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Get Rid Of Lyme Disease Naturally

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Why Are Antibiotics The First Line Of Treatment For Lyme Disease

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The use of antibiotics is critical for treating Lyme disease. Without antibiotic treatment, the Lyme disease causing bacteria can evade the host immune system, disseminate through the blood stream, and persist in the body. Antibiotics go into the bacteria preferentially and either stop the multiplication of the bacteria or disrupt the cell wall of the bacteria and kill the bacteria . By stopping the growth or killing the bacteria the human host immune response is given a leg up to eradicate the residual infection. Without antibiotics, the infection in Lyme disease can evade the host immune system and more readily persist.

These 10 Essential Oils Can Kill Persistent Lyme Disease

Research just published in the journal Antibiotics shows that a range of essential oils can effectively kill persistent forms of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi , which is transmitted to humans by ticks.

In the United States, Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne infectious disease, with about 30,000 cases reported each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate, however, that the the actual number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease is more likely about 300,000.

Antibiotics, such as doxycycline, can usually clear Lyme disease in a few weeks, but in some cases, the infection persists. According to the authors of a new study, approximately 1020 percent of those who contract Lyme disease continue to report symptoms for months, and in some cases, years.

Medical professionals do not yet know what causes these cases of so-called persistent Lyme infection or post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. However, they do know that B. burgdorferi can enter a dormant, or stationary stage in which its cells either multiply very slowly or do not divide at all.

These so-called persister cells are more resilient to antibiotics. But this new research may have found an unexpected ally in the fight against these Lyme disease dormant bacteria: essential oils.

The Lyme Disease Conundrum

Why is Lyme so hard to detect and recover from, even after antibiotics? Here are three main theories:

Problem 1: The Lyme bacterium is a survivor

Lyme bacteria knows how to stay alive inside its host. It suppresses the immune system, which allows it to survive and multiply. Lyme also seems to have the ability to cloak itself, making itself invisible to our immune system. In fact, Borrelia is so smart that some research suggests that when it senses its being attacked, it can go into a dormant state, allowing it to live and survive against the onslaught of antibiotics. Other studies suggest that Borrelia can actually mutate its own genes to make it resistant to antibiotics.

Problem 2: Diagnosis is tricky

Only about half of all Lyme patients actually remember getting a tick bite. Plus, the classic bulls-eye rash that people associate with Lyme may not appear in all cases, or may appear somewhere the victim never sees, such as on the scalp, hidden by hair. Some research suggests that conventional Lyme tests may not be sensitive enough to make an accurate diagnosis, especially during the later stages of disease. False-negative results are also common.

Problem 3: Conventional treatment may not be sufficient

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Subculture Studies To Confirm The Activity Of The Top Natural Product Hits

For the subculture study, 1 mL B. burgdorferi stationary phase culture was treated by natural products or control drugs in 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes for 7 days at 33°C without shaking. Next, cells were centrifuged, and cell pellets were washed with fresh BSK-H medium followed by resuspension in fresh BSK-H medium without antibiotics. Then 50 l of cell suspension was inoculated into 1 ml of fresh BSK-H medium for subculture at 33°C, 5% CO2. Cell growth was monitored using SYBR Green I/PI assay and fluorescence microscopy after 720 days.

Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

Natural remedies to fight lyme disease

Every year, about 100,000 people are affected by Lyme disease in Germany alone. The number of people affected is probably even higher, as the many symptoms of Lyme disease are not even attributed to the disease during an examination. But what is Lyme disease anyway? Wikipedia writes about it:

Lyme disease is a general term for various infectious diseases caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia from the group of spirochetes.

The common name Lyme borreliosis goes back to the American towns of Lyme and Old-Lyme in the state of Connecticut. It was here, in 1974/1975, that a link was first established between joint diseases in children and the tick bites.

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Take Warm Epsom Salt Baths

I never used to take time for a bath. I was more of a shower type of girl. But my life post-Lyme has been full of hot, Epsom salt baths. Why? Because the salts really help to soothe the pain in my joints and muscles. The warm water is relaxing. And I get to catch up on my reading on the Kindle app.

