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Testing Ticks For Lyme Disease In Pa

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What To Do After Tick Bite

Are ticks on the rise in Pennsylvania?

Now is the time of year when tick bites are common. Weve been seeing an increase in visits, she said.

She said you dont have to seek medical attention for all tick bites, just when your skin appears to be infected, red or swollen.

If you discover a tick, you can have it tested for free through the Tick Research Lab of Pennsylvania at East Stroudsburg University found online at

Is Lyme Disease In Pennsylvania

It doesnt matter if you are in Pennsylvania or any other part of the world. These pesky little ticks have migrated almost all over the world. And whats sad is because it mimics over 300 other diseases, research is at its infancy when many have suffered through the ages thinking it was something else. And if Im correct by listening to my body and curing myself through simple means, its a shame we all dont know about how simple it can be, and quick you can heal.

Heres more info Iv found simple to get on top of Google, but please do visit my 15 minute read of how and what I did to cure myself. It just may help you or others you know suffering from Lyme Disease.

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How The Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test Works:

  • When you find a tick or ticks on yourself, your child or your pet, simply remove the tick with the included easy-to-use tick removal tool. Place tick into the provided specimen bag. You may submit multiple ticks, but the TICKS MUST BE FROM ONLY ONE HOST .
  • Complete the test submission form. Apply one of the unique control labels to your specimen bag, one to your submission form and one to the detachable stub to keep for your own records. Place the form and specimen bag into a standard envelope. Apply the pre-addressed mailing label to the envelope, add postage and mail.
  • Your tick will be evaluated and results will be reported to you via email, phone, fax or U.S. Postal Service within 3 business days of receipt. The result of the test is intended to provide you and your physician or veterinarian with important information to help determine risk of exposure and subsequent clinical treatment.
  • Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test kit is designed to test the tick, not the person or pet. The tick are tested using a sensitive DNA-based screening technique known as Polymerase Chain Reaction . It identifies the DNA of the pathogen in the tick that causes Lyme disease with 99.9% accuracy and provides critical information to doctors and veterinarians concerning treatment.

    Regardless of test results, if you or your pet are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or veterinarian.

    Just How To Shield Your Canine Throughout The Summer Months

    The Tick Lifecycle  Lyme &  Tick

    The hot summer season are now low and also if you lieve you are endur in the swelter sun. Exactly how do you lieve your cherish pet is mak out? Summer season is a dangerous season for family pets as well as particular safety measures require to taken to protect your canine.

    Stop gett too hot. Dogs are only able to In the light of sweat via their paws. So they dont cool off as quickly as human s. For that reason. It is essential that you limit any energetic outside workouts or activity to very early dawn hrs or sundown. Make sure that there are a lot of dubious areas available so your pet can pause. If you observe signs of heatstroke heavy pant.

    A rapid heart at or lethargy take instant activity. In the light of Br the pet inside. Provide him a bowl of fresh. Cool water and call your veterinarian today. Dont leave your dog in a park vehicle. Despite hav the windows crack. A park automobile can promptly get to heat temperatures of over 100 degrees.

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    Tick Species Found In Franklin County: Life Stages Disease Risk And Habitat

    Black-legged Tick– Black-legged ticks often referred to as Deer ticks are abundant in Pennsylvania and Franklin County. They are a tick of high concern as related to public health. Black-legged ticks can carry a host of pathogens that can be transferred to humans, most notably the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease. Adults are active in the fall and throughout the winter until early summer and are found mostly in forested areas and the forest edge. Nymphs are active in the spring through late summer and are found in forest understory leaf litter.

    Associated Pathogens: Borrelia burgdoeferi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Babesia microti, Borrelia miyamotoi, and Deer Tick Virus .

    Tick size relative to a dime.

    American Dog Tick- The American Dog tick is another tick commonly found throughout Pennsylvania and Franklin County. Adults are active during the spring through summer and are found in woody, shrubby, long grass areas. Nymphs are active in the spring and are also found in the same type of habitat as the adults. The most notable disease associated with this tick is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever .

    Associated Pathogens:Rickettsia rickettsia and Francisella tularensis

    Associated Pathogens: Ehrlichia chaffeensis, Ehrlichia ewingii, Francisella tularensis, and Alpha-gal syndrome

    Associated Pathogens: Rickettsia parkeri

    Testing Ticks For Lyme Disease

    Testing Ticks For Lyme Disease

    Here in Lancaster County, the odds are pretty good you know someone who has had Lyme disease. Or maybe youve had it yourself. Or maybe a pet did. Pennsylvania is at ground zero for this tick-borne affliction that can cause problems ranging from muscle aches to heart failure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documented 4,739 cases in the state in 2011 the most in the nation. Read more.

