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Lyme Disease Specialists In Maryland

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What Is Lyme Disease

TOP Doctors Interview – Advances In Lyme Disease Diagnosis & Treatment Featuring Dr. Paul Beals, MD

Lyme disease is a bacterial disease thats caused by an infected deer tick also known as the black-legged tick bite. The tick transfers the disease into a human by clinging onto their skin, piercing it with their small teeth, and sucking the blood.

The likelihood of obtaining Lyme disease depends on the type of tick, how long the tick was attached to your skin, and where the bite occurred on your body. In most cases, the deer tick had to be attached to you for about 36-48 hours to effectively transmit the disease into your body.

The ticks can easily be removed, and catching them before they have been attached for 48 hours may help you avoid becoming infected.

Lyme Disease In An African American Child With Downs Syndrome

Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron discusses the case of a 3-year-old African American child with Downs syndrome, developmental delays and disseminated Lyme disease. By Dr. Daniel Cameron “A case of disseminated Lyme disease in a child with skin of color” was published by Bax and colleagues in the journal Pediatric Dermatology.¹ The child, who had trisomy 21 (Downs

Is Lyme Disease In Maryland

It doesnt matter if you are in Maryland or any other part of the world. These pesky little ticks have migrated almost all over the world. And whats sad is because it mimics over 300 other diseases, research is at its infancy when many have suffered through the ages thinking it was something else. And if Im correct by listening to my body and curing myself through simple means, its a shame we all dont know about how simple it can be, and quick you can heal.

Heres more info Iv found simple to get on top of Google, but please do visit my 15 minute read of how and what I did to cure myself. It just may help you or others you know suffering from Lyme Disease.

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Cure For Lyme Disease

The bacterium that breeds in the body of ticks causes Lyme disease. This was how I got this disease. However, there is an increase in discussion amongst scientists, as to whether Lyme disease is genetic or not. Recently, they have found a genetic factor that increases the chances of people suffering from chronic arthritis. This can change the disease from an almost unnoticeable ailment to an affliction that may last for many years.

This form of arthritis develops in only, one in ten people amongst whom the disease is untreated. All of them have an inherited factor, a component on the surface of the white blood cells. This chronic arthritis usually contains the same antibiotics that cure arthritis in its initial stage. Often, these drugs are ineffective in their chronic phases.

Recently, scientists and researchers have reported these findings at Stockholm on the Fourth International Meeting on Lyme disease. Researchers are carrying out more studies on the nature of the disease. Until that period, it is important for people who suffer from Lyme disease to have early treatment and undertake preventive measures.

In short, prevention and early detection is the best way to treat this disease.

How Is Lyme Disease Identified

Lyme Disease Doctors In Maryland

If you don’t have the target-shaped red rash , but you’re experiencing symptoms, what’s next? Three to four weeks after your symptoms appear, the doctor will order a blood test to see if you have antibodies against the bacteria. There are two types of blood tests, the ELISA, and the Western Blot. The Western Blot is ordered when the ELISA blood test is inconclusive.

If you are experiencing nervous system symptoms, the next step in diagnosing you is performing a spinal tap, where spinal fluid is removed from your spinal canal to detect brain and spinal cord inflammation, and search for Lyme disease bacterium in your spinal fluid.

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How To Approach Your Non

For various reasons, you may choose to consult with a doctor who doesnt specialize in Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases.

If so, be sure to be as proactive as possible in providing information that could help in diagnosing your disease, and always feel free to share resources that you find in your own research to prompt discussions about any aspect of your diagnosis or treatment, including more advanced testing options.

If your doctor does not believe Lyme disease exists, reach out to another doctor for a second opinion.

Want To Find A Blood Draw Site? Use Our Tool Here.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Located In Columbia Md & Gaithersburg Md

Lyme disease can take a toll on your physical and mental health. This silent disease can make your day-to-day life harder and create pain that keeps you from reaching your full potential. Anahita Seyedan, DOM, MAc, LAc, MS, and her team of practitioners at Integrative Family Medicine in Gaithersburg and Columbia, Maryland, can help ease the symptoms of Lyme disease with natural, integrative medicine. To learn more about Lyme disease treatment, call today or schedule an appointment online.

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Comprehensive Lyme Disease Treatment

Reduce the Microbial Burden on the Body

  • Antibiotic Therapy following ILADS protocol
  • Because Lyme Disease can cause severe consequences antibiotic therapy is usually recommended based on ILADs protocols.
  • Herbal Therapy Supplementation
  • Herbal therapy if you cannot take antibiotics, or prefer herbals, based on the work of Buhner that may help kill the bacteria, relieve symptoms and/or strengthen your immune system.

Support the Immune System with Additional Therapies

Every patient needs to support their immune system in order to heal. This may done with IV Therapy, nutritional support, herbal supplementation, digestive support and detoxification therapies based on your symptoms and the direction of your doctor.

Integrative Treatment Of Lyme Disease And Co

How Do Doctors Treat Lyme Disease?

