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Worlds Top Lyme Disease Scientists Researchers Return To Colorado For Livlyme Summit

Dr. Elena Frid: Children and Lyme Disease

Olivia Goodreau with Dr Ying Zhang at Johns Hopkins University

DENVER, Colo. – Colorado teenager Olivia Goodreau has garnered support from some of the worlds top scientists as a leading advocate for Lyme disease awareness and research funding. Many of the worlds top researchers and medical professionals will gather in Westminster, Colo., for the second LivLyme Summit September 21-22. The forum will focus on the research being done across the globe to find a cure for Lyme Disease and the active measures being undertaken to help eradicate tick-borne illnesses. The Summit provides critical information for Lyme disease patients, medical doctors who treat Lyme disease and clinical researchers focused on tick pathogens at universities and medical laboratories across the globe, as well as medical media who are so critical to telling the stories associated with chronic diseases, including the upsurge of Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses. Registration for the two-day conference includes 10 hours of CME credit and is free to medical doctors, researchers and college students focused on the Lyme issue. Registration information can be found at

Researchers and scientists slated to attend the two-day conference September 21-22, 2019 include:

Why Olivias Important Work Matters

Other Important Statistics

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Guidelines For Herbal Therapy

Herbs have a low chance of harm or toxicity, and they have a supportive, restorative effect on the body. Plus, they can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment protocols, and the dose can be individualized for a child based on age and weight.

A well-rounded treatment plan will include herbs that target troublemaking microbes and strengthen your childs immune system. Chronic Lyme disease occurs when the cells of the body are stressed, and the immune system can no longer manage to keep unhealthy microbes in check, says Dr. Rawls. He points to modern-day cellular stress factors environmental toxins, processed-food diets that are heavy on carbs and light on nutrients, childhood stress, and excessive antibiotic use as potential reasons why we might be seeing an increase in persistent Lyme symptoms in kids.

With herbs, start slow, and gradually work up to a higher dose with consideration for your childs weight, says Dr. Rawls. For example, if the normal dose for a 150-pound adult is three capsules twice a day, then start with one capsule one time a day and see how your child feels.

Youll know youre on the right track when your child demonstrates improvements over several weeks or months, explains Dr. Rawls. The symptoms will reduce, and your child will have more energy and resume interest in activities they might have had to forgo due to Lyme disease.

To Foster A Balanced Gut Microbiome Balance And Promote Gastrointestinal Health:

  • Berberine: The primary function of this herb is to restore the balance of healthy microbes in the gut microbiome.
  • Sarsaparilla: This South American native is known for its ability to bind to endotoxins and assist the body with their removal. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be found in many natural protocols for Lyme disease.

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Dr Elena Frid Talks About Treatments Autoimmune Encephalitis And Healing From Lyme Disease

Please note: This article first appeared on ProHealth on June 20, 2017.

In March, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Elena Frid, a dynamic pediatric and adult autoimmune and Lyme disease specialist in New York City. You may recognize Dr. Frid from her bold, high fashion social media posts shes on an attention-grabbing mission to bring encouragement to the Lyme community and educate healthcare practitioners about this illness.

Frid began her neurology practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Within a couple of months, she began to see medically complex patients with no clear-cut diagnoses despite seeing multiple specialists at the countrys top healthcare institutions. Well, whats going on with ? she asked herself.

Frids entry into treating Lyme disease is mainly due to the prompting of her patients. They began bringing her articles about the manifestations of Lyme disease and various autoimmune disorders, and she took notice. Then, one patient encouraged her to attend an ILADS conference for further education and trainingwhich she did four years agoand began treating Lyme patients shortly after that.

Jenny Buttaccio : Can you describe the types of patients you see in your practice?

JB: As a neurologist, what perspective can you shed on Lyme disease that might be different from other doctors?

JB: In what ways are you educating the medical community about Lyme disease?

JB: Are there any other remarks or comments youd like to say about Lyme patients?

You Speak Here About Symptoms Being Misdiagnosed As Psychiatric Conditions But There Are Also Many Cases Of Symptoms Wrongly Attributed To Other Physical Illnesses Like Ms Rheumatoid Arthritis Lupus Etc Can You Comment On The Challenges Of Distinguishing Among These Diseases

Dr. Jane Marke on the psychiatric manifestations of Lyme disease

The challenge in distinguishing between infections-induced and idiopathic immune disorders listed above is that you really need a proper and thorough medical/physical history and diagnostic testing. In my practice, I use my clinical expertise as well as specialty labs and cutting-edge medical technology to arrive at a diagnosis. Lyme disease and associated disorders often mimic and can cause symptoms of Lupus, MS, RA, Alzheimers disease and many other conditions. The treatment and management of patients who have Lyme induced disorders would be vastly different than if one had the same conditions for an unknown/idiopathic reason. Therefore, I urge everyone to seek a specialist who would be able to decipher the cause of your symptoms so that a potential cure can be attained.