    See whats available in Pennsylvania.

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    Efforts To Reduce Lyme Disease

    To reduce the spread of the disease from mice to ticks to humans, research is underway to create technology to vaccinate mice.

    Chinnici explained that bait boxes could be placed along field and wood edges that have vaccines in the bait food that will be eaten by mice. The boxes could be placed in state parks and other areas that are frequented by people as well as private personal lawns.

    Right now there are tick tubes available to reduce the chances of mice spreading Lyme disease to ticks. She said the tubes have cotton balls sprayed with permethrin that kills ticks. Mice take the cotton to build nests and then the ticks who host on mice die when the rodents lay in their nests.

    Testing Types Of Ticks

    Officials harvest ticks, test for Lyme disease in Sacramento area

    Nicole Chinnici, the director of the Dr. Jane Huffman Wildlife Genetics Institute at East Stroudsburg University, said the testing for three of the most prevalent tick borne diseases is free to residents of Pennsylvania and $50 for nonresidents. The lab receives funding from the Department of Health for the testing services. The free testing is for Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and protozoal.

    There are more comprehensive testing panels available for additional fees.

    When people go to the website, they can get information on how to send their specimen for examination. The lab also accepts photos of ticks for those who want to know what type of tick they found such as the black legged tick, the American dog tick, deer tick and the lone star.

    The lab started testing ticks in April 2019, and 1,000 samples from across the state have been tested. The number of tests continues to grow. She said they already received more samples the first part of this April than they did all of last April.

    Chinnici said ticks like moist, cool conditions and thats when they are prevalent on taller grasses.

    Ticks are more active in the morning, she said about the cooler, wet time of the day.

    When its hot and dry, the ticks stay under leaf litter to find moisture. But this time of year, its easier to see them in grassy areas and along field lines where theres moisture on top of the foliage. She said a snowy winter protects ticks as the snow helps to incubate them in the cold environment.

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    Senate Passes Brooks Legislation To Require Testing And Treatment Coverage For Lyme And Other Tickborne Diseases

    HARRISBURG Responding to Pennsylvanias ranking as the state with the highest number of Lyme disease cases in the nation, Sen. Michele Brooks applauded the Senates passage of her legislation to help control the tick population, provide coverage for doctor-recommended Lyme disease treatment, and spread education and awareness of tickborne diseases.

    Senate Bill 1188 seeks to combat the long-term effects of Lyme and other tickborne diseases by promoting education and awareness among health care professionals, providing coverage for diagnostic testing and treatment, and improving public awareness about tick bite prevention practices that can reduce the incidence and prevalence of ticks in this Commonwealth, Brooks said.

    Additionally, this legislation requires the Department of Health to work with the Tick Research Lab of Pennsylvania at East Stroudsburg University to develop an electronic database for use by the Lab, the department, and health care professionals. The database would include nonidentifiable patient information, including tick testing information, results, and zip code and county location of ticks tested at the Tick Lab diagnostic testing information and results and the surveillance criteria applied to determine the confirmed or suspected patient diagnosis from the attending health care professional.

    This is an epidemic that impacts all corners of the state, not only rural Pennsylvania, but urban and suburban counties as well, Brooks said.

    Find A Tick On Your Body In Pa You Can Get It Tested For Free

    Pennsylvania has had the highest number of Lyme disease cases in the U.S. since 2000, with 7,457 in 2014 alone.

    EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. Each day, an office building by the Delaware River in the Poconos is inundated with blood-sucking ticks, plucked from people and their pets, double-wrapped in plastic, and shipped first-class from all over Pennsylvania.

    Ticks come into the Pennsylvania Tick Research Lab at East Stroudsburg University from other states, too, even other countries, and the people who send them wait, sometimes nervously, for answers. On Monday alone, 300 ticks arrived, and all of them would be crushed up by lab technicians so that their DNA could be examined and the results sent back to their hosts.

    Within three business days, youll get results as to what type of things the tick was carrying, said lab director Nicole Chinnici. Thats typically before symptoms are occurring, so you can take those results to your physician or your veterinarian to help them determine what they should be looking out for. It gives them a peace of mind when it comes back negative.”

    The bad news, Chinnici said, is that more than 50 percent of the ticks tested at the lab are carrying some type of disease.

    Most of the ticks that come into the lab are dead, but some arent. Ticks are hard to squish. Sometimes people send in critters that arent even close to being a tick, though.

    Beetles, spiders, sometimes lice, bedbugs, various other things, even scabs,” Chinnici said.