Plus, the warm water is great for providing a natural detox, if you sweat that is. Just make sure not to make the bath too hot or it could cause you to herx, which is never pleasant and could be dangerous.

Consider Taking An Herbal Protocol

There are several of these available. I took Dr. Lee Cowdens Lyme protocol for 9 months and it helped me more than a year of antibiotics. Its available at NutraMedix. Others include Dr. Rawls and Byron White.

Several herbs have been shown to kill Lyme bacteria in test tubes. These include:

  • black walnut
  • Cistus incanus
  • Cryptolepis sanguinolenta

While these herbs sound promising they can also cause side effects so be sure to talk to your Lyme-literate physician about what treatment course they recommend for you. And, please keep in mind that each case is unique.

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Host Management Reduction And Exclusion

The blacklegged tick was detected in mice on the four islands that had no deer. This suggested that, in the absence of deer, other mammalian hosts could not sustain the tick in sufficient numbers to transmit the LB or babesiosis agents. However, a population of the bird-feeding Ixodes uriae and Borrelia garinii were maintained on a Baltic island and on the Faeroe Islands where marine birds were the only vertebrate host, demonstrating that deer and or other mammals are not a prerequisite for completion of the life cycle and transmission of B. burgdorferi s.l. .

How Exactly Is Lyme Connected To Diet

Treat HIV, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis C, Herpes with Ozone | Ozone Therapy For Infected Disease

Were starting to realize that our modern lifestyles are not doing us any favors when it comes to Lyme.

You see, our genetics as humans havent changed in over 10,000 years, but the world around us has changed greatly. Factors like processed foods, soil nutrient depletion, and air and water pollution are all likely amplifying and perpetuating the impact that chronic infections caused by viruses, mold, protozoa, and bacteria have on the body. At first this might seem like bad news, but the truth is if certain environments and lifestyle factors can make us more vulnerable to Lyme, certain lifestyle factors and environments can also make us less vulnerable, too.

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Treatment Round #: A More Holistic Approach To Managing My Lyme Symptoms

When I began searching for a more holistic approach to Lyme treatment, I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer number of herbal protocols, supplement regimens, and other therapies that people swore by. And while many people had clearly had success with a DIY supplement approach, I knew I needed a doctor to guide me through the process. So I found a local, highly recommended holistic M.D. with extensive experience treating patients with Lyme and other difficult-to-treat chronic diseases. Upon my first appointment, she was kind, knowledgeable, and reassured me that we’d keep trying different options until something workedbecause no single natural Lyme protocol works for everyone .

To start, she put me on a supplement protocol to help cover all my bases and give my body and immune system the basic tools it needed to start working more efficiently. This consisted of a high-quality multivitamin , a probiotic, a multi-mineral, fish oil, curcumin, and magnesium. None of these immediately led to game-changing results, but based on everything I know about the science-backed perks of these nutrients, I was confident they were helping support my body. After about a month, we added an herbal supplement called Cat’s Claw to stimulate white blood cells and support immune system functioning, along with my doc’s favorite supplement for combating Lyme, monolaurin.

The Telomere Resolvase Rest

The Borrelia enzyme that performs telomere resolution was confirmed to be the product of the BBB03 locus of the circular plasmid and was named ResT . The activity of ResT was assayed in vitro on plasmids carrying rTel junctions established to be in vivo substrates. Provided that the negative supercoils of the purified plasmids are removed by prior nicking, relaxation or linearization, ResT resolves these rTels into two covalently closed hp telomeres. The reaction is conservative, site-specific and requires no accessory factors, divalent metal ions or high-energy cofactors.

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The Best Natural Treatments For Chronic Lyme Disease

Were deep into the heat of the summer and with sweltering temperatures everyone is heading out-of-doors for some sunshine and relief. Being known as a Lyme Disease doctor in NYC, these warm weather months brings us a wealth of Lyme-related questions. Were so often asked the best natural treatment for Lyme especially for people suffering with long-term cases, known as chronic-Lyme.

