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Doug Coil Rife Machine Lyme

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Rife Machines and Lyme Disease

Weve investigated acupuncture, yoga, and deep massage. Weve experimented with thalassotherapy, reflexology, or different dietary regimens. We look to the wisdom of ancient herbs. We ask our doctors about the latest pharmaceutical solutions and then weigh each option against the possible side effects. Lyme disease is a complex illness with myriad complicated factors, explains Bryan Rosner, author of Freedom from Lyme Disease: New Treatments for a Complete Recovery. He recommends that people with Lyme shop around for a treatment that fits, and urges them not to believe anyone who claims to have come up with a magic bullet.

My wife frames it like this: When it comes to health care, were pretty much on our own. I know people who have overcome chronic pain with a single chiropractic session and others who have walked away from the appointment with the same chronic pain and a brand-new case of tinnitus.

All I know is, in 2001 my wife was a 32-year-old woman with the endurance of an 80-year-old. Now, she hikes, kayaks, plays tennis and runs a real estate management company.

I am not a scientist. And this article is in no way an endorsement of Rife technology as a cure-all. But in the spirit of scientific inquiry, why not dig in and seriously investigate the potential of electromagnetic field generators in public health?

Doug Coil Frequencies For Lyme

One of the challenges I faced early on in my Lyme Disease treatment was working out which Doug Coil frequencies to use. There are literally thousands of frequencies listed in a crowd-sourced document known as the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List . These frequencies reportedly treat everything from earache to knee pain. The problem we have is that there is no distinction between the type of machine or the methodology it comes under.

A Doug Coil and the associated methodology varies wildly from certain contact devices, for example. From the outside they can appear to be similar, but this couldnt be further from the truth. A Doug Coil relies on the scientific principle of resonance. In simple terms, we use a very strong magnetic field at a certain frequency to disrupt the cell wall of bacteria, causing it to die. This is a well-understood and widely used scientific principle.

Coiling for Lyme Symptoms

Unfortunately, you cannot coil for the symptoms of Lyme. Whilst it can be tempting to try to find a frequency for neck pain, joint pain or headaches, its important to remember that the cause of that pain is the Lyme infection. Remove the cause and the symptoms go away. Additionally, the coil machine works by physically disrupting the bacterial cell wall. Pain is chemical its the result of neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, you cant coil for pain.

Using A Rife Machine And Lyme Disease

What does Rife mean?

In the twentieth century, Dr Royal Raymond Rife, an American Scientist built his own microscope. He started discovering microorganisms that had not been discovered before. He also discovered that exposing these microorganism to certain electromagnetic frequencies would kill them. This discovery led him to building the very first Rife Machine.

How Rife Works

Microorganisms including parasites, bacterias, viruses and fungis each have a vibratory frequency to which they are exposed, will result in their death. A rife machine delivers this frequency. The machine puts of an invisible magnetic field that passes through the body to kill the microorganisms. It works by vibrating or oscillating the organism until it is damaged or killed. It is similar to how an opera singer can shatter a glass by singing in a high pitch. The vibration level that kills an organism is called its MOR, or mortal oscillary rate.

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A Rife Machine Is An Electromagnetic Apparatus Which Emits Variable Frequency Waves That Alter Individual Pathogens Such As The Lyme Spirochete

. Lyme and Rife therapy – Rife machine technology has not been proven in clinical trials. The Royal Rife Light Frequency Machine. Originally created by a gentleman called Raymond Rife.

Ad We spent 25 years researching the Rife treatment. It has gained popularity thru Lyme Disease sufferers referrals. Rife machines were invented in 1920s by Royal Raymond Rife.

Ticks live in grasses and low shrubs. Rife machines are appealing to Lyme Disease sufferers for many reasons. I had multiple problems as most Lyme sufferers do.

When you want it. Personally I have two TrueRife machines at. They deliver low electromagnetic waves like radio waves through the.

The Rife Machine Lyme Plasma Alternative Medicine A Rife Machine uses the principles of Royal Rife a brilliant scientist who lived during the last century. If you do decide that. Rife frequency is a light frequency that uses a Tesla Tube and you can program it with the different machines that are out there based upon whatever frequency you want to run on the.

