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Magnetic Treatment For Lyme Disease

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What Can I Expect From A Magnetic Protocol Session

Lyme Disease, Animation

The initial session includes a comprehensive intake and a magnet treatment as well. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour long. During the magnet treatment clients generally become relaxed and drowsy, an ideal climate for healing and releasing through the magnets and energy work.

The number and frequency of sessions required varies from person to person. The body and its current healing capacity determine the speed at which the work progresses and the frequency of sessions. Restorative Coaching suggestions are also offered for supporting the healing process back at home, including nutrition, rest and perhaps some energy-clearing practices for self-care and healing.

If you want to begin the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, contact me to request an appointment

Should You Get Started With Pemf

Putting it all together, PEMFs make a great alternative way to augment your bodys defense mechanisms. If you show no contraindications, you can try magnetic therapy for Lyme disease, especially when its a late or chronic stage.

With Almag-01 and Almag+, you can maximize your doctor-prescribed treatment and benefit from enhanced anti-inflammatory effects. These devices do not use a PEMF mat for Lyme disease but can be easily operated at home. Enjoy the convenience of magnetic therapy!

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I said Im so sorry for leaving you with three kids, because at that point, I knew I was dying, she said.

Merk and Karl eventually were diagnosed with Lyme disease. Each had suspected as much, and Chris Merk had mentioned at every appointment the mysterious insect bitenot from a tick, but a round, black bugthat seemed to trigger his wifes symptoms in August 2014. He said his suggestion was dismissed by doctors who were more focused on their particular specialty than addressing all his wifes symptoms.

The frustrations led Karl, as well as Merks husband and sister, Nancy Green of Ruther Glen, to search online for alternative measures. Colleen Merk was in no shape to do any research.

Each woman ended up traveling more than 1,000 miles across the country to undergo treatments which included the use of magnets, supplements to boost the immune system and various therapies to reduce inflammation and loosen toxins hiding in tissues.

Merk also revamped her diet. She limits her intake to food that a caveman might have consumed, and eats no dairy or gluten.

Karl, 54, said she feels better than she has in years. Merk, 44, acknowledged shes a long way from the health she enjoyed five summers ago, but at least she can function again.

More than a third of patients in the same group said they spent more than $10,000 trying to identify their illness.

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How Do You Get Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tick-borne infectious disease caused by the spirochete bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi, which is usually transmitted to humans through a tick bite. Mosquitoes, spiders, and mites may also transmit it.

Lyme disease is not contagious, and a person can only be infected if bitten by an infected tick. It is also important to note that ticks do not generally transmit the disease until they have been attached to the host for at least 36 hours.

The most common places that tick bites occur are in forests, woodland, or health areas where you find tick-carrying animals such as deer or mice.

Typically, an incubation period can last from between two days and three and a half months. The bacteria does not always cause disease immediately. It is thought that bacteria can lie dormant and, although present, will not cause any symptoms. However, bacteria still has the potential to cause disease at a later stage.

Current Challenges And Future Priorities

Neuro lyme. Lyme Memes For Education

Patients with PTLD represent a substantial burden to the United States health care system. In a large, health insurance claims analysis of 47 million members, estimated total direct medical costs from Lyme disease were between $712 million and $1.3 billion per year, with a significant portion of these specifically due to PTLD-related costs . The same study found that the adjusted odds of any PTLD-related symptom diagnosis following Lyme disease was 4.77 higher than age-, sex-, enrollment year-, region- and payer type-matched controls without Lyme disease, and that those patients with Lyme disease who went on to have at least one PTLD symptom had over twice the average total health care costs as those who did not . These cost estimates do not reflect additional indirect, non-medical, and lost productivity costs to patients, which may be substantial in a population with a chronic and significant illness impact on quality of life . Novel preventative approaches to reduce incidence of new Lyme disease cases, as well as physician and community educational interventions to increase awareness and reduce diagnostic delays and misdiagnosis, are needed to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Touched By Lyme: Raising Awareness One Car Magnet At A Time

A Pennsylvania teenager and her mom have come up with a great way to raise Lyme disease awareness in their community. They want to share the idea with everyone. And its so easy, you could even do it from bed.

Sarah P, who prefers not to give her last name, was bitten by a tick at age 13. She didnt have a bulls-eye rash, a fever, or joint painso her pediatrician said, Nothing to worry about. Youre fine.

Over the next several years, Sarah developed many seemingly unrelated symptoms that would come and go. Anxiety, headaches, leg pain. Followed by heart palpitations, GI issues, and memory problems. Eventually, POTS /dysautonomia symptoms set in, causing dizziness, nausea, and migraines.

Lyme Disease May Spread Further By Helping Ticks Survive Cold Winters

Ticks infected with the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease are more likely to survive winter, contributing to the spread of the disease as the world warms

Deer ticks can transmit the bacteria that cause Lyme disease

The ticks that can infect people with Lyme disease have expanded their range northwards in North America and Eurasia as the climate warms. Now a study has found that the bacteria that cause Lyme disease may aid this expansion by boosting the survival rate of overwintering ticks.

