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Ozone Therapy For Chronic Lyme

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A Closer Look At Promising Alternative Therapies For Lyme Disease


Persistent Lyme disease may defy conventional medical treatment in some casesand alternative therapies as well. A combination of approaches can sometimes help treat symptoms in chronic patients, and, depending on the individual, may even clear the root infection itself.

David Manganaro, M.D., board certified in internal medicine, has been in private practice since 1992during which time hes studied and trained in other holistic medical techniques, selectively incorporating some into his patients treatments. He began working with Dr. Thomas K. Szulc at Manhattan Advanced Medicine in 2007 , training in more energetic health evaluations and therapies. Manganaro now runs the NYC practice, where he sees a number of patients with chronic Lyme, other coinfections and autoimmunity complications, who have exhausted many other conventional and less-so treatment options without success. He shares his three-phase approach to treating Lyme here, along with his perspective on alternative therapies.

Patient Reviews For Ozone Therapy At Holistic Bio Spa

As a frequent client of Holistic Bio Spa, I had many of their awesome services over the last 5 years like SCIO Quantum Therapy a very good, fast recovery with Ozone Therapy and today finally Dr. Zoli and his very professional team did a complete Stem Cell Therapy. I do highly recommend to anyone who wants to heal fast and turn back the clock of aging.

Lazlo G.- patient review of ozone therapy on Google

It was the unusual and the best detox experience, starting with colon hydrotherapy therapy . The exercise with oxygen was an amazing therapy full of benefits. The technology used for PRP, ozone facial, liposuction without surgery are wonderful!

Jess- patient review of Holistic Bio Spa on Google

Floridas Top Ozone Therapy Clinic

LifeWorks Wellness Center is considered by many to be Floridas top ozone therapy clinic and patients travel from all over the country to seek treatment. That is because the variety of ozone treatment options at our Tampa Bay clinic exceeds anything available to them where they live.

We have offered ozone therapy to many patients to help them regain their health and we would love to help you, too. To become a patient, or for more information, feel free to call our New Patient Coordinator at or simply submit an online web inquiry with your request.

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The Health Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a gas that increases the amount of oxygen in the body, and is increasing in popularity, especially in the alternative health world. Ozone exerts its therapeutic effect through the mechanism of oxidative stress. Read about the health benefits of ozone therapy for cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmunity, and AIDs.

But lets not confuse oxidative therapies with oxygenation therapies, such as, EWOT , aerobic exercise, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Though they are similar, the mechanisms in which these therapies operate are different. Click on this link to learn more about EWOT.

Oxidation therapies, such as ozone, directly improve oxygen utilization by increasing the NAD/NADH ratio. Other oxidation therapies would include interval training, high-dose oral and IV vitamin C therapy, IV hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapies, and EDTA chelation therapy. Oxidative and oxygenation therapies are often used together.

O2, or oxygen, is more stable than ozone, which converts back into oxygen within minutes of being made by a generator. Once in the body, ozone is converted into stable ozonides, or peroxide molecules. These molecules exert their amazing effects on cells and organs for weeks. These ozonides increase the production of nitric oxide which is essential for a healthy circulatory system and sexual function. O3 clears blockages of blood vessels by oxidizing arterial plaque. And thats just for starters. It does so much more!

  • Key Points
  • Ozone Therapy For Radiant Health

    Fight Chronic Lyme Disease and Co

    There are several ways we can deliver medical grade ozone to a body in need: intravenous drip, topical oils, water, and insufflation .

    The method of administration depends on the goal of treatment. If, for instance, the aim is to treat skin conditions or circulation problems, bathing in ozone water or using ozonated olive oil can be helpful. Drinking ozonated water can be helpful for digestive issues, ulcers, and gum disease. For chronic infections, IV or insufflation is usually called for.

    In our West Los Angeles holistic medical clinic, we customize every treatment plan to the needs of each patient. You are an individual, after all. You have a unique health history a unique sequence of events that brought you to your current state of health or illness. Your experience of chronic Lyme disease, say, is different from someone elses.

    Yes, there are common features to both, of course. But one-size-fits-all treatment is less than ideal.

    We dont do medicine-by-the-numbers. We treat the individual body, mind, and spirit in support of their quest for healing or optimal, Radiant Health.

    The one consistent is the ozone we use: medical grade ozone made from pure, 100% oxygen to be administered directly or added to water or oil.

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    Diseases Which Can Respond To Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy can benefit almost any condition from chronic disease to minor ailments to macular degeneration and wound care the list is almost endless. All bacterial, viral, and fungal infections can be eliminated by healing with ozone therapy.

    Ozones many therapeutic properties mean that it can be used to treat:

    • Chronic conditions such as cancer, Alzheimers, chronic fatigue syndrome, arteriosclerosis, autoimmune disease, IBS, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, and heavy metal toxicity.
    • Infectious diseases -such as candida, Epstein-Barr, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 2, HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, measles, and pneumonia.
    • Eye problems such as conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.
    • Skin problems -such as acne, eczema, ulcers, wounds, and skin infections.
    • Joint problems such as whiplash, degenerated or herniated discs, low back pain, knee injuries, and severe cases of osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.
    • General health such as upper respiratory infections, cystitis, shingles, and flu.