Get honest answers and verified facts from a team of highly trained frequency consultants. If you do a search on this site for either rife or doug coil there are some. Check yourself before leaving.

Lyme and Rifing Information. A Rife machine is. How you want it.

My lyme is mostly neuro. The perfect one for you. Best you can get.

Using Rife Machine to Defeat Lyme Disease. Using a Rife machine for Lyme disease is an invaluable tool. Rife machines date back to the late 1930S.

Lyme And Sexual Transmission

Doug Coil Machine Lyme Disease

In 2013, I started to fall under waves of fatigue early in the afternoon. I responded by brewing a full pot of coffee after lunch and stealing a twenty-minute nap whenever I had a break between writing assignments. Then came the sharp, raw sensations on the skin of my hips and thighs. Not long afterward, I started experiencing phantom hiccups that caused me to choke on my own saliva. I made an appointment with my doctor, had a Lyme test, and it came back positive. To my knowledge, I have never had a tick bite. So how did I end up with Lyme disease? Was I just another of the 75% of Lyme carriers who dont recall the bite?

Is it possible the bacteria passed from between us?

Medical convention says that Borrelia burgdorferi isnt sexually transmittable. But the Bb bacteria which presents in a corkscrew-shaped form called a spirochete behaves very much like youd imagine, burrowing into tissue, muscle and bone to find a safe place to hide out and wreak havoc. A close relative in the world of pathogens is the much more familiar spirochete-shaped invader, syphilis.

In a 2014 study, an international team of scientists found live Lyme spirochetes in semen and vaginal secretions of people with documented Lyme but couldnt agree that there were enough Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes to spread infection.

So is that proof? Or is it just placebo?

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Dbamy O Twoj Prywatno

Dziki wykorzystaniu rozwiza takich, jak pliki cookies i pokrewne technologie oraz przetwarzaniu Twoich danych, moemy zapewni, e wywietlane treci lepiej odpowiedz na Twoje potrzeby. Wyraajc zgod na przetwarzanie danych, sprawiasz e atwiej bdzie odnale Ci w Allegro dokadnie to, czego akurat szukasz i potrzebujesz. Administratorami Twoich danych bdzie Allegro sp. z o.o., jak równie nasi Zaufani partnerzy, z którymi stale wspópracujemy.

Przetwarzamy Twoje dane zgodnie z Polityk ochrony prywatnoci, w tym ze wzgldu na nastpujce potrzeby:

Przechowywanie informacji na urzdzeniu lub dostp do nich, spersonalizowane reklamy, spersonalizowane treci, pomiar reklam i treci, opinie odbiorców i opracowanie produktu.Wyraenie zgody jest dobrowolne. Moesz j w kadym momencie wycofa lub ponowi na w zakadce Dopasowanie reklam. Wycofanie jej nie wpywa na legalno uprzedniego przetwarzania.Wicej informacji znajdziesz:

Hard Science On Lyme: Trials And Tribulations Of Getting Borrelia Biofilms Acccepted For Publication

In this guest blog, pathologist Alan MacDonald describes the struggle to publish the discovery of Borrelia biofilms and what the existence of these biofilms means for chronicity and treatment.

In the original release of UNDER OUR SKIN my parting remarks are about the exciting future of biofilms of Borrelia the Next Big Thing. At the time of filming, we already had the proof in hand, but we had to get our paper published. We had to get it past an editor in chief of a journal with good academic standing in the world of medical publishing. We knew that we would not succeed with the Journal of Infectious Diseases or Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease or with the newsletter to the membership of the IDSA.

The most important milestone happened in November 2012 with the long-awaited publication of the PLOS ONE article on In Vitro Biofilms of Borrelia Burgdorferi.

Why would PhD reviewers be at all interested in MD-type concerns? Here the existing politics provide an answer.

None of the three reviewers was an IDSA-aligned person. All of the reviewers, as far as we could determine, were European microbiologists with special life experience in biofilm biology of other non-Borrelia microbes.

The sticky wicket about biofilms is that biofilms of the infectious type are ALWAYS a marker of CHRONIC INFECTION.