Acute Lyme Disease infection responds well to aggressive antibiotic, anti protozoal therapy. There is no universally accepted treatment. During chronic or persistent Lyme infection, the organism burrows deep into tissues that some antibiotics can reach only marginally. This is but one of many reasons why a two-to-four week treatment cannot eliminate chronic infection. The two most common reasons people do not respond to Lyme Disease treatment are untreated co-infections and/or the presence of heavy metals in the body.

The consensus opinion of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society and many other healthcare professionals is that an individualized treatment approach is necessary based on clinical judgment.

  • Reduce the Lyme Disease and Microbial Burden on the Body
  • Support the Immune System

A logical way to approach Lyme Disease treatment is to reduce the microbial burden in the body- clear it out- and restore immune function, thus restoring healthy balance again. The Lyme burden may be cleared out of the body with antibiotics and/or herbal supplements. Immune system support is key to health and healing.

Multi-Faceted, Integrative Medical Treatment to Lyme Disease

Lab Testing for Lyme Disease

We use the most reliable and up to date Lyme Disease and co-infection lab tests available including traditional lab testing, Igenix, Neuroscience, Western Blot, CD 57, Urine test for babesia and other tests as needed.

Facts about Lyme Disease

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Bannwarth Syndrome In Early Disseminated Lyme Disease

Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron will be discussing the case of a 66-year-old man with Bannwarth syndrome with urinary retention in early Lyme disease. By Dr. Daniel Cameron Omotosho and colleagues described this case in an article entitled A Unique Case of Bannwarth Syndrome in Early Disseminated Lyme Disease.¹ The man presented to the emergency room with generalized

How Is Lyme Disease Treated At Ifm

If caught early, Lyme disease can often be successfully treated with antibiotics. If you’ve already been treated with standard care and are still suffering from Lyme disease, there is still hope. Dr. Seyedan and the medical staff at Integrative Family Medicine can help reduce and reverse symptoms of Lyme disease with the use of medicine that blends the best of Western medicine research with knowledge from other, more natural medicinal practices.

These practices include the use of herbs and nutrition, as well as the healing energies from homeopathy, Chinese medicine, life coaching, essential oils and meditative practices.

Using a more holistic approach, the practitioners at IFM can ensure that your body expels the disease completely without the need for harsh medical treatments that can take a toll on your mental and physical health. The entire staff is dedicated to making your body healthier, stronger, and free of Lyme disease.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Lyme disease and its co-infections, call today or schedule an appointment to ensure youre properly diagnosed and treated with one of our Lyme specialists.

96.3% of our patients have a parasitic related illness and we have had 100% success rate with treatment and management.

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Lyme Disease Treatment In Annapolis Md

Lyme disease is an infection caused by a blacklegged tick. This tiny tick causes huge health issues if you are bitten and you do not treat this right away. This article will explore who is a risk for Lyme disease, how to identify a tick bite, the prevention of tick bites, the symptoms of Lyme disease, the medical treatment protocol for Lyme disease, and the recovery from Lyme disease.

Glutathione And Lyme Disease

Introduction to Lyme Disease by Dr. Erica Lehman â MD ...

A course of antibiotics is the standard treatment for Lyme disease. The antibiotics prescribed are usually a part of a short term treatment plan for the disease. The medication is not a 100% treatment for Lyme disease and most people suffer reactions when taking certain antibiotics. It is possible to treat the infection with the use of natural supplements. The natural supplements can assist with complete recovery and it also helps improve the overall health of the patient.

The Lyme disease affects the entire body and sends the immune system to overdrive. This eventually leads to the weakening of the body’s natural defense mechanism which aids in the spreading of other infections including Lyme disease. Antibiotics help the body fight against infections but it does not assist the immune system and could disrupt the natural healing process of the body. If you want a successfully recovery that also ensures the well being of the patient then herbal supplements can be a good alternative to antibiotics. Here are some natural supplements which treat Lyme disease effectively.

There are other herbal supplements. Vitamin C can improve the body’s immunity and resistance to disease and infections. The spread of bacteria can be stopped using licorice, and skullcap.

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Lyme Disease: What You Need To Know

Did you know that Maryland ranks among the states with the highest number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease? The most common infectious disease spread by the bite of ticks, Lyme disease is also more likely to be contracted in late spring through early fall. So if you live here, its important to take precautions against Lyme disease, particularly in the summer months.

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, sometimes called deer ticks, explains Calvin Williams, Jr., MD, PhD, a specialist in Infectious Diseases at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a bulls-eye shaped skin rash. If left untreated, the infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system.

Most cases of Lyme disease can be cured with a few weeks of antibiotics, especially when treatment is started early. However, many cases of Lyme disease are misdiagnosed, often resulting in debilitating symptoms that can last for years.

The risk of exposure to ticks is greatest in the woods and in the edge area between lawns and woods. However, ticks can also be carried by animals onto lawns and gardens and into houses by pets.