This infection helps them get through some of these difficult winters, says Shelley Adamo at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. It really has a big punch in terms of population numbers.

In people, Lyme

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Reasons To Use Pemf For Lyme Disease

In patients with late Lyme disease or complications, PEMF therapy can bring about a far-reaching restorative effect that no antibiotic provides. It can help with a range of symptoms that an individual is currently experiencing, as well as the widespread bacteria-related damage. Specifically, PEMFs are effective in five key areas.

Introduction To Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy

Lyme Disease Signs and Symptoms (2 of 5) | Johns Hopkins Medicine

The Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy is a treatment modality that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease through a neutralizing of the vibrational signature of the pathogens in the various points where the magnets are placed. This neutralization creates a homeopathic environment for pathogens bacteria, fungus, parasite and virus. The pathogens die and the body sheds them, restoring vitality, harmony and balance.

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Serenity Made The Difference For Shellys Children

Shelly says the Bio Terrain Therapy and the Ondamed have really helped her children.

My daughter can go in there not wanting to talk, barely able to function and feeling horrible, and by the end of the session, shes talking, laughing and feeling better, so I know this stuff works! Some people think, Oh, its just magnets, but I can see the difference in my child.

She also notes that her son had several issues caused by Lyme disease when he first went to Serenity. He had vision issues, neurological issues and Lyme rage. Shelly says, Its all gone. I attribute all of that to the care at Serenity.

Shelly and her children feel like they are involved in treatment decisions.

I feel like were part of the family at Serenity. We know each other we communicate. I always feel like they listened to me listened to my kids. They were always responsive to what we were trying to say.

She is happy she turned to Serenitys functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee for diagnosis and treatment.

Im so grateful we found Serenity because I dont think we would have gotten this kind of treatment anywhere else.

Combating Lyme Disease With Biomagnetic Therapy: Therapy Spotlight

In 2013, unknowingly, Alan Grazioso was bitten by a tick near the woods of Camp David in Maryland. This deer tick the size of a sesame seed changed my life, he says. I had no idea I would discover a whole new profession as a result. Grazioso is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who has traveled the globe producing projects for Oxfam, PBS and the History Channel.

Grazioso remembers feeling oddly lethargic and achy with a low-grade fever. Three weeks later a bulls-eye rash appeared on his leg. He was fortunate as fewer than half of Lyme cases show the tell-tale bulls-eye according to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society . The bulls-eye is a clear indicator that the Lyme bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi has invaded the body, Grazioso continues. Most clients I see today unfortunately were not as lucky as I was. Sadly thousands go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years. Early detection is key.

Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 300,000 diagnosed cases of Lyme disease occur annually in the United States. Data shows higher concentrations in 14 states in the Northeast and Midwest, yet Lyme has been reported in all 50 states and in 80 countries worldwide. New England remains one of the epicenters of Lyme.

Grazioso reflects, Nearby historic battles were fought by courageous minutemen and women that saved early America from the Brits. I feel humbled to serve clients and help them battle Lyme.

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How Is Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy Used By Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment Proponents

An extensive study to determine what alternative chronic Lyme Disease treatments are currently being marketed determined that six different kinds of energy and radiation therapies were being sold at the time the research was conducted. Alongside electromagnetic frequency therapy in the form of so-called “rife machines”, people are using :

  • Saunas and steam rooms

Some of these saunas come to mind may soothe sore muscles and help you temporarily feel better. Surely, that’s all people are suggesting they can do? Well, not exactly.

Borrelia burgdoferi

Browsing the web further, I discovered that rife machines are said to “fight pathogens and bacterial infections”, something for which no scientific evidence exists. The basic theory behind this device was developed by a Royal Raymond Rife who did most of his research in the 1930s, and it seems his ideas are still popular among “naturopathic doctors”.

As appealing as these devices might sound, antibiotics are the only proven treatment for Lyme Disease. People suffering from persistent symptoms after being already treated with them should talk to their qualified medical doctors about treatment and management.

Biomagnetism And Lyme Disease: Multi

Combating Lyme Disease With Biomagnetic Therapy

Lyme disease is the term used to describe a tick-borne disease caused by the transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria through a tick bite.

The following is based on my professional clinical experiences with Lyme disease and the clients diagnosed with it.

Lyme disease is the term used to describe a tick-borne disease caused by the transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria through a tick bite.

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Nutritional And Herbal Therapy

A wide variety of dietary and nutritional interventions were marketed including conventional nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B12, commonly used supplements such as garlic and fish oil, as well as other herbal products such as turmeric, olive leaf, teasel root, cilantro, chlorella, sarsaparilla, andrographis, marijuana, cannabis oil, and cat’s claw . One combination, a salt/vitamin C protocol was marketed as a miracle cure for Lyme disease . A website advocated high dose methyl B12 and glutathione, given as self-administered injections for detoxification . The traditional East Asian remedy moxibustion was also advertised . Some sites marketed modified diets such as gluten restriction or high protein diets . One protocol recommended magnesium and water supplementation with oral serrapeptase, a protease derived from Serratia bacteria . In addition to serrapeptase, other enzymes have been advertised to treat patients with Lyme disease including the soybean-derived nattokinase and the earthworm-derived lumbrokinase .