Chronic Lyme borreliosis was then and in 2013 still is a much disputed entity.

So, did we ask a good question?

Now to look ahead to the paradigm shifts yet to come.

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Rife Machine Info For New Members

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Open this link to buy kits, use the above plan instructions to build your kit.Doug’s website:The EMEM machines were rated a 7 – 7.5 by the old group, they are less powerful then the Doug Coil. However these machines will treat a wide array of diseases other than Lyme and the coinfections There are three trusted builders I know of who build these machines.Bruce Stensulson:Dan Tracy , 518-548-8495Travis KopekThe GB4000 was also rated a 6.5, it too is less powerful than the Doug Coil. However, is it fully automatic and relatively easy to use. This machine is sold by itself or with the optional SR-4, 10 Watt amp unit and it is necessary for those stricken with Lyme to get the SR-4 unit also. A member of our group knows someone who will discount to our members by a few hundred dollars…There is also a new M.O.P.A. 120 Watt Amp that makes the GB4000 machine far more powerful. It was not included in the machine ratings, but should be better than the GB4000 with SR-4 10 watt Amp..The PERL is another automatic machine and was at one time approved for use by the Canadian government… The downside to this machine is it’s cost at $5695.00. We don’t have a lot of info from those using it for Lyme, but overall it has a good reputation.

My Ambitious And Once

Lyme Disease / Coinfections Treatment Demo: How to Use a Doug Coil Machine, Part 2

She has contended with unrelenting muscle stiffness, extreme chest pain, numbness in face, hands and feet, eye twitching, difficulty writing, speaking and forming words, memory loss, brain fog, incontinence, sinus and dental pain.

But mostly, almost constant fatigue: Its like your body is being invaded and your immune system is fighting a battle every single hour of your life, she says. You go to bed and sleep for 10 or 11 hours but when you wake up, youre still exhausted. Your bodys been battling the bacteria all night long.

For my wife, Lyme disease first emerged when she was in her early twenties. A high school track star, she fought through the initial fatigue with coffee and pep talks as she threw herself into snowboarding, cycling, extreme hiking and triathlons. The exercise, far from building her stamina, started taking a serious toll. By the time I met and fell in love with her, she was unable to maintain exertion for any length of time she stole desperate 20-minute naps and, for the rest of her day, just muddled through, half alive. She was the most attractive woman Id ever seen I couldnt take my eyes off her. But sometimes she could barely move.

We were both convinced she had Lyme and so was a Nashville doctor friend, who recommended we watch Under Our Skin, a controversial documentary film on chronic Lyme disease. We were soon to learn that she was facing a medical condition so confusing and political that even doctors couldnt agree on it.

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The Next Wave In Lyme Treatment

Search The Purist

The CDC estimates that some 300,000 people will contract Lyme disease this year. Many will go undiagnosed, be misdiagnosed, or receive inadequate treatment. The path back to wellness from this illness is not always straight or well-defined. If the prescribed antibiotics are unable to eradicate the disease, a search for nontraditional modalities begins. Homeopathics, herbs, immune building, bee venom therapy, supplements, and so many other approaches can be incorporated into a protocol for healing. In my desperation to find a cure for my many symptoms, I learned about a little-known method of treatment: a Rife machine. In the Lyme community, it is one of many go-to protocols.

These Herx reactions are common when taking antibiotics or applying any treatment that kills off the spirochetes that cause Lyme disease. When using a coil machine, it is important to regulate exposure, so that die-off is within a range that your body is able to adequately eliminate. Elimination of toxins is key to this methods efficacy.

What Is The Rife Machine

In my wifes struggle to manage the array of Lyme symptoms she was having, she tried almost every treatment imaginable: radical diets, herbal supplements, even high colonics. She began to reach out, hoping to find out how other Lyme sufferers were coping. One day, a Nashville woman with even worse symptoms introduced her to an amazing device wed never heard of before.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, over the course of his medical research in the early 1930s, discovered that exposing microorganisms to specific electromagnetic frequencies resulted in the microorganisms destruction. Think of an opera singer shattering a wine glass with her voice. The Rife Machine was a device capable of delivering these frequencies to the body. In the late 1930s, many doctors had Rife Machines in their offices to treat a multitude of bacterial illnesses. They were cheap to build and easy to use, if the physicians had a working knowledge of how the frequencies affected their patients various medical conditions.