    The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

    What is Ozone Therapy?

    Medical ozone or active oxygen is an energized form of oxygen which is highly reactive but completely non-toxic to humans when administered responsibly. For those suffering from Lyme disease, ozone therapy for lyme disease has provided an alternative treatment which is extremely low in Herxheimer reaction but still very effective.

    Ozone is not meant to be inhaled directly but you might inhale small amounts of it naturally in the air and this can have a sterilising effect. When a rain storm is coming, just before it starts, you could notice a strong smell and that is ozone.

    Ozone has been used as a medical therapy for more than 100 years in Europe and was originally used in Germany. It is one of the best established and scientifically researched alternative treatments which integrative medicine has to offer patients for a whole range of common ailments, including Lyme disease.

    You can take ozone intravenously, rectally as insufflation or as 10-pass ozone. All of these methods can be helpful for Lyme disease.

    For more information about these treatments and the holistic hospitals where they are available, take a look at our information on Holistic Hospitals.

    How effective is Ozone Therapy?

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    Regulate Imbalances In Hormones Neurological Function

    Methyl B12 is often given for neurological support and methylation support. In my experience, B12 in very high doses can help with some of the fatigue and brain fog experienced by chronic lyme patients. The methyl form of B12 also may help with the methylation process in the body, which is intricately involved with detoxification and glutathione production in the cell . Care must be taken, as rarely some may aggravate with methyl donors, such as methyl B12, methyl folate, SAMe. Often, we can get hints from methylation by assessing 24 hour levels of hormones and their metabolites as well.

    Fish oil and systemic enzymes are then often used for cellular membranes and blood fluidity. Nutrient delivery is key in my experience, and is the main thing that improves the symptoms of brain fog and fatigue in the chronic lyme patient.

    Assessment of hormones, especially thyroid and adrenal insufficiencies, is profoundly useful. There is some information on this page on bioidentical hormones, but in essence, we look often for cases of borderline or suboptimal adrenal hormones. This usually contributes to fatigue, for which supportive measures on stress, optimizing nutrition (diet as well as cellular nutrition, and helping to ensure that factors for hormone balance are in place can be useful.

    Benefits Of Ozone Sauna Therapy And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    OZONE THERAPY: Finally, the Answer to Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Dr. Howard Robins

    Here is another benefits of ozone sauna therapy is a natural treatment option that can help everyone with chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition. It causes exhaustion for long periods of time, headaches, disrupted sleep and aches.

    Cause Scientists have however narrowed down the following possibilities: Hormonal imbalance, Immune system disorders,viral infections, Age , Sex and, Stress.

    Symptom Do you have trouble sleeping? Experience loss of memory or problems concentrating? Have any of these symptoms been going on for quite some time? If you answered yes to anyone of these questions, you might have chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, women make up the majority of those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Alternatives Although the cause is unknown, it is suspected that people can develop chronic fatigue syndrome after having a viral infection, immune system problems or hormonal imbalances. Due to the general nature of the symptoms, it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. There is also no medicinal cure.

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    Prolozone Therapy For Chronic Pain

    In a country where nearly one third of the population suffers from chronic pain, prolozone therapy is a godsend. Where conventional therapies focus on managing pain, the alternative of prolozone therapy offers long-term relief.

    Prolozone therapy builds on regular ozone therapy by joining forces with neural therapy and Prolotherapy . We simply inject a blend of ozone, procaine, homeopathics, and other medicaments into the appropriate acupuncture points, trigger points, or pain sites.

    The specific blend and injection sites, of course, depend on the specific nature of the problem we are attempting to address. By delivering oxygen and other medicaments, we can spur regeneration of damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues.

    Oxygen helps the damaged cells repair themselves, stimulating growth factors to generate new, healthy tissue in place of the old, injured tissue. Inflammation is reduced.

    Most importantly, the pain goes away almost immediately. Repeat the treatment a few times, and the relief can be lasting.

    If youve suffered an injury from sports or exercise, or simply from an accident or overuse, and have persistent pain, prolozone therapy may be exactly what youre looking for more powerful than drugs and a lasting solution to chronic pain.

    Fight Chronic Lyme Disease And Co

    Everyone wants Ozone therapy. Ozone for the treatment of LYME, co-infections, herpes, hepatitis, HPV and other chronic infections. Lyme and co-infections are epidemic in the northeast. Ozone is an excellent tool in the fight against tick-borne diseases.

    We have gotten so busy with ozone therapy that we added Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate patients traveling long distances. Fight Chronic Lyme Disease with Ozone Therapy.

    Did you know that most chronic Lyme disease patients have toxic mold? We offer testing from Great Plains Labs for patient and in-house inspections from certified mold inspectors. We know specific protocols for toxic mold exposure. We also offer triple biofilm busters for Lyme and other tick-borne infections.

