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Electro Dermal Screening For Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease And Other Tick

Electro-Dermal Screening – EDS

Thank you for your interest in the services provided by the Sound Clinic. We hope this document offers some answers to frequently asked questions. We also hope that it provides some insight into our philosophy as a clinic, as the philosophical alignment between patients and providers is an important part of an effective relationship. We also need it to function as a kind of informed consent. Thats why we are asking you to sign off on receiving it and why we have assigned a version number, which should match that on the signature page. With your help, we hope to improve future versions. Please take the time to read it carefully, more than once if necessary. Please dont hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions.

A Note About Forms And Disability

We know that Lyme patients have legitimate and often severe symptoms that can be disabling. But while we excel at getting these patients well again, the same can not be said of helping them get approved for disability. The burden of proof required for approval is high and deserving applicants fail to clear it. Disability insurers are in the business of making money and theyre inclined to deny any claims they can. That makes them interested not in our opinions but in the available objective evidence. Those who have been diagnosed with other disease states, even fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome may be better off pursuing approval under the auspices of these labels than under the Lyme umbrella. We strongly recommend specialized legal representation as those who go without counsel can make mistakes in their applications that will haunt them later even if they end up hiring a lawyer. If you need special accommodations at work, please dont simply ask us for a letter. Most employers have special forms and even those who dont have an annoying tendency to find letters inadequate for their needs. If you know what the letter needs to say, you can write it for us and we will edit it as needed. But forms can seldom be completed in less than 20 minutes and thats with the help of the patient. Those needing a letter must therefore make an appointment or a phone consult.

Why Can’t I Get Better

This segment title is borrowed from Dr. Richard Horowitzs recent book. Horowitz appreciates that chronic Lyme patients have a multifaceted disease. As an analogy, he describes a hypothetical patient who goes to the doctor with sixteen nails in his foot. Each nail represents one of the sixteen factors he deems important in the Lyme population. The doctor removes one of those nails but the patient is still in pain. It may be that all the nails need to be removed before he will recover. As discussed above, many patients dont get better because they arent treated for co-infections, opportunistic infections or biotoxins. A more comprehensive approach that addresses all of these factors will work for the majority of patients. Those who still dont respond are usually being road blocked by one or more of the following four confounding factors: heavy metal toxicity, chronic mold exposure, methylation defects and unresolved psycho-emotional trauma.

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What Is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans through tick bites, which was first detected in 1976 in Lyme, Connecticut, which is where it gets its name. A group of small children presented similar, yet unusual symptoms and became ill with an unidentified disease that would later be classified as Lyme. Since its initial detection, Lyme disease has become more and more prevalent here in the U.S., as health providers have continued to see a steady growth in reported and confirmed cases across the country. The Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association states that in 2015, Lyme disease was ranked as the sixth most common nationally notifiable disease.

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease that progresses rapidly and can become a chronic, lifelong condition if it is not detected and treated early. Patients can make a full and quick recovery when this illness is accurately diagnosed and effectively treated. However, there are patients who may experience long-term symptoms that cause severe pain and limited function. If the illness goes untreated, the bacterial infection can advance to the joints, nervous system, and heart. Contact your Lyme-literate doctor right away to being Lyme disease treatment in Littleton.

Risk Factors For Lyme Disease

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Below are the most common risk factors for ticks and Lyme disease:

  • People who live, play, exercise, or work outdoors in areas where Lyme disease occurs.
  • Engaging in outdoor activities in or near common tick habitats such as wooded areas, tall grasslands, and along nature trails.
  • Having a pet that may carry infected ticks home on its skin and coat.
  • Children, especially between the ages of five and nine years of age, and older adults.

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Lyme Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

Lyme disease is contracted predominantly through a tick bite that can create a cascade of symptoms. In the acute stage of this disease there are often flu-like symptoms which are sometimes, but not always, accompanied by a bullseye rash. When the disease becomes more chronic it can mimic many disease processes as it attacks different systems of the body. Unfortunately many people dont realize that they have been bitten by a tick because the tick numbs the skin while it is attached. If you suspect you may have the symptoms of Lyme disease, it is important that you seek a diagnosis and get treatment immediately. Naturopathic Doctor, Kim Townsend at the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic in Burlington, Ontario can help you requisition the most reliable lab work for diagnosing this disease. Symptoms can range from nervous system disorders, mood disturbances, hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint pain, headaches, and unexplained fatigue and malaise. Lyme disease is slowly becoming more recognized in Ontario as awareness increases and the population of ticks carrying this disease escalates. Ticks are found in forested and grassy areas and often go unnoticed when hiking or playing in these environments.