While antibiotics are can be very helpful for the newly infected, they may be a poor choice for those struggling over many years. Frequently, natural remedies that target pathogens while boosting the systems of the body have a greater impact than antibiotics and come with little or no side effects.

Heres a short-list of some our best alternative treatments and natural remedies for Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease And Amalgam Fillings Vaccines And Other Toxic Compounds

How to Repel Ticks Naturally

Mercury toxicity has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, cognitive decline , chronic headaches including migraines, joint pain, Candida overgrowth, and much more. The body cannot fend off Lyme under such conditions. People with a history or poor diet, antibiotic use, mercury fillings, or immunizations, are extremely susceptible to Lyme disease and the many co-infections the come with it.

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Lyme Disease Prevention: How To Minimise The Risk Of A Tick Bite

In the past, it was assumed that ticks climb trees and drop onto their victims from there. But this is probably not true. Rather, ticks linger in grass, shrubs, branches and undergrowth, waiting for a warm-blooded person to brush them off as they walk by.

So we come straight to the next myth the right clothing. Because even with the right clothes, you cant protect yourself 100% from ticks. And lets be honest: who wants to walk around in long trousers, wellies and a long-sleeved shirt at all times in summer?

If you dont want to resort to chemical products and the associated side effects to ward off ticks, we have an effective and natural tip that is also free of side effects: coconut oil.

Improve The Cellular Protection And Function:

The third way on how to treat Lyme disease naturally that I want to introduce to you is improving the cellular protection. The reason may be that Lyme bacterial and viruses as well as parasites can attack your immune system and weaken your cells. Therefore, in order to boost the cellular function and protection, you should add these nutrients into your diet.

Consume foods which are high in B-complex vitamins because they can help to fight against infections and improve your health. Especially, it is important for patients with Lyme disease to consume vitamin B6.

Another nutrient to boost cellular function and neurological health is omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient has high anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is the good idea for you to consume fish regularly or take supplements of 1,000 mg of fish oil daily.

Magnesium is effective nutrient on how to treat Lyme disease because it can help to boost cellular function. So, you should consider adding turmeric in your food in order to not only strengthen your flavor but also alleviate inflammation.

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Setting The Stage For Chronic Inflammation

Though the immune system plays a key role in protecting cells of the body from microbe invasion, the health of cells is also a major player. When cells become chronically stressed, they are more susceptible to being invaded by intracellular bacteria and other microbes. There are five primary categories of factors that weaken cells and set the stage for the chronic inflammation associated with Lyme disease.

#1. Poor diet

When cells arent fed properly, they cant function properly. Processed foods sourced from grains, beans, and grain-fed meat are overloaded with raw carbohydrates and refined fats that disrupt cellular functions. On the other hand, theyre deficient in the nutrients that cells need to function properly. Poorly nourished cells cant properly defend themselves against microbes.

#2. A toxic environment

In the modern world, chronic exposure to low levels of toxic substances and free radicals in food, water, and air is hard to avoid. The list includes man-made toxins associated with petroleum products, free-radicals in processed food, and natural toxins such as mold. In addition, the acid and free radicals associated with inflammation are highly toxic to cells. Toxic substances disrupt cellular processes, damage internal working parts of the cells, and weaken cell membranes. Weakened cells are more vulnerable to microbe invasion.

#3. Chronic stress

#4. Physical stress

#5. Microbes

Heavy Metals And Chelation

Get rid of Lyme symptoms with liquid zeolite

Some sites discussed heavy metal toxicity, particularly due to mercury, as copathogenic with Lyme disease . Specifically, Lyme disease was said to predispose to symptomatic mercury toxicity consequently, mercury chelation was a recommended adjunct to other treatments for Lyme disease. The interventions marketed for mercury toxicity included chemical chelators such as dimercaptosuccinic acid, 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid, alpha lipoic acid, and ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid . Some herbal therapies such as garlic, cilantro, or chlorella were also said to be beneficial for heavy metal intoxication. In addition to chelation, some sources recommended the removal of all mercury-containing amalgam dental fillings and root canals as part of Lyme disease therapy . Some have suggested receiving future dental care only from biological dentists .

