wellness, and that I am remiss, even foolish in supporting members of the Lyme community in their self-empowerment.

Thus, while it can help to have a sophisticated clinician to aid in the journey to wellness, it is not always necessary. Further, the truth is, for many people, finding such a person is sometimes impossible, hence taking charge of their own journey to wellness is the only option. That is most likely why the Lyme community is as potently informed as it is .

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Collagen Protection Neuroborreliosis & Restoration Of Damaged Tissues

Collagen structures must be restored. They are damaged by the bacteria which use them for food. You can support this by taking a gelatin supplement, bone broth soup stock, selenium, vitamin C, Kudzu, echinacea angustifolia, as well as infusions of nettle, oatstraw, horsetail & parsley

Motherwort is particularly helpful in protecting nerves and mitochondria in cells.

Chinese Cats Claw and Lions Mane mushroom are both good at protecting and regeneerating neural structures in the brain. When mentioning Uncaria, Buhner states that you cant find a more specific herb for treating damage caused by neuroborreliosis 363.

Polygala senega is used to stimulate neural regrowth and Melatonin is also a great general supplement to use during Lyme infection to help protect neural structures.

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Dr Stephen Harrod Buhner Has Passed

Healing Lyme : Natural Prevention and Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis and ...

Dr. Stephen Harrod Buhner, passed away on December 8, 2022. Yet it was not unexpected, as he predicted and wrote about the process of dying, from his own perspective. He prepared himself and his followers through his posts and blog. He will live on, through his blogs and books, which we will forever cherish.

He loved writing and he loved helping others. The world will miss him and there will He loved writing and through his works, he helped millions of people. He was an author of 24 books, 1 is just being released, and 10 of which are award-winners. He wrote articles, memoirs, short stories, and poetry on nature, herbal medicine, the environment, and indigenous culture. The world will miss him and there will never be another like him, as he was a true pioneer. To read more about him and his accomplishments, here is a link to a self-written biography:

I feel blessed to have had a conversation with him. I am deeply saddened. When I first began my journey, I was determined to find answers. Instead, I found Dr. Buhners work and I felt that he had already found many of the answers. His contributions to this world are far more than I could mention, and I spent over five years advocating him, his work, and his teachings to all of my followers.

On December 4, 2022, he wrote: Facebook A Last Post

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As It Turns Out Everything Weve Been Told About Lyme Disease Is Wrong

Conventional wisdom states that Lyme disease results from being bitten by a deer tick infected with a certain strain of bacteria, called Borrelia burgdorferi. This tick must remain attached to its host for at least 36 hours. If symptoms common to Lyme disease begin to manifest, a blood test will be ordered to confirm diagnosis. If these test reveal B. burgdorferi antibodies, the patient is prescribed a 10 14 day course of antibiotics, typically doxycycline. During this period, the antibiotics kill the infectious bacteria, and order is restored.

According to Stephen Harrod Buhner, an expert in the fields of herbal medicine and infectious disease, the validity of each sentence from the above paragraph ranges somewhere between incomplete and erroneous.

You may have already developed a healthy skepticism for Western medicines grasp of this havoc-wreaking disease. Lyme disease runs rampant along the Appalachian Trail many of our own have contracted the infection during their journeys. Some have struggled with getting a proper diagnosis, some have struggled with the efficacy of treatment, and more often, both is the case. I have talked to countless others whove offered a similar story.

This map largely under represents those infected by Lyme disease, according to Buhner.

I caught up with Buhner to learn more about why Western medicine misses the mark on Lyme disease and what those suffering from the illness can do to regain their health.

I had several goals in this:

Hen Harrod Buhner Books

These are some of my many books accompanied by comments others have made about them. My favorites among them are Ensouling Language and Plant Intelligence and the Imginal Realm, the new one I am still working on (Becoming Vegetalista, the first quarter of which was released in a small print run hardcover, and the one just finished: Earth Grief: The Journey Into and Through Ecological Grief, which will be released March 1, 2021. You can pre-order it now at a reduced price. See below.

These books may be ordered, if you wish a signed copy or to directly support my work as an author, below. Or, you may order my books throughor any bookstore.