    Dr. Horowitz just presented his ground-breaking work with dapsone yesterday in NYC. A great addition to preventing relapse from Babesia and Bartonella. Did you know they just proved a link between Bartonella and breast cancer? And Tularemia can be inhaled?

    Ticks have been referred to as “nature’s dirty needle”. Lyme-infected ticks transmit Lyme and a host of co-infections that keep patients chronically ill long after initial treatments. Drugs used for Lyme are not as effective for co-infections long-term.

    Our immune system is wired to recognize and fight any exposure to a carbohydrate called alpha-galactose. Alpha-galactose is present in The Lone Star tick and The Castor Bean tick in Europe.

    A new tick pathogen – Borrelia miyamotoi


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    copyright Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine Inc. Articles written by Eric Chan, ND unless specified otherwise.

    What Are The Different Types Of Ozone Therapy

    Ozone Therapy For Lyme Disease

    Using medical ozone treatments for certain conditions may include the following methods:

    • Autohemotherapy:
    • Autohemotherapy or self blood therapy is a procedure where some amount of blood is collected from your body and medical graded ozone gas is combined with the blood.
    • The two types of autohemotherapies are:
    • Major autohemotherapy : Some amount of blood is collected in an intravenous bag and after combining it with ozone gas, the blood is administered back to the patient as an intravenous drip.
    • Minor autohemotherapy: Very small amount of blood is collected from the vein, which is readily combined with ozone, and injected back instantly.
  • Prolozone:
  • Prolozone is administered as an injection directly into the damaged connective tissue. Ozone gas is claimed to promote healing and collagen production. This therapy is often combined with vitamins and minerals.
  • Prolozone has analgesic effects and increases blood circulation, which may treat conditions such as:
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    Read the transcript of the video interview below.

    note: The transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.

    Paul Ross: Dr. Robbins, I thought we’d begin with you giving us a brief overview of how you got interested in using ozone therapy for Lyme, and do you also consider it a treatment for other tick-borne disease?

    Dr. Robbins:I’ve treated several thousand Lyme patients successfully, to the point where I believe we’ve put it in remission because we have to be able to prove it’s gone. And I think we need a much better, more reliable test to prove that true.

    Paul Ross:So, when a patient comes to see you, do you know from the outset or after an initial discussion and/or exam which type of ozone you’re going to use?

    Dr. Robbins:Everybody gets the simplest method first because the most important thing about the therapy is all these people are suffering. They find ozone as a last resort when other things have failed. So, I have to be very careful that they don’t get hurt, and while in all my years and 380,000+ treatments that we’ve done intravenously, I have only had two patients that I had to stop treating because they had what I would call an allergic or hypersensitive response to ozone.

    Paul Ross: So, you’ve treated an extraordinary number of patients. If you had to guess, what percentage of those are Lyme and/or tick-borne disease?

    Paul Ross:So, I think the lesson to take away is that ozone is extremely effective for all tick-borne diseases.

    How Does Ozone Therapy Work

    When used intravenously, ozone creates a controlled and moderate oxidative reaction in the blood. In response to the oxidation, the immune system releases secondary products that have a beneficial physiological effect.

    Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor is activated in response to ozone and produces antioxidant enzymes. Nrf2 suppresses the inflammation pathway signaled by nuclear transcriptional factor-kappa B .

    Nrf2 also induces antioxidant response elements on DNA. The antioxidants enzymes that are activated include catalase, superoxide dismutase , glutathione, glutathione-reductase, glutathione-peroxidase, glutathione-S-transferase, heat shock protein 70 , and phase II enzymes. Heat shock response protects cells from inflammation, cancer, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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    How Does Ozone Help Fight Lyme Disease

    Currently, ozone therapy in combination with infusions of vitamin C is one of the most effective known methods for eliminating the symptoms of Lyme disease. We already know how insidious the bacterium is Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease Lyme disease. Now lets think about the place of ozone in its treatment.

    Ozone Therapy For Lyme Disease

    Treat HIV, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis C, Herpes with Ozone | Ozone Therapy For Infected Disease

    Ozone therapy has been used successfully as a medical treatment for over 50 years. It is commonly used in European clinics, but American physicians and patients are catching on to its benefits. Ozone therapy has proven to be effective at treating a range of health issues from autoimmune conditions to Lyme disease to cancer.

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    Ozone Therapy Modulates The Immune System

    Ozone therapy is considered a safe and effective approach to treating immune-related disorders due to its non-suppressive effect and immune-modulating benefits. The controlled oxidation from ozone produces nuclear factor activated T-cells . NFAT then generates the anti-inflammatory cytokines IL-2, TNF alpha, IL-6, interferon gamma, and antioxidant response elements on DNA.

    Many chronic illnesses are associated with elevated levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and low levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Symptoms from chronic infections, such as Lyme disease, are typically caused by a persistent pro-inflammatory immune response. Immune system modulation is one reason ozone therapy is effective at treating chronic infections.

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