Bismuth and silver, in contrast to mercury, were heralded for their therapeutic rather than toxic properties. Silver is said to support the immune system as it attempts to kill off these bacterium . Silver kills lyme through oxidation first, then alkylation. Usually sold in colloidal form, silver particles are administered both orally and parenterally . Bismuth compounds were promoted for killing cyst forms of B. burgdorferi and are sometimes combined with EDTA to sequester additional substances .

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My Lyme Disease Interview

Last year I had the opportunity to share my story with a reporter for KY3 and KSPR News in Springfield, MO. Reporter Linda Simmons drove to our home and interviewed me. You can watch the interview here.

You can read more about my experience with Lyme disease in Undiagnosed And Suffering From Lyme Disease: I Felt Like I Was Dying

If you enjoyed these Lyme disease natural treatment options, youll want to check out:

Healing Chronic Lyme Program

Support for those with suspected or diagnosed Chronic Lyme disease.

The Healing Chronic Lyme Program focuses on treating Lyme and all related co-infections. It also speeds recovery by supporting immune function, promoting healthy detoxification, and protecting/repairing the bodywhich may include herbal anti-microbials in combination with antibiotic therapy prescribed by your medical doctor.

Dr. Leslie Vilensky completed the International Lyme and Associated Disease Societys Physician Training Program and has worked extensively with patients dealing with Lyme Disease/Tick-Borne illness. Her approach is to restore balance and support the body in its inherent healing capacity.

Your Lyme disease treatment journey may include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, homeopathic drainage, detoxification, and herbs/supplements tailored to your unique needs

Were passionate about helping our patients recover more quickly with wellness support aims at killing Lyme, but also addresses your bodys ability to function optimallyincluding immune system function, detoxification capabilities, and gastrointestinal health.

Or call us at 440-7710.

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What To Expect At Home

Home care for dogs with Lyme disease is relatively straightforward. Doxycycline is usually given by mouth twice daily for at least 30 days. Improvement in the dogs symptoms should be noted within 24-48 hours. If the dogs condition fails to improve in 72 hours or worsens at any time, call your veterinarian.

What Is The Treatment For Lyme Disease

Natural Tick Remedies for your Home, your pet and in your Yard

The first-line standard of care treatment for adults with Lyme disease is doxycycline, a tetracycline antibiotic. Other antibiotics that have activity against borrelia include the penicillin-like antibiotic, amoxicillin, and the second generation cephalosporin, Ceftin. The mainstay of treatment is with oral antibiotics, but intravenous antibiotics are sometimes indicated for more difficult to treat cases of neurologic-Lyme disease, such as meningitis, and cases of late Lyme arthritis.

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Living With Lyme Disease

Most people treated in the early stages of Lyme disease make a quick and complete recovery. Some may experience symptoms for a few weeks after treatment. If you were treated for Lyme disease but you still dont feel well, call your family doctor. He or she can make sure there isnt something else wrong. They can help you find ways to ease your symptoms. Some patients have found relief with treatments typically used for chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

Other things you can do to help manage Lyme disease include:

  • Educate yourself.There is a lot of inaccurate information to be sorted through, especially on the internet. Ask your doctor if you have questions.
  • Track your symptoms.Keep a diary of your sleep patterns, eating habits, exercise routines, and how youre feeling. You or your doctor may be able to make connections between them.
  • Take care of yourself.Eat a healthy diet. Exercise as regularly as you can. Get plenty of rest.

Find support. It can be hard to not feel well and not know why. Some people may think your symptoms arent real. Talk to friends and family. If they cant offer support, talk with a counselor who can help you.

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