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Lyme Disease In Children: How To Navigate Symptoms Testing And Treatment

It was all very scary, says Dorothy Leland, recalling the months leading up to her daughter Rachels diagnosis of Lyme disease. We saw our child disintegrating before our eyes. We wondered: Was she going to die? Was she going to always be in this state?

It was March 2005 when 13-year-old Rachel first developed severe, migrating pain throughout her body. It started with pain related to a sprained wrist during a soccer game, an injury that Leland expected to subside quickly. But Rachels recovery didnt go as planned, and by the following week, the pain had shifted to her knees and one ankle, significantly impeding her ability to bear weight or walk. She needed a wheelchair to navigate her junior high school campus.

An x-ray didnt reveal any clues as to what was causing such debilitating pain. After a trip to a rheumatologist and an extensive workup, Rachel was given a preliminary diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a prescription for prednisone, a steroid. However, her health dramatically worsened shortly after starting the medication, and Leland thought it best to discontinue it and promptly notified the doctors office.

To Help Decrease Your Childs Microbial Load:

  • Cats claw: This Amazon native is considered an immunomodulator, meaning it helps balance the immune system and calm inflammation.
  • Japanese knotweed: An excellent antimicrobial, Japanese knotweed offers coverage against Borrelia as well as common coinfections like Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Candida, and viruses.
  • Andrographis: A plant native to India, this herb has antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic properties. It enhances the immune system and offers cardioprotective properties, too.
  • Garlic extract: Garlic has a long-standing use as a medicinal herb due to its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties.

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Autoimmune Encephalitis: Infection Induced Phenomenon

Dr. Elena Frid discusses Lyme disease, infection induced autoimmune encephalitis. This is a great intro session is for anyone who is suffering or researching encephalitis diagnoses, CFS , Fabromyalgia, and other related diseases. Dr. Elena Frid, a board-certified NYC neurologist and specialist in Lyme disease and other vector-borne diseases. Dr. Frid has been recognized by her peers and patients for her innovative diagnostic methods and treatment regiments for a wide array of complex neuro-Lyme manifestations which often mimic other illnesses including multiple sclerosis , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , various learning disabilities, Autism, Arthritis, Lupus, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, anxiety/depression, intractable headaches, dizziness, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder behavior, ticks and many more. Here, she shares her perspective on the complexities of treating these complex illnesses. Dr. Frid is an active Lyme advocate, a national speaker on topics of autoimmune neurology, and an expert in Lyme disease, and associated tick born diseases.

February 7, 2017

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

Autoimmune & Neuro-Lyme Specialist: Dr. Elena Frid
  • Forgetfulness or slow to answer questions
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and taste

Its important to note that many of these symptoms may initially be subtle in children, especially young children who are unable to convey how theyre feeling. But if a child begins to rack up several diagnoses and isnt showing improvement with treatment, it may be time to dig a little deeper into what may be going on.

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Traditional Testing Methods Are Unreliable

Lyme tests like the ELISA and the Standard Western Blot have low sensitivity and can miss a large percentage of children who have been infected with Lyme disease. In other words, a child could have a negative test and still have Lyme disease.

However, physicians with additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases, like a Lyme-literate medical doctor , can order additional tests to provide clues as to whats going on or diagnose Lyme disease based on a childs clinical presentation, symptoms, the potential for exposure to ticks, and medical history.

Current Views On Lyme Disease In Children

Approximately 476,00 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year in the United States, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , about 25% of which are children. But these numbers are suspected by many experts to be highly underreported just one illustration of the countless complexities of Lyme disease in general, and especially in young people.

To begin to unravel the mystery of Lyme disease and children, it helps first to know some facts and the areas of controversy surrounding this illness.

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Consider The Range Of Possible Lyme Treatments

Treatment for Lyme disease can be problematic for some parents, especially if one or both parents have the illness, too. Finding a knowledgeable doctor, the financial burden of treatment, and encouraging a child to remain compliant are obstacles that can make long-term plans challenging. But the key to helping a child improve is finding a health care provider you can trust who offers a range of treatment options. Treatment approaches should be individualized, and no treatment will be the same across the board.

In the acute stages of Lyme disease or coinfections, antibiotics may be able to remedy the situation quickly. The CDC recommends one of the following antibiotics, and treatment duration varies depending on whether a patient has an EM rash, neurological symptoms, Lyme carditis, or Lyme arthritis. The antibiotics are dosed according to the weight of the child:

  • Amoxicillin: 14-28 days with a maximum dose of 500 mg, three times per day
  • Doxycycline: 10-28 days with a maximum dose of 100 mg, twice per day
  • Cefuroxime: 14-28 days with a maximum dose of 500 mg, twice per day

But if symptoms go undiagnosed for a significant period of time, or if infections or symptoms linger after standard antibiotic therapy, children may require a longer course of treatment, which could include additional medications, supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbal therapies, and immune support.

What Do I Do Now

2017 SUMMER NEWS Archives
  • If you find a tick on your body and have not already done so, remove the tick properly as shown on the “about Lyme” page.
  • Avoid another tick bite by treating your yard and outdoor clothes as described on this site.
  • Educate yourself. Knowledge about Lyme and co-infections is growing daily, and we are learning new things all the time. Check my Links page which will keep you abreast.
  • Stay safe and healthy!