Symptoms associated with Lyme disease:

  • Unexplained fever, chills, flu-like symptoms, and general malaise.
  • Unexplained bulls-eye rash
  • Joint and/or muscle pain
  • Feeling overwhelmed as if you will lose your mind
  • Palpitations
  • Wandering Pain

What To Expect Once In Treatment

We hope that patients will choose to give us six months to get them moving in the right direction. We estimate that about two thirds of all patients are in treatment for between 12 and 18 months. The remaining third is about evenly split between those who require less time and those who require more. Having said that, there are those who respond almost immediately and those who finally got better after more than two years in treatment. As you might expect, those who have had Lyme for longer or are older tend to be more challenging. But overall health at the start of treatment is a better predictor. We use a symptom questionnaire that has proven to be a reasonably good way to gauge the severity of illness.

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General Information About Our Approach To Lyme And Other Tick

As much as possible, we strive to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of prospective patients. We make it our top priority to provide care that is both effective and affordable. But what we do isnt for everyone. Lyme and related tick-borne diseases are inherently challenging when they arent caught early. Most patients caught in this situation soon discover that conventional medicine has little to offer them. We feel that an aggressive and comprehensive approach that integrates the best prescription and alternative treatments is a superior option for most patients. We dont claim to know the only path to health for our patients but we do feel that we are offering an excellent combination of performance and value.

Most medical interventions carry some risk and some are obviously riskier than others. A big part of being a provider of medical care is weighing the pros and cons of different treatments in an attempt to create the greatest benefit with the least amount of risk. Because different people have different degrees of risk aversion, its important they be informed consumers. Unfortunately, we cant know the future and so we must discuss risk and reward in terms of their relative statistical probability. But even that can be difficult to estimate in the context of all the variables at play in any given case.

The New Discoveries Are Not Being Enveloped Within Any Particular Discipline Or By A Particular Method Fundamental Observations Are Being Made In A Wide Variety Of Areas

Electrodermal Screening

The living organism is designed both to adapt to and utilize many different kinds of forces, and that healing processes involve the operation of many kinds of communications. There is no single life force or healing energy. There are many systems in the body that conduct various kinds of energy and information from place to place. Different energetic therapies focus on different aspects of this multiplicity, and each of these therapies presents a valuable set of clues and testable hypotheses about how human energy systems work. The physiological and anatomical systems in the body and the energy systems interdigitate. Effective therapeutic work on one system inevitably affects the composite.

Energetics is therefore a rich multi-disciplinary topic. Following the flows of energy through the body is a lesson in every domain of biology, ranging from geophysical to inter-organismal interactions to physiology and behavior, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles. Energetic interactions account for the important properties that arise from the relations between the parts.

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How Did He Discover Where The Points Were

Back in his day Voll ended up with 1000âs of test vials that could be tested one by one on each patient. It was truly a unique system he was creating. One does not attain what Voll did without a measure of obsessiveness, above average intelligence, and a bit of eccentricity. Although called a quack by mainstream American medicine, , the Government of Germany disagreed, awarding him the distinguished Federal Cross of Merit award in 1979 for his work.

Eav Is An Excellent Tool For Uncovering Issues Within The Bodys Meridian Systems And Detecting Signals Of Toxins And Infections

Over 3,000 years ago, the Chinese developed a system of medicine based on the premise of Qi, Qi being the life force. Life force goes throughout our body and is responsible for our health and well-being, as well as our longevity. If the Qi doesnt flow correctly and at the right time of the day, it could lead to imbalances, which eventually can manifest as disease. The Chinese now admit that outside factors like environmental influences, toxins, and infections such as the Lyme spirochete, can also block Qi.The blockage of Qi is a significant problem in both Eastern and Western medicine.

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Focal Infection Starts In The Mouth And Migrates

What Lyme and other chronic diseases are concerned, the big enemy is root canals. It has been slow by the medical establishment to recognize the negative impact of this fact. It is questioned how standard dentistry can claim that infections settled in the mouth do not affect the body. Elsewhere in medicine, when a part of the body dies, say, a foot turns gangrenous, it is cut off. But in a root canal, dead teeth are left in, filled with a sealant where the nerve was drilled out. These teeth always cause problems.

Patients who have heart conditions, knee or hip replacements, are told that for the remainder of their lives, they must have an antibiotic prescription before and after any dental treatment, including cleaning of their teeth. The reason antibiotics are needed is because it has been proven that bacteria who live in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart and joints where they frequently cause endocarditis and many other infections.

Holistic Lyme Disease Treatments:

Electrodermal Screening

The goal of all of our Lyme disease treatments is build a restorative foundation by fixing the bodys immune system and riding it of infectious agents. Typically, the first steps include healing the gut, balancing flora that have been damaged, and rebuilding the immune system to prepare your body to fight against Lyme and co-infections. Since Lyme can be so difficult to kill, weve found that a multifaceted approach is the most successful in combating Lyme disease.