Wisconsin’s ‘chronic Lyme’ Patients Embrace Alternative Treatments Rack Up Big Bills

Sufferers say they go down “rabbit holes” to diagnose a condition that many doctors say does not exist.

Wisconsin Watch

Shelbie Bertolasi explains the variety of supplements she takes to treat her Lyme disease. Bertolasi has spent the past few years treating her symptoms with a variety of supplements, some of which cost anywhere from $30 to $90 a bottle. She estimates she spends about $500 a month on supplements. She is seen at her home in Waukesha on Dec. 1, 2021.

Crystal Pauley, a former physician assistant, didn’t believe in so-called chronic Lyme disease until she became sick.

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Environmental Factors That Trigger Central Sensitization

A variety of factors can trigger or perpetuate central sensitization . Notably, in relation to Lyme disease, infections in general are known to activate central sensitization in some patients, possibly through release of inflammatory cytokines. Chronic fatigue syndrome, for example, can be triggered by infections such as Q fever, rickettsia, protozoal infection, and Epstein-Barr virus . In a large, prospective, cohort study of patients infected with one of the three different viruses, namely, EBV, Ross river virus, and C. burnetti , roughly 9% of infected patients continued to present with a post-infective fatigue syndrome 12 months after infection. Not surprisingly, CFS has also been seen in a case report as a sequela of infection with the H1N1 influenza virus. Urinary tract infections in a minority of patients can lead to interstitial cystitis and painful-bladder syndrome. Similarly, in 5%32% of patients, enteric infections may predispose to later IBS.

TABLE 2. Factors That Trigger or Predispose to Central Sensitization


Chronic Lyme Disease & Correlated Co

Lyme Disease Prophylaxis After Tick Bite

Lyme Disease and its symptoms are highly complex, and requires a treatment strategy that is comprehensive and aggressive. Because Lyme also brings multiple co-infections other pathogens beyond Lyme all of these pathogens must be treated and eradicated to allow the body to return to health and wellness.

This takes time , and consistent, careful attention to avoid reinfection. Particularly challenging cases may require more than 10 sessions. Typically it can take up to 20 or 30 treatments for chronic Lyme Disease. Everybody is different, and the disease capitalizes on areas of weakness. Your case will be treated individually, thus the range of sessions required varies.

Initial treatments may need to take place every 10 days to 2 weeks. As the treatment progresses, patients generally go 2-3 weeks between treatments. Near the end of the protocol, treatments may be up to 3-5 weeks apart. The Lyme protocol is very different from other Biomagnetism Therapy treatments.

Patients may begin to feel marked improvement after several sessions and believe that they can discontinue or slow down treatment. This is not the case. The Lyme treatment must be completed in full for the treatment to be considered successful and effective. If youve had Lyme Disease symptoms for more than 3 years, your case is considered Chronic, and it needs to be treated carefully and cohesively. DO NOT SHORT CHANGE YOUR HEALING.

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How To Use Pemf As An Alternative Treatment For Lyme Disease

As a general rule, youll want to administer PEMF treatments twice daily for about 15 minutes. Change the mode on the machine so that your body is exposed to slightly new electro-magnetic frequencies with each dose of treatment.

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Can The Magnetic Protocol Be Used On Other Illnesses

In short, yes. I believe Lyme Disease and other illnesses caused by chronic immune dysfunction are various points along the same spectrum, often overlapping and sharing symptoms. The protocol contains hundreds of magnet pairs that address many other symptom categories caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Candida overgrowth, to name a few.

My clients are drawn to this holistic modality because they intuitively know the body is a marvelous, self-healing mechanism that always seeks to return to balance.

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‘a Rich Person’s Disease’

Since chronic Lyme is not a recognized disease, it’s difficult to get insurance coverage, so patients are usually stuck paying out of pocket for treatment.

Pauley, who lives in Woodstock, Illinois, is still searching for affordable treatments. Her dementia-like symptoms made it impossible to continue working as a veterinary assistant, and she quit her veterinary clinic job in 2020. Previously, she had quit her physician assistant job in La Crosse and moved back to Illinois.

“It was hard,” she said. “I went from the middle-upper class to the poverty line.”

She went to see a Lyme-literate doctor in Milwaukee in August, when she was also suspected to have Bartonella. Pauley was charged $525 per hour for the initial consultation fee, not counting testing fees and supplements. She was irritated to hear the doctor refer to it as “a rich person’s disease.”

“It’s hard to understand any doctors that charge like Beverly Hills lifestyle out in the Midwest,” she said. “We’re not celebrities, and I don’t get paid 30 million per film.”

Stevens said her average costs out of pocket range from $25,000 to $50,000 a year. “It was a huge strain on us,” she said. “This is why a lot of people can’t get better, because they can’t afford it.”

Cashman knows the financial burdens chronic Lyme patients bear, too.

Although all five women interviewed by Wisconsin Watch have tried unconventional treatments, they say they are skeptical about anyone who claims their chronic illness can be cured quickly.

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