Note: We no longer ship out of the US due to absurd shipping costs and the massive paperwork often involved.

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Patients Stories & Testimonials

For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with over a thousand individuals with Lyme. Many of those individuals would describe themselves as cured from Lyme and left that part of their lives behind. Others would say that they are significantly better with some lingering issues. Yet there are some that I have been unable to help, to the degree we both wished. Below, are some testimonials of these that have had permanent and significant improvements.

Steve ONeill

Jennifer from Ontario, May 2017

When my daughter was six-years-old she became sick. First she had pain in her foot. This slowly increased to strange aches and pains, muscle cramping, and occasional minor limping. Her symptoms progressed to high anxiety, hallucinations , skin burning at the lightest touch, and other odd sensations as well. All of her symptoms were fleeting would come and go without warning.

If she had been bitten by a tick I never saw any sign of it. She saw many doctors and had many tests performed, but everything came out negative. I tried a naturopathic doctor but she did not help.

James from Newmarket, Ontario. 2011

I have been trying to figure out how to thank the person who quite literally saved my life.

Two years ago I truly believed that at best I had another 5 years to live. However, by the summer of 2009, at 45 years of age, I began to realize that I have as good a chance of having a normal life expectancy as anyone else. An amazing revelation.

Doug, April 2013

Thank You

His Books Are Filled With Evidence Based Research

Stephen Buhner Healing Lyme Disease and Co infections. My Recovery and Story.

What are the most common misconceptions about Lyme disease?

Buhner: Pretty much everything. Up front I need to make clear that all the information I present in my updated second edition of Healing Lyme about Lyme disease is cleverly concealed in open source peer reviewed journals easily found via the internet. For several reasons, I decided to focus the book through the lens of the research that hundreds of researchers and physicians around the world were conducting. Over the past 4 years or so, I have read some 10,000 journal articles on Lyme and its major coinfections. I then created a synthesis of all this information to give as complete a picture of what was happening as possible.

I had several goals in this:

To give those with Lyme infections a clear picture of what was happening so that their fear level would lessen

To give physicians a clear picture of what was going on so that they could begin to design more effective approaches and importantly, help them respond more compassionately to their patients

To develop alternative protocols that could help people when pharmaceuticals failed them, as they do for around 40 percent of those infected and finally

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If Youre Familiar With Integrative Treatment For Lyme Disease At All Youve Probably Heard Of The Buhner Protocols

But, what are the Buhner protocols, and what makes them such a great option for treating late stage Lyme Disease and/or coinfections?

Its a valid question, when there are so many types of integrative treatment to choose from.

Quite a few Lyme Literate physicians treat their patients with long term oral and IV antibiotic combinations, along with some nutritional and botanical supplements.

Some homeopaths prefer to use the DesBio Lyme and coinfection vials, or classical homeopathy.

There are lots of herbal protocols, too , Cowden, BioPure CockTail, Vital Plan, and Results RNA, to name a few.

Feeling Worse Before Feeling Better

I suffered immensely during the first months of treatment. My body was fighting an active infection while dealing with the heavy burden of toxins released by pathogens as they were dying off. This is not an easy thing to go through. This is known as a JarischHerxheimer Reaction. Commonly referred to as a herx. It is the bodys reaction to endotoxins that are released during the death of harmful microorganisms. Also known as a die-off reaction, it can be very intense. It can produce fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches, intestinal upset, dizziness, sore throat, ear pain, tooth pain, sweating, emotional upset and many other adverse symptoms. It is short-lasting and resolves once the toxins have been cleared from the body. You can read about my strategies for dealing with die-off here.

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Antimicrobial Treatments For Lyme Disease

The conventional medical approach to Lyme disease treatment in adults is a ten to 21-day course of the antibiotic doxycycline.1 However, a growing body of research shows that this treatment is insufficient, if not completely ineffective, for cases of chronic Lyme disease. Functional medicine offers a far more comprehensive approach to the antimicrobial treatment of Lyme disease. Read on to learn about the types of antimicrobial treatment options available, and how they can be combined for optimal effect.