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    Public Service Announcements Work

    The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources conducted a public survey in August 2019. Around 80% of Pennsylvanians surveyed said they would like to participate more in outdoor activities. To help more people feel safe, the Pennsylvania Health Department and local townships can work together to provide educational materials on how to prevent and prepare for tick season.

    Some of these resources already exist, but they are arguably underutilized and have not been updated in years.

    In 2016 and 2017, Get Outdoors PA and the PA Lyme Resource Network teamed up to create awareness information cards on tick identification and prevention. The PA Lyme Resource Network runs a Dare 2B Tick Aware campaign that includes the Tick Check Challenge, a social media campaign where people can recreate a #TickCheck dance and share it on social media platforms to increase awareness about tick-borne diseases.

    Epa Enterprises Launches Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test That Provides Quick Inexpensive And 999% Accurate Dna Test Result

    Even in winter, Lyme ticks can be a threat

    BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa., June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ You find a tick on yourself, your child, or your pet. You worry, does it carry Lyme disease? Now, finding an answer can be as close as your medicine cabinet, first aid kit or backpack. With the new Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test youll get a fast, 99.9% accurate DNA test result that tells you if a tick is a carrier of Lyme disease. It tests the tick, not the person or pet.

    Lyme disease is a nation-wide problem According to the CDC, Lyme disease is the fastest growing, most commonly reported vector borne illness in the United States. Its important to know the facts about Lyme disease and be ready to act swiftly.

    Of critical importance to victims of tick bites is swift, correct diagnosis of the presence of Lyme disease, so if infected, doctors or vets can determine treatment. Unfortunately, excessive turnaround time and inaccurate results associated with typical lab tests are a major and all too common problem.

    With the Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test, results are fast and accurate. Notification within 3 days of sample receipt and 99.9% accurate DNA diagnosis assists doctors and vets by providing critical information.

    For more information, please visit To download a digital version of this release and product images, please go to

    CUTTER and the CUTTER logo are trademarks of United Industries Corporation and are used under license.

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    Igenex Lyme Disease Test

    People who wish to buy a test kit from IGeneX have to pay a $20 deposit fee. They need to complete the paperwork with their doctor to determine which tests they should use.

    Afterward, an individual can collect their sample at home and mail it to IGeneX. The company then sends the results to the doctor.

    The tests cost $295546.

    People who use IGeneX may benefit from some of its advantages:

    • The testing centers are CLIA-certified.
    • Doctors help the clients choose a test kit.
    • There are several collection methods available.

    However, there are some disadvantages to this service. Firstly, it is not a true home test, as people have to work with a doctor to complete the paperwork and receive their results. Additionally, the paperwork and billing system can be complex.

    CDC , people should perform two tests for Lyme disease, and they can use the same blood sample.

    If they receive a negative result, they do not need to perform another test. However, if their first test is positive or indeterminate, it is best to test again.

    The CDC states the overall result is only positive for Lyme disease when the first and second tests produce a positive result.

    Tests detect IgM and IgG antibodies that the body produces in response to an infection. The IgM antibodies appear early in response to the exposure, while the IgG antibodies appear 46 weeks after the infection and can persist for years.

    False positives can occur if a person has other conditions, including

    How You Can Prevent Lyme Disease

    While this past winter may have been frightful, researchers have found that even frigid temperatures wont make a sizable dent in the deer tick population. Knowing where, how and when Lyme disease is most often contracted can help you prevent it as these pesky, pint-sized carriers crawl out of their hiding places.

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    Common Lyme Disease Tests

    Gold-standard laboratory tests are not yet available. Current tests can miss a substantial % of active Lyme disease. The 2-tier serology blood test is an indirect test, which measures the immune response to Lyme bacteria. This test has been found to miss as much as 75% of confirmed cases of early Lyme disease .

    Direct tests are also available, including PCR and culture, which measure the actual presence of the bacteria. However, they also have low sensitivity when they are positive, they are definite, when theyre negative, it is still not clear there is no lyme disease.

    There is no one test available today that can definitely rule out Lyme disease. The best way to improve the usefulness of tests is to run multiple tests. Studies show when you combine the 2 step serology with PCR and culture, you improve your chances of accurately diagnosing your disease by 45%. However, this is still not foolproof it still leaves a 10-20% chance of false negatives.

    Who Is Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test

    Tick research at Indiana University of Pennsylvania sheds light on Lyme disease

    Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test kit is designed to test the tick, not the person or pet. The tick are tested using a sensitive DNA-based screening technique known as Polymerase Chain Reaction . It identifies the DNA of the pathogen in the tick that causes Lyme disease with 99.9% accuracy and provides critical information to doctors and veterinarians concerning treatment.Regardless of test results, if you or your pet are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or veterinarian.Who needs the Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test?Read More


    Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test

    Cutter Tick Test

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