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Prominent Neurologist: Lyme Patients Deserve Same Personalized Approach To Treatment As Cancer Patients

Health, entertainment and LGBT writer

Dr. Elena Frid participates in the Lyme Disease Challenge event to raise funds for research into tickborne illnesses.

Following is the second of a three-part interview with Dr. Elena Frid, a New York City-based neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist, autoimmune neurologist and adult & pediatric Lyme disease specialist: Facebook/Instagram @DrElenaFrid In this installment, she discusses the potential role of underlying infections in autoimmune disease processes, concerns relating to tickborne diseases and blood donation, and the complexity that is Lyme disease overall.

I saw that a recent study describes a new discovery that Parkinsons disease is partly autoimmune. Is that a new finding with respect to Parkinsons disease? If it is, could that also crack open the door a little more with respect to Lyme disease? You have described Lyme as a multi-systemic illness that may be partially autoimmune, may include a persisting infection, and other complexities

Dr. Frid: Absolutely. This is a new discovery for Parkinsons disease. And honestly, our understanding of the immune system and the autoimmune phenomenon is evolving. Autoimmune encephalitis a diagnosis that came on the scene about 15 years ago is now becoming an important topic, and a number of big-name institution are investing in researching this disorder.

Twenty percent to 75 percent of C. diff infections recur after appearing to have been cured by antibiotic treatment.

When Lyme Disease Or Other Infections Cause Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically presents in childhood, affecting verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Typically, caretakers notice a problem with the child by age 2, when the child begins to learn how to communicate effectively with his/her environment.

Why am I writing about autism in a Lyme publication? Well, it is very simple. Lyme disease and associated disorders can mimic various diseases. For example, neuro-Lyme is a condition where the Lyme bacteria and associated coinfections affect the nervous system directly, as well as contribute to inflammation and autoimmune phenomena that impact the nervous system.

Therefore, various neurologic presentations as well as neurologic disorders can be caused by a multitude of infections such as Lyme disease and related coinfections. In turn, it is crucial to obtain a detailed history, physical exam and diagnostic work up in order to arrive at the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

In my neurology practice, some children present with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder , or pervasive developmental disorder later on in life, or have an acute worsening of their symptoms at some point in their childhood. This is an atypical presentation of autism. When children have a list of multiple complaints that dont fall into the definition of a specific condition, I suspect that there may be an underlying medical problem that is exacerbating their symptoms.

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To Support Immune Function

  • Chinese skullcap: This herb works synergistically with other herbs, meaning it increases the benefits of other supplements. Also, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which may work well against bacterial species like Bartonella and Mycoplasma.
  • Reishi: An antiviral and immunomodulating mushroom, reishi lessens inflammation and normalizes the immune response.
  • Cordyceps: A Tibetan native, this fungal species of plant helps combat stress, fight fatigue, support the immune system, and protect mitochondria, the energy-making powerhouses of each cell.
  • Rehmannia: An herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine , rehmannia modulates the functions of the immune system and reduces allergic reactions.

Children Are Prime Targets For Tick

Dr. Frid: Diagnosing and Treating Infections Induced AE in Patient’s with Persistent Lyme Symptoms

This is due to two main factors kids proximity to the ground and their penchant for outdoor activities like playing in the leaves, both of which can increase their chances of coming in contact with ticks. The majority of Lyme cases in children tend to occur between ages 5 and 9, states the CDC, and boys are more likely to contract Lyme disease than girls in the U.S.

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How To Navigate Testing And Diagnosis

Lyme disease testing and diagnosis are two additional points of contention in the medical community. First, the two-tiered testing method known as the ELISA and the standard Western blot blood tests used to detect antibodies for borrelia have been shown to lack sensitivity and reliability, with false negatives appearing in approximately half of those who take it.

These tests are the most effective 4 to 6 weeks after contracting an acute infection. But many parents and children may not be aware that a tick bite even happened. And, the initial symptoms could be relatively minor and easy to overlook until they escalate.

So what do you do if your child shows unusual symptoms but tests negative for Lyme disease? Consider seeing a doctor who has more experience in tick-borne infections.

Despite negative test results, if a child exhibits several symptoms of Lyme disease, they may be clinically diagnosed and treated. But for those who feel more comfortable with test results in hand, IGeneX is one of Dr. Frids go-to labs when it comes to testing for Lyme disease and additional coinfections like bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, and others. Just know that, as with other Lyme tests, these are also not foolproof and can return false negative results.

Here In This Talk With Fox5 News Dr Frid Explains Her Focus On Lyme

In another upcoming post, Dr. Frid will talk about the risks of self-diagnosis and the importance of and tactics for building a successful partnership with your care provider. Do you have other questions for her? Comment below.

You can also follow Dr. Frid on Instagram @drelenafrid

Visit her website www.elenafridmd.com

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