He Acknowledges That Other Herbs And Therapies Can Help Too And That People Will Likely Need To Add To Or Subtract From His Protocols

Lyme Disease Book Pair Natural Holistic Healing Treatments Stephen ...

Also, a note:The herbs and supplements in this book are not the only ones in the world that will help. Use the protocols outlined herein only as a starting place, a guideline. Add anything you feel will help you and delete anything that you feel is not useful. Microorganisms, when they enter a human body, find a very unique ecosystem in that particular person. Thus the disease is always slightly different every time it occurs. That means that a pharmaceutical or herb that works for one person may not work or work as well for another. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for these particular organisms. Againthere is no one-size-fits-all treatment for Lyme or any of its coinfections.

Anyone who says there is, is either trying to sell you something or doesnt really understand this group of infectious organisms. There is no one way to health such that in all times and all places and with all people it will always work. Life, and disease, and the journey to wellness are much more complex and sophisticated than that. So, trust your own feeling sense and pay attention to what your body is telling you. You are the best judge of whether something is working for you or not, whether you need to add something else or not, whether you are getting betteror not.Stephen Buhner, Healing Lyme 2nd Edition, page 3

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He Covers Antibiotic Treatment For Lyme

Please note:These protocols are designed to be used along with antibiotics if you wish to do so. I dont think you necessarily have to give up either pharmaceuticals or natural medicines to find health. However, if you have tried antibiotics and they have failed to help you, the protocols in this book can be used, effectively, all by themselvesStephen Buhner, Healing Lyme 2nd Edition, page 3Pharmaceutical TreamentI admit to bias. In general I am not a fan of antibiotics, and I have written about their overuse and antibiotic-resistance problems in a number of my books, in most detail in Herbal Antibiotics, second edition, and The Lost Language of Plants. Antibiotics, like many pharmaceuticals, are terribly overused in the United States, and despite what advertisers say, our health as a nation is not the better for it. We are far down on the list of the industrialized nations in both life expectancy and our quality of life. Antibiotic resistance among some very dangerous organisms is a growing problem because of antibiotic overuse. And despite regular alterts from such organizations as the CDC, nothing seems to be able to slow that use in either hospitals or among physicians.

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Where Can You Find More Information

Although it is relative easy-to-apply protocol, we strongly recommend you to read the following books on this topic:Healing Lymeâ Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsioses, 2nd EditionIn addition, in the case of co-infections:Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and MycoplasmaNatural Treatments for Lyme Coinfections: Anaplasma, Babesia, and EhrlichiaThese books are available in multiple languages. By purchasing them, you will not only support the professional work of Mr. Buhner , but you will also get a deep understanding of the exact principles of protocol effectiveness, which also contributes significantly to the successful treatment of the illness.

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About Stephen Harrod Buhner

Stephen Harrod Buhner is the award-winning, best-selling author of 24 books including The Lost Language of Plants, a BBC Environmental Book of the Year. Stephen is a polymath and autodidact, an independent scholar, a Fellow of Schumacher College, and the senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies. He has taught and written extensively the past four decades on the ecology of Gaian planetary systems, the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, viral pandemics, the dangers of pharmaceuticals in the environment, as well as producing a number of leading-edge clinical texts on the use of plant medicines in the treatment of resistant infections and chronic disease. Stephen also worked for many years as psychotherapist, studying with such luminaries as Elizabeth Kubler Ross and a number of the countrys preeminent transactional analysis therapists. He is considered one of the preeminent medical herbalists in the United States. Stephen lives in Silver City, NM. You can read more about him at

Who Is Mr Stephen Harrod Buhner

My Experience With the Stephen Buhner Lyme Disease Herbal Protocol

Mr. Buhner is a world known polymath with a dominant focus on herbalism and environmentalism. He created a very extensive analysis and a first coherent treatment protocol for chronic patients in the field of borreliosis treatment and its co-infections.

Mr. Buhner comes from a multi-generational family of medical doctors, from whom his grandfather, Dr. C.G. Harrod, had the biggest influence on his work. Mr. Buhner is , sold in 20 countries, with many awards . His work has been published in media such as The New York Times, CNN, or Good Morning America.

If you have any further questions, please do not hasitate to contact us.

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