  • Implement Supplements and Homeopathics: To heal the body, you must first start with healing the gut the goal being to balance bacteria and begin healing intestinal walls. To do this, you must first kill fungi and parasites. Candida overgrowth is common among antibiotic users and is the most common fungal infection among the average person. Candida and other fungal pathogens can be treated through powerful, broad-spectrum antimicrobials that kill the bad guys and help reset the balance of gut flora. Our immune system is directly correlated with gut health, so if we can restore gut health, we can begin to restore the immune system. Natural antimicrobials have been quite successful in Lyme disease treatment and are implemented frequently in our office. Herbs such as Samento and Artemesinin have antispirochete activity and are a good remedy for co-infections and inflammation.
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    Where Is Lyme Disease Found

    This illness is found worldwide and in regions all over the United States, including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska. While the CDCs data shows a larger prevalence of Lyme disease cases on the East Coast, in the upper Midwest and along the West coast, this data reflects only confirmed cases. Ticks prefer wooded areas, tall grasses, shrubs, bushes, and they can even invade residential and commercial lawns.

    Ticks Cause Major Problem For Sartell Family

    Warm weather is here, or at least its on its way. That means the nasties of spring and summer are coming along, as well mosquitoes, bugs and ticks. Nobody knows about ticks and the troubles they can cause better than Rebecca Kurowski and her son, Grant. Both of them have suffered from Lyme disease.

    Lyme disease is caused by deer ticks. Both Kurowski and son Grant got bit somewhere and sometime, though neither can rightly say where and when.

    We never came across the ticks, Rebecca said. We both had very different symptoms at different times.

    The Kurowskis live in a typical suburban area of Sartell with bushes and shrubs in the area. The Kurowskis love the outdoors and spend lots of time outside in spring and summer. Where and when Grant was bitten hasnt been determined and likely never will.

    At age 7, Grant contracted Lyme disease as a result of a tick bite when the family was camping during the Fourth of July in 2015. Grant became sick and continued to be sick throughout the entire holiday period. The amount of time for the symptoms to make themselves known varies from person to person, but the effects can be extremely serious.

    He was sick the whole holiday, Kurowski said. He kept spiking with high fevers, but we thought it was just some kind of summer bug of some sort.

    They would come and go every few days, she said, but when they came on they came on really hot. And he just slept and slept and slept.

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    How Electro Dermal Screening In Burnsville Can Help You

    The device also scans for toxins in the body such as chemicals, mold/fungi, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. It can also detect sensitivities to foods and animal dander.

    Once the screening is completed, the information will be evaluated, and the best natural nutritional product options will be scanned to see if they will help balance the individual and increase the bodys ability to balance itself.

    Accuracy in choosing a compatible supplement, herb or homeopathic is greatly increased by using the results of the scan and eliminates the guesswork when choosing specific products for the bodys requirements.

    Chiropractic philosophy embraces the holistic triad concept of health by dealing with the physical, chemical and emotional causes of spinal subluxation which cause adverse health symptoms. The objective of combining EDS and chiropractic care is to achieve a state of total health through balancing the spine and body.


    Two Cutting Edge Tools For Holistic Health When Properly Used

    IBS Irritable Bowel and Asyra Alternative Medicine

    Many of our clients are extremely well read and knowledgeable. People take note when they have an EDS scan that highly correlates with their symptoms and illness, and thereafter begin taking natural remedies that are genuinely improving their sense of well being. It is a pleasure to see people react positively as they realize that they are getting a thorough and comprehensive scan that makes sense to them, and to return for follow-up appointments excited with the results they are seeing.

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    Lyme Disease Treatment Littleton

    Lyme disease is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control states that health providers and state health departments report roughly 30,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease to the CDC each year by. However, the CDC also suggests that the actual number of cases is closer to 300,000 ten times the number of cases that are actually reported. Because of the rate at which this illness continues to grow, now is the time to increase awareness of and vigilance against this tick-borne illness to effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat those people who have contracted Lyme disease.

    So Much Information Is Emerging That It Is Challenging For A Single Individual To Keep Track Of All Of It

    Discoveries on energetics are gradually percolating into the consciousness of conventional medical practitioners and researchers. A major impetus is the recognition that complementary medicine and energy therapies are here to stay, and that these methods can often help the patient who has not found relief from more orthodox approaches.Clinical experience has shown that rapid and spontaneous remissions can and do happen, even for the most potent cancers or for the most catastrophic of injurers. This fact shows that, under the appropriate conditions, disease fighting and repair processes in the body can be very powerful.

    Some medical researchers are attempting to induce spontaneous remissions on demand, by triggering the bodys own defenses against cancer. It does appear that: all the circuitry and machinery is there the problem is simply to discover how to turn on the right switches to activate the process . Modern research, complemented by the observations of energy therapists, is teaching us about where to look for the circuits and the switches.

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