The Rife Machine could have gone on to be just another useful tool for modern medical practitioners. Instead, the first antibiotic, penicillin, was invented. The Rife Machine was forced underground, where it has remained for the last 75 years. Not coincidentally, the downfall of a machine that fought illness and disease with technology not much more complicated or pricey than that of a stereo system just happened to coincide with the rise of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Doug Coil Machine Resources

Warning! See a doctor before subjecting yourself to electromagnetic fields*!Lime Disease and Rife MachinesWhat’s a coil machine?unscientific explanationcollapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridgeinterview with Doug MacLeanspirochetes being stunned into stillnessDoug coil machine manufacturers

  • John Stolar. John builds these machines, and his Free Stuff page tells you how you can build your own. See also his old site. John has cut back on his rate of production, but has trained two others to build machines using the same materials and techniques that he uses. Here’s his email:
  • John Montee was trained by John Stolar to build capacitor boxes and coils. He is located in the Pacific Northwest of the US.
  • Terry Fitzsimmons was trained by John Stolar to build capacitor boxes and coils. He is located in northeastern US.
  • Roger Simon is currently selling the capacitor box and coil for $950, same as I paid for mine.
  • Doug Freeman. I had some trouble with my machine, and my supplier was unavailable. I emailed Doug Freeman, who was very helpful.
  • Alex Levy is a longtime builder of Doug coil machines.

Output Measurement DesignLyme disease and Rife machine information resources

  • Bioelectrics For Health manufactures a plasma-type Rife machine. There are many other such manufacturers of plasma-type Rife machines, and their effectiveness is said to vary considerably. Proceed with caution.

Rife machine frequency listsLyme disease and Rife machine forumsCautions

What Is A Rife Machine And Is It Helpful

Doug Coil Machine Lyme Disease

Rife machines were invented in 1920s by Royal Raymond Rife. They deliver low electromagnetic waves, like radio waves, through the hands or feet. The suggestion is that all medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency, and that this machine will deliver pulses at the same frequency, to disable diseased cells.

Rife machines have not been scientifically proved to treat Lyme Disease or any other disease. These days, when new treatments are available for use by doctors, they have been rigorously tested to show they work, and they cause minimal harm. Rife machines have not been tested in this way. Reports that these machines are effective for Lyme disease are anecdotal and are not backed up by scientific studies.

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What Is A Rife Machine For Lyme

Lyme Rife Machine Blog For Lyme Disease Based On Book By Bryan Rosen Lyme Disease And Rife Machines Lyme Lyme Disease Testimonials Share this post. Ad We spent 25 years researching the Rife machine.

When Antibiotics Fail Lyme Disease And Rife Machines With Critical Evaluation Of Leading Alternative Therapies Bryan Alternative Therapies Lyme Disease Lyme

Rife: Notes From A Newbie

Be very careful or you could make things worse.

With that advice in mind, I began my Rifing for Lyme journey. Its now a few months and 27 treatments later and nothing terrible has happened, so thats good. And I feel Ive learned enough to make it worth sharing my experiences.

For those not familiar with Rife, the idea is that every living thing has a frequency. In the case of Lyme and its coinfections, the Rife machine sends a frequency aimed at a specific microbe, and this frequency resonates with the microbe, causing it to vibrate, and in the process either get damaged or destroyed.

It is called Rife because a pioneer of this technique was named Royal Raymond Rife. This guy, a scientist and inventor in the early 1900s, was a definite genius.

Today, there are many types of Rife machines named in his honor. I use the Doug Coil machine, which was created by Doug MacLean. Back in the 1980s, MacLean, a mechanical engineer, constructed this machine and successfully treated his own Lyme case, which had not responded to antibiotics.

I started my Rife odyssey cautiously, by doing lots of research Rife websites, a couple of Rife books, and then reading thousands upon thousands of posts in various online forums. From those sources, I chose what I felt sounded like the four most promising frequencies 432, 612, 840 and 2016.

And at least I can say I havent made things worse.

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