Untreated Lyme disease can be very serious, Dr. Williams adds. If you develop any of the symptoms associated with Lyme disease after a tick bite or being in a tick habitat, contact your healthcare provider.

How Do I Prevent Tick Bites

Aside from wearing tick repellant, you can minimize the likelihood of ticks on your property by adhering to the following suggestions:

  • Keep your lawn mowed and well-manicured
  • Prune your trees, clear excess brush and leaf litter
  • Keep your children’s play sets away from the woodland edge of your yard
  • Landscape with gravel pathways, mulch, decking, stone, tile and other hardscapes around your home
  • Wildflower meadows and herbal gardens also detract ticks and are a grass alternative
  • Fence your yard to discourage deer from entering
  • Plant deer-resistant plants such as marigolds, shrubs and trees, annuals and perennials
  • Clean up stonewalls and hiding places that provide shelter for mice and chipmunks
  • Keep your firewood piles far away from your home
  • Apply pesticides or insecticides that kill ticks, preferably in mid-May through early June.

You can request more information about Lyme disease today by calling 266-3613 or .

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What Does A Lyme Disease Tick Bite Look Like

In 70 to 80% of Lyme disease cases, there is an appearance of erythema migrans, or a very pronounced tell-tale rash typically, your skin will look like a red bull’s eye, or target-shaped rash. There will often be a pustule center to this bull’s eye. Please see the photo in this article to familiarize yourself with its appearance. Please note that other bitessuch as spider bitescan appear like this, so if your rash has this appearance, please see your healthcare provider and get tested right away.

The Morning Sun Newsletter

Lyme and Reason: Dr. Neil Spector

He and colleagues in China recently uncovered a tick-borne disease associated with goats in Asia that could be a “substantial health threat” to people and animals. It was named Anaplasma capra, the Latin word for goat, and found in 6 percent of people bitten by ticks over a month in spring 2014 in northeastern China, according to research published recently in the journal Lancet Infectious Disease.

Those with the new disease had fever, aches and dizziness but were treated with antibiotics.

“There are a lot of people getting sick after a tick bite and we can’t explain it,” Dumler said. “My Holy Grail is we develop an effective test that doctors can use in their offices and in 15-20 minutes have an answer of what they have and how to treat it.”

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Internal Medicine Located In Washington Dc & Bethesda Md

Lyme disease is a serious condition thats often misdiagnosed due to the complexity of its symptoms. At Spring Valley Internal Medicine in Washington, DC, and Bethesda, Maryland, the team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. The medical team offers comprehensive care that focuses on easing the severity of your symptoms and protecting your general health and quality of life. To learn more about treatment options for Lyme disease, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Call Ahead And Ask Questions

Even if you find a doctor who specializes in treating tick-borne diseases, you will want to ask some questions before making an appointment and committing your time and money. A few basic questions to consider asking upfront include the following:

  • What is your experience in treating patients with tick-borne diseases?
  • How do you diagnose diseases? Do you use any specific labs or lab tests to confirm diagnosis?
  • Do you test for coinfections?
  • Do you use traditional antibiotics and/or herbals?
  • Do you have any patient success stories you can share?
  • Do you strictly adhere to CDC test interpretation criteria or are you open to alternative criteria?

If youd like to find a LLMD and want to know more about how to vet them, read the Tick Talk blog, What Makes a Doctor Lyme Literate?

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Lyme Arthritis In Children Can Present Throughout The Year

The studys objective was to evaluate the seasonality of pediatric Lyme disease in three endemic regions in the United States, writes Sundheim. Participants had been treated at 8 different medical centers throughout the Northeast and UpperMidwest. Of the 690 children with Lyme disease, 77 had a single EM lesion, 247 had early disseminated disease, and 366 had arthritis, wrote the authors. Children with early and early-disseminated Lyme disease

How Is Lyme Disease Diagnosed

Lyme Disease Doctors In Maryland

If you discover a tick on your body, be sure to follow proper protocol for removing it, using tweezers to grasp it as close to your skin surface as possible.

Use steady pressure and pull upwards. Once its out, place it in a sandwich bag, and clean your skin with rubbing alcohol. Then, schedule an evaluation at Spring Valley Internal Medicine.

The team at Spring Valley Internal Medicine also recommends diagnostic testing if you have a rash or other symptoms of Lyme disease. Testing involves specialized blood testing to detect antibodies against the bacteria.

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How To Diagnose Symptoms For Lyme Disease

Is there a cure for lyme disease? Many think not, that you are stuck with it the rest of your days. But Im here to say I have beat the bug out of my system entirely and Im back to a real life, working out and getting things done. My tick bite also gave me Q-fever which is 10 times harder to get rid of and 10 quite possibly times more deadly. I can say that I have cured myself! Is what Ive done going to do the same for others? I can only say, what do you have to loose, its all good healthy foods that anyone should be doing to simply